January 31, 2013

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 104]

Yuuga is flustered upon seeing Towako and Ritsuki together. Ritsuki nervously say, ‘Eh’. Yuuga looks down and quickly turns away to leave. Glances at Towako, Ritsuki nervously says, “..about that..” He notices that Towako is still looking at Yuuga’s departing figure. Her eyes darken and she thinks that she ought to know that person but how come there is no impression at all. She snaps out of it when Ritsuki calls out her name. Towako asks Ritsuki who that person is. “Ritsu, do you know?” After looking tense, Ritsuki lies by saying that he doesn’t know. Ritsuki tries to change the topic by asking Towako where she wants to have fun today and he can accompany her to wherever she wants. He also tells her that he has a driver’s license so it is okay to go for a spin, too. Towako smiles over this. She thinks that is right, she didn’t have any impression of seeing that guy before so she ought to not know him.. Towako glances back again before following Ritsuki. At some alley, Yuuga angrily punches the wall. He mutters why he had encountered her. Tsubaki appears behind him and asks, “Young master Yuuga, are you fine like this?” Without turning around, Yuuga asks if it is Tsubaki, and if she meant by ‘like this’, is that about Towako treating him like a stranger upon seeing him. To his surprise, Tsubaki tells him that regarding that, Towako-ojousama has lost her memories. Yuuga exclaims, “What!?” Tsubaki informs him that Towako-ojousama currently doesn’t remember everything about him. Yuuga asks how can that be.. To his surprise, Tsubaki says that it is because it was very painful for her to break up with him. Yuuga looks flustered and becomes silent. Tsubaki tells him that Ritsuki has fallen in love with Towako-ojousama but lately, Yachiougi Kyousuke seems to be doing something. “No matter what you want to do right now, it is inevitable [that one has] to resolve the root problem.” Yuuga asks what she meant by that. Tsubaki looks at him and says that she is saying that he must cautiously think before acting. Yuuga sweatdrops over that. Before leaving, Tsubaki says, “I think that you’re the only one who can give Towako-ojousama true happiness.” After she left, Yuuga looks thoughtful. Somewhere else, a girl asks if this is Shiragiri [白桐] High where Setsuna studies.. Some guys are saying that it is the model.. Then, Miju points at Setsuna and laughs her head off that Setsuna’s uniform is white. [<- probably because it is lame looking] Setsuna angrily asks why she is there. Blushing, she asks if there is a problem with her seeing him and there is no special reason, she just want to ask him something. Setsuna notices some guys saying it is that model and that guy is the rumored.. Setsuna asks if she didn’t encounter any other trouble afterwards. Miju tells him yes, and it seems that the report about him [and her] is also withdrawn. “Thank you!” Setsuna thinks out loud about it seems that someone is returning a favor. Embarrassed Miju denies it. Setsuna tells her that actually, she ought to be thanking Yuuga for this. Surprised Miji asks why it has something to do with Yuuga. Setsuna nervously says that it seems that she didn’t know. Miju looks surprised again. While window shopping, Towako and Ritsuki sees an expensive watch. Towako says that it is a super cute watch. Ritsuki says that it costs 1.5 million and he’ll buy it for her. The bystanders are shock to hear that. They wonder who they are when they look like students. The bystanders are relieved when Towako says that isn’t quite right. To their shock, Towako tells Ritsuki that if she wants to buy it, she’ll buy it herself.

Holding up a credit card, Ritsuki exclaims that he has a black card so it is okay. Also holding up a credit card, Towako says that if it is the black one, she also has it. She tells him that she has many watches so let’s go. Ritsuki looks flustered. While walking upstairs, Ritsuki grabs a leaf from the tree and grumbles that for Towako to say don’t buy..don’t girls like famous brand watches. Towako scolds him for recklessly picking the leaves. Then, she notices that he is doing something. She asks him what that is. Ritsuki says that it is out of habit. It turns out that he has torn the stalk of the leaves in half and made it look like a butterfly. Ritsuki is surprised over how happy Towako over how cute the butterfly leaf is. “You’re amazing!” This made Ritsuki start to show off by picking the leaves that has fallen on the stairs. He tells her that he can do others. He makes a fox, a rabbit and.. He gives her a beautiful flower. Towako happily says that the Ginkgo biloba leaves have become a rose and it is so beautiful. [<- amusingly, that plant is said to help memory problems ^^] This made Ritsuki blush. Towako asks how come he knows a lot. She notices that he isn’t reacting that she calls out his name again. He sadly tells her that there are a lot of Ginkgo biloba at the courtyard when he is at the child welfare agency. When she asks about the welfare agency, Ritsuki opens up by telling her that he doesn’t have parents. “When I was born, I didn’t know where my father is. Afterwards, my mother died because of illness. I’ve always been poor. *a guy is shooing young dirty Ritsuki away, women are gossiping about him, and other kids are laughing at him* and doing bad things everywhere that I thought of earning lots more money by myself. I felt that with only money, I can accomplish anything. I obviously always thought that way but fate is truly ridiculous. *sad flustered smile* The current me has money but what makes you happy is unexpectedly the past me who don’t have money.” Towako exclaims that isn’t true for the current Ritsu gave her the rose. Flustered and grinding his teeth, Ritsuki says, “But.. I.. It’s only because you have forgotten that I have done a lot of things to harm you.. The current me..” Towako exclaims, “I don’t know that Ritsu you’re talking about. The Ritsu I know would wholeheartedly and single-mindedly only think about things that would make me happy. This has nothing to do with methods whether it is money or Ginkgo biloba. I was able to feel your intention[/feelings] and I’m truly really happy. This has nothing to do.. with money and Ginkgo biloba.. ..you were always alone. And being alone, you’re lonely. But what will satisfy you isn’t money! As long as the person you valued is beside you..then, you’ll be happy!” Flustered Ritsuki wonders why Towako knows this. He leans his head on her shoulder and holds her shoulder. He says, “..Ya. I also know. *flashback of his younger self playing with the leaves* Actually, I wanted someone to be at my side but..” Towako is moved but she notices that he still had that sad.. Towako says, “Hey, Ritsu. You have that expression. That is because you did ‘very mean’ things, right?” Ritsuki didn’t reply. Pulling him up from her, Towako asks, “And right now, are you still doing it? You actually don’t like it, right?” With wide eyes, Ritsuki says ya, that’s right. He is stunned when Towako says, “Then, it’s fine to just don’t do it!! Since it is something that makes you regret it, then stop! It also makes you have that kind of sad expression, so end it!”

So, Yuuga backs away and learns that Towako has amnesia. It does seem that Tsubaki is hinting about the main problem of Kyousuke and Ritsuki’s ‘control the economy’ scheme but from how things are going, Yuuga doesn’t have to worry about that since Towako is going to deal with that one. Yuuga just have to get the courage and initiative to get Towako back. It is indeed ironic that that the ‘poor Ritsuki’ is the one who can make Towako happy. Actually, since Towako is already quite rich, the things that money can buy won’t exactly appeal to her anymore. Just like Ritsuki, she has been lonely when she was a kid. And just like her, the first one who showed ‘kindness in a moving way’ is the one Ritsuki would fall for. After all, what’s more moving than doing all sorts of despicable things including attempted rape, and yet, Towako even nursed him when he was sick. I guess it helps since Ritsuki is ‘redeemable’. I’m amazed at how the author is using Towako’s amnesia to solve the root problem instead of just using it as the usual romantic ploy. It actually has a purpose because the Towako who didn’t know what Ritsuki did before, can be sincerely very nice to Ritsuki and convince him to give up their grand scheme which he probably starts to regret now especially since it is a ‘black mark’ if Towako starts to remember and other than the fact that the one she actually likes is Yuuga. Whether he is sincere or not, it will be proven if he indeed gives up their grand scheme for her and also, in a way, for him since doing it won’t exactly make him happy in the end. This is pretty much like the arc before on how Towako is helping her other suitors’ problems/issues but of course, in the end, she’ll be back in Yuuga’s arms again ^^ So, honestly, I’m not worried for Yuuga since they are already a ‘confirmed’ couple. Of course, we’ll get to see him chasing after Towako this time around...soon. =P Scans by 17kk

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