February 22, 2013

Free Talk: VK 90 teaser + Other News

Vampire Knight 90 teaser is out here. I usually make mistakes on this kind of teaser because I don’t know if it is being sarcastic, joking or if it is for real ^^; but what I’m, more or less, sure of is, according to the poster, it SEEMS that the series will end after three more chapters. According to the picture, that will be May 24th. And then, other related stuff will be out after the finale. From the pictures, it seems poking fun about Kaname and Yuuki..about Kaname looking tired. ^^; Then, the picture of what seems to be the couple, drinking tea with Zero and Takuma..the poster calls them pitiful since Takuma lost Sara and Zero lost his memories. Then, the last picture is: even if Kaito tends to be ‘poison-tongued’ with Zero but he got injured because of Zero..and it turns out that he loves him. <- the last line is obviously a joke. So, it is estimated that there will be fights in the next chapter. That’s it. For details and corrections, wait for the others’ translation and scanlation. Hm..with a few more chapters left, I wonder if it is still possible for Yuuki to do a ‘switch’. =P

According to Margaret, it also seems that Ojousama wa Oyomesama is also ending on Margaret issue 7 that will be released on March 5th. With the help of babelfish, it appears that the ending will be a grand wedding. So, for the summaries, we will just have to wait for the Chinese scanlations to take their time on it. Not surprisingly, Seishun Location is also ending in the same issue. About Kaichou wa Maidsama, it isn’t in the Chinese scanlator’s schedule up to the 24th..so probably after 24th? By the way, that is the only Chinese scanlator who actually put up a schedule of release and Koi dano Ai dano 19 is supposed to be out today I might lower the summary details for that one because I think the English scanlation will really catch up to it very soon. [Edit: they suddenly changed the schedule. KwMS will be out today and KdAd schedule vanished. ^^;]  I’m estimating that Kyou no Kira-kun will come out this week or the next. About Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, it is currently on a break which is extended into two months. If I estimate it right, chapter 45 will come out on March in Japan so Chinese scanlation MIGHT come out on April. Suki-tte Ii na yo will be on a break so no summary next month.