February 25, 2013

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 105]

[10/27/2013: This series is no longer Chinese scanlated so no more summaries. And dropped due to lack of interest]

Holding the rose made of leaves, Towako had just told Ritsuki to stop what he is doing since it is making him have that kind of sad expression. Ritsuki asks if it can be stopped. Towako tells him that doing ‘very mean’ things should also have a reason so just search and find it then, get rid of it, and it will be alright. Ritsuki says that there is a reason..but..how can it possibly be so easy. Towako says that she knows that he has always been perplexed about something for such a long time and it definitely won’t be easy but didn’t he say before that he wanted to change. After thinking for a while, Ritsuki asks her if she can accompany him because he doesn’t have courage and he also wants her to see him. Seeing his smile, Towako agrees. Upon arriving, Towako is shock that it is the Takadono residence. Walking towards the mansion, Ritsuki tells her that his father is the head of the Takadono family, Takadono Tesshin. Towako is shock for it is one of the Godaimeika. Ritsuki also tells her that this place no longer has a relation to him. Towako recalls that Setsuna told her that Ritsuki inflicted serious damage to the Godaimeika. She also recalls Ritsuki saying that when he was born, he didn’t know where his father is. Towako thinks that Ritsuki definitely hates his father. She is shock for she just told him to ‘get rid of the cause’. “Ah! I’ve unexpectedly say those words. Won’t something scary happen!?” She imagines Ritsuki stabbing his father. Aghast Towako calls out to stop Ritsuki but she notices that he is hesitating to open the door handle. Towako looks flusterd. She holds his hand and helps him open the door handle. The door opens to the balcony[/patio] where Tesshin is sitting. Towako realizes that it is Tesshin but for some reason, she felt that she has seen him before. Tesshin turns around and asks who it is. He is shock to see Ritsuki. He shouts, “It’s..It’s you!! Why did you come here!? You’ve already taken my position and money! And you even come here, after everything, what else do you want to do? Could it be that you are also going to evict this old man from his house? You devil!” Towako is surprised for he is obviously Ritsuki’s father and yet he would unexpectedly say those things. Ritsuki says that he is still the same, for things to become like this, he never thought that it is his issue[/fault]. “For this devil exists..isn’t it all thanks to you?” After looking surprised, Tesshin mutters that it is his fault and if only that woman wasn’t there during that time.. Ritsuki shouts that is enough. “What do you mean by that? Are you trying to escape responsibility? It’s because you are like that so your subordinates had left. Doesn’t your conciliating policy fundamentally depend on easily obtaining support?” Tesshin shouts for him to stop talking nonsense, anyway, he had ruined his everything. Ritsuki shouts back that is right and basically, he only ruined is his everything, which basically doesn’t belong to him.
Towako has had enough of their bickering that she shouts for them to shut up. She angrily shouts what’s up with this, it is a pair of distrustful father and son. “First of all, you. *pointing at Tesshin* How can you say those things to your own son? For you to say that, any biological son, who hears that, would hate you for it! You also listen to what he is thinking. And also you, Ritsu! You brought me here, is it because you want me to see a father and son quarrel!? What you want to say to Tesshin-san, just properly say it. Do not regret again.” After a pause, Ritsuki says, “..I hope.. you would apologize to mama. I want.. you to remember her.. I’ve decided not to let you forget her and that she lived.” Tesshin replies, “..how is it possible for me to forget.. that woman.. The eyes looking at me, is very much alike with the current you. Other people would charm me and treat me well, but she alone, would use a sharp look towards me.. It made me uneasy. It’s as if she’s telling me, that what I consider to be everything, the concept of everything can be done using money, is preposterous and ridiculous.. *slight bow* ..I’m sorry.” Ritsuki looks flustered by this. Towako pulls Ritsuki’s sleeve and apologizes. Ritsuki asks why she is apologizing. Towako says that it is because he didn’t do a ‘very mean thing’. Ritsuki sweatdrops then, after a pause, he says, “..So..sorry.” He is surprised to see his father crying. As they walk at the sidewalk, Ritsuki says that he would always say money..money..but actually, he is also already became nasty like him [Tesshin].. “And, mama already has a disdain look toward people who are only rich. If she also sees me like this, she would definitely be thoroughly disappointed.” Towako says that it isn’t so, and didn’t he already properly talk with his father. Ritsuki smiles and says, “Towako, thank you! *suddenly hugs Towako tight* Until now, I’m always in pain-- but, today, everything is because of you.. I.. *Towako blushing* really, really like you. I hope that you’ll also like me.” Meanwhile, Yuuga has returned home. He recalls Tsubaki telling him that he’s the only one who can truly give Towako happiness. He opens the door and says that he’s home. He is surprised when Miju calls out to him and asks about his break up with Towako. “It has something to do with me and mama, right?” Yuuga says that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Miju shouts that she got Setsuna to tell her all about it. Yuuga angrily mutters. Miju asks why he did that kind of decision. “This kind of break up, could it be that it doesn’t hurt? Thinking for the family, it is not for you alone, to take responsibility for it. Even if, for me, I really like being a model but without a doubt, your happiness is more important! *points at protesting Yuuga* Do not only think of protecting me and mama! Hurry up and get Towako-ojousama back!” Yuuga looks surprised-flustered.
Comment: Ah, so everything Ritsuki did to get back at his father and involving everyone in it is to make him not forget his mother. Hm..okay. Maybe aside from that is how rich people would treat poor people shabbily like what he had experienced. With Towako as ‘mediator’, the father and son apologized and most probably had forgiven each other. It is indeed ironic that he became what his mother detested. Well, it doesn’t help since Ritsuki experienced hardship because of lack of money and because of it, his mother died. Since Ritsuki really treasures his mother, he would now change his ways with the hopes that somehow Towako would like him back especially since she had amnesia and Yuuga is ‘staying away’. Just like in the past arcs of helping her ‘suitors’, Towako has, more or less, done her job and now, it is time for Yuuga to get her back. Hopefully, what his sister said would drive him to get Towako back asap before Towako falls for Ritsuki more. Scans by 17kk.net

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