February 20, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 5]

[It is a beautiful cover of Karin for Shocomi magazine] Cover page [is quite cute]: “A LIFE that I can’t get used to. And, a strict SENPAI. Difference from ideal MARRIED life, is it a VERY FAR distance..?” While angrily holding Karin’s shoulder, smiling Nao darkly asks what’s up with this..? Karin is surprised to see their house very messy with all their drawers and rooms all open. Karin exclaims how come it is so messy. “Did a thief enter our house!? How scary!!” Nao scratches his head and asks if she doesn’t have any impression [on how this came to be]. Karin recalls that earlier the day, after taking a shower, she was shouting where the towel is, the lotion, hair dryer, and her change of clothes. And, when she is finished, it is already noon. While looking for her things, it had made the place quite messy. End flashback. Karin says that it is because she is used to having servants who would help her. Nao asks if she also didn’t notice this. On the table, there is a key with a note from him telling her that this one is hers. Nao says that he basically put it in a place where she can easily see it. Karin holds the key and becomes quiet. Nao says that even if it is an old apartment, but in case, a bad person enters in, it will be quite troublesome so when she goes out, please lock the door. Karin exclaims that is right, from today on, no one is going to help her lock the door. Happily holding the key, she says that it is the first time she had a house key. Aghast and sweatdropping, Nao says that she is really a wealthy-raised ojousama. Karin thinks that it is the first time she had a house key and it is a pair with Nao. She happily tells him that holding the same key to the house has a marriage feeling to it. Nao tells her that from today on, she should properly pay attention and don’t forget to lock the door. Karin looks surprised by his comment. Nao also tells her that aside about her room, regarding the kitchen and publicly used areas, she ought to properly clean it up. Nao tosses her clothes to her. He reminds her again not to open this door [to his room]. “Also! It is your own free will that you can come and visit the club but, it is impossible for me to go home with you.” Karin tries to tell him that is because, about the way back.. Nao interrupts by telling her that even if their marriage is already an established fact. “And afterwards, we still have to cohabit here. Then, properly honor the rules up to the lowest limit.” Karin wonders, “‘Established fact’, ‘cohabit’. Does senpai really do not think of Karin as a love partner..?”

Nao is surprised when Karin suddenly bends down on the floor. Nao worriedly bends near her and exclaims what happened. While her stomach growls loudly, Karin says that she’s hungry. Nao sternly tells her that he is seriously talking with her so please, don’t make him hate her more, okay? Karin trembles as she tightly holds her clothes. Just when Nao is about to go in his room, Karin asks what is that..it is obviously his fault. Nao stops. Karin shouts that of course, she would be hungry because while coming home from school, she got lost and that took a few hours..!? It is already 10:10pm. Nao asks if she came home so late because she got lost and not because she went outside to have fun. Karin says that she wanted to ask him how to go back so she waited for his club activity to finish but he bluntly refused her. Nao sweatdrops and protests that the way back from school is only 10 minutes and the way there is quite simple.. Karin shouts that she is always being driven back and forth by the car. It is fine if it is from school and her house, but the location of this place, she fundamentally isn’t quite sure of it. Nao is quite speechless. Karin complains that after walking for so long, her body is so sticky that she wants to quickly have a hot shower. Nao tells her to quickly go then, right now.. Karin shouts that the faucet in this place only has cold water and she doesn’t want to take a shower in such cold water, as if her heart will stop. Surprised Nao says no, there is obviously hot water here..and could it be that she already took a shower in cold water. Teary-eyed Karin thinks that today, the whole day, it is obviously the day when she did her utter best in her whole life. *there is a flashback of Karin bearing with the cold water because she won’t go out without taking a shower first. Another scene is she’s tired from walking but still doesn’t know where her school is* “In the end, after returning home, I got scolded at, and also, being hated more. Why do Karin, I have to accept this kind of punishment..!?” As she starts to sob, she is surprised when Nao walks past her. Karin bites her lip and thinks that he won’t even comfort her. She is surprised when Nao comes back and holds up her arm. He tells her, “Okay. I helped you open the hot water. Go and take a shower first. Afterwards, I’ll tell you how to open the hot water. It isn’t ‘inevitable’ to use the water heater for the first time.” While taking a hot shower, Karin thinks that it is quite warm. Then, she hears the door opening and closing. She notices someone passing by the window. Karin opens the window and shouts, “Senpai..!? Where are you going!? *teary-eyed* Why.. are you still angry..!?” She is surprised when he says no, he is only going to buy dinner. “And.. *looks away and blush* Today is an exception, I’ll also going to buy your share, Oriyama.”
Karin says is that so. “Ah..huh? Senpai, you also haven’t eaten yet? You obviously exerted a lot of strength in sports at the club yet your stomach is not yet hungry. Senpai’s appetite is quite small..” Nao angrily says that it isn’t so. Blushing a bit, Nao says that she went out without bringing the key with her so he cannot just lock the door and go out by himself. “Geez..I’m already quite famished. *Karin blushes since he even though of her.* Compared to that, Karin, you.. from the start, just now, you are already showing everything[/naked] to me and you’re not nervous at all.” Shocked Karin quickly covers her chest and closes the window. She is very embarrassed. While walking downstairs, Nao covers his blushing face. Soon, Nao returns with some gyudon [I think; beef rice bowl]. While Karin stares at the food, Nao tells her that he doesn’t know if it suits the taste of an ojousama who has been spoiled and pampered since childhood but just make do for today. “Starting tomorrow, you can go buy what you like to-” He didn’t finish talking since he sees Karin already wolfing down the food. She happily says that it is very delicious. “It is the first time I ate this very delicious thing. It is also alright to eat this everyday.” This made Nao blush. He laughs and wipes off the rice grain from her cheek. He says, “I know it is very delicious but better not eat this everyday.” Karin blushes and thinks, “During the time when he refuses the other girls, it isn’t the same with that fake smile. Within an arm’s reach, eating together. In the end, we are already married.” After finished eating, Nao slight bows to her and apologizes for today. “I never thought that unexpectedly there is a such a person, who can’t do such things, even if she is already a high schooler. But, this is not at all, Oriyama’s fault. That is the surroundings that you’ve grown up in so it is inevitable. *Karin wonders if he is comforting her or belittling her.* Until you can live independently on your own, I will always guide you. Is there anything that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask.” Karin says, “Then, I have a question.. If I, Karin, learned a lot of things, will that make senpai very happy?” Nao says of course. Karin happily asks, “Then, would you like Karin?” Nao replies, “I think that is unlikely. *Karin is shock that he used polite [not casual] language* But, ah.. *smiles* I will definitely see you in a new light [/have increased respect towards you].” Karin thinks, “Just watch, senpai. Karin will quickly learn everything. It won’t just be making you see me in a new light, I’ll go further and make you like me.”
The next day, Nao calls out to Karin that if she doesn’t hurry, she will be late again. He starts walking away and says “I’m going ahead. Oriyama, you better not be absent again today.” Rushing out the door, Karin shouts that he’s too mean. Nao turns around and stares at her. Oriyama goes to lock the door and gives him a thumbs up. Nao tells her that’s good for the time being and it is only a very small thing. Nevertheless, blushing Karin is very happy. Then, a lady next door comes out and exclaims that the kid whom he [Nao] is staying with has come back safely. While Karin is puzzled over this, Nao bows and apologizes to the lady about yesterday. Throwing out the trash, the lady greets Karin and introduces herself as the next door neighbor, Moriyama [guesswork from 森山]. Karin asks what happened between her and Nao yesterday. Waving her hand for Karin to come to her, Moriyama asks if he didn’t tell her. “He was really amazing yesterday!! Yesterday, when I passed by in front of your house..” Flashback: Moriyama is shock when Nao suddenly opened the door. Embarrassed Nao apologized and said that he was mistaken. Just when Moriyama is about to pass their house again to go out [the apartment], the door suddenly opened again. Nao sheepishly apologized again and explained that the kid, who is living with him, has not yet come back.. He heard some clanking sound that he quickly rushes down the apartment and nervously looks from left to right around the street. He worriedly exclaimed she [Karin] couldn’t have encountered an accident. End flashback. Blushing Karin is surprised to hear that and blushing Nao looks away. Karin says, “So yesterday, before I could even knock, you’ve already opened the door.. it’s because you were worried about Karin..” Nao glares at her. Still blushing, Nao says that she hasn’t come home yet and it is pass 10 o’ clock. “I thought that maybe you got into an accident or perhaps, got involved in some incident. It is also inevitable that I’m worried, right!?” Nao turns around and starts walking away. Karin tries to call out for him to wait. Moriyama happily mutters that it’s conjugal love and it’s great to be young. Nao tosses her a paper and tells her that is the map for the way to school. Karin gloomily asks if he wants her to just look at this and go to school by herself. Nao says that even if he really wanted her to do that. “But anyway, you definitely also do not know how to read a map, right? *slight blush* But only for today, I’m accompany you.” Karin is quite happy about that and thinks, “If this keeps up, definitely, one day, it will become my ideal conjugal love married couple. Very quickly, it will.” Pointing to the side, Nao says, “Ah, even if I said that I’ll accompany you, but maintain the distance of 5 meters.” Surprised Karin nervously thinks, “..it ought to be quick, right!!”
Comment: This is quite a cute and funny chapter. Yay, the author didn’t make Nao to be really hateful for he showed his nice side here and it turns out that he can be considerate after learning her situation. Because of that, Karin has revised how she viewed him and falls for him again with the goal of making him fall in love with her. I guess for Karin, it is already a step towards that when she made him genuinely laugh, aside from making him blush a lot in this chapter. It really helps that Karin isn’t very picky with food and is willing to learn even if it is for ulterior motives. =P It is quite funny how Nao kept on opening the door to anyone who passed by their house while waiting for Karin. I guess the neighbor knew that they were married because of how they grandly came to the apartment. I’m beginning to wonder if the parents somehow deliberately got these two together. It can correct Karin’s spoiled behavior and probably, make Nao learn to care for someone who is quite helpless like Karin. ^^ Scans by allwink汉化组

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