February 19, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 42]

Cover page: “Ah-.. Always felt that the entertainment industry seems to be a very exhausting[/tiring] place..?” After Shibaken freaks out over seeing Aki going in the dressing room with Mari, Riko passes by to go into the toilet. Realizing that it is Mushroom, he quickly grabs her arm. Then, Shibaken is shock over what he just did. Riko exclaims what it is and can, what he is going to tell her, wait. Shibaken stiffens and let go of her arm. He asks if it is okay for her to have that kind of attitude in talking and, even if he is at fault for suddenly grabbing her arm, but no matter what, he is her senpai. “And, just now, you also didn’t greet me and just passed me by, right? Upon seeing a senpai, you have to take the initiative to greet. This is right and proper. I have always been doing that. You ignored me just now. *Riko quietly looks at him* Do you have a decent reason for it? Please say it.” Riko says about that..it is.. Shibaken tells her to happily say it out since he can’t hear it. After looking embarrassed, Riko shouts, “I’m already going to pee-” Shibaken and other onlookers look shock. After washing up, Riko peeks out the door and sees that Shibaken is still outside. Feeling awkward, she thinks that she must hurry back to the backstage. She passes by Shibaken and says, “Good..good work.” In ‘business mode’, Shibaken smiles and greet her ‘Good work’ back. Riko shields her eyes for he is sparkling. Looking away, blushing Shibaken apologizes to her for suddenly talking big like that a while ago but he is worried about her progress in the entertainment industry later on. Shibaken thinks that if he didn’t say that, he will be talked about by her as ‘what kind of person is Shibaken’ so it is a must to have an impression of ‘he’s really a nice guy’, up to that degree. Riko tells him that it is alright and her attitude is quite rude. “I’ve already learned about it. Thank you very much.” Feeling relaxed, Shibaken says that’s great and he’s really happy that she said that. Also feeling relaxed, Riko thinks that Shibaken ought to be a super nice guy. Shibaken secretly smiles.
Shibaken tells her that in the end, it is good to show concern and care for the staff people and co-performers, and he likes the most this ‘want to go onstage and give the audience an outstanding performance’ mood which fills up the stage. “Today, let us to our best together, Miss Mushroom.” Immediately falling with just one attack [/easily convinced by Shibaken], Riko happily says yes. Shibaken says, “..Also, what I’m going to tell you next is only an advice.. *Riko asks, ‘huh’ then she notices Aki coming out of the dressing room with Mari.* That kind of careless action, don’t continue on doing it. *they are looking at both Aki and Mari.* Showing that kind of expression in front of people *Mari happily talking with Aki.* even if as a staff worker at backstage,[<- or, just with staff worker/s] and being alone with the opposite sex. *Mari touches Aki’s chest with her finger* Also, a meaningful touch. The people around would think that that [they] are absolutely a couple. And, it is easily exposed.” Still looking at Aki’s direction, Riko says, “..ya” Shibaken pities her for not having an insight[/instinct] about guys. He tells her that ‘if there’s no smoke, there’s no fire’, can be said in the showbiz world. “If one is still unrestrained like this, it can cause us to stop our showbiz career.” Shibaken is surprised-puzzled when Riko angrily says that everyone is like that, and the people in this world, everyone is always minding how other people see oneself. A bit jittery, Shibaken says who told them to get in this profession where people ‘watch and enjoy’ and this is also inevitable. Shibaken is surprised when Riko tells him that incident just now is generally deliberate. “I think Miss Mari, just now, is deliberately making people to watch [them].” While Riko is quiet, Shibaken asks what she meant. Meanwhile, Shibaken’s manger comes out of the dressing room and is surprised to see Shibaken with Riko. A band member comes out and asks what Shibaken is doing there. The taller band member says that this is quite rare, because Shibaken hates staying with a female classmate [alone] in a room by chance, since he always say that he doesn’t know when someone would take a picture and post it up the internet. Back to the two, Riko says, “..so, I’m saying. How come Shibaken-san, you stopped me in this place where there are a lot of people?” Shibaken looks surprised and says, “Ah. That. That is because..” Blurb: “Romantic love? Is it love?”
Comment: It might be the same in the ‘ordinary’ world, but I guess it is more intense in the showbiz world about ‘making an impression’ which can help or ruin one’s reputation. It isn’t exactly for the ‘nice and naïve’ since the one, who is nice and polite to you, can backstab you. After his initial meeting with Riko, Shibaken is obviously interested in her. He is really putting down his guard regarding her especially since he is known to be very careful in dealing with girls. I had the impression that fans in Japan/East Asia would prefer their idols single. So, this might be ‘fatal’ for both their careers especially if there will be evidence about their ‘possible’ relationship , after what Reiko might possibly spread around on the internet. I’m assuming it will  be about them. The possibility is great since Reiko knew who Riko’s real boyfriend is. If it actually helps their career, Riko would have to be really careful being seen with Aki or else, be seen as two-timing. So, either way, it seems bad for Riko especially since she is a newcomer and their debut album is quite low in the rankings. About Aki, I wonder if he isn’t reacting adversely to it because he is clueless about Mari’s advances or he just wants her to save face rather than embarrass her there by rejecting her advances. I'm curious though how they would react if they see each other with 'someone else'. =P Anyway, if Shibaken does like Riko, he will be ‘number 4’ admirer of Riko. I seem to notice that this author tend to draw scenes that happen in the toilet. I wonder if it is deliberate or in showbiz, ‘things’ happen there including serious talks. Oh ya, a Chinese reader commented that it seems that Aki doesn’t tie his shoes. ^^; Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组.

Quote of the day:
Once you start worrying about what other people think of you, you stop being yourself. ~ Author Unknown