February 4, 2013

Akai Ito [Chapter 5]

Cover page: “This isn’t romantic love. Definitely, it isn’t romantic love. From the moment I said these words, it..seems..that something is wrong with me?” Looking at Hinase’s back, Chihiro thinks, “When I’ve seen Hinase’s figure, I always felt that there is this feeling of ease..that I cannot say out loud. *surprise* What is this feeling of ease? Am..am I an idiot? *slowly walking behind Hinase* ..what to do, if this keeps up, I will be riding the same train with him. It is still quite troublesome to go home in the same direction. I really hope that he would walk faster.. Since this is the case, how about I just walk straight-forward and pass by him? But if I do that, it might not be good if he noticed me..  It is because he hates me that he left first by himself so if he sees me here, he’ll definitely have a disgusted face.. In the end, I should go stroll at the bookstore and spend some time there.. *turns around to see the stalker behind her* Huh.. That guy just now has followed me? Why.. How is this possible..! *nervous* Am I thinking too much? It is definitely a coincidence, and it just so happen that he is going home at the same direction.. *secretly glance back again. The guy smiles and waves back at her. She abruptly turns around and looks at Hinase in front* There’s..no other way!! *looking away, she quickly walks pass Hinase who notices her* Don’t look into his eyes. Don’t look into his eyes. Don’t look into his eyes. I didn’t come to chase after you. It is only just a coincidence. It is truly just a coincidence. By all means, don’t be mistaken!!” Hinase comments that Chihiro is walking so fast, and what’s up with her. Still walking really fast, Chihiro thinks, “I shouldn’t have been noticed, right? There’s no problem, right? It should be fine after I cross this street.. *street signal becomes red* The traffic light~~ *shock* How can this be.” Then, someone calls out to her, “Hey.” Chihiro turns around and shouts, “I..I didn’t come to chase after you.” Hinase asks, “Huh? How come you are here? Didn’t you go together with Sakuragi and the others?” Chihiro becomes embarrassed for she misunderstood. While Chihiro tries to explain, Hinase says that is right, it would be awkward if they are together with those two. “Especially Kirigaya's glare, it is quite frightening when that guy is angry. In the end, it is right for me to leave first.” Chihiro is surprised that she asks isn’t it because he hates her that is why he left first. Hinase asks, huh, what. Embarrassed Chihiro says that it is nothing. Then Chihiro looks behind and spots the stalker behind them. She has forgotten about him. “Geez, what’s up with that? What’s going on with that guy? Why is he always following me!? *hides behind Hinase* And, he is still staring towards here.”

Hinase turns around and asks what’s there. Chihiro shouts for him no, don’t move or else, she’ll be noticed. Hinase turns to see the guy stalker looking at them. He says, “Is that so.. are you free? How about you accompany me for a while?” Backing away, Chihiro asks what going steady. [Note: ‘Accompany me’ and ‘Going steady’ sound the same in Japanese] Hinase says that it isn’t a romantic meaning of going steady. Chihiro exclaims she knows. He tells her, “Let’s go.” Chihiro tells him not to decide things on his own. Just when Chihiro is asking why she would go with him, Hinase takes her bag. He winks and says that he got a hostage. She tells him to return it. Hinase tells her not to be afraid for he won’t do anything. Embarrassed Chihiro exclaims that she isn’t afraid. She wonders where this guy plan to go and she really doesn’t understand this guy. Then, Chihiro wonders why they went to a sports center. Hinase tells her that guy just now won’t be coming in here. “I’ll be going to change my clothes. *throws the bags at Chihiro* You take care of these. I’ll be walking you home so don’t go home on your own, okay?” She shouts for him not to throw things. As he leaves, Chihiro wonders if through this way, Hinase is helping her. Watching people doing all sorts of sports at the hall, Chihiro thinks that there are a lot of people and there is also people practicing kendo. “Hinase shouldn’t have come here to actually..” She turns around to see Hinase wearing his kendo uniform and carrying his shinai. Hinase bows and Chihiro nods. Then, Chihiro sweatdrops for she did that out of habit. Hinase apologizes to Kota for making him wait. Kota calls out to Hinase and says that he also just arrived. Chihiro remembers Kota as the one who got entangled with some guys during last year’s summer competition. Hinase tells Kota that they will start from the very basic. Kota asks what they are going to do. “Will we do a full set of empty swings? By the way, I had completely finished a quick paced empty swing a thousand times some time ago.” Hinase exclaims if that is true. “Then, start with quick paced empty swings, and I’ll do them 1500 times!” Kota says that he’ll also do that. Hinase calls out, “Shichimi, help us count and see which one swings a lot more.” Chihiro exclaims if he is really going to swing 1500 times and she’ll be confused in counting it midway. “Hey, are you listening!?” Hinase and Kota tell each other that they won’t lose. Chihiro blushes when Hinase smiles at her. Soon, Chihiro is counting and Hinase is swinging his shinai. Chihiro thinks that Hinase’s posture is really beautiful. “His stance is correct and experienced. I should say that if he doesn’t talk, he is obviously very handsome.. He appears to be happy while doing that.. For him to have that kind of expression, why didn’t he join the kendo club?”
And tired Chihiro finishes counting up to 1500. Hinase asks her why she is so tired when obviously, he was the one who is doing that many swings. Gloomy Chihiro tells him that he obviously was the one who did 1500 swings, how come he is perfectly cool and collected. Chihiro thinks that she didn’t thought that helping to count can consume a lot of strength. To the couple’s surprise, Kota bows and exclaims, “I’m really sorry. Unexpectedly made senpai’s girlfriend to accompany us in practice, I’m really sorry for disturbing your date.” The two shouts at him, “Girlfriend (what/huh)!” Kota asks if it isn’t so. Hinase asks how come he would think that way [towards] this stuff [<- referring to Chihiro in a derogatory way]. Chihiro agrees and tells Kota that for her, Hinase is a big annoyance. Then, Hinase exclaims what she means by annoyance. Chihiro exclaims what he means by this stuff. They both shout at each other to use other ways of expressing that. Kota thinks that these two are ‘united in action’[ = saying the same thing at the same time]. Gesturing to Chihiro, Hinase tells Kota that this girl has someone she likes. “It’s impossible between the two of us. *smiles* Right, Shichimi?” Chihiro is flustered and thinks that right now, about Nanjou, she already.. A man calls out that [Hinase] Shou came. Hinase greets the man. The man says that it is a rare opportunity so how about practicing together with him. Hinase says that he is delight to. The man asks Hinase what’s up with his hair lately, it is quite long. “Cut it, it doesn’t suit you.” Hinase asks doesn’t it look cool. The man asks what’s cool about it. The man ruffles his hair that Hinase tells him to stop, what is he doing, don’t bully someone just because he’s hair is fewer. The man tells him to shut up. Kota tells Chihiro that guy seems to be the friend of Hinase’s father and he is handling the kendo class in this sports center. Chihiro says is that so. Kota asks, “Miss Girlfriend, are you that person who helped me when I was troubled during last year’s summer competition?” Chihiro replies, “Ah, yes. You still remember. And, I’m not his girlfriend..” Kota sadly asks if Hinase entered the kendo club in high school. Chihiro says who knows but then, it seems that he didn’t. Chihiro is surprised when Kota says, “In the end, it is because of that thing during the summer competition..”
Chihiro asks what he meant by ‘in the end it is..?’ Kota smiles and tells her that it is nothing. “Since senpai hasn’t told you, then I shouldn’t just tell you. Sorry. But.. senpai didn’t do [something] wrong. ..what a pity, senpai’s kendo is quite strong, and it wasn’t also easy for him to get in Murasakinoue Academy..” Chihiro worriedly wonders what happened during that competition. Later on, Hinase and Kota bow to each other to thank each other for today. Then, Chihiro gives them some sports drink. They thank her. Hinase comments that he couldn’t believe it, Shichimi is quite nice.. This infuriates Chihiro. Then, she notices a tear on Hinase’s uniform and points it out to Hinase. Seeing the tear by his armpit, Hinase tells her he used transparent glue on it and it seems that it has torn up again. Chihiro exclaims in disbelief that he used glue. She tells him to properly sew it up. He says that he can’t sew. She tells him to ask his mother to do it. He says that it is too troublesome to bring it home. Then, Chihiro seriously tells him, “Strip.” Hinase puts his arms around himself in shock. Holding up her hand, Chihiro angrily tells him that it isn’t what he thinks she meant, and quickly give her his kendo uniform. While Chihiro is sewing his uniform, Hinase comments that she is actually carrying a sewing kit. “How can I say this? Shichimi is also a girl.” Chihiro shouts for him to shut up and go to that side since she can’t concentrate. Kota calls out to Hinase to ask him something. Going towards Kota, Hinase wears his school coat and asks what it is. Kota says that he wants to ask his advice on something. Chihiro notices that there are many tears on the kendo uniform and it is quite old. “He obviously give it his all when he practices, but in the end, it is quite strange that he didn’t enter the kendo club..” She is surprised when Hinase shouts that a horror film is too early. Chihiro looks at the two guys and wonders what they are talking about. Hinase is asking Kota why he is going to watch a horror film. “Shouldn’t you go watch a love drama-type of movie? It’s your first date, right?” Kota tearfully protests that a bit scary is good and he wants her [his date] to know from the start his interests. Hinase calls him stupid, and he [Hinase] is saying that it is too early. “Like what you’ve said, in any case, you must go steady a bit first then think of it afterwards. Are you listening properly to me? For girls, it is more acceptable to watch a romantic love movie. No matter what is said, you should first indulge her.” Kota asks him what about the text[/sms], in the past, she would always write back a text to him a few second..and now, it is always late before she’ll.. Hinase tells him to send more funny texts to the girl. “Do not always ask interrogating text questions, it will make someone get fed up with it.” Kota says okay.
Letting out a laugh, Chihiro covers her mouth. Then she bursts into laughter. She says that whether a horror film is too early or too late, Hinase would unexpectedly give a love consultation. “That Hinase would unexpectedly..” She stops laughing when Hinase that she is very cute when she’s smiling. Chihiro looks at him in surprise. Hinase tells her that compared to pretending to be cold, he thinks that for her to smile like that is cuter. Chihiro blushes then starts to look aghast. Hinase exclaims in surprise that she went back to how she was before when he was obviously praising her. Looking away, Chihiro says that she won’t and this has nothing to do with him. “This is my normal attitude.” Hinase frowns. He suddenly grabs her face. Blushing Chihiro exclaims he is doing. Then, Hinase pinches her cheeks together. He starts to chuckle and says that it is very cute. “Very cute. This is quite good, Shichimi’s octopus mouth~~ *Chihiro tries to tell him to stop* It’s very cute, Tachibana. *This made Chihiro blush and tells him to let her go* You’re very cute.” Chihiro thinks, “Obviously, my face has been made into a strange expression. I obviously feel quite humiliated. How come I’m infuriated? No. This is absolutely impossible. My heart is unexpectedly beating quite strangely.” In front of her house, Chihiro timidly bids him goodbye for this is already her house. She also thanks him for walking her home. Hinase smiles and says that he also wants to thank her for helping him sew his uniform. Blushing Chihiro says that it is nothing. He tells her that while he hasn’t left, she should quickly go in. Chihiro says yes. She goes in the gate. Hinase tells her okay, then, see you tomorrow. Chihiro blushes a bit as she watches Hinase leave. Then, she notices a small omamori [Japanese charm/amulet] on the ground. She opens the gate and picks it up. She wonders if it is Hinase’s. She looks at the street but he is already gone. Holding the omamori, she thinks, “I didn’t imagine that he’ll unexpectedly mention about Nanjou.. *closes eyes* Today, I felt like I have seen a lot of Hinase’s sides.. Admired by a kouhai. Thought highly by an elder. It is really quite unexpected. Just now, he played a joke[/made fun of her]. But, the moment he holds the shinai, he would immediately have that serious expression on his face.. Actually, which one is the real Hinase? Wrong, definitely, no matter which one, is the true Hinase, right? I only don’t know [that]. Perhaps, Hinase has a lot more different sides.. I obviously really hate him. I obviously should really hate him.. *blush* But, I want to find out more about Hinase’s everything..” Blurb: “If we were to give a name to this feeling..”
Comment: And, thanks to the stalker, Hinase and Chihiro got a bit closer. That stalker is indeed quite creepy. I wonder if Hinase would deal with that guy next time he goes to school. I think he probably belongs to the club who wants Chihiro to join. Apparently, something did happen during that competition that Hinase is not joining the kendo club. What could it be? He doesn’t seem injured but then, he is only doing basics. Maybe there is a reason to it which is related to why he cried after losing the competition? Maybe he made a deal with someone or something. Since his father’s friend is a kendo teacher, I wonder if it has something to do with his father. I don’t quite believe his reason that it is troublesome to bring his uniform home for his mother to sew it. Still, if it is about the competition, he did take the entrance exam to that school afterward it. It doesn’t seem to jive. Well, it is enough for Chihiro to be concerned and curious about it. Hehe, I think Kota will always think of Chihiro as Hinase’s girlfriend. =P The couple’s interactions are quite good and amusing. It seems that Hinase will always think that Chihiro still likes Nanjou. And, Chihiro seems to be a bit confused with her feelings as to whether to hate or like Hinase. =P I don’t know if Hinase has shown those various sides of himself to other girls but Hinase is lucky to see those sides of Chihiro – knowing she can sew and laughing – since the other guys don’t know about that. Interestingly, Chihiro didn’t think that Hinase might be experienced with girls since he can even give a love advice. And, lastly, this time around, it is Hinase who dropped something. This is a bit similar with Rino dropping her frog doll and it being picked up by Kirigaya. I wonder how things went with the other couple. Scans by 深雪汉化组

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