February 23, 2013

Kaichou wa Maid-sama [Chapter 79]

Everyone is shock to see Usui’s grandfather. They are freaking out since he is showing the telltale signs of ‘being angry’ that there are even crows all over the place. Usui’s grandfather asks if this is all done by Gerald. Grandfather scolds him that from today on, never let him see this guy [Usui] again for the second time. Later on, Tora brought Misaki to the doctor to get her foot treated. They discuss about the merits of the rejecting Usui by Usui’s grandfather and this would lead to freeing Usui from the castle. Misaki doesn’t believe that things can be resolve in a simple way. While the people are discussing over what happened, Gerald is telling Usui about how his plan was ruined. He gave Usui’s phone back with the assurance of not looking inside it. He comments about it being old and how about replacing the phone. Usui insists on using it since it isn’t broken. Gerald makes a comparison about how Usui views his cellphone and lover. Everyone is still talking about the future of the Walker. Misaki is quite bothered as she recalls what Tora said about how the people regarded Usui as a hope, and what she is doing is ruining all of that. She wonders what the best thing to do is. Somewhere else, Maki tells Usui to leave the procedure to go back to Japan to Tora and he’ll be staying at some hotel today. After Maki asks if Usui only has one luggage, there is a pause. Usui asks about what’s the current situation. Maki darkly says about Tora taking the pains to take care of Misaki and he even repeated that line twice. ^^; Maki tries to get Usui to be concerned about it and ask about what had happened.. Usui is speechless that Maki even has ‘drawings’ of what happened between Misaki and Tora including the confession. Usui asks if Maki is saying ‘there’s a crisis’. Tora interrupts and asks if Maki is ‘retaliating’ at him. Maki protests about this. Tora says that Maki hates Misaki and, he [Tora] will honestly tell him that he isn’t planning go get intertwine with Misaki. Maki/Tora[?] says that she is a useless existence. And, the ‘crisis’ Maki is telling Usui is Tora should remove the unnecessary insect [Misaki] and get along with his fiancée. Maki cries that Tora understood his feeling. Tora says that is enough, and go back to his room. Tora also tells him about doing quick sketches upon returning to Japan which Tora is happy to do so.
After Maki left, Usui comments that if Maki is a girl, perhaps as a wife.. Tora threatens to punch him. Usui tells him ‘good work’. Tora asks if he is happy over already being completely immersed in independent life. And, he is quite at ease to leave his girl, and let himself be calmly captured. Tora tells him that Misaki is still an ‘off[/no] guard’ girl and a ‘robbing what others’ cherish’ is not good to talk about. Usui says that ‘robbing what others’ cherish’ cannot easily be forgiven and even if it is his fault for not being at her side, he will complain. Tora asks if saying it now is alright. Usui says no comment[/I beg to be excused] because she wasn’t totally snatched away. Seeing Usui holding his hands tight, Tora comments that he is unexpectedly childish. Tora says that he really thought of wanting to see Usui’s ‘regret to death’ expression. Before leaving, Tora mentions something about it being harder to take for the regretting Gerald. At the castle, Gerald seems to be doing some damage control with some socialite people who wanted to meet with Usui. And, his grandfather won’t meet with them either. Cedric tells Gerald that he has a phone call but it seems to be an alibi because upstairs, Gerald had a coughing fit. Gerald doesn’t want to rest for he still has many things to do. Grandfather overhears this. A news report has a scoop on Usui and a maid but unfortunately, the birds cover the view. Misaki goes to see Usui at the hotel and is relieved that he is there. He asks about her foot and invites her to go in. Usui asks if the pigeon [Tora] is her only friend in England. Misaki is puzzled over what he meant. Somehow this made Usui happy that he made her sit and says that it is nothing, he only felt that she is ‘incomparable’. Usui apologizes for not contacting her. Misaki says that she was worried. She tells him about going to Miyabigaoka and the training. Since he is saying ‘ya’, to all, Misaki blushes and says a lot of things happened here, too that she cannot manage on her own, and it is all thanks to Tora’s help even if asking that guy’s help is annoying. Usui asks if she properly thanked Tora. He carries her to bed and asks her if her relationship with Tora is intimate while he isn’t around. Misaki tries to protest that she absolutely.. She blushes when he calls her, “Misaki.” He wants her to also call him by his name. Misaki is embarrassed but Usui insists for he has his own name. Recalling his mother, Usui says that he wants her to say it. She did say it, “Ta..kumi..Us..” They kiss. Usui says, “One more time, Misaki..” Blushing Misaki repeats, “..Takumi..” Usui happily blushes. And, they continue to kiss. Then, she is already lying in bed..thinking that she doesn’t regret this feeling of being ‘pampered/love tenderly’. Ding dong. And, before things become hotter..Tora and Maki interrupt them so that they can all play a board game with punishment of becoming a human dart target for the loser. =P
Comment: The lovey-dovey part is good..too bad they were interrupted. Well, I guess Usui won’t easily leave her next time. It is amusing when two male love rivals talk things out. I don’t know..it just gives me a feeling that at least they are mature enough and well, Tora claims not to take things any further with Misaki. But, even so, he’ll probably do his best to annoy them. ^^; They seem to be his form of entertainment to his otherwise boring, predictable life and now, they owe him. I think this is keeping things in a light mood from the serious theme. Of course, for Usui, it doesn’t feel good to have a love rival taking care of your girlfriend while he is not around. Lucky for him, Misaki isn’t a wishy-washy girl. At the rate he is going, I think Gerald will hasten his death. Maybe the grandfather needs to reflect on his stubbornness. Anyway, maybe they will think of a win-win solution to it. About the mention of pigeons, could it be that Tora got those birds out so that the photographers cannot take a picture of Usui and Misaki together, thus protecting Misaki? I thought those birds are only for ‘effect’. ^^; Scans by 红莲汉.

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