February 14, 2013

Black Bird Side Story: LIFE

Cover Page: “It’s like a miracle kind of thing. Passionate love. Summer’s sea. I absolutely won’t forget it. This kind of happiness. Extremely thankful--” Narration: “I felt warmth. I heard a voice[/sound].” The time after Misao had given birth, Kyo and everyone cried when Misao opened her eyes. Then, crying happy Misao holds her baby. “Kyo.” Kyo asks, “What is it?” Misao tells him, “Ah..it seems that my legs won’t move..” Soon, it is summer. Kyo tells her that when he saw her a while ago, she is still in that position. Sitting yet somewhat lying down next to Sou, Misao happily asks is that so. “It’s because Sou-chan is so cute. No matter how much I look at him, I just don’t get sick of it. So cute. So cute. This is after all the child I gave birth to.” Kyo says that he knows. Misao happily says that he is really like an angel. “What to do. I’ve unexpectedly given birth to an angel.” Kyo says that it is actually a tengu which he inherited from his father. Sagami arrives and tells Kyo that the envoy from the hometown[/province] has arrived. Kyo grumbles if he is here now. He tells Misao that he’s going. Happily waving Sou’s hand, Misao says, “Okay. Papa, take care.” Kyo tells her not to call him Papa. Later on, walking at the hallway, Kyo complains that old guy is quite troublesome. Sagami asks if he is very tired since he is accompanying Misao at night while feeding milk[/breastfeeding]. Just when Kyo is saying about that.., he notices Sou crawling by himself out the room. He is shock to see Misao lying unconscious. Frantic Kyo quickly goes to Misao and calls her name. Misao wakes up and says that she has fallen asleep. With trembling hands, Kyo continues to ask if she didn’t fell unconscious and how is she feeling. Misao assures him that she just fell asleep. Kyo tightly hugs her. Misao thinks, “I had left a traumatic experience to Kyo. Looking at my sleeping position, even if I don’t want to, generally, it made him remember the incident at that time.” Misao hugs him back and says, “Kyo, it’s alright. I’m still alive. I’m still alive..” Carrying Sho, Sagami and Ayame worriedly watch the couple. Kyo pulls away and apologizes for overly flustered[/panicky]. Touching her legs, Kyo asks how her legs are and didn’t the doctor[/therapist] come just now? Misao tells him that the activity today is quite long and he said that after four months, she’ll quickly recover. Kyo says is that so, and is she hurting anywhere, don’t force herself and.. Misao assures him that she is fine. She tells him that his eyebags are already showing so why don’t he go sleep for a while. “I have Ayame to accompany me, so you don’t have to worry, okay?” Somewhat hesitant, Kyo reluctantly agrees to go sleep and he tells her to wake him up if something happens.
After Kyo left, Ayame tells Misao that what the doctor said, shouldn’t they tell him that she can indeed recover up to the point of being able to walk but there is no way for her to recover to how her legs was before so it is possible that she won’t be able to run and jump afterwards again. Misao says that she couldn’t say it. “Please, don’t tell him..” At night, Kyo gives Misao a bottle of milk. Misao thanks him and feeds it to Sou. Misao complains that in the end, Sou is a youkai[/monster] since he cannot just depend on mother’s milk. “Geez, Sou can really eat. My breasts will quickly be sucked dry by him.” Misao is surprised when Kyo stares at her and mutters, is that so. Then, they kiss. Narration: “Ever since I’ve given birth to Sou-chan, I simply lost my Immortal Fruit powers. Even if Kyo is tired, I also couldn’t give him strength again..” After the kiss, Kyo bids her good night. Misao says, ya. While the couple lies down in bed together, Misao thinks, “I knew. When I was asleep, he would always not close his eyes and just kept on watching me. Fearing that something would happen to me. Worrying that he couldn’t sleep. After that incident, Kyo never once made love with me. *teary-eyed* Could it be that I’ve only given Kyo painful memories? Could it be that I’m no longer Kyo’s cute bride..” The scene changes to shiny-faced Misao. Carrying Sou, Misao tells Ayame that she still hasn’t washed her face today. Wiping the table, Ayame tells her that it is already noon. Misao says that it is because Sou has been clinging on to her since this morning that she forgot about it. Ayame nervously says that lately, Misao’s.. Ayame thinks that Misao has an unkempt appearance with dirty face and messy hair. She tells Misao to free some time this afternoon. That night, Kyo is surprised to see Misao for it seems that she doesn’t look the same. Misao happily says is that so, does she look beautiful. She tells him that Ayame called a famous magazine beautician who has a reputation of being ‘god’s hand’ and that guy is someone who left the Tengu hometown. Sitting beside her, he tells her that she still hasn’t eaten dinner that he wondered what she is up to anyway, it’s fine since she looks happy. Misao happily tells him that her whole body has been made beautiful. “I’m sorry for neglecting to fix up myself..” While glancing at her, Kyo blushes a bit. Sitting closer to him, Misao asks him if he thinks that her skin is white. Slightly pulling down her robe to show her cleavage, Misao says that the swelling[/edema] has gone away and her collar bone has already came out. She takes his hand and tells him to touch her skin [on the face] for it also become quite subtle.
Soon, Kyo touches her neck, and bare shoulders. He kisses her shoulder. He made her lie down and kisses her. He goes for her chest and soon, he is starting to pull open her robe from below. Kyo suddenly looks startled that he quickly covers her robe again and moves away from her. Misao is trembling. He is surprised to see Misao crying and asking if she is quite dismally miserable and is she so wretched that she hurt him up to this extent. Kyo nervously tells her it isn’t so. She asks him why did he stop and is he so pained upon seeing her legs that won’t move. Kyo bit his lip. He tells her that it is because she is always the one sacrificing. Misao exclaims, “Why did you say sacrificing!? At that time, I would quickly have died but you saved me! And I was even able to see Sou-chan! I’m very happy that I felt that not being able to move my legs is basically not even worth mentioning. *holds on to Kyo* But you, aren’t you happy? I’m the one making you suffer, right? *Kyo just calls her name and says, I--* Then continue to be in pain! Because a quarrel like this, crying, pain.. these kind of things, I fundamentally won’t be experience this if I’m not alive..!” Kyo looks surprised. He hugs Misao and seems to have realized something. He says, “That’s right. What you’ve said is right. You’re still alive.. Still alive..” Soon, both are naked in bed. Kyo wakes up. Misao giggles and says that he fell asleep. Wiping his eyes, Kyo curses that he slacked off. Misao kept on giggling that Kyo asks her why she is laughing. Crying in happiness, Misao says, “It’s really great to be alive.” Kyo blushes a bit. And, it’s summer again. Misao calls out, “Sou-chan, Sou-chan, do you want to eat some snack? Where’s Ryu-chan [guesswork from ]?” While eating a bun, Sou points to the side. Misao is shock to see flying around Ryu crying for Sou to wait for him. He has scratches and some leaves on him. Ayame is screaming in shock over Tsubaki [guesswork from 椿] who is hung on a tree branch. Comforting Ryu, Misao says that it is because he flew in the forest that he is hurt all over. Crying Ryu says that it is because he’s chasing after young master Sou. Carrying some tea, Tarou says that just now, young master Sou can freely fly in the forest when he is still 3 years old, no wonder he’s.. Misao tells Sou to be gentle in treating with kids, and she told him that so many times already. Then, she realizes that he is already eating Ryu’s share of the snack. While she tells him that what she gave him is already enough, Kyo calls out to Sou.
Seeing Kyo’s displeased expression, Sou apologizes. Kyo asks why. Sou says that it is because he didn’t kindly treat Ryu-chan and the others. Kyo hits his head and tells him that it is because he didn’t listen to what Misao said. “Understand?” Sou nods. Kyo says okay, after he finished eating, he’s going to accompany him in flying. This delights Sou and happily asks his father how to fly higher. Sou is quite happy to see Kyo spreading out his wings. Tarou says that those are beautiful wings, that really dazzles someone upon seeing them and he always yearns for it. Misao says that it’s quite cunning for Kyo acts as the good guy. Tarou asks what she is saying, when she is actually quite happy. Misao is smiling. Tarou continues, “Because, Kyo-sama totally dotes on young master Sou.” Kyo happily holds the leaf that Sou is giving him. Later on, Sou excitedly tells Misao to help him get his Western clothes [probably t-shirt and pants] out. Misao asks if he is going somewhere. While Kyo is reading a book, Sou tells her that he is going with Houki to see some horses. Houki says that it is because young master Sou hasn’t rode a horse before so he wants to accompany him to a ranch. Sou happily says, ya. Misao says that’s great, she’ll also go. “Wait for me, Sou-chan. Mama is also going.” Sou whines, “Aw-- mother-sama, it’s alright for you not to come. Because mother-sama walks so slow.” Sou felt a chill and turns around. Apparently, his innocent comment snapped Kyo that Kyo had already raised his hand to hit Sou. While Sou is shock, Misao quickly stands between them and tells Kyo to stop and don’t. Kyo angrily shouts for her to move. “And it is because of who, that Misao is..” Grabbing Kyo to stop him, Houki tells him that young master Sou didn’t know anything. Sou is trembling in fright. Kyo grinds his teeth then he quickly carries Misao and walks out of the room. Misao is calling out to Sou. Houki is getting ready to comfort trembling Sou. Later, in the room, Sou is calling out to his parents to apologize. Misao worriedly calls out to Sou but Kyo forbids her from opening the door. Misao worriedly looks at Kyo and thinks that Kyo is not at all angry at Sou-chan, he is blaming himself, and he is condemning himself for getting angry at his son. “The trauma in Kyo’s heart has not yet healed..” Teary-eyed Misao leans on Kyo’s back and tells him to forgive him.. Then, at the courtyard, Sou sees his parents. Misao is telling Kyo to stand at a certain distance and she’ll walk to him. Misao almost falls but she assures nervous Kyo that it is alright. Misao concentrates on walking. She is happy that she reached Kyo. The two happily hug each other. Then, Misao calls Sou to her. While gripping his kimono, Sou tearfully apologizes to his mother that it is because of him that her legs.. Kyo asks if Sagami told him. Sou kept on crying and apologizing that it is his fault. Misao smiles and tells him that it isn’t his fault. “It is because we have you that mama is currently so happy. It is all thanks to Sou-chan and papa. *Moved Sou hugs his mother as Kyo hugs his family* Sou-chan, thank you for becoming my son.” And it is another summer.
In the car, Kyo asks Misao what’s with that [pouting] expression. Misao whines that he obviously knew it already. Kyo tells her that such a loud voice would wake up Sou. Sou is sleeping at the backseat. Misao says that Sou is obviously 5 year old, and she heard that when he is around 10 years old, he will be taken care of by a nanny and right now, it is still too early.. Kyo says that it is inevitable for who made Sou to possess such a super outstanding strength. Misao couldn’t answer back so she whines again that it is still too early. Kyo asks how many times does she have to repeat that? She asks him where they are going and it should be almost time to tell her. Kyo tells her to quickly look at the side. Misao happily exclaims, “The sea..!” Misao asks if this is the beach that they went before. Kyo says yes and mutters about someone didn’t come along. Sou is happy to see the sea. Smiling Kyo tells Misao that didn’t she say about the three of them going there sometime. Misao happily says, “Yes” Misao worriedly calls out to Sou who is hurriedly running into the water that it is dangerous for him to be alone. She ends up tripping and falling flat on her face. While helping tearful Misao up, Kyo mutters that he knew that this would happen. Sitting together, Kyo tells Misao that starting this year, they will be living at his hometown. For her to leave where she used to leave, it must have made her lonely so he thought about where he can accompany her for a stroll and he thought of this place. Misao happily tells him that there’s no need to be concerned about her for she knows that his hometown is better for Sou’s growth so she won’t complain. Sitting up, Kyo tells her that even if becoming the wife of the head is very hard, she also shouldn’t cry. “You already know that, right? *Misao looks nervous* Sorry, what I’m saying is do not cry alone by yourself, *hugs her* If you are going to cry, do it on my chest..” Misao is moved by what he said and she smiles. While Sou is very happy over his amazing Japanese castle of sand that he made, Misao says, “Kyo, I’m very happy. (I was able to feel warmth, able to hear a laughing sound, a heart filled with loneliness, strongly enduring pain and crying.) Carrying all sorts of things on one’s back, to be able to truly feel that I’m still living, I’m truly so happy. (Many steps forward. *walking towards Kyo who is carrying sleeping Sou* Meaningful glance with Kyo. Heart still pounding because of love.) *holds Kyo’s outreached hand* Kyo, the three of us came here together..” They look towards the sea. Narration: “I’m still alive. And days like this will still continue on..” The End.

Comment: I’m honestly expecting a wedding but apparently, the author went for a more realistic approach for the side story. This is really nice. ^^ I’m amazed that she can still put in some heavy drama here and it is more on coping over the almost tragedy and how they are slowly recovering from it especially Kyo. Indeed, just because Misao lived on, it isn’t exactly ‘they live happily ever after’. There are still some new minor problems that would come up. Of course, with love, patience and understanding + apology and correcting one’s ways, they can overcome all these. Compared to being scared or fighting against a seen adversary, it is scarier for Kyo to face the unknown and all sorts of possible worries. Thanks to Misao, he is reminded to live one day at a time, live in the present and enjoy each other’s company rather than ruining it over constant worries which is somewhat harming his health and his relationship with her. Also, the latter part is forgiving, letting go and moving on. I think that is the theme of this series’ last arc since earlier Kyo is also like that until he finally let it go, keep Misao happy and work out something if his worst fears happened. With everyone so doting on Sou, I believe that he’ll grow up well as the future head of the tengu clan. ^^ Overall, the message of this chapter is indeed gotten across that even if there are happy and sad times, life isn’t perfect but in the end, it is great to be alive and be with one’s loved ones. Scans by 深雪汉化组. Once again, thank you guys for reading my BB summaries for its last arc and Happy Valentine’s Day ^-^

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