February 5, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 4]

Cover page: “If you admit ‘hate you’-whatever is a lie, ..is it also okay for me to immediately forgive you now? Twist and turns continue on!! Karin’s married life, what- would it become into..!?” Narration: “Already 16 years old, Karin is really like a princess becoming an endearing bride  The groom is super compatible with Karin, the most popular guy in the whole school, Tsuruki-senpai, 18 years old! The wedding ceremony that was held for them is De∙fini∙tely--.. filled up with guests in the super luxurious hall [Actually, it is almost empty] The wedding house is definitely like a cute castle ♡♡ [Actually, it is a run-down two story apartment] The married life is definitely filled with love♡♡♡ [Actually, Nao set rules for them to live as if they are by themselves, and he hates her]” Karin shouts, “No.. Hate this to deathhh I’ve unexpectedly had this kind of dreammm” And, Karin wakes up. She’s a bit teary-eyed and she’s breathing hard. She sits up and wonders when she slept like that. She looks around the room and mutters, “It’s really..not a dream.. (I, Karin, must continue to stay in this place together with someone who said he hates me the most. Can living together possible..!?)” Then, her cellphone rings. She happily grabs it and says that her father replied back so in the end, this is just all a joke on her. The message is: “Good Morning, Karin☼ Are you awake on the first day as a bride? Be careful on your way to school. Get along properly with Nao-kun” Karin looks dark. Just when she is about to throw away her cellphone, she stops and looks at her phone. It is already 10:19am. Karin angrily shouts, “Why didn’t you wake me up, Shimada [Guesswork from 島田]!!” There is only silence. Shimada is the one who took care of Karin for 10 years. Karin is horrified for Shimada isn’t there. After not finding her, Karin goes to Nao’s room and shouts for him to wake up or else, they will be very late on the first day of school as a newlywed couple. She is surprised that no one is there. She couldn’t believe that he didn’t even call her and just went to school all by himself. She got angry upon recalling Nao telling her that one has to do things by oneself, and treat the other as if the other doesn’t exist. She shouts to Shimada that she is going to take a shower, but then, she remembers that Shimada isn’t there. She starts shouting where the bathroom is. She felt faint upon seeing the old bathroom. Then, while taking a shower, she shouts, “So cold- Doesn’t this have any hot water *vein pop* Towel.. My change of clothes..!? Shimada~~!!! Save me-” Finally, Karin manages to get dressed up and go out of the door. Walking downstairs, Karin tearfully exclaims that this is really awful for it is almost noon. Looking left and right, she thinks that since Shimada isn’t around, the car that drives her back and forth ought to be not there either. Just when she is preparing to make a run for it, she stops and says, “..Wait a minute.. where is my school..!?”
At school, Karin is breathing hard. She finally reaches her class 1-A. She opens the door and says, “I’ve finally..” And the teacher says, “Salute!” The students stand up and bow, “Goodbye, teacher-” While her classmates bid each other goodbye, Karin gloomily steady herself on the table. The teacher asks her what happen and even if she came now, she is considered absent. A young looking guy with crossed arms says, “Ka-rin- What’s up with hurrying to school during the dismissal bell? Is this your new way of playing?” Karin looks at the guy and says, “Suzu..” [guesswork from 鈴鈴; actually, that is actually Riri but I’m basing it from his name, Isuzu. If you know his nickname, just tag me.]. The guy tells her not to call him Suzu. Karin bends down and mutters, food.. Her stomach is growling. At the canteen, Karin happily looks at two plates filled with food. While happily eating, Karin exclaims, “No wonder it is, Isuzu! [guesswork from 五十鈴] You’re Karin’s absolutely number 1 childhood friend.” Isuzu tells her, “What number 1.. I’m obviously your only one childhood friend- Let me say, Karin.. *after some explanation* You don’t know how to go to school? *A scene of Karin who looked left and right* Even if you wanted to ask someone about it but you couldn’t remember the name of the school. *Karin asked an old man if he knows the school that has the same kind of uniform she is wearing.* On the way, you’ve noticed that you forgot to bring your bag. *Karin noticed that she didn’t have her bag* You wanted to go back and get it, but you forgot how you came there. And you also didn’t have your cellphone and wallet. Thinking of a way while having an empty stomach, you finally arrived at school.. it’s like that?” Karin tearfully says that is true, and she is really like a tragic heroine. Isuzu lamely says that Karin is telling a lie and she made it quite well. “You’re not dreaming, are you?” Surprised Karin exclaims that she had prayed so many times that it would be great if this is all a dream. Isuzu asks her about her car. “Weren’t you always driven back and forth in your car?” Karin tells him that it is because something happened between her and her father that she can no longer be driven back and forth like before. Waving his hand, Isuzu doesn’t believe her by dismissing that as the biggest lie for how is it possible for her father who dotes on her to the extreme to do that. Karin shouts that whether Isuzu believes it or not, it is absolutely, genuinely true! Isuzu watches Karin grumpily eating. Isuzu offers to let her ride on his car always, until she made up with her father. Karin exclaims good, it is decided. Then, she stands up and holds her hand up to Isuzu. She shouts that it is alright, regarding this thing, regardless what, she’ll do it well by herself. Waving away as she goes out, Karin thanks him for his concern. Isuzu sighs and mutters for her to tidy things a bit. [<- I think referring to the empty plates that Karin just left]
While angry Karin is walking by the hallway, she hears the fangirls cheering for Nao who is practicing soccer with his teammates. With crossed arms, Karin thinks, “Really like fools, everyone is still ignorantly cheering. He is only a really awful guy who used marriage to get far away from his parents. He is still the same as usual. It really makes me angry. Really furious.. *looks surprised and blush after Nao scored a goal* Feeling that he is cool-whatever, afterwards, I won’t have this kind of thinking.” Soon, soccer practice is over. While they are keeping the soccer equipment, Nao’s short teammate exclaims, “Ah--! That first year student is watching until now!” Nao’s tall teammate says that is true, and she isn’t like that anymore [<- sitting on a bench and watching with binoculars], that he almost didn’t recognize her. With crossed legs and arms, Karin is sitting by the stairs. Just when Nao looks away from Karin, short teammate exclaims, “Huh!? Look!? She’s walking this way.” Tall teammate asks if she is preparing to confess to Nao. While the two teammates watch, Karin calls out to Nao. “About that.. Karin.. I..” Nao smiles and asks what it is. Thinking that he smiled, Karin says, “Ah..!? About that.. Can.. *looks away* can you go home with me!?” Nao look surprised, short teammate is shock and tall teammate has no reaction. Nao smiles. He blushes and replies, “A very amazing invitation.. *Karin smiles and says, then..* ..but I’m very sorry. *smiles* Ordinarily, to be asked this kind of question, everyone would choose to refuse.” After looking surprised, Karin angrily points at Nao and shouts, “You.. Are you an idiot. I’m just joking! I, Karin, do not want to go home together with someone like you!!” Karin quickly turns and leaves. Short teammate happily tells tall teammate that it seems that he is smitten by Karin. Nao loses the smile and looks somewhat serious. While walking away, Karin wonders what that is, unexpectedly having the same attitude in treating others. *Nao tends to refuse all of the fangirls’ offers* “We’re married, right!? And even kissed.. *teary-eyed and flustered* obviously, that moving feeling still remains. It is like that time before *watching Nao through the binoculars* Not even a bit closer.” And, finally Karin arrives back to the apartment. It took her three hours to get home. ^^; Wobbling and tired, Karin mutters, “It’s really no good.. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow..” She is surprised when the door opens. Nao comes out and says, “Welcome back! You’ve arrived so late. I’ve been always waiting for you..!” Flustered Karin asks if that is true. Inside the apartment, Nao pats Karin’s shoulder and says, “Yes. Quickly come in! It’s really great, Oriyama, that you managed to safely come home.” Karin timidly says, “Senpai..” Still with a smiling face, Nao holds Karin’s shoulder and says, “Okay, let’s start today’s INSTROSPECTION[/reflection] MEETING!!” Karin nervously smiles at him for there is a vein pop [<- angry] on the hand that is holding Karin’s shoulder. Blurb: “Introspection meeting is..!? What’s the progress of this chaotic married life?”
Comment: Hehe, I guess it will just take some time before Karin get used to this life. And, thanks to her pride, masochism[?],etc , she won’t easily give up. I mean, she could have just leave and gone home, right? Interestingly, she is sticking with this or maybe reality hasn’t exactly sink in yet. She is now learning to be independent instead of relying on her servants. It is amusing that she couldn’t even remember her school’s name..is it that unimportant to her? Is she just bad with directions? Lucky for her, there is guy 2 in the form of her childhood friend, Isuzu. I hope the author does this right – don’t make guy 2 really nice and better than guy 1 or else, everyone would be rooting for guy 2. So far, Karin still has feelings for Nao but then, it is understandable that it can’t just all disappear overnight. I think she is wondering if this is all a dream or a joke. I think Karin unintentionally scored a ‘win’ against Nao to make him ‘act as if he knows her when she arrived home’. For him to open the door before she is in front of the door, he must be really waiting for her and listening for her footsteps. I’m actually wondering why he wants to have that ‘introspection meeting’. What is he angry about to not follow the ‘treat each other as if the other doesn’t exist’? Is it because she broke rule 2 when she went in his room? But then, he seems unhappy after Karin shouted at him in front of his teammates during soccer practice. Is it because of that? I wonder what’s going to happen next. Maybe, it will be funny since that seems to be the author’s theme for this series especially with this kind of lead girl. =P Scans by allwink

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