January 30, 2013

Suki-tte Ii na yo [Chapter 41]

Cover page: “This kind of love topic, keep it a secret from the guys Understanding human affairs, comprehending love. Step by step, slowly becoming an adult.” Mei’s fortune is ‘small luck’. It is already third semester and to Mei’s horror, she can’t fasten her skirt uniform. Mei’s mother carries the cat and comments that it became heavy. While watching it eat, her mother says that the cat become fat during winter. While eating some apples, Mei thinks that the cat is a comrade. At school, her female friends are eating some chocolate covered biscuit sticks. They greet each other good morning and Mei’s stomach growls loudly. They offer some of their snack to her but Mei declines. They ask why and she tries to tell them that she ate a lot last year. Kai arrives. After exchanging greetings, he asks where Yamato is. They say that he isn’t here yet. They tell him about Mei wanting to lose weight. He asks if she is going to lose weight again. They ask why ‘again’. He says that it was during the cultural festival competition. Kai and Asami didn’t think Mei is fat at all. Then, Aiko teases Asami about becoming 2 kg heavier. Mei just blushes and sweatdrop over their conversation. Kai suggests that if she is bothered by it, she can go to the sports center near the station and try it out. He is a member so he has discount coupons. Mei thanks him. Soon, Yamato and Kenji arrive. After exchanging greetings, they ask what are those papers that Yamato is holding. He says that he bumped into the teacher and he was told to distribute them. They are aghast for those are career plan forms when it is just the start of school. Mei comments that they are already at that year. It is fine with Kai since he is a first year student. While Mei is looking at the form, Aiko asks if they have seen the magazine for it seems that Megumi is going overseas to become a professional model. Everyone is shock that they ask if it is for real. Kai says that it is true because Megumi confirmed it herself. They comment that Megumi is amazing for doing such a daring thing and it proves that she is serious. While Megumi is standing outside the staff/faculty office, Momo [guesswork from ] calls out to her and asks why she talked with the teacher. Megumi tells her that she got some forms regarding studying abroad and it is amazing that this school has a study abroad system. She just has to get enough course credit and she’ll be able to get a graduation certificate. Megumi tells Momo that she doesn’t want to keep on doing the same things but rather, she wants to go straightforward and participate in [latest] fashion auditions then join up with a company who’ll support her. Momo asks if she is immediately leaving. Megumi says no, she’ll take advantage of summer vacation, and that will be three months before..then afterwards, she’ll come back.

For concrete stuff, she’ll see about this three month’s set-up and even if she say that she really wanted to go, but she has to wait for high school graduation before going again. And, she also has to study language. Momo glances at her and comments that she is very cool. Megumi laughs and asks what she is saying when she hasn’t done anything yet. During lunch, Yamato comments that it is adzuki bean mochi again. Mei says that it is because they got a lot in January. Yamato says that isn’t the problem. He asks if she likes sweet Japanese dessert. She says yes. He asks if it was hard for her to eat Western ones especially since Nagi makes cake-kind of stuff. Mei says that Nagi’s desserts are delicious and she is very happy about it [<- Nagi’s feelings in making them/in sharing them with her?]. To Mei’s embarrassment, Yamato teases her about becoming fat last year since that was what they were talking about earlier. She tries to say not really and she just want to lose weight.. Yamato says that isn’t that good for a bit fat can be quite comfortable when hugging. This made Mei blush even more. Yamato looks up the sky and comments that [they] have become this year’s student. She asks him if he already thought about what to do. He says that he hasn’t thought of it in detail. His parents are architects[/designers; just tag me which is it] and from the start, he felt like inheriting that but then, he felt that it isn’t an easy thing. He still doesn’t know whether he has this ‘I want to do this’ kind of thinking. He asks what about her. She says that she is also not too sure. After thinking of her past, she wonders what she can do. Mei arrives at the bakery and is greeted by Chiharu. After they exchange ‘I’ll be under your care’[/yoroshiku] this year, Mei thinks that she started working at the bakery when she is a high schooler. In this work, she just has to compute the price on the products, get the payment, then give the change and the products to the customer. To do these things, she doesn’t have to specially think of her way of thinking and working towards the attitude and action of the customer. She thinks that this kind of environment suits her so maybe this kind of job is better for her. She goes to Chiharu and asks if she have thought of what she’ll do after this. Chiharu says that right now, not yet..but one day, she wants to inherit this store and be busy like this at the store. Then, at one side, she’ll be studying at a school specializing in making snacks, and also becoming Kakeru’s wife. This made Mei blush. Mei finally realizes that she is already at the age where she can marry and Nagi said ‘marry’ before. And, she didn’t seem to have a warm response so must she look into her eyes from today on. Chiharu says that she’s the only one who is embarrassed so what about her, about going steady with Yamato, and didn’t she say about ‘wanting to do the most amazing sex’. Mei blushes and says that she already did that. While Chiharu is shouting that it is amazing and is it with Yamato, the owner tells them not to keep on chatting.
At home, while having a beauty treatment, Mei’s mother looks at the career plan form and comments that it is now Mei’s time to think of this. She says that this is quite nostalgic for she had gone through that. After numerous failed interviews, she got in a company that closed after two years. Then, at another company she met Mei’s father, got married and quit work after giving birth. And, because she doesn’t hate working, so she went back to work when Mei is in the elementary. And, her father is very unhappy about it for what will happen if Mei is all alone. Her father is the nervous type about things regarding Mei but he died so from then on, she kept on working. Everything is work and totally no relations [<- love life?] but she learned all sorts of things. And really, living at this time, no one doesn’t know what will happen so Mei shouldn’t hesitate in doing what she wants to do. Mei asks her if she had this ‘want you to do this, don’t want you to do this’ kind of thinking. Her mother says that if there is, the biggest prerequisite is hoping Mei attain happiness but even if she were to say Mei do this and that, it will just be an added burden for her who has to think from today on about what should she do. She brought up Mei by herself since her father isn’t around and from today on, she will properly take care of her so she doesn’t have to worry, and just go find what she wanted to do. Then, her mother teases her by saying that afterwards, still marry Yamato in the end. Then, Mei gets an email from Yamato to see each other tomorrow at the usual place. The next day, Mei meets with Yamato. She asks if he wears glasses. He says that he usually wear contact lens. He is going to look for something at the library and his eyes will be tired so he wears glasses. Mei comments that he looks like a different person and the first time she has seen him wearing them is when he was a model. Yamato smiles and says that they go to the library for a while. Mei watches Yamato picks some books from the shelves. He goes to her. She asks what books he is borrowing. He says that it is some industry data books and it seems he is planning to take some exams [for college?]. She comments about being afraid that after a year, they will decide on their future career. Sitting down beside her, Yamato comments that he wanted to tell her before but he forgot. To her embarrassment, Yamato took a picture of her kissing him while she is inside the blanket [after they had sex]. He smiles at her and tells her that is the picture for the empty last page of the album, their Christmas remembrance. She asks why he is giving it to her here at the library. He tells her that it is because he just thought of it now. She thanks him and he says, ‘you’re welcome.’ She tells him that she looks at the album everyday with all the feelings shown on it, smiles, etc. Yamato thanks her. Then he remembers that they are going to watch a movie so he tells her that they should go. While walking out, they find a crying lost girl. Since no one is around who seems to be her parents, Mei asks the girl if she is alone. The girl says that her brother went to that building with lots of books. Then, she starts to cry again since he didn’t know where exactly he went. They decide to help look for the girl’s brother. It is 5 minutes past 2pm. They couldn’t find her brother so they decide to ask for help from the help desk [to announce messages usually for people who are looking for someone]. After the announcement is broadcast about a girl named Aoi Jin [guesswork from 青井尋] is missing, Mei comforts Jin. She asks if Mei will accompany her before her brother arrives. It is already 2:45 and Yamato’s movie tickets start at 2:50. Soon, Jin’s brother arrives and apologizes for he went to the other building. Mei tells him not to let go off the hand of someone important for even if Jin is uneasy, she always waited. The brother apologizes and left with Jin who thanks Mei. As they go out the library, Mei asks what’s with that. Yamato is holding Mei’s hand. Yamato smiles and says that didn’t she just say, not to let go of the hand of someone important. Embarrassed Mei exclaims that it isn’t like that.
Comment: Thankfully, the names are mentioned and I can search their names in wiki because I find some of the characters looking alike. ^^;; Also, thankfully, I don’t have to know what happened in the past to understand this chapter and it isn’t too difficult. ^^ So, it is the time to find the career for one’s future. Some still doesn’t know what they’ll do but others already know and start making plans for it. I get a feeling that Mei’s career will have something to do with kids. I think she would find it more fulfilling rather than just being a cashier. Well, there is also being a pet shop owner or something related to cats =P And, of course, being Yamato’s wife ^^ Yamato seems to be going to inherit his parents’ job/company and I think that is probably because his older brother is into..ah, iirc, hairstyling, which is different from what Yamato mentioned. I wonder how Yamato got that picture without Mei knowing or unless, she is surprised when she gave it to him there. =P I wonder if the losing weight thing is over since Mei is now thinking more about her future career as her priority. Well, it is quite nice of him to let Mei help the girl even if they won’t be able to watch the movies. At least, he got an excuse to hold her hands ^^ Scans by 离境

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