February 24, 2013

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 136-137]

Someone pops a party popper. Mei’s friends greet her a happy birthday even if it is late for a day. Mei happily thanks everyone. As everyone are eating and drinking, Rika tries to call out to them that they must return to the classroom within 8 hours. Izumi says that there is always a way to resolve that. Rika[?] complains that they are all so carefree without worries for what will happen to Mei and the others afterwards. At what seems to be either a lounge or the dining hall, Xiang asks Mei’s butler why they’ve lied for actually, Mei’s birthday has not yet ended. “And, isn’t Mei’s birthday is on May 10th.. THAT IS TODAY.” Kento asks, “And then?” Surprised by that, Xiang is saying that no, he is saying.. Rihito says that as a butler, one must operate[/manipulate] the ojousama’s time smoothly and thankfully, some people is willing to ‘open one eye and close the other’ about this. The people who knew the truth are Izumi, Fujiko and Nezu, and Kanzaki. Xiang protests that if that is so, then the deal with Kintarou-sama.. Kento asks him if he also saw that expression of Mei.. There is a scene of Mei looking surprised then she happily smiles to say, “Is that so- It is already over. Then, it can’t be helped♡”Kento tells him that smile is everything. And, because of their wishful thinking, and forcing Mei into a dead end, this matter that needs to be settled will stop at this point [/let’s call it a day]. After a pause, Xiang blushes a bit and says that is right. Rihito smiles and says that they are now going to PROPERLY give Mei their B•D•P [birthday present] to her. They gave her a sleeping potion that made her sleep for a whole day. Afterwards, they ARRIVE at the Hongo’s mansion in Japan ON THE REAL May 11th. The brothers’ parents, together with maids, welcome Mei. Mei worriedly asks about her grandfather. Taizou leads Mei away to Kintarou’s room. The brothers are startled when their mother calls out to them. She smiles at them and tells them ‘good work’, and they can go rest for today. The brothers sweatdrop and wonder if that is a lie for how could she be so nice. While walking to Kintarou’s room with Taizou, Mei is thinking that her grandfather is definitely angry since he took the pains to choose the candidates for her husband[/his son-in-law] in order for her not to be alone. Mei asks Taizou how is her grandfather’s health condition. Just when Taizou is about to tell her, someone says that he can live on for 5 more years. Mei exclaims, “Doc..doctor Damien..!? How come you are here?” Damien is with Michael. A note says that easy-going Damien has been assigned to become the school doctor. Damien tells her, but the devil can only extend help once. Putting his glasses on, Damien says that there will be no second time.
After looking surprised, Mei bows and thanks him. Michael happily smiles at embarrassed Damien who shouts that it is because he has been taken cared of[/shown consideration] by that old geezer and that girl. Mei runs to her grandfather’s room and calls out to him. From his sick bed, Kintarou says that she is late by a day. Crying Mei hugs him and exclaims that it is great, it’s really great. He comments that it has been a long time since he has been sunbathe into black by the sun and it bear fruit a bit. Crying Mei smiles radiantly and says, “Ah, listen to me. A lot of things had happened since then, and I also met a lot of people..” By the patio, Rihito tells Kento that perhaps, Kintarou-sama isn’t really thinking of giving Mei a husband. This surprises Kento. Rihito says that Kintarou-sama wanted to take advantage of the time while he still hasn’t passed away. “He wants to set up Mei-ojousama and her own chosen important character [/person] of this era, and meet with them.” Kento sweatdrops and says that he doesn’t quite feel that Kanata and Xiang-Fei are that important. Rihito says that they are secondary[/byproduct] characters. “It is also perhaps, he actually wants to help out his own friends. Resolving their inner heart’s little concerns.” Rihito is referring to Claris’ parents, Irrfan’s father, Hideto, who is looking at Kanata with Nana as Kanata prepares to play baseball, a shrine of Kiba [<- probably related to Shinnosuke], and a cowgirl doll with a Kurumi doll [<- so the cowgirl is Kintarou, the internet friend of Miruku’s mother]. After thinking of things, Kento darkly mutters that he is mistaken, THAT is indulging[/spoiling] Mei a bit too much. Rihito comments that as the saying goes, ‘bloodline cannot be changed’. There is a scene of Mei happily telling Kintarou about the things that has happened. Thoughtful Rihito thinks out loud over what’s the motive for making Kento, as a candidate for Mei’s husband, since he isn’t an important character at all. Kento got furious about that comment. He smiles and asks what’s wrong with it, when THEY were also CONVENIENTLY toughen up[/got exercise]. Rihito agrees that they had been toughened up in all sorts of ways. They didn’t notice that their parents are looking at them from the mansion’s window. Taizou sighs in relief that the feeling between their children isn’t as bad as they had imagined. Maria smiles and says, “But of course, because they are brothers.”
Then, Mei tells her grandfather that about her birthday present. Kintarou says that is right, tell him what she wanted. To his bewilderment, Mei exclaims that she already got it. Narration: “That happened before they returned to Japan..” Carrying their suitcases, Xiang and Fei are walking in the empty streets at night. Fei asks Xiang if this is okay, to secretly slip away from behind Mei’s back. Xiang says that he cannot give trouble to Mei-ojousama again. They were startled when someone shouts, “TOO- NAÏVE!! The two of you are too naïve!! * a girl figure stands on top of the roof* Don’t think that you can just easily escape from me..!!” They were surprised for it is Mei. Then, the two sweatdrop as the brothers help Mei down from the roof. She gives them new passports and special ID as Hongo family’s workers. She got Rihito to make them. Holding their passport and IDs, the two try to ask Mei what these are for. To their shock + sweatdrop, Mei says that she had already TAKEN them FROM her grandfather. “But, our family already has so many, so many butlers. So the two of you.. About-that.. Ah, in this era’s drama, there is always some kind that always comes out.. Gardener? No, not that.. *someone asks if she is saying..* YES-THAT’S RIGHT!! *points at the two* From today on, you two will be my EXCLUSIVE SECRET AGENTS. *the two are shock that they drop their luggages* Let me explain!! A secret agent is also called THE•SPY!! According to the master’s orders, as a shadow team [ala ninja], you will go to all sorts of cities and countries to investigate[/scout] out the situation. Then, you will quickly come back upon receiving just one order from me!! On my behalf, you’ll travel all over the world and then, make many friends. Also, from time to time, observe us from the outside. If we ever slack off, you can come and knock [/beat] us up.” Xiang is surprised by this. He tells her that he felt her good intention but they are murderers and they don’t have the right.. After a pause, Mei asks what Rihito thinks. Rihito says yes, lately, there is a rumor going on the world that seems to say, ‘some mafia knew that there are two young killers’, but unluckily, they didn’t leave any evidence and those who witnessed everything are all dead. “There is already no way of confirming if the rumor is true nor not.” The two are surprised. Mei says, “..it’s like that.” Xiang protests that if she covers them up, she’ll also.. Mei bluntly says, “..about that..Xiang..I’M ALREADY TIRED OF HEARING those words.” Xiang is shock speechless. Kento lets out a laugh and asks his brother if he has seen that expression. Rihito smiles and says, yes. Mei tells them she doesn’t know[/understand] their past because she didn’t met them in the past. “But, the two people in front of me, I feel that I can trust [them] so, that is already enough. *smiles* So, what do you have to say.”
After a pause, Xiang asks Mei if she knows what is the ‘everyday’ of their village’s goddess? “Everyday, she will have a beautiful dream and afterwards, she will tell the villagers the contents of her dream. Then, gradually, everyone would have the same dream which instructs us towards the direction that we would live..” Mei exclaims that is quite tiring and annoying. Kento sweatdrops and mutters that Mei really doesn’t understand local customs. Mei says that it is because she basically has no way of dreaming a beautiful dream everyday~~ “Ah, but.. Yes, that’s right, if everyone can see that beautiful dream..!! The goddess is the more the better. *looks at Xiang and Fei* The goddess definitely exist within the heart of you two.” Xiang mutters that the goddess exist within his heart. Mei innocently says that it is because when he dresses up as a girl, he is very beautiful that she felt frustrated. Kento tells her that is not the problem there. Mei bids them goodbye and to take care.. “Ah, but if I call you guys, you must immediately come back. No matter what is said, the two of you are my secret agents!!” The two put a hand on their chest and bow to her. “In order to serve you, as you wish, Mei-ojousama.” Glancing at the brothers, Xiang adds, “WE DON’T PLAN ON ADMITTING DEFEAT TOWARDS THE BUTLERS.” Both brothers smile and say, “Hmph.” Fei calls out Mei. While blushing, he tells her, “Tell Fujiko-ojousama to also take care.. And also.. Also.. That.. *exhale* I FEEL THAT COMPARED TO THAT GUY NEZU, I’M STILL VERY VERY MUCH SUITABLE GUY TO FUJIKO-OJOUSAMA!!!” Everyone is speechless. Blushing Fei slightly bows and tells Mei to please help him pass that message... Mei sweatdrops and wonders what she ought to do. As Mei and the others watch the two leave, it seems that Rishu’s spirit is also waving goodbye. After they left, Mei says, “..I’m really sorry.. This is the path that I have chosen.. And this definitely runs counter the path of an ojousama.. So,..at any time, you guys, can resign as my butlers..” Putting his hand on his chest, Rihito says that it is within his expectation. Kento winks and says that he’s used to it. Mei blushes a bit and is teary-eyed. She thinks, “Thank you very much, Rihito-san.. Shibata..” While walking, Xiang calls out to Fei and tells him that there is a favor that he wants to ask of him. Fei says, “Sure, what is it..” Xiang tells him, “If, from today on, I did something to betray Mei-ojousama, please kill me with your own hands.” After looking surprised, Fei slightly bows and replies, “Yes, if that is what you wish.” As the wind blows Xiang’s hair, both of his eyes are shown. He smiles and recalls Mei’s words that the goddess definitely exists within their hearts.. Looking up the sky, his glass eye reflects on some buildings. Xiang says, “Hey, Fei, what kind of future will this planet’s goddess prepare to show to us..” Someplace else, what Xiang’s ‘sees’ with his glass eye is shown on someone’s iPhone. A gloved hand closes the iPhone and says, “..what, I expecting to see a more bloody tragicomedy from your eye..” A wheel[chair] moves, and a woman calls out, “Rihito-san.. Where are you..?” Opening an intricate-designed door, the White Butler says, “Yes, I’m coming, Shiori-ojousama..”
Comment: That was really amazingly cool. I don’t know if Rihito knew but it turns out that there is a purpose for Shinobu to give a glass eye to Xiang. So, could it be that he also deliberately injured Xiang’s eye? Utterly clever. Aside from keeping tabs with whatever Mei and the others are doing, Shinobu would also have the same information that Xiang and Fei would gather from all over the world. He would still know what’s going on in the world even if he is in somewhere secluded with Shiori. So, the favor that Xiang told Fei can be ominous since his eye is in a way ‘betraying’ Mei. In the end, Shinobu is still the final and ultimate ‘enemy boss’ who can rival Rihito. Making the former murderers into ‘secret agents’ is pretty a very clever idea. Given their skills for it, they really suit the job. Mei is really thinking BIG for their task has a ‘world-scale’ scope to it. She is amusing when she ‘shut up’ Xiang’s protests, by saying that she is tired of hearing the same thing. =P She might be lacking in some things but nevertheless, she is unique in her own way. Hm..more like, softening up ‘bad guys who used to be good’ and giving them a future. I think her grandfather knows this so, he used the ‘choose a groom’ scheme for it. It was really nice of Kintarou to help out his friends this way so that the next generation will be on their right and proper path. I don’t know if it is deliberate though or just a consequence that, thanks to Damien, he also ended up extending his own life. For the brothers, it seems that they only think that this whole thing is just a way for them to ‘toughen up’ but apparently, it is also Kintarou’s way of reassuring his faithful couple butlers that their children are getting along. It was really nice to see the brothers happily chatting like that. ^^ Scans by 深雪汉化组

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