January 5, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 10]

[Free Talk: This summary is brought to you by Asahi of Halftone Circle. I have asked for her summary to be posted here since her site no longer exists. Thank you, Asahi ^^ Since this blog arranges entries based on dates, I’ll be using the official date of release.]

Mego's and Aoi's lips are touching just like magnets being pulled together. Mego feels like she's losing her consciousness. Perhaps, being kissed like this by Aoi is just one convenient dream. Aoi apologizes for causing Mego's wound. They have to treat it right away. Aoi suggests that they go to his house. Mego timidly nods. Clearly, this must be a dream. While Mego is bathed in her dream, what happens with Mitsuru over at the school? How come Azusa fell down this hole? Azusa calls out for people to help her. According to her, this is the fault of "Mego" and Shino. In the flashback, seeing Shino and Mitsuru, Azusa remarked how the two were holding hands and going home even though they were both girls. Perhaps "Mego" had fallen for Shino's elegance? Azusa was annoyed by how much she actually cared about "Mego". While throwing a tantrum, Azusa digged a hole to trap the 2 and somehow fell down into it.*End of flashbacks*. Azusa comments that "Mego" is quite a scary girl because she was able to drive the great Azusa into a corner like this. To add insult to injury, it's started to rain. If Azusa is unlucky, she'll have to stay here until tomorrow morning because everyone's probably gone home. Just as Azusa is about to lose hope, Mitsuru appears and asks what Azusa is doing in such a place. Azusa freaks out a little bit and asks what Mitsuru is doing here. Mitsuru tells her that he came back for something he left in school and once again asks her why she is in that pit. Mitsuru jokingly asks if she jumped down herself and couldn't get out, but surely, the reason can't be that stupid. Even though he joked about it, Mitsuru is quite taken aback that it might have been the case considering Azusa's silence. Mitsuru says he'll get her out of there if Azusa promises that she will stop bullying Shino and the girls and properly apologize to Shino. Hearing Mitsuru's condition, Azusa explodes in anger and says that even if she has to die here, she won't lower herself like that. If Mitsuru doesn't want to save her, then just get out of here. Mitsuru says he'll do just that and walks away. Being left alone in the pit, Azusa braces herself. She'll get out of here all by herself. After all, up until now, she's always been by herself.
Suddenly, a hand reaches out to Azusa. Mitsuru's come back to get her out. Mitsuru says that leaving her behind like this leaves a bad aftertaste. Pouting, Azusa tells him to leave her alone. She likes it down here after all. Pulling her arms, Mitsuru tells her to stop being stubborn and come to him. Azusa stubbornly says that this won't count as a favor. Mitsuru chuckles, calls Azusa princess-sama and says that he understands. Azusa wonders why "Mego" pities her even though she's "her" enemy. Besides, how come "Mego"'s arms are this strong? On the way up, Azusa trips and pulls on to Mitsuru's wig to steady herself. As they're on the ground, Azusa lets out a scream as she sees the real Mitsuru. Over at Aoi's house, Aoi is treating Mego's wounds. Mego wonders who Aoi is living with in a great place like this. Aoi, seemingly able to read Mego's thoughts, says that he's living with a distant relative who always comes home late because of work. Aoi then stands up and says he'll go get them some coffee. While Aoi prepares coffee, Mego thinks that it's okay with her to be by Aoi's side as a boy because Aoi can't touch girls. However, being kissed by Aoi...Mego wonders if that was really a kiss. Perhaps, Aoi was just trying to lick the blood on her lips. Mego mentally asks Aoi what that kiss means. In the kitchen, Aoi wonders why he did that. However, It was as if his body just naturally went for it. He wonders why even though he's just met Mego, it feels as though he's being pulled in by irresistible gravity. He can't help but feel strongly attracted to her. Mego is trying to dry herself with a towel. She comments that the towel has the smell of lavender. Looking at Mego's lips, Aoi wonders if he likes guys and unconsciously breaks the handle of the tea cup. Aoi then goes through a mental summit between "two Aoi's". Aoi 1 has some objection. Surely he's weak against girls but so far, he has never felt any desire for guys. Aoi 2 says that since he's kissed a guy, that must be it. Aoi 1 retorts that it's  just stupid, he isn't that type of guy. Aoi 2 then says that just now Aoi was clearly swooning over "him". Seeing Aoi sitting by the corner, Mego wonders if he's okay. She suggests him to rest a bit if he's tired.
Seeing that he broke the cup, Mego takes his finger and asks if it's okay. Looking at Mego's concerned face, Aoi thinks that he might be able to tell if he just tries to touch Mego one more time. Hugging Mego real tightly, Aoi asks Mego to stay with him like this just a little longer. He feels like he'll be able to figure out something very important. Being hugged by Aoi, Mego wonders if he is okay. Even though she's happy, this is embarrassing. On Aoi's side, he feels that sensation again. How come his heart beats this loudly? It even becomes hard to breath. Also, he has this intensely ticklish sensation. Already at his limit, Aoi lets Mego go. Sitting back to back, the 2 feel like they've stopped breathing. Heart still beating loudly, Aoi apologizes for making Mego experience disgusting thoughts like this even though they're both men. There must be something wrong with him. Even though he has no interest in men, when he's with her, he becomes all mushy and his heart throbs. It must be very strange of him. Hearing such a heartfelt confession from Aoi, Mego cries out that she also...but sneezes right before she can finish her sentence. Aoi asks if she's feeling cold from the rain earlier. He then insists that Mego take a bath or at least a shower if she's feeling shy. Entering the bathroom, Mego can't believe that she actually returns to being a girl in his house. She'll have to hurry up and return as "Mitsuru". Feeling the bath tub, Mego is elated that this is the place Aoi bathes in everyday. Mego scolds herself that this isn't the place to get excited. She has to hurry up and get out. A few minutes later, Mego is already done with her wash up. Remembering Aoi telling her about his heart throbbing for her, Mego wonders if it's okay for her to think that those words mean the same as the feelings she has for him. Just as Mego is thinking what would happen if Aoi found out the truth, Aoi bursts in with some clothes for her to change into. Surprised by Aoi's sudden entrance, Mego drops her towel and reveals her womanly figure. Aoi is shocked by this sudden revelation. Hand over his mouth, Aoi mutters "a girl...?" *Because the twins switched places, a miracle love started. This prologue has ended. Now, the "real story" begins...* Blurb: The "miracle love" hasn't yet passed the prologue phase. Next issue, the twin's love rushes toward a new chapter.
Scans by 夜工作室