February 6, 2013

The One [Chapter 98]

While on the runaway horse, Lele screams. Eros catches up and tells her to give her hand to him. After two hours, everyone at the set is silently worried. Leo is the only one screaming about being worried about Lele. Eros arrives back on the horse with Lele clinging on him. They rush to Lele and Leo scolds her for not telling them that she’s scared of horses. Lele apologizes. Eros suggests to the director to make the model rest after having such a fright. The director agrees. Lele tries to protest so Eros let go off her and she couldn’t even stand straight. Leo exclaims over what happened to his bloodied left arm. He tells her that after someone jumps to him from the runaway horse, that person kept on screaming and crying..then use her all might to bite him. Lele screams in denial but apparently she had temporarily forgotten about it. Everyone goes back to the hotel early to rest. In his room, Eros looks at the bite mark. After calming down, Lele recalls what happened about biting him. Flashback: Eros tried to calm her down and tell her that horses aren’t scary. Then, Lele recklessly bit him. He comforts her again about not letting her die, he’ll protect her no matter what, and she will forever safe at his side. End flashback. Lele wonders how she is going to apologize. Ding-dong, she goes to his room. She gives him some ointment [Tiger balm] for his wound. Eros comments that it is more for headache and foot ache. Thinking that he didn’t remember that he used it on him before in Japan, Lele tells her that it is a ‘Jack of all Trades’. Eros tells her that since she caused it, she put it on him. While putting the balm on him, Eros asks if she is venting her anger when he bit him. Lele says that she is finished. Then, she starts to leave. Eros grabs her arm and asks that shouldn’t they talk. He tells her that he knows that she is angry for not trusting her and admitting things to her but at least, listen to his reason for it when it isn’t easy for him to summon the courage.. Lele turns to look at him. He tells her that he couldn’t tell her about the Mandy thing because he isn’t completely innocent. He explains about being ordered to get close to Mandy and pretend as Angus, her plaything. Lele must have already thought over that so she’s angry. She must think that he is under the control of drugs and cannot act freely but actually, like them, he did a despicable thing. The other half of the story that she didn’t know is as revenge, he got someone to take pictures[/CD] of their private meeting, send it to Mandy’s husband to destroy her marriage and for the duke to be severed from his powerful support. [Eros mentions ‘duke’ and never ‘father’] He became an all-out vengeful devil and at that time, for Angus and him, he won’t hesitate to kill if he must. It is then he realized that he has the blood of that person and he isn’t meek. He is scared of himself regarding that part of him. He deeply fears that maybe one day, he’ll hurt her like what that person did to his mother, since she is pure and he isn’t.
He admits to Lele that he could have continue to hide it and use his own way to force her to be at his side but that isn’t fair with her. He tells her that she has the right to know what kind of person is the one whom she truly loves. So, he is letting her choose whether to let go or continue on holding his hand. Lele thinks that his cold palm shows that he is nervous and uneasy. Lele pulls her hand away. This made Eros look downcast. Teary-eyed Lele asks how stupid is he, she might be pure but she isn’t weak. She isn’t his mother who’ll abandon one’s life just because a man hurt her. If he dares betray her, she guarantees that she’ll look for a cooler guy than him. She holds his face and says that if he dares hurt her [<- domestic violence], Leo will help her beat him up. She tells him that she isn’t easy to bully and doesn’t he know that. Flustered Eros asks, so. Lele says that he has encountered an adversary, and afterwards who’ll lose, it is still unknown who will be bullied. Eros hugs her and tells her not to regret. She hugs him back and tells him that he’s the one who shouldn’t regret for if he gets entangled with her, it will be for life. They kiss. Someone says that they are doomed[/destined] to belong to each other. Then, upon seeing the two holding hands, Leo exclaims if they have reconciled. Eros asks why he doesn’t look happy. Leo asks how come they came there if it is quickly solved. Eros says that of course, they have some use so how about comforting that young guy over there because Andre’s unrequited love is only up to today. Lele is totally clueless over it. Andre admits that he has been waiting for the opportunity. He confesses that he likes Lele. Lele is still in disbelief. Andre admits that from the start, she has been his goal and not Eros. He always thought he had an opportunity but after seeing her in danger, he can only be afraid and not do anything. He realizes that he doesn’t have enough strength to protect her so upon seeing them return, he felt upset, jealous but he can only admit defeat. To the others’ surprise, Andre declares that the unrequited love won’t end like this. Pointing at Eros, Andre exclaims that he is formally challenging him. He admits that there are a lot of things that can’t be compared to Eros but he is still 17 years old and he has confidence that when he comes of age, he will absolutely not lose to Eros. Andre holds Lele’s hand and tells her that he has decided that he will be a female model until this year. Afterwards, he will fully return as a male model. He asks Lele to allow him to chase after her after three years when he matured into a true man. The blurb here is basically how Lele would react over what Andre said. The next chapter will be out in Taiwan on March 5th. Blurb: “Already reconciled Lele and Eros, didn’t know that Angus is in Spain. The two’s love will confront the biggest obstacle...”
Comment: Finally, they are reconciled. Eros did save her. We got a little funny stuff with Lele biting him though it kind of reminds me of Skip Beat! I still don’t quite think that Andre is a threat. Maybe enough to keep Eros on his toes to keep on treating Lele well since there is some guy around who is eager to get her. =P I do wonder how Lele would react to what Andre confessed but at least, she knows that Andre is sincere and serious enough about this. Maybe she'll turn him down..and even if she did, time will tell if Andre will give up or not. Maybe he'll still have a role when Angus is back in the story. Well, I like how Eros confessed his fears and also how Lele answered back. She is indeed strong unlike his mother. Fufu..Lele gave him a last minute scare there =P Well, I don’t know if there will at least some lovey-dovey scenes before the next big and last[?] obstacle in the form of Angus. Maybe midway while they are doing that and someone to notice that Angus is there? That Angus in Spain hint has been going on for a few chapters already ^^; Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu

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If there is to be reconciliation, first there must be truth. ~ Timothy B. Tyson, Blood Done Sign My Name: A True Story