February 26, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 18]

Cover page: “You are this world’s one and only, and with me, we are mutually intertwined by fate.” Page 18: two of us. While walking together, Kira and Sensei are nervous over gloomy Nino. She is thinking over what Rei said that she already slept with Kira once and Rei even showed her a picture of half-naked young Kira. “Did Rei-chan go steady with Kira-kun?” Kira lightly chops Nino’s head and tells her that this is their first ‘date after school’ so what’s up with her listless attitude. Nino says that she is only nervous. Kira asks if that’s true. Nino insists that it is true. Holding out his hand to her, blushing Kira tells her, “Then, your hand! Let’s hold hands, okay?” Sensei thinks that Kira unexpectedly do this while he can’t move. Nino puts her hand on his and says, “Woof.” Kira thinks that it is so cute. Kira asks, where they are going. Nino wants to go to the place where he usually goes to. Kira laughs and says that if it is that, then, it would be that place. Soon, at a game center, Nino is surprised over how fast Kira presses the buttons of the arcade machine. And, bunny mascot wins by a K.O. Kira tells her that before, he would always stay here and play. Nino claps and praises him that he’s amazing and is this a so-called ‘special skill’? Kira tells her that while he was hospitalized, it is actually quite boring and it was also the start of the turning point [of playing electronic games]. “Rei is my master!” Nino is surprised to hear that then she looks a bit uneasy. Kira suggests that she go and try it out. Nino agrees. She thinks that since this is something that Kira is fond of doing, she ought to try it even if it is her first time. “I should, more or less win.. *you lose; bunny mascot down* More or less.. *you lose; bunny mascot down* More.. *you lose; bunny mascot down*” Nino is totally shock and Kira sweatdrops. Standing up, Kira suggests that they go play something else wherein the two of them can play together. Nino timidly apologizes. Nino thinks that she cannot express ‘understand’ and she is only limited to knowing what he likes. While walking around, Kira asks her what she plays outside when she was young. Nino says that she doesn’t play anything special because she didn’t have any friends so she would just always stay in the room with Sensei. Sensei says that is right. Nino says that even if that is the case, she still has a place that she really likes. “It is the time before I’ve met Sensei. We’ve went to Nansho’s Nanasato Beach [guesswork from 南湘七里浜] for a field trip. At that time, I’m chatting together with my classmates. Everyone are building sand castle together. We are so fond of it that when we were told to go home, we don’t want to leave. *smiling* The sea[/beach] is a place of special memories.”
Then, they pass by a UFO Catcher machine. Nino exclaims that this doll looks like Sensei. Kira agrees with her and lets her play to get the doll. From behind the other UFO Catcher machine, stalker 1 Rei watches them while munching on a bun. Then, she notices a guy also watching the couple from behind the other arcade machine. It is stalker 2, Yabe. Yabe thinks that after overhearing them say about dying soon, he had unconsciously followed them. “In the end, I’m just mistaken, right? Such an important thing should have been impossible to hide from me.. *notices munching Rei looking at him; they both look away* What’s up with that person?” While Rei continues to watch the couple, Nino is asking if this is some sort of mind game. Kira tells her to forget about it and just buy the doll. At school, Nino hurries to the classroom for she is already late by 10 minutes because she has to tidy up the gym equipment. She meets up with Hyakuta and Ikigoma at the stairs. They say that they are glad to find her for they wanted to tell her something. “Right now, there is a sort of mysterious girl who appeared in the classroom. She gave a [Nintendo] DS to Kira-kun and then said that before you return, she wants to play with him.” Nino looks surprised. In 1-5, Kira complains that he lost and asks how did Rei do. Rei shows her DS and she had won. Kira happily exclaims that no wonder it’s her [that she can do it]. “How nostalgic. Playing together with you, I’ve unconsciously become enchanted[/into this].” Nino feels sad after hearing that. Rei notices Nino. Rei looks at her direction and smiles. Nino sees this. Later that night, Sensei looks under the bed and says, “So, that’s what happened while I was out exploring. In short, get out of there first.” Lying under her bed, Nino gloomily says yes. After crawling out, Nino says that afterwards, Rei quickly left. “But, she definitely told him that we aren’t a match.” Sensei assures her that even if she is so worried but Natural Perm should only have her in his heart. Nino sadly protests that she also can’t do it. “Since I can’t play happily with him, then, at least, I’ll keep an eye on his health.” Sensei looks surprised and thinks that this kind of feels worrisome. Nino is determined to do her best. While walking to school, Kira suddenly sneezes. Nino asks if he has a cold. Kira says no, his nose just felt ticklish. To his surprise, Nino puts her scarf on him and tells him that he’ll catch a cold in some unknown time if he doesn’t wear a sweater. While Sensei sweatdrops, Kira tells her that it isn’t that cold today and rather, he ought to say that the weather is quite good. Nino insists that he should be careful.
Looking inside her bag, Nino says that she also brought a hand warmer pouch. Kira asks what’s up with her all of a sudden and she is exaggerating things a bit. Nino tells him that from today on, please let her help him. “I’ll do my best to lighten up your burden.” While Kira looks surprised and speechless, Nino realizes that her hand warmer doesn’t have an adhesive. While eating lunch, Nino nervously looks at him and wonders if she is thinking too much because since they’ve arrived at school, Kira didn’t say much. Kira then, says, “About that.. about that thing this morning..” Taking something from her pocket, Nino asks if in the end, he wants the hand warmer. Kira says, “That’s not it. It isn’t because I wanted to trouble you that I wanted to be with you. *Nino looks surprised* About that, for you to have that thought, I’m very happy and also thankful. *blush* But, I hope that it would be simpler, like wanting to go to some place together after school dismissal.” Nino protests, “Bu..but, Kira-kun, if that’s how it is, then what is the best thing for me to do. I cannot be like Rei-chan.” Surprised Kira asks, “Rei? Why did you mention Rei?” Recalling Rei telling her that she doesn’t suit Kira, downcast Nino says, “..that is ..because compared to me.. could it be that you’re more compatible.. with Rei-chan.. *Kira looks surprised and Sensei looks at Nino* That is but something I’m only thinking for a little bit. I will seriously ponder over some other things.” She is surprised when Kira suddenly stands up. He looks back at her and says, “Are you serious about what you’re saying? Stupid Nino.” She is stunned as Kira walks downstairs and left. Sensei thinks that this is bad. Nino felt like crying. She asks Sensei if she is strange. Sensei says that he can say that. “Nino, for you to stay beside Natural Perm, is it for you to get something [from him]?” Puzzled Nino says how can that be.. “I don’t want anything.” Sensei replies, “Really? Isn’t it enough for you to stay at his side because you like him?” Nino looks thoughtful. Upon returning to class, she thinks that in the end, she is stupid. After school dismissal, at the shoe lockers, Nino wants to hurry home to apologize. Then, she hears a sucking sound. She looks behind her and sees Rei drinking a milk[?] drink. Nino is surprised for she appeared. She asks, “What’s the matter?” Rei quizzes her, “Are you alone? Had a fight? Are you prepared to give Yuiji to me? Nino looks tense when her cellphone is ringing. She gets her phone and wonders who it is. It is a message from Kira, “Stupid Nino, quickly come.” Nino wonders what he meant by that. Then, she notices the picture that Kira attached with the message. It is a picture of him, blushing while sticking out his tongue, at the beach. Nino realizes that it is the sea. Rei asks again, “-hey, can you give him to me?”
Rei is surprised when Nino takes her drink and drinks from it. Returning the drink to Rei, Nino declares, “I won’t give him to you. Even if you take him away, I would take him back. I'm in a hurry, so I’m going ahead.” Rei watches her leave. Then, she blushes and hearts are all over the place. Then, a train passes by the sea. While making a small mound of sand, Kira thinks that Nino is so slow. “But then, I also don’t know if she has seen that message or not. How lonely as if heart[/spirit] is being suppressed.” He hears someone shouting, “Ah.” He turns and is surprised to see Nino showing Sensei a starfish which Sensei hasn’t seen before. Walking to her and Sensei who are amazed over the moving starfish, Kira wonders if it is for real that she came to find him. Nino happily says that the air is quite clean and fresh. Nino notices Kira and shouts his name in surprise. Sensei exclaims that he found Natural Perm. Kira thinks that is quite a leisurely way of greeting. Sensei excuses himself by saying that he’ll go surfing to leave the two by themselves. Nino apologizes for midway looking for him, it unconsciously ended up like that. Kira says is that so, he unexpectedly lost to a starfish. Nino apologizes again. “I’m also sorry for hurting you. But, I won’t again be bothered over the issue of you and Rei going steady before.” Kira looks surprised and asks, “Ha? When did I go steady with her?” Nino sweatdrops and says, “Eh?” After they look at each other, Kira chuckles and asks if she was duped by Rei. Kira bends down and mutters that Rei is a S[adist]. Kira chuckles again and says that he finally understands why Rei would suddenly go near him. “About this, I’ll make Rei apologize and explain things to you.” Nino had a cold sweat for that picture is also a trick. While Sensei is surfing on a piece of wood, Kira looks at her and says, “-compared to that, I.. I still feel that a girl who is interested with a starfish is quite cute, compared to other girls. I always thought that everyday when you smile. *smiles* That is my life’s most amazing moment!” Teary-eyed from happiness, Nino replies that she also felt that way. She is surprised when Kira suddenly kisses her on the lips. Kira tells her, “But, in the end, you hurt me so I’m going to punish you. A kiss punishment.” She blushes and closes her eyes. As the sun is setting at the beach, Kira holds her face and kisses her. Narration: “December 8th. Kira-kun, did you know? You have the most dazzling smile just like the sun.” The last scene is of Yabe in his room. Midway studying, he looks at the picture of Kira and himself smiling together. Blurb: “Untying the misunderstanding deepens Nino and Kira’s bonds a step further. On the other side, knowing of Kira’s fate, Abe will-!?”
Comment: As expected, it really does seem that Rei is testing Nino. And with all the hearts after Nino’s declaration, I wonder if Rei has become a fan of Nino and she will be like a counterpart of Yabe. ^^; Maybe, she’ll be a good friend of Nino later on. I think it is a nice touch that they wanted to know the things that the other likes and used to do when they were young and even go on dates to those places. Aside from dating, it is a way of getting to know each other more. ^^ I’m really thankful to the author that she didn’t drag this any further. Nino is indeed at a loss and felt that she has to do something with/for Kira in order to be compatible-whatever. Sensei put her on the right track again when he reminded her why she is with Kira in the first place. That is because she likes him and she wants to stay with him, the rest doesn’t really matter = what she can do for him or if they are compatible or not. Her confidence surge when Kira sent her a picture of him being in the beach, a special place for her and like what Kira mentioned, ‘date after school’. Even if a quarrel, it is apparent that these two quickly patches things up. ^^ I guess after we know about Rei’s reasons for what she did, things will focus on Yabe. And it is already December so..it will be Christmas soon. ^^ Scans by 離境漢化組.

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