January 5, 2013

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 44]

“I came to tell you once again to try going steady with me.” Yamaken scowls and asks what’s with Shizuku’s expression. Looking aghast and tense, trembling Shizuku apologizes for there is totally no movement on that aspect and she was certain that they have already ended that topic. Yamaken apologizes for saying it right now. Looking at the side, he says that [he told her] ‘can’t be friends’ is because being with her, like this, he still thinks of her. Recalling Yuuzan asking if he is afraid of getting hurt, Yamaken thinks, “That’s right. EVEN IF REJECTED YET STILL WON’T GIVE UP, who can do such an unsightly thing but in the end, after meeting [her], things became like this.” Shizuku sweatdrops and says that even if there is more or less some mistake but at the moment, she is going steady with Haru so where is his moral ethic. Yamaken thinks that Shizuku can really attack in a different way, and the current him really doesn’t want to be asked that question. Yamaken repeats that just now, he said that he suits her more. “If it is me, you won’t feel unease and you won’t feel distressed. I can cherish you more.” Meanwhile, Asako groans over this dangerous ambiance. She starts scolding Haru for not hindering them when he is Shizuku’s boyfriend. Haru says that maybe they are just discussing textbook lessons. Asako shouts what nonsense he is saying. Worried that things are advancing with those two, Asako starts crawling back into the bushes. Haru asks Sasayan which part of Asako does he likes. Sasayan says no comment. Thinking that it would be better if they fix things up first [<- sorry, not sure because words are too small], Sasayan asks Haru if he had talked with Shizuku and did they reconcile. Haru timidly says generally, though he’s not quite clear if it’s okay, or not yet. While trembling and angry, Haru tells Sasayan to quickly pull Asako back in for his body really wants to straightforwardly jump in, and he is quite scared what he might do. Sasayan sweatdrops and thinks that it turns out that Haru is really suppressing himself. While in the bushes, Asako stops when she hears Yamaken saying that Shizuku wants him to be her friend so that is saying that she had more or less considered that he is essential. “And if it is me, we could have a friendly competition [/‘cultivate one's character by studying hard’].” Shizuku asks him what friendly competition. Thinking that even if he is sorry about it but he’ll use this way to convince Shizuku, Yamaken says that is right, on the aspect of taking exams. While Asako is shock, Sasayan thinks that Shizuku took the bait. Haru is furious at Yamaken and mentally wants Shizuku to refuse. To Asako and Haru’s horror, Shizuku is actually considering it. Asako couldn’t help but stand up and shouts what’s up with that for even if it is Haru, he also has a lot of good points. “Haru-kun, he likes animals!!”
Serious Sasayan and Haru quickly make their move and pull Asako back in the bushes. Yamaken is speechless while Shizuku is surprised. Yamaken sighs and stands up. He asks Shizuku if she is going to prepare for the next mock exam. Shizuku says yes. He tells her that they meet some other time. “If it is okay, please leave some time for me after the exam.” After he left, Shizuku goes to the bushes. She asks the others what they are doing there. Haru just answers that that they’re getting ready to eat taiyaki [fish shaped bun with red bean inside]. Shizuku just looks at them. Covering her face, Asako kept on apologizing. Sasayan is thinking, ‘Stupid’. Later on, Shizuku is sitting at the bus stop. She thinks that she is always exhausted. She recalls Yamaken telling her that if it is him, he’ll cherish her more. She also recalls talking with Haru. She thinks about that matter, for her, it is also an issue but how come during that time, she couldn’t bring herself to answer it. She is obviously quite happy when Haru said that he wanted to know her feelings. She wonders if it is because she is wondering what is the best thing to say. She currently has these feelings – envious of Haru and regret. She thinks that ‘the her’ that day [after Yuuzan’s party], in evading what could hurt her, she chose to hurt Haru instead. While walking, Yamaken curses that they weren’t able to properly talk. He wonders what he is apprehensive about for didn’t he go there to say those words. Then, he notices Shizuku sitting at the bus stop. He looks at her and sees her wiping her nose. He quickly runs to her and shouts, hey. He holds her shoulder to make her face him. Shizuku looks startled. Yamaken mutters that he thought that she is crying. He thinks, “That’s right, from the start, I should have say it this way.” He hugs Shizuku and says, “I like you.” Title: Yamaken and Shizuku At a bar, Takashi [Shizuku’s father] is telling someone that since young, Shizuku is an intelligent and independent child. He is very worried about her for she is obviously a child yet at times, she would say things as if she is quite reliable. She also makes her own sekihan [red bean rice usually eaten during celebrations like birthdays] “..ah, but one time, on that year when Yoshino [Shizuku’s mother] first went to work, after bidding farewell, just once, Shizuku’s expression became quite strange. It’s like she is angry and also wants to cry. As if she ate an umeboshi [pickled plum]. Even if at that time, I thought that I don’t want this child to show that kind of expression again but right now, I think it would be good to make her show all sorts of expressions.”

Back at the bus stop, Shizuku is blushing over Yamaken who hugged her. She calls out his name that Yamaken slightly pulls away. He apologizes for he thought that she is crying and he subconsciously.. Still stunned, Shizuku says that no, it is because she’s cold that she wants to blow her nose. Yamaken moves away and Shizuku blows her nose with a handkerchief. She notices that Yamaken is sitting beside her. He asks her if he can wait here for a while and leave when the bus arrives. This made Shizuku blush that she quickly looks away. She becomes tense and wonders why he isn’t saying anything. Then, the bus arrives. Shizuku bids him goodbye. Before she goes, Yamaken grabs her hand and tells her that it is fine even if it is only once, sincerely consider him. Yamaken looks flustered. She tells him, yes. And even if she said that, Shizuku lies on the bed the next morning with huge eye bags. She couldn’t sleep for she doesn’t know how to ‘sincerely consider’. Staring at the mirror while brushing her teeth, she wonders if he meant to discuss the comparison. Then, she blushes red upon remembering his confession. Outside, Shizuku is shouting while hitting the futon with two futon beaters. Takaya glances at her and says that she is quite energetic. She tells him to properly go and play soccer. Takaya comments that he likes girls who let down their hair. Later on, while sorting some clothes at the room, Shizuku looks out the window and thinks that the weather is quite nice. By the park, Yamaken gets a message on his iPhone from someone asking if he is free, how about they go out. [<- most probably a girl] Yamaken writes that he isn’t [free]. He recalls what happened with Shizuku at the bus stop that he quickly blushes red. Covering his face, he thinks that he said it, he unexpectedly say it out loud. He freezes when he notices that Haru is looking at him. He angrily says that since Haru saw him, he should have greeted him. Carrying some groceries, Haru says no, he just thought that Yamaken is thinking of something. “Around 50 meters from you, I saw that you are all alone smiling at one side and vexed at the other side. It seems like you are enjoying it that I’m hesitating whether or not I should greet you.” Yamaken tells him that he is becoming more and more like his wretched brother. Haru tells him not to say that. He bids Yamaken goodbye and starts to leave. Yamaken calls out to him and tells him that he had confessed to Shizuku. Haru glances at him then looks away saying, “Is that so.” Then, he walks away. Yamaken just watches Haru leave. Then, his cellphone is ringing. It is Shizuku who wants to see him.

In front of the library, Yamaken is stunned to see Shizuku who let down her hair. He asks what happened to her hair. She says that her younger brother says that it looks nicer this way and compared to that, he is late for an hour. After a pause, Shizuku admits to him that she wasn’t able to sleep last night for even at home, she has been thinking of him that she has no way of going to the library to study because in the end, she couldn’t concentrate. “Yamaken-kun, what do you like about me?” Yamaken wonders if this is an interview. Yamaken tells her, “..your frankness, outspokenness, idiotic honesty, and unlike me, you can realistically say out your feelings.” Shizuku asks if he considers some things that he couldn’t say. Yamaken says that if he didn’t conceal it and say it out, it is quite a difficult thing especially if it is in front of the person one likes. Shizuku answers, “..I think that you are always helping me. When I’m with you, I’ve become calm and composed. I can go back to the normal me. I felt that is quite comfortable. ..but when I’m with Haru, I feel quite exhausted. One moment angry, another moment terrified. *scowling* Each and everyday, things that surpasses by anticipation happens. *blushes* ..I unexpected also has that many kinds of feelings.. *Yamaken looks somewhat sad* Just as you said, it can’t be said definitely that maybe between us isn’t love but even so, it is also quite good. I felt very happy so I’m sorry, Yamaken-kun. I cannot go steady with you.” Yamaken looks glum. He suddenly hugs Shizuku. Sweatdropping Shizuku asks if he didn’t hear what she said. Yamaken said that he heard it but at least, at the very last, let him dream a bit. He thinks that he clearly knows that she would only have those kinds of expressions in front of Haru. Then, Yamaken lets her go and says, “Goodbye, don’t regret it. It is possible that you won’t be able to meet a good guy like me throughout your life.” After looking surprised, Shizuku smiles and says, “..Yes. Thank you, Yamaken-kun.” While Shizuku goes up the stairs, Yamaken thinks, “Stupid. On the contrary, it is possible that I won’t meet a girl like you again throughout this lifetime.” Yamaken calls out to her and says that she told him before that she wants to be friends with him. Shizuku turns to look at him. Yamaken says that she is pretty much the only one who can go steady with stupid Haru and besides it won’t be very easy. “If it is only friends, it would be okay, right?” Shizuku says that she finally knows that he is quite difficult [to deal with/awkward]. Yamaken tells her not to mind that. Shizuku smiles and says that she’ll be happy to [be his friend]. While walking, Shizuku really wants to see Haru. And upon seeing him, the first thing she’ll say is apologize to him and tell him, ‘I want to make up with you’. “And, properly say out loud my feelings to him. Okay, since I’ve decided, I’m going to give him a call.”

She looks at her cellphone and notices a symbol on top of the screen. She didn’t notice it before so she decides to take out her manual from her bag to check it out. It is a telephone voice message to her and strangely enough, it is sent on the day of Yuuzan’s birthday party. The voice message says, “..hello, is this Shizuku? AH ah.. that hurts. You.. didn’t I tell you not to roughly drive the car!! *Shizuku wonders what Haru is doing* ..about that, because of some things I’m leaving home for around 2 weeks. I don’t want you to worry so I gave you a call. *Shizuku realizes that Haru knew her cellphone number when she made him memorize it upon she got her cellphone. It is for him to call her no matter where he is and he had complied with that agreement* ..when I come back, heads would also have cooled down, right? If so, I’ll talk with you again.” Shizuku thinks that Haru is always thinking of her. At the batting game center, Haru is looking out the sky from the backstairs [/fire escape stairs]. Shizuku calls out to him. He sees her down below. Shizuku tells him that she has heard his voice message and what’s with that message. Haru says that didn’t she say that no matter where he is, he should call her. Shizuku tells him that in that kind of situation, who would have thought that he would actually give her a call. He sarcastically apologizes for being a headstrong[/willful] guy. Shizuku starts saying that that he is always being quite headstrong and also on that day. She is quite fidgety when he suddenly wanted to go to that gathering. She also didn’t know where he went on his own, leaving her behind by herself. Haru says, “And then?” Flustered Shizuku confesses that she obviously always strives hard but he is better at studies and this infuriates her. She is angry for he isn’t the same with her because even if he doesn’t have to do anything, there are people who cherish him. And thinking of those hateful things, it becomes quite painful and it makes her angry. Things about Haru is all Haru’s fault. After letting everything out, Shizuku looks up and Haru is no longer at the stairs. She is flustered. To her surprise, Haru stands in front of her and hugs her. Haru asks if there is still more. Shizuku looks at him with wide eyes. Haru smiles and says, “..your way of speaking is really quite mean, Shizuku.” Shizuku looks at him in surprise and starts to cry. This freaks out Haru that he asks her if her stomach hurts. Shizuku says no. Wiping her tears, she tells him, “Indescribably quite happy.” The series goes on a break for a month as it usually does every four chapters so Chinese scans and summary will resume on March. Volume 11 will be out on January 11

Comment: This is a nice long chapter ^^ I guess this is a revision of Yamaken’s confession earlier with a ‘better’ ending with Shizuku. This time around, Yamaken managed to formally confess. Shizuku gives him a proper answer. And, in the end, they are still friends. ^^ An ideal set-up. Apparently, Shizuku goes for ‘exciting and unexpected’ which Haru can offer than Yamaken’s ‘same as usual’. About cherishing her more, I think Haru can still beat Yamaken in that. It is quite surprising that Haru actually called her before he was ‘kidnapped’. It’s great that even as Shizuku fears that Haru will hate her for her jealous feelings of him, Haru still went over to her and gave her a hug as if to say that it is okay with him. ^^ What Shizuku said is pretty much the things that Yuuzan is jealous of Haru. Thankfully, Shizuku didn’t continue on Yuuzan’s path and told Haru about these feelings. I guess in a way, Shizuku also grow up a bit for unlike before, wherein she kept things to herself. Now, she was able to say what is going on/unpleasant things within her, to someone, in this case, Haru. This love triangle is resolved so..what’s next, lovey-dovey for Christmas season or Sasayan x Asako? ^^ I wonder though if Shizuku will keep her hair down or it is a temporary thing. If she keeps it down, it does seem to symbolize that she matured a bit ^^ PS. Are you interested in learning more about the characters? Like why Micchan always wears sunglasses or who the heck is Möbius? You can read the character profiles from the TnK fanbook at Peewee’sTnK Fan Site translated by yours truly. It isn’t finished though..the family and other minor characters are still not done. ^^; Scans by 离境

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