February 2, 2013

Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 5]

Flashback: Three years ago, it is a stormy night. At a small church, a girl is praying by the candle-lit altar. “-God, please, listen to my wish. Please-” Then a man arrived and said that since she is praying really hard, he has come to grant her wish for her.” End flashback. Nora is surprised to see a ruined small church that she asks Albrecht if it is a church. He tells her that it should be said that it is a worship hall. Nora says that they only live in the church so are they going to stay there..and is that even livable. He tells her that fundamentally, they can stay at the place which is used by the church and if it is an inevitable situation, there is also exception—Then, he notices a couple of chatting women approaching them. Narration: “A month ago, a priest came to my hometown, saying that he’s going to ‘exterminate devils.’ –the priest is called Father Albrecht Eber. He is actually a devil who had a contract with the Church. And, this devil saved me when I was dying. And, I ended up as a pet being raised by him.” Albrecht calls out to the two women and asks if they can tell them where the village head is. The two stunned women point at the side. He smiles and thanks them. The women still look stunned after the couple left. Nora asks if they are going to stay at the house of the village head. He says yes, in this kind of situation but of course, they need to get the other party’s sympathy. The couple is surprised when a woman from the house of the village head happily welcomes them and says that she was waiting for them for such a long time. As Albrecht goes in with the woman, Nora wonders why she said that ‘for such a long time’ as if she earlier knew that they are coming. While tea and snacks are served, Albrecht apologizes for the sudden visit but he doesn’t know if they can stay there for a night. The woman exclaims of course, this village has no inns and the church can’t be lived in. She felt ashamed for this village has nothing but they are welcome to stay for as long as they want. Albrecht thanks her. The woman comments that the two of them looks like dolls and she didn’t imagine that their guests are so beautiful that she is quite astonished. This surprises Nora. Albrecht takes the opportunity to mention to the woman that it seems she knows that they are coming. This made Nora remember about being puzzled over that. Just when the woman is about to tell them, someone says, “It’s me. I’m the one who said it. ‘There are visitor/s coming to the village’-” A young lady comes in and the woman exclaims, “Erica!” The couple wonders who she is. The woman introduces her daughter, Erica.
Nora suddenly felt an unexpected pain on her skin as if there is something in the air. Albrecht notices this. Just when Erica[?] is asking who the two of them are, Albrecht suddenly pulls Nora to him and apologizes for not introducing themselves yet. While Nora is puzzled, Albrecht tells quietly smiling Erica their names and that they will be temporarily staying there. Erica tells him that it is okay. He asks if it is only the two of them –mother and daughter- who are at home and what about the village head.. The woman tells him that her husband went on a business trip [/do something] at the other village. Erica has two other older sisters but they are already married off to other villages so with only the two of them there, it can be quite lonely, so they really welcome guests. Albrecht offers to help with any activity that needs strength since they are most probably inconvenienced by the fact that the village head isn’t around. The woman is very delighted to hear that and ushers Albrecht away. She tells Erica to bring Nora to her room. The two look at each other then, Erica shows Nora her room. She tells him that Albrecht’s room is at the other side. Nora thanks her then notices that Erica kept on glaring at her. Nora asks what it is. Erica tartly tells her that it•is•nothing and she had brought her to her room. With that, Erica closes the door. This irritated Nora for it seems that Erica has something against her. Later on, Nora is helping the woman cook dinner. The woman tells her that Erica’s ‘feelings’ is quite sharp regarding things that cannot be seen or perhaps, predicting that sudden change of weather, and she is also quite good with fortunetelling. That includes about them coming since she said that ‘a man and a woman from outside the village is coming to our house. A silver-haired priest and a young red-haired woman.’ Nora realizes that this is how they knew they were coming. The woman says that before, Erica is an ordinary girl but she suddenly become like this three years before. The woman sighs and says that right now, she has no way of knowing what Erica is thinking and does that make her a failure as a mother. Then, the woman praises Nora for doing good that she asks if she is good in cooking. Blushing Nora timidly says that she used to practice. Nora didn’t quite know how to react for until now, she has never been praised this way before. Nora is shock when the woman says that she’ll definitely become a good bride. She starts to wonder if bride means that bride who gets married because in her village, everyone would distance far away from her that she never thought of that thing. She felt that it is enough for her to life alone throughout her life.
Nora becomes surprised again when the woman apologizes for it ought to be far off because the other party is a clergy so there is no way of marrying. Nora asks, huh, clergy? The woman happily tells her that she meant her and that priest, aren’t they lovers? After looking shock, Nora tries to tell her that it isn’t so. The woman dreamily says that it is great since it is a secret love with a man who serves God, and in their small village, they are fond of that kind of stories. Nora thinks that this is a total misunderstanding. Nora tries to tell the woman that is not their relationship but the woman just tells her that there’s no need to conceal it for she understands. Nora thinks that she doesn’t need that kind of understanding. Outside the kitchen, Erica is listening to their conversation. She runs off and it seems at the other corner, Albrecht is also watching/listening and he had a slight smile. Later on, Albrecht is chopping some wood. The village girls are squealing over what kind of situation is this wherein a priest is staying at Erica’s house. They muse over how handsome and amazing he is. Erica confirms to the others that the priest is staying in her house. The village men are muttering over girls having no immunity towards good looking guys. A girl says that she is so envious of Erica because not only she can do divination and gain everyone’s trust, she also had the opportunity to reside under the same roof with a good looking guy. “I also want to become Erica.” This made Erica smile. Then, the girls say that it appears that there is another guest, that red-haired girl. Just then, Nora came out and talks with Albrecht. Both the village men and girls blush over Nora. Nora is a bit surprised that Albrecht can actually chop firewood even if he is a devil. Soon, the young villagers are saying that even if Erica is very beautiful, that red-haired girl’s beauty is of a different kind and more like that priest. Someone says that if she can be also beautiful like that, then her life would be rose-colored. “How envious-” Erica clenches her fist and seems displeased over this. Later that night, in the room, Nora tells Albrecht to go and explain. Removing his coat, he asks explain what. Nora shouts about the village head’s wife because after eating, she would always smile at her then even assures her to relax for she won’t let anyone go near their rooms. Nora exclaims that she is misunderstanding it for in what part do they look like lovers. Throwing his coat on the bed, Albrecht laughs and says that lovers, isn’t that very interesting. Nora angrily asks what’s interesting about that and quit joking around. Then, she scolds Albrecht for just throwing his coat like that, it will be all wrinkled. She takes the coat and hangs it. Albrecht comments that she is unexpectedly a ‘good wife and loving mother’. Nora angrily shouts who is. Albrecht somewhat insists that it is indeed like a ‘good wife and loving mother’ thing.
While conveniently pulling the curtain closed, blushing Nora tells him not to make the village head’s wife misunderstand and go explain.. She looks surprised over what she saw that Albrecht approaches her and asks what it is. Nora says that it is Erica and where is she going at this time. She recalls the village head’s wife feeling as if she is a failure as a mother since she didn’t know what Erica is thinking. Albrecht looks at her and asks if she is worried. She denies it. To her surprise, Albrecht puts his arm around her and says is that so but she must have felt emotional over a mother worrying over her daughter. Nora angrily says that ordinary people would think that –misgivings and empathy- and there’s no need to say it out. Albrecht apologizes but unfortunately, devils don’t have that kind of feeling. Nora angrily thinks that this guy is really shameless. Nora tells him that she is only thinking of what the village head’s wife said that Erica suddenly changed three years ago, and whether there is some reason to it. Her feeling suddenly became sharp and it seems she knew that they are coming. Albrecht wonders about this ‘feeling’. Nora thinks that when she is near Erica, her skin would feel a sharp pain as if it’s burning. “This feeling, could it be--” Albrecht hugs her and says, three years huh, it seems that she’s almost.. Nora is puzzled. Albrecht smiles that Nora stiffens. He tells her to tell him when she wants someone to accompany her. Kissing her neck, he says, “I will properly take care of you. *whispers to her ear* I won’t make you lonely.” This made Nora angrily shouts what he is doing, pervert, and quickly let her go. Overhearing them above, the village head’s wife laughs and says that their relationship is really good, it is great to be young. And so, the misunderstanding continues. Narration: “When I was young, I’m always envious of my sisters. The two of them are beautiful and intelligent. My parents and everyone in the village loves them. Compared to them, I’m an eyesore. An ugly face filled with freckles. I’m always being secretly laughed at by everyone. Even if I can be considered cute, but I don’t have that thing that other people possess. I’m a worthless existence so I prayed everyday. God, I beg of you, please make me become beautiful. If that cannot be, then please give me something similar, it is okay if it is some strong point wherein people would be envious of me. *praying at the altar, a man arrived* In the end, my wish has been granted but it isn’t God--” Erica goes into the small church and starts calling out to Regi. Regi asks Erica what is it, why is she so anxious. Erica asks him to please immediately turn her into a beautiful lady who is beautiful than anyone else. Regi tells him that is like saying wind and there’s rain, so calm down and what happened. Erica says that it is because.. Erica thinks that Regi make her wish come true for he made her possess a special ‘power’ wherein she can search for lost things, predict weather and predict visitors coming. “Because of this ‘power’, I am being depended on by everyone in the village, and I’m an envied existence but. But--” She remembers Nora together with Albrecht. She is surprised when Regi laughs and asks if it is because of that red haired girl from outside the village. “I told you before, I still don’t have the power to change a person’s appearance. *Erica tries to protest.* Hush..calm down. So, how about making that girl become ugly, would that be okay? *Erica is surprised* I’m going to take away that girl’s beautiful appearance.”
The next day, Albrecht greets the village head’s wife a good morning. She greets him back. He says that it seems that Nora is gone so does she know where she is. She tells him that she doesn’t know and speaking of that, Erica is also gone so maybe they went for a walk together but then, it will soon be breakfast time. Albrecht is surprised that Erica is also missing. After looking thoughtful, Albrecht offers to look for them. The village head’s wife apologizes for the trouble. He tells her that it is alright. The village head’s wife thinks that the priest would even enthusiastically look for Nora and he would worry if she is gone especially since Nora is always at his side. Thus, she still misunderstands. Noticing that they are headed to that old ruined worship hall, Nora asks Erica what they are going to do there so early in the morning. Erica didn’t reply. Nora thinks that the strange air she noticed yesterday here is a bit similar with the one near Erica but now, it is a bit stronger. The door opens and to Nora’s surprise, Erica pushes her inside and locks the door. Hitting the door, Nora shouts what she is doing and quickly open the door. Outside, Erica is surprised when Albrecht calls out to her and says that he is looking for Nora but it seems that he has already found her. Erica looks aghast. Back inside, Nora is surprised when Regi asks if it doesn’t hurt to knock on the door with her hands. “Welcome, Miss.” Nora thinks that this guy is-- Approaching Nora who backs to the door, Regi says that if he look at her in detail, she is more beautiful and no wonder Erica is being difficult and jealous over this kind of face. Nora exclaims if he is a devil. Clapping his hands, Regi says that is right, and she saw through him. Nora asks what he wants with her. Regi says that he has an agreement with Erica and that is to take away your beautiful appearance. Nora is shock by that. Regi tells her that means he is going to kill her. Nora goes into shock again. She angrily tells Regi not to lightly say such serious things. Regi says that is a fact, and it seems that she isn’t some kind of human. “It feels like you’re very delicious. *licks lips* I wonder how you would taste like?” Looking aghast, Nora threatens him that it would be disastrous if he makes her his adversary. Regi laughs over her threat. Nora clenches her fist and angrily shouts that it will be like this. Then, the door opens with Albrecht pulling Erica inside. The two were surprised to see Nora pinning down Regi, who is screaming in pain down on the floor. Nora angrily tells Albrecht that he’s late. Albrecht comments that it seems that help isn’t needed. All beaten up by Nora, Regi exclaims what’s up with this girl when she is merely a human, yet without any weapons she was able to suppress a devil. Walking inside, Albrecht says of course, Nora’s power is far superior than those of the clergy, so it is easy for her to put down a devil of his level. Nora goes to Erica that Erica defensively asks what’s up. Nora tells her that she ought to know that a devil will not help humans without reason or cause. Erica shouts for her to shut up for someone like her who has everything, how can she understand the feeling of someone like her who is utterly lacking.
Nora asks, “Have everything..? Let me say, it seems that you are envious of me. I want to ask you what’s so envious of someone who doesn’t have parents nor a house[/family] to go back to? *Erica looks surprised* ..If one day you were to give up your life because of a deal with the devil, isn’t there someone who would be sorrowful from the bottom of her heart because of you? *Erica remembers her mother* (Just like that, always look at your own existence) But I don’t have that..” Looking down, Erica says that Nora still has people who like her appearance. Nora scoffs that off by asking what’s the big deal about that when sooner or later, everyone grows old and there won’t be a difference. “Everyone becomes gramps and granny, right? And also, it has not been long ago when I was spurned by all the guys in the village.. but when I went out, and now being chased by guys, what’s so good about that.. What’s up with being praised for one’s beauty then they want me..” They were interrupted when they hear Erica’s mother calling out for Erica in the forest. Her mother is looking for her. Nora tells her to quickly go and she ought to know that her mother came to look for her because she is worried. Erica felt guilty and starts to run off. Nora calls out to her and tells her that next time, don’t go use other people’s things again, but rather, in comparing with others, use what she has. Erica shouts that she is being meddlesome. This angers Nora. As Erica continues to run to her mother, she thinks that actually she knows envying others is no use for just like how they treat her sisters, her parents love her. Erica’s mother asks her where she went off to that she got worried since she didn’t come back. Erica apologizes. Her mother asks if the priest and Nora not with her. Erica says that they have to handle some other things. Her mother tells her that they go home first. Erica thinks that if one wants to be like[/love], one shouldn’t rely on other’s strength, but one should depend on one’s own effort. “Even a more beautiful person, her life isn’t everything as she wishes. *glances back at Nora. Albrecht puts his arm around Nora’s waist and glances back at Erica* Actually, I know but even so.. In the end, I turn out to be jealous of that good-looking priest. Just like that, [<- Albrecht holding Nora] treated as if a keeper [/protector?] That beautiful her--” Then, Erica leaves with her mother. Then, the couple is looking at scared Regi. Albrecht says, “—Okay, sorry for making you wait.” Nora asks if Erica will be fine since she borrowed the devil’s power. Albrecht tells her not to worry for this devil cannot make a true contract with a human. “I’m afraid that he is only waiting for Erica herself to fall from grace [/morally depraved] and that way, this guy can gobble up a human’s soul.”
After Albrecht correctly guessed his plan, Regi nervously asks who he is, isn’t he some sort of priest. Bending down to him, Albrecht laughs and says that a small devil like him cannot differentiate it. Holding Regi’s face, Albrecht says, “I am a priest but I’m also your clansman. It has been a long time since I’ve ate. *licks lips* Let me properly taste you.” Looking scared, Regi calls him a devil. Albrecht says that’s right. Soon, Regi is screaming. Turning away, Nora is covering her ears and closing her eyes. While walking back, Nora comments that she’s quite tired and both Erica and that devil are quite annoying, being like this so early in the morning. Albrecht says that it is a human’s instinct to be jealous and be envious but if it is excessive, it will attract devils. While Nora says that she doesn’t understand that, she wonders how come that person who has an important person who cares for her would be jealous. To her surprise, Albrecht comments that it seems that she is more envious of Erica. Nora angrily exclaims that [she?] doesn’t know. Albrecht muses that Miss Pet isn’t being honest. Narration: “-Sometimes I have this fear as if my everything been seen through by those devil purple colored eyes-” Then, Nora remembers something. Albrecht asks what it is. She tells him that she almost forgot about the village head’s wife misunderstanding their relationship so is there a way to explain it. Albrecht says that it would be fine like this, right? She tells him that even if it is fake, he is still a clergy so is that alright? Albrecht tells her that it is normal for clergy people to have lovers. Nora wonders if the ‘Church’ has fallen up to this degree. Albrecht seems to think of something then he smiles. He tells her that they should say the truth. Nora is puzzled. Albrecht holds her to him and says, “That is- You and I have a relationship of pet and owner- like this *kisses the side of her head* Let her see how I usually dote on you-” Nora tries to protest but he keeps on kissing her, then he kisses her on the lips. Smiling Albrecht says, “Like this, she will immediately believe you.” Blushing Nora, who felt like crying, shouts, “Are.. are you an idiot!!? Of course, no!” Albrecht asks if she would rather lie. Nora angrily shouts that he doesn’t have the right to say that. Narration: “—One day, this devil will become my[/me] *[<- while Albrecht kisses her on the lips earlier]. Lately, there is a very profound[/deep] existence of this vague premonition--” At their house, Erica’s mother complains that the priest and Nora are so slow. “Did they go on a date? I also want to go to..” Erica is envious for she also wants a boyfriend. Narration: “Village head’s wife continuously misunderstands!”
Comment: This is a good topic of jealousy. Nora’s answers are quite right. Envy about beauty..everyone becomes old and the same later on. Envy about others, each has their own problems/‘lacks’. I think Erica’s problem is more on wanting to be the center of attention. Interestingly, she knows how futile it is and yet, she can’t help being jealous. As Albrecht says, if it becomes excessive, it will attract a devil. And even to the point of wanting to harm someone. Luckily for Erica, the two manage to stop her ‘deal’ with Regi. If she went further than that, she might go to a dead end especially since she is willing enough to ‘ruin’ Nora’s face..and perhaps, not knowing that Regi plans on killing Nora. It is amusing how good Nora is in defending herself. She had a lot of practice with her villagers before. Or maybe, that is part of her power, to have strong physical strength? Hehe, I guess the author is extending the joke to ‘mistaken as a couple’. It doesn’t help that how Albrecht shows his love for his pet is like how a guy shows his romantic love to a girl =P Hm..it seems that he is willing to show off those ‘doting on her scenes’ to others and if he does, I wonder how Nora will react then. =P So far, she hasn’t tried beating him up. Thanks for reading this long summary since it is a 50 page chapter. Scans by ClassBianca.

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