February 12, 2013

From Five to Nine [Chapter 31 - Never Let Me Go]

Cover page: “The chocolate that you’ve always longed for, that sweet thing, ..should I give it to you or not..?” Nene is surprised to see Yuki kissing her sister. Yuki apologizes for kissing Junko for he doesn’t want to forcefully kiss her. While holding Junko’s hand, he apologizes for taking advantage of her during her weak moment but he is the one who treasures her more than that monk. 

Nene thinks that Yuki is quite brave to confess to her sister and they are such a dazzling pair. Then, she is surprised that she is crying. She wonders why. She quickly goes towards the door and wears her shoes. She is puzzled over why she is crying for could it be because she is moved or she felt quite sad upon seeing that. She decides to leave first or else be thought of being a peeping tom.

Before she can leave the gate, she is surprised to see Takane. Breathing hard from probably running, Takane says that it is good that he met her since she ought to know where Yuki’s house is. Nene cannot believe that she is put in this kind of situation and thought that it is better to pretend not
knowing [that Junko is inside the house]. While Nene hopes that her sister would come and save her, Takane says that Junko ought to be in Yuki’s house but he couldn’t contact her.

Thinking that it isn’t a lie, Nene tells him that she doesn’t know where Yuki’s house is. Takane says is that so, then that’s regrettable so, he’ll just wait for here there. This shocks Nene. Takane says that anyway, Junko will definitely come back here so please let him stay there. Nene starts to tell him that it is cold out here so he better not. 

Takane tells her not to worry about that and sorry for he is going to rudely sit there and wait for Junko. Nene continues to dissuade him because that is quite painful and cold. Takane sits down on the ground and tells confused Nene that this is a lesson for him towards his slow-wittedness, which he is deeply ashamed of, so please don’t mind him. 

Nene is at a loss over what to do. Back inside, Yuki still tries to tell Junko that he cherishes her more than Takane and about the kiss, he would practice so that his skill would be more proficient so one more time.. Junko backs away and tells him no. Yuki asks if she hates him. Junko tells him that even if she doesn’t hate him, but it isn’t love and it is almost time for him to leave.

While Junko stands up, Yuki looks downcast. Yuki tells her not to be so blunt but then, that is what he likes about her. Junko tells him that even so, she likes Yuki enough not to beat him up for suddenly kissing her like that. “You are my important student, ok?” Yuki asks if she is going back to the temple[/monastery] afterwards.

Junko says that she isn’t because anyway, right now..Takane’s mother is holding a goukon [group date] with some other young ladies and [they’re] happily drinking tea. Yuki notices two figures outside the house. Then, he quickly turns to Junko who kept on ranting over it being impossible with her since Takane’s mother hates her through the bone and she also hates her through the bone.
Standing by the door, Yuki says that Junko only hates that old woman and the temple but if those are gone, she actually wanted to stay at Takane’s side. Flustered Junko tells him that is enough, for anyway, this issue is no longer significant for that person. Yuki says that if that is so, then that’s great. With that, Yuki opens the door to reveal Takane sitting down the ground outside.

Junko and Takane look surprised at each other. Takane exclaims that it turns out that she is here all along. Nene kept on apologizing. Yuki asks Takane what he is doing here. Takane says, “It is because Miss Junko, said [She] WANT TO stay at my side so I came for her. I can forgive your everything and I won’t send you to Amane’s side again...

...*Yuki is furious over how Takane phrased that but Nene is moved by it.* So, please can you say it again? Say it again from your mouth one more--..” Junko suddenly turns around and goes inside. Takane stands up and starts to go after her. Yuki tells him what’s up with that kind of statement. Takane just tells him that it is good that he is doing well and he’ll be intruding[/going inside]. 

Yuki angrily exclaims that it is because of him that Junko is crying. Takane keeps on walking and calls out to Junko. Yuki grumbles over being thoroughly snubbed. Nene mutters Yuki’s name. While Junko is walking upstairs, Takane calls out to her and said that she told him that she wanted to stay forever at his side and he heard it but please say it one more time. Junko stops then starts to walk upstairs again.

While following her, Takane pleads her to please understand why he wants her to say it one more time because at that time, he was quite stupid. Trying to hold her hand, Takane tells her to wait but Junko has already got in the room and closed the door. Takane explains that he wanted to send her to Amane because he thinks that if she is away from him, she can calm herself down during that time.

“And possibly, ..make you stop thinking about Mishima-san (Ah, I fundamentally do not want to mention that name). I only.. I’m only been [over]thinking of these things.” Junko becomes flustered. Covering her face and sitting down on the floor, Junko says, “Like. I like you. It is already enough. I’m the one who lost. I surrender to you. I will forever be at your side..so, don’t..say again, about things like giving me to some other guy, even if it is just PRETEND, don’t say such things again.”

Then, Takane opens the door [which turns out to be unlocked] and faces her. Back at the temple, the grandmother tells Amane to speak up, what is his motive and clearly tell it to her. She says that Amane told her that there is mutual consent between him and the daughter of the Sakuraba family but in just one glance, it is obvious that he wanted to make Takane chase after her. 

Amane says that he has been seen through. She tells him of course, he rarely use such a sloppy attitude in talking with her. Amane says that she can say it that way, if it is a mistake then it is a mistake, so did she got what she hoped for. She asks if he wants her to owe a favor from him. Amane just smiles and says that no matter what, even if she said that, then he’ll lend her a favor. 

Amane thinks that this involves her and his brother. [<- I’m not too sure over what’s going on here but it seems that Amane is plotting something to get these two owe him. I don’t quite understand how come the grandmother owed him for something unless, it wasn’t revealed yet or it is something he’ll do in the future. ^^;]
At an apartment, Yuki lies on the sofa and groans that it is only up to here if only he strive harder a bit. He had become clumsy[/reckless] when he got impatient and it would be good if he can kiss better. While embarrassed Nene is sitting by the sofa, Renji tells Yuki that he’s annoying and how many times does he have to repeat those things.

If his kissing technique isn’t good then go practice, after all, that was his first. Nene is surprised for it was Yuki’s first. Yuki angrily throws a pillow at Renji. Renji tells him that if he is quite frustrated, then go practice as if his life depended on it, and afterwards, snatch her away from that guy. Yuki shouts if he thinks there is a possibility of snatching her. 

Renji says yes, since there is no way for those two’s current situation would progress and soon, they will have an argument. Delighted Yuki exclaims then he will have an opportunity so he wants to practice with Renji as his teacher. Renji refuses for he is a guy and go do it with a girl. Yuki thinks it over and says he is right, he also hates that so how about this [throw] pillow for practice. 

Nene spits out her drink when Renji suggests that Yuki use Nene for practice and after all, he did brought her here so go ask her for help. Yuki asks what foolishness he is talking about. While Nene blushing over going to be kissed, Yuki tells Renji that given that situation, he has no way of just leaving Nene there so he brought her along. Renji continues to suggest that Yuki kiss Nene and then she’ll kiss him. Yuki angrily shouts if he is even listening to him.

Then, covering with a blanket, Masako comes out the bedroom and asks Renji why it is so noisy. Renji apologizes for he forgot that she as still sleeping. Masako is surprised to see Yuki and says that Renji is quite mean for she didn’t know that he has a girlfriend. Yuki tells Masako to quit that ‘I was deceived’ acting. Renji tells Masako that he said it already that Yuki is his male friend.

While the three are noisily chattering, Nene is still thinking over the possibility of kissing Yuki. Back to the main couple, Takane sits down in front of Junko. He touches her face and asks her to say it one more time, please say that she likes him one more time. Blushing Junko looks away and refuses, saying that it is embarrassing.

He kisses her ear and says that she can never imagine how much he wanted to hear those words from her. Junko finally says that she likes him. And, he suddenly kisses her. Then, they start to passionately kiss each other. He tells her that he has had enough, do not let others, do not let other guys touch her, absolutely not. Junko says okay.

Takane hugs her tight and asks what’s the matter with her, she is so frank and she really makes him.. Junko says that she knows, she take responsibility for it. “Ah, tell me, how to take this kasaya robe off.” [Kasaya is the a patchwork outer vestment worn by a Buddhist monk] Blurb: “Junko and Hoshikawa finally enter love 2 stage!?”
Comment: Yay, those two are finally together, so can we go back to Momoe and Arthur’s story again? =P The main couple finally started to become honest with each other and put aside their pride, rather than doing things that will hurt the other and yet hoping that the other guesses what the other one wants to convey. ^^;

I guess their future problem would be get along with each other more since there is that hint of Renji that they will quarrel again soon, Takane’s grandmother and if whatever Amane is plotting is bad news for the them. Apparently, Yuki is naïve enough to believe that he was rejected because he can’t kiss well. Or maybe he is in denial. It also seems that people tends to ignore him. ^^;

It is just a coincidence that it happened twice in this chapter. ^^; He isn’t a playboy like Renji to want to practice with Nene and he probably doesn’t feel it is right to practice with the younger sister of the one he likes. But of course, he might be desperate enough to do that. With all that apologizing and being timid, Nene really reminds me too much of the lead girl in Honey Hunt so I don’t quite like her.

I’m not sure if she can get Yuki because she is obviously not Yuki’s type. And, it seems that Masako did accept Renji’s offer to sleep with him while Satoshi is sick. I feel sorry for Satoshi since the one he likes and the one who supposedly likes him are no good two-timers type. ^^; Hope the author gives him a better girl. Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride. ~ John Ruskin