February 20, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 12]

[Free Talk: This summary is brought to you by Asahi of Halftone Circle. I have asked for her summary to be posted here since her site no longer exists. Thank you, Asahi ^^ Since this blog arranges entries based on dates, I’ll be using the official date of release.]

Azusa quickly strikes Mitsuru's head and clarifies that she meant to say "an opening", not "I love you" and then runs away. Stopping to catch her breath, Azusa can't believe that she feels that way about Mitsuru and actually blurted it out without thinking. A moe faced Azusa battles with twisted faced Azusa. Twisted faced Azusa keeps telling herself that it's gross to go soft when it comes to a guy like Mitsuru. In the end, Azusa is annoyed that her heart keeps going "thump thump"  and there is nothing she can do to control her body's reaction. This one week of switching places has safely passed for Mitsuru. Getting ready to go home, Mitsuru is glad that the week has passed peacefully. However, the fact that Azusa didn't expose him actually makes him more worried. When Shino comes and asks to go home together with Mitsuru, she gives him a freesia flower petal cellphone charm to thank him for taking her to go see Aoi back then. Thinking about how today is the last day he's here, Mitsuru wonders if Shino will accept him if he tells her the truth. Just as Mitsuru is about to say it, Shino tells him the meanings behind freesia flower: "deep affection" and "aspiration". Even though they've only met for a week, strangely, Shino feels like "Megumu-chan" and her are already best friends for a long time and tells Mitsuru to call her "Shino". Looking at Mitsuru with eyes that are untainted and full of gratitude and trust, Shino asks Mitsuru to always be her best friends from now on. Mitsuru cries with happiness and says that he'll of course always be her friend. Mitsuru thinks that he's already made progress by being able to call Shino by her first name. As long as she's smiling, he wants to remain like this a little bit longer. On the way out of the school, while holding Shino's hand, Mitsuru looks up and sees Azusa. Even though he doesn't know what goes on with her, Mitsuru is grateful that she didn't expose him. Mitsuru looks at Azusa and says "Thank you". Azusa denies that she was protecting Mitsuru. The real defeat will come later as Azusa won't let Mitsuru run away with her winnings.
Mego has successfully helped Mitsuru pass his make-up tests. While walking down the hall, Mego wonders if Aoi was okay after what happened last night. She thinks that he must be angry because she's been lying to him and then got exposed in such a way. Mego thinks that she'll have to properly apologize to Aoi. If he doesn't forgive her, today will be the last day she sees him. However, if he forgives her, then...Just then, without thinking, Mego calls out to Aoi who's walking by. The two keep an awkward distance of 50cm. Before Mego can say anything, Aoi apologizes for hurting Mego with his rude action last night (flinching away when Mego came closer). Mego is touched that Aoi apologized to her even though she was the one at fault. Kneeling down, Mego explains that she's here for a week because Mitsuru begged her to take the make-up tests for him. Today will be the last day of the 1 week exchange, however, Mego still wants to see Aoi again. Mego's words make Aoi's heart skip a beat. Just as he's about to get closer to her, Mego asks Aoi to make her his "guy friend". While Aoi is being dumbfounded, Mego again asks him to think of her as a guy. Since Aoi is afraid of girls, she'll keep dressing up as a guy and try her best to act like one. Mego's been thinking hard to find a way to remain by Aoi's side even if it means being his friend. Forcing herself to look cheerful, Mego says that she really likes Aoi as a person and would like him to be her friend. Mego then asks if she can come see Aoi if she remains a "guy". Mego thinks that she can't give up on someone she's come to love this much. It's okay for her to be his friend because not being able to see him ever again is much more painful. Turning away, Aoi says that it's impossible for them to be friends because he can't think of her that way. Just when Aoi turns back to explain further, Mego isn't there anymore. Mego ran away because she's scared of hearing Aoi's rejection.
Moyuyu comes running over to give her the new soda flavored marshmallow. Crying, Mego says that the marshmallow is really sweet. Moyuyu is once again dazzled by Mego. Patting her head, Moyuyu asks if the marshmallow is tasty to the point it makes her cry. Aoi arrives just to witness Moyuyu comforting Mego who is thinking that the marshmallow tastes salty because of all the tears and her dripping nose. Mego thinks that she's asking for too much wanting to be Aoi's friend even though she's been lying to him. By the garden and the cats, Aoi mentally tells Mego to not ask for the impossible (being a guy friend). He already can only see her as a "girl". Mitsuru happily tells Mego that his secret is safe. Mitsuru then asks Mego if they can keep switching places like this. When Mego refuses, Mitsuru frantically asks if she doesn't want to see Aoi again. Crying hysterically, Mego says that she of course wants to see Aoi again, however she can no longer do that. This one week has been like a dream that took her breath away. In the blink of an eye, she's awaken from this short yet happy dream. The next morning, Mego "cheerfully" says that it's nostalgic to be wearing her uniform again. Mitsuru is concerned that Mego is pushing herself to smile like this. Mego then narrates that there was something that she didn't know yet. Over at Aoi's house, Aoi finds the cellphone charm that he won for her back then. Aoi wonders if she dropped it when she came over last time. General narration: " The real love's miracle will soon reveal that the thread that connects the two is still there and that in his heart, first love has been sprouting". Blurb: Next chapter: magazine's cover and 2 color pages. At last, Aoi will convey his feelings toward Mego...
Scans by 夜工作室


  1. Hi, so i just recently found your blog and I swear i am so thankful and amazed by you because you put so much effort to even translate the newly released raws of the manga as soon as you can! thank you so much for your efforts! :)

    1. Thanks for reading them and the comment ^-^

  2. Thank you so much. I was on mangahere.com reading it but they skipped chapter 12-15 and went to 16 and 17. I have the first 2 mangas.