February 16, 2013

Himitsu no Ai-chan [Chapter 37]

In school, the students are all in gossip mode regarding THAT. Someone asks if that is true for it is impossible with that kind of valiant girl. “—in the end, it’s Aiko--..” Outside the locker/club room, a kouhai gives a letter to surprised Aiko. The girl is happily jumping and blushing. She says, “If it is Aiko-senpai, it’s alright for you to do anything to me. I’m really, really serious about this.” Blushing and nervous Aiko wonders what kind of confession is that, ‘do anything to her’. Nervously reading the letter from 1-A’s Yamada Miki [Guesswork from 山田美季], it is written “To Aiko-senpai♡♡ I’m very sorry for unexpectedly writing you a letter but I heard that Aiko-senpai only likes girls. I’m very happy upon hearing this because the only one who can understand me is Aiko-senpai. I also firmly believe in this kind of thing. I like you!! Please go steady with me!! I like you the most!! I’ll always be waiting for your reply.” Aiko nervously thinks that it is here again, it increased from THAT time. Putting the letter in her pocket, she mentally apologizes for she can’t answer back since it is too serious. Narration: “Ever since THAT time, the rumor of ‘Aiko likes only girls’ had spread. No one doubted again about her relationship with Leo when she obviously decided that if someone were to doubt it again, she will say it out that she likes Leo. Right now, there are people who are caught in the ‘liking’ mood[?] but ever since she made that decision, she can breath a sigh of relief.” Aiko is playing basketball with the guys. She manages to score with a jump shot. To her surprise, Leo steals the ball. To everyone’s shock, Leo shoots the ball. Aiko angrily shouts that it wasn’t easy for her to be drunk with her victory so don’t be this hateful in making her go back to her original state. Leo darkly tells her, “Don’t say silly things for basketball isn’t that kind of sport, Aiko-KUN.” [‘-kun’ is usually used for guys] Aiko is shock. Leo tells her that a 3 point shot can’t be decisive and don’t be conceited. He is angrily thinking that she is acting as if everything is normal even with that rumor is going around. Aiko becomes nervous that Leo is angry about that rumor. Aiko nervously retort back that it isn’t –KUN, and he better not be jealous of her beautiful shot. Renji puts his arm around Aiko and tells her to blame him for always thinking that it is strange, Aiko-KUN. For her to say that she’s a woman’s hero, but she’s also too strong. Since she doesn’t have feminine good looks, and she’s fundamentally have particular male attributes. “And that would be like..something like..” Aiko darkly asks him what the hell he is talking about. Leo got angry that Renji is saying that Aiko doesn’t have good looks so he starts to call out to Renji.. Unfortunately, Takumi beats him to it when Takumi grabs Renji’s arm off Aiko and tells him not to causally put his arm around others. Putting his arm around Aiko, Takumi tries to push her away and tells her that since she is a girl, go practice with the girls. Aiko shouts for him not to disturb them. Leo is totally fuming. Smiling Takumi turns to look at furious Leo who mentally tells him not to also casually put his arm around someone.
While Aiko struggles to free herself from Takumi who is leading her away, Renji whispers to Leo that Takumi still likes Aiko, and what is that situation, isn’t Aiko like a guy, and maybe she’s a guy so isn’t it like, Takumi is homo.. Leo angrily punches Renji who angrily shouts that hurts, why did he punch him. Leo nervously thinks that he unconsciously.. Leo tells him to quit talking nonsense for it is boring so just properly practice. Renji shouts that he’s lying and something’s up. The other two teammates mutter that Renji is still bothered that he’s not classmates with Leo. Meanwhile, Aiko is shouting for Takumi to let her go. Takumi did let go and apologizes to her. Aiko is a bit surprised by that since he seems to be listless. She wants to call out to him but she stops herself for she almost became too meddlesome. She thinks that a strange entanglement with him is no good so she better not. Aiko goes to the girls to practice and apologize for playing with the guys. Takumi glances back at her and sighs. Soon, the teacher is distributing the exam papers and calls out the students’ name. To Aiko’s shock, the teacher even mentioned her 38 grade. Standing up, Aiko shouts why he singled her out in saying her grade. The teacher says that for her to get this kind of grade during the quiz, what will happen to her mid-term exam. He tells her that even if this is an affiliate school, it will be very hard for her to pass [graduate]. Aiko makes an excuse that during the quiz, she had a stomachache and doesn’t that sometimes happen? The teacher calls her a liar. While some other students are laughing over how cute Aiko is, Leo thinks that in the end, Aiko is an idiot. Aiko nervously thinks that this is really bad for she might not be able to go to college. While looking at her exam, Aiko’s phone starts to ring. It is an email from her brother, Ritsuki telling her that because of something urgent and important, SPICA is closed for today so she has a day off. Aiko thinks that is amazing and about that urgent thing, could it be about him being fickle since Hiroko is also absent. She thinks that it would be good if those two made up. But, Aiko is very happy for she can have a date with Takumi today. Since Aiko is sitting in front, the teacher darkly says that she is amazing to even dare send an email, even if she has a grade like that. Aiko happily tells him to praise her. He tells her that he won’t. Leo notices that he had an email. It is from Aiko, telling him that it’s great that SPICA is on a break today so they can go on a date. Leo happily laughs and emails her back that is great, because today is Saturday. “We can be together for half a day. I’m really thankful to Ritsuki!” Aiko blushes and glances at Leo. He notices and smiles back at her. Aiko is really happy for it has been a long time since she has been together with Leo for a longer time. “This is bad. I can’t help become very excited.” Soon, in Leo’s house, Mai-Aiko looks really irritated. She says that this is a rare opportunity so how come she is studying. While pressing his pen, Leo says that she got a grade of 38 so what is she still saying, it will be midterm soon. “Leo-sama is going to teach you. Quickly open the book!” Mai-Aiko angily asks what he meant by Leo-sama and she thought that it is going to be a special date that she even changed her clothes. Leo says that it’s very cuteMai-Aiko angrily says that she isn’t happy about that.
Leaning on the table with her head, she complains how come his grades are so good that he can be promoted to college even without studying. After looking somewhat surprised by that, Leo pats her head and tells her that it isn’t so, it is impossible for studying not to be related, and if it is like that, there is danger on being directly promoted to college. Mai-Aiko blushes over his touch and thinks that this is for her to go to college with Leo. Mai-Aiko says that it is inevitable that she has to study, and she will do her best since he is going to teach her. Soon, it is 17:00. Mai-Aiko happily pats Leo that he is amazing for she managed to solve this problem. Leo chuckles and says of course, he is the one who taught her. Mai-Aiko happily laughs that being great is her strength. Leo tells her that he is going to rest for a while. Mai-Aiko wants to solve another problem which she thinks she can do. While drinking bottled drink, Leo sits and watches Mai-Aiko. He must have been seduced by her that he sits behind her and puts his hand over her writing hand to teach her. While Mai-Aiko is wondering why he is so near her, Leo is telling her to use this formula to solve it. Mai-Aiko is getting nervous-blushing when he asks which one they should do next. She tells him that he is deliberately doing that. Leo asks innocently, “Deliberately what?” She tells him that he is sticking quite close to her and breathing on her ear. Leo starts breathing in her ear. To her surprise, Leo has started to unbutton her blouse. He tells her that because his teaching can resolve [the problems], he wants a payment. She asks him if from the start, he wanted to do this. Blushing Leo didn’t answer. Kissing her ringed finger, Leo says that she is the one who is anticipating for things to become like this. While thinking that it is only just a little bit, Mai-Aiko denies it. Starting to remove her bra, he tells her that she’s lying and next, she come and strip him. Mai-Aiko blushes over the tone of his voice and he is really cunning for he knew that she has no way refusing him. She removes his necktie and starts unbuttoning his shirt. He holds her head and she felt that her heart is going to jump out from beating too fast. She says that it is no good, she felt that her heart would keep beating [fast] non-stop. She asks if it is the same with him when he is stripping her. He pulls her to him and says, “Yup.. When we’re holding hands, when I caress your hair, it is also the same when I kiss you.. Everything.. *kisses Mai-Aiko* ..the heart is beats intensely...” He gropes her chest and soon, on the bed, he is on top of her. While they are breathing hard, Mai-Aiko thinks that she is very happy upon hearing that every time Leo touches her, his heart beats fast..and it is the same with her. While holding his hand, Mai-Aiko tells him that she also wants to make him feel comfortable[/great]. “Leo.. What should I do to make you feel.. comfortable? ..tell me..” Leo blushes and becomes speechless. He bends down to her and says that for her to be in this situation, don’t say those kinds of words for it is very lewd. Blushing Mai-Aiko asks what he is talking about when he is obviously the one doing it. Leo burst into laughter and says that is right. Pouting, she tells him not to laugh. Leo tells her, “Then-.. one by one, slowly.. I’ll teach you..” Then, he kisses her and she says, okay. While they make love, Mai-Aiko thinks that this is very bad, since she felt so comfortable because of Leo’s touch that those formula stuff, everything just flew away.
And they indeed flew away for Mai is quite shock when she got her exam papers and they are very low grades of 18, 49, 32, 22, etc. She recalls that every time Leo teaches her, and they do things nonstop, it ends up like this. Mai goes into a nervous shock when the teacher tells her that she is going to have a make-up exam. Somewhat sweatdropping, blushing Leo looks at her. As they walk home, Leo looks at her exams and says that these are amazing grades when he obviously taught it to her. Mai-Aiko angrily shouts whose fault is it that it became like this. Leo couldn’t answer. Sheepishly laughing, Leo says that maybe he did went over the top so it is half his fault. He offers to teach her for her make-up exam. Mai-Aiko angrily shouts there’s no need because if this continues on, the make-up exam would have been useless. Looking at Leo’s exams that has the grades of 98, 92 and 90, Mai-Aiko says that he obviously did that thing continuously so how come he’s the only one with grades that went up. Just when he is about to tell her something about him which is related to her, Mai-Aiko perks up and exclaims that it is useless to talk again about something that has ended. The make-up exam is also only an issue for today so forget about it. Leo is surprised by what she said. She happily tells him that there will be a field trip soon at Okinawa and she is super excited about it. Leo forces a laugh and says that’s right. Leo seriously thinks that it is rare for Aiko to be in such a good mood that it’s fine for him to tell her about it after the field trip. Leo says that the grouping will be done tomorrow. Aiko happily says that it will be great if they are in the same group. Leo says that will be quite good. The next day, the teacher says that it is time to decide the groupings for the field trip. They are to going to do it by lottery so students get a paper in the box and write which group they are in, on the blackboard. A guy angrily complains why they can’t freely choose the grouping. A girl shouts that this is too mean and this is the reason why his love life won’t go smoothly. The teacher angrily shouts that they are noisy to death, just be quick or he’ll decide on it casually. Aiko gloomily sighs because this way, she can’t be in a group together with Leo. She got number 2 from the box. While she is writing her name on the blackboard, she is surprised that Leo is also in the same group. She couldn’t believe it. Leo whispers to her to be quiet and this is great. Aiko is so happy that she is with him. Their happiness is short-lived when Takumi is writing his name into the group 2. Holding his number 2 paper, Takumi says that it is such a coincidence that they are in the same group, yoroshiku[/please take care of me]. Leo angrily wonders why this guy is also.. Aiko is really nervous. Takumi continues to say, “Let’s have a happy field trip. Leo-kun. Kasumi.” Takumi happily whistles and Leo gloomily sighs. Aiko is in shock. She now hates the [drawing] lot that she got, and how come things became like this. “The three of us in the same group~~!!!” Hiroko tearfully cries over why she is the only one who is in the different group and Aiko forgot about her. She got number 4.
Comment: The studying thing that ends up in having sex which ended up with getting bad grades reminds me of a similar scene in Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu. Actually, even Leo who seems to secretly want to study college somewhere else..though currently, that is still a guess. The difference is Aiko doesn’t care less about grades for she cares more about being with Leo. I wonder if she will change her mind about college when she learns about Leo’s plans. That might be their next obstacle if ever Takumi is leaving with his father later on. But obviously, Takumi plans to tease the couple to the best way that he can. ^^; For the three of them to be in the same group during field trip, it will indeed be an amusing and unforgettable trip. =P It is quite funny how Aiko unintentionally got more fans..though in a way that she doesn’t really want. =P Her little lie became quite a gossip of the school and it is quite believable. Renji is already starting to believe that Aiko is a guy ^^;; Hm..it seems that their school is a casual delinquent type that their phones won’t be confiscated if used in class and their teacher seems young and carefree delinquent-looking type who are quite chummy with the students. =P  Anyway, the next chapter ought to be fun. Scans by DayDreamy.

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