January 5, 2013

The One [Chapter 97]

[Free Talk: While pitas is still down until who knows when, I’ll temporarily put here some of the stuff from pitas like the ‘updates’ and the ‘tagboard’ to make the ‘pitas readers’ more at home =P]

The photography team found a new odds job guy and because he is quite capable, everyone is asking him for help. A man is exclaiming over how Yin can also fix a certain type of equipment. He tells him that he used to work behind the scenes so this is just a small case for him. In less than half a day, the team already acknowledges Yin. Leo taps Yin and happily asks a favor. Holding up his leg, Leo says that his high heel shoes are filled with sand so could he fix it up. Taylor joins in by asking him to massage his back because he is tormented during that long airplane flight. Irked Eros asks them if they are going to help him or be a hindrance. Leo says that this is a rare opportunity of a lifetime to order Eros around so can’t he enjoy it a bit. Taylor agrees. Leo asks if Eros doesn’t want to. Eros asks if he wants to die. Leo starts screaming that Yin looks similar with supermodel Angus. Eros has no choice but to shout that he’ll help young master Leo with his shoes. =P Soon, it is dinner time. Yin is giving out lunch boxes to everyone. Eros tells them that Spain’s seafood is really amazing so everyone enjoy. Lele opens her lunch box. To Andre and the photographer’s surprise, Lele got more shrimps and chicken and it is quite unfair. [I think Eros served them paella ^^] Andre pities the photographer so he gave some of his chicken to him. Lele glances at Eros and wonders if he is the one who added more food to her. Eros notices her that Lele quickly looks away. She hears some [fan]girls wanting to sit beside Yin. After praising him, they ask him why he kept on wearing sunglasses and surely, he is good-looking. Yin just says that he is very ordinary looking and he is wearing sunglasses because he is shy. Lele feels like puking for he is obviously lying that he even dared kiss her in the airport. Having a tantrum, Lele gives her shrimps and chicken to Andre then starts drinking a bottle of wine straight. Andre tries to stop her for she will get drunk but it is too late. She is drunk and starts dancing silly. She jumps on the photographer and invites him to dance with her. Just when the photographer agrees, Yin quickly grabs her off and tells the photographer that there is work early in the morning so go rest after eating. The photographer couldn’t refuse so he can only wave goodbye and tell Yin to get Lele back to her room. Lele starts hitting Yin and shouts that she doesn’t want him to bring her back. She jumps on to Andre and wants Andre to bring her back. Leo and Taylor sweatdrop as Andre leaves with Lele. They become tense over Eros since Andre would be more charmed[?].

 At the hotel, Andre watches Lele sleep. Andre wonders if Lele knew how happy he was that she chose him and he wants to become more like a man whom she can rely on. In her sleep, Lele is calling Yin, Eros, stupid. Andre kisses her cheek and hopes Lele would wait until he grows up so that one day, he’ll occupy her heart more than Eros. The next day, the fangirls are inviting Yin for breakfast. Yin is emitting an ‘I’m busy and in a bad mood’ so they back away. Leo and Taylor think that what happened yesterday was quite a blow for Eros. Tapping Eros, Leo asks him what he’ll request of him today. Holding a hammer, Eros angrily tells him to go ahead and try. Soon, Lele is quite happy that they are now taking photos with horses and she has never ridden one before. Leo gushes over how pretty Lele looks. Already on the horse, Andre calls out to Lele. Yin casually smokes then teases Lele that it is strange that she hasn’t ride on a horse when she’s quite old already. Lele angrily says that it is none of his business. He continues to tease her that she better not get thrown down and fall flat on her face. Lele angrily snubs him. Standing in front of the horse which neighs and snorts, Lele feels uneasy being so near it. It is quite tall and totally different from what she thought. The trainer tells Lele to gently step on and don’t use force. Looking ill while riding on the horse, Lele wonders why she is having tinnitus and her head is going numb. While the trainer tells her to take things slowly, Lele suddenly remembers being told that her mother has horse phobia so could it be that she also the same thing with her mother. Leo laughs over Lele being a newbie that she is dizzy. Taylor shouts for Lele not to be nervous and do her best. Eros notices that something is wrong with Lele. Lele is mentally telling herself that she can do this for her mother can smoothly do it, so can she. Lele becomes nervous when the horse suddenly jerks to the side. She unintentionally hits the side of the horse with her foot. The trainer shouts for her not to use strength on the horse’s belly. Lele turns around and exclaims what. The trainer shouts that she is moving too much and she’s scaring the horse. To her shock, the horse suddenly holds up its front legs and starts galloping fast. Lele screams and holds on tightly on the horse. Everyone is shock. Yin shouts Lele’s name and jumps over the fence. He quickly rides on a horse and plans to go after Lele and her runaway horse. Can Eros immediately save Lele? Well, that will be in the next chapter which will be out in Taiwan on February 5th. In preparation for the celebration of chapter 100 to be out on April, there will be a poll being conducted which includes asking one’s favorite character & reason, and wish scene/action of certain character, with opportunities to win The One merchandises.

Comment: Hehe, obviously, he will save her because after all, he is already known to be good with horses and Andre doesn’t. I wonder if we would have a flashback first on how Eros learn or ‘healed’ by horses when he was with Taylor or the story will just jump into saving Lele. Of course, in near death experiences, I guess that will finally make Lele quit being stubborn and go back to him already. Nothing like ‘being saved by a prince on a horse’ to captivate a girl ^^ If that happens, it is all over for Andre hoping to get Lele. I wonder if it is still being build up for the possibility when Angus gets in the picture. Maybe it is for the story but are phobias hereditary? ^^; Maybe Eros can help Lele overcome her phobia and maybe scenes of them together on the horse ^^ Somehow, I’m imagining that if they retire, they will be taking over Taylor’s ranch =P As for Taylor, he is quite amusing. He can be fatherly, pushover-type and in some instances, bully/teasing Eros. =P Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.

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