February 5, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 11]

[Free Talk: This summary is brought to you by Asahi of Halftone Circle. I have asked for her summary to be posted here since her site no longer exists. Thank you, Asahi ^^ Since this blog arranges entries based on dates, I’ll be using the official date of release.]

It's been 6 days since the Kobayashi siblings first switch places, however, their secret has been found out. Aoi recognizes Mego as Mitsuru's twin sister. Staggering against the door, Aoi asks if she's been disguising as a guy all this time. Mego frantically apologizes and explains that she and Mitsuru planned on exchange places for a week due to some circumstances. However, Mego never intended to deceive Aoi. Just as Mego gets up to get closer to Aoi, she trips and bumps into him. Mego frantically says sorry as Aoi falls back and goes into a seizure. Even if Mego's breast is small, it's still a deadly weapon to Sanada Aoi who is afraid of girls. Mego asks if Aoi is okay and reaches out to touch him but Aoi immediately moves away from her. Seeing Aoi's shocked expression, Mego understands that she must not touch him again. Crying, Mego again apologizes to Aoi and thinks that if she stays by his side any longer, she'll only make his condition worse. Gathering up her belongings, Mego excuses herself and dashes out the door. Aoi wants to stop her from leaving because she's still wearing just a towel but he's too weak to move. Outside the door, Mego puts on her clothes and wonders what to do now. Mego cries hysterically thinking about how Aoi avoided her hand. She thinks that being found out by him this way must be a punishment for lying all along. However, she wanted to be able to be by Aoi's side no matter what. When Mego gets home, Mitsuru, smudged with mud, is already there waiting for her. Mego can't believe it and asks again if Mitsuru is also found out by Azusa. Mitsuru comments that they're quite in sync since even Mego was also found out by Aoi. When Mego asks what they should do, Mitsuru assesses that Aoi isn't the type that'd spread rumors because he's normally doesn't talk much. Therefore, the problem lies with Azusa who Mitsuru didn't have time to silence. An hour before this, Azusa gave Mitsuru an earful for disguising as his sister to come to this school. Besides, he dared to take on the Yamada Tarou alias to deceive her.
Plugging his ears, Mitsuru cursed it for being found out by the most troublesome girl. Azusa said she'd deal with him later, however, right now, they'd call a truce and help each other get out of this pit. Mitsuru cooly held out his hand and told Azusa to come over as he'd use his shoulder to boost her up. Azusa immediately declined and called Mitsuru dirty because by doing so, he'd be able to see under her skirt. Mitsuru quickly retorted if he would possibly be interested in her panties in a crisis like this. Suddenly, something fell between Mitsuru and Azusa. Mitsuru and Azusa realized that it was a 2m long snake. The two immediately jumped out of the pit (a 3 meter high jump) and ran their separate paths. End of flashback. Mitsuru comments that it was a miracle that they got away, but because of that he didn't get to stop her from telling people about his secret. Mego is sympathetic toward what Mitsuru went through. Mitsuru doesn't think that Azusa is that type that won't spread rumor, therefore before the secret is out, he'll talk to her tomorrow without fail. Mitsuru tells Mego to go talk to Aoi because if it's him, Aoi will understand once Mego explains everything to him. Mitsuru is annoyed by the fact that his enemy is taken advantage of his weakness especially when he's supposed to protect Mego and Shino. However, Mitsuru won't let Azusa do as she pleases. The next morning, Mitsuru hides behind the gate wondering if Azusa's arrived. Surprised by a pat on the back, Mitsuru turns around to see Shino who signs "good morning". Mitsuru immediately gets into <3 mode and blushingly greets Shino back. Mitsuru is grateful that Shino thinks of him as a friend even though he's been hiding his true identity from her. If he's to be exposed by Azusa, he'd rather do it himself. Mitsuru grabs Shino's shoulder and tells her that the truth is...The scene cuts to Azusa who's every happy to find out Mitsuru's weakness that he and that Tarou is the same person. She'll try to make that cross dresser unable to come to this school again.
This is like a purification since she won’t have to see him ever again. An image of Mitsuru (in his boy appearance) appears and causes her to feel prickly. Azusa brushes it off as it is nothing since there shouldn't be anything regrettable. Right then, Azusa spots Mitsuru putting his arm near Shino. In her "imagination", Mitsuru and Shino are holding hands close to their chests in a <3 mode. Azusa gets really annoyed because while her chest is hurting (just a little), he's flirting with another girl without a care in the world. Azusa screams "Kobayashi" and dashes over and grabs Mitsuru's shirt. Still grabbing Mitsuru's shirt, Azusa is about to expose Mitsuru. Azusa thinks that once this secret is out, his relationship with Shino will also be destroyed. Azusa darkly tells Mitsuru to prepare himself. Right then, Azusa recalls the time Mitsuru tried to help her out of the pit and stops mid track. Just as Mitsuru calls her name, Azusa suddenly says "I love you" to Mitsuru. Everyone, including Azusa herself, is shocked by this sudden confession. At the same time, Aoi staggers down the stairs and mumbles that his dizziness isn't over still. Aoi remembers Mego apologizing to him and telling him that Mitsuru and she were switching places for a week. Aoi wonders if Mego has been the one by his side since the first time they met if what she told him was the truth. In other words, Aoi has been doing that thing and this thing and that thing...with a girl. *Aoi remembering kissing and doing stuff with Mego*. Aoi: "It's good that she wasn't a guy, but...". Aoi falls down on the floor just from remembering those steamy moments. Aoi recalls Mego calling him "Sanada senpai" while being surrounded by falling leaves. Aoi thinks that the truth is somewhere within his heart, he's already realized it when Mego appeared as a girl to him. However, if he admitted it, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to touch her ever again. Aoi pushes himself up and tells himself to stop being weakened by such a spasm. Aoi whispers "Kobayashi "Megumu"".Just then, Mego looks up and calls Aoi's name. Walking forward, Aoi thinks that he now understands it. The truth is, Aoi's always seen Mego as a "girl". 
Scans by 夜工作室