January 29, 2013

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 19]

Cover page: “Only have to ‘be cute’, one has everything here!! Story enters more and more into the climax of the romantic comedy-” Standing in front of the class, Makoto somewhat timidly tells everyone to please look at the distributed forms. Regarding the cultural festival, the cosplay café stall that their class wanted to do, it has already been decided that the second year would do it so they have to write once again what they would want to do and then, give the form to her after school dismissal today. She also tells everyone that during the first survey, a lot of people wrote ‘Kisaragi Rika’s photo shoot’, please write something else aside from that. The students groan over this. Makoto bows and asks them to cooperate. As Makoto returns to her seat, Uki flashes a v-sign and tells Makoto, ‘good job’. Makoto asks if she spoke well. Uki says that she did great. Makoto sighs in relief. Since the preparation for the cultural festival has started, the school is filled with excited mood. But, the stall that their class is going to do hasn’t been decided yet. At the school grounds, Makoto is shock when Uki tells her that she might not be able to participate in the class’ stall. While Nanami is giving out snacks to Iriya, Uki says that it seems that their club also has a stall and first years has to be a store member. There is also the music group that has invited her to join-- Uneasy Makoto says is that so, and it is because Uki’s singing is very nice to listen to. Nanami says that she’ll be anticipating that. Uki laughs and says that she’ll be playing the guitar because someone else is the lead singer, so she has to practice.. From behind the bushes, Yusa mutters that she can actually sing. While everyone is surprised that he suddenly comes out from the bushes, Yusa says that they have bad luck for their class will absolutely get all of the customers. Uki angrily asks what their class is going to do. Yusa asks if she wants to know. Uki says that it doesn’t really matter. Yusa tells her that since he has mercy on them, he’ll tell them. Everyone is speechless when he happily poses and tells them that it is Yusa Issei’s solo singing ballad performance. While Makoto is asking Bunny if that is some kind of joke, Uki asks Yusa if that is true. Yusa informs them that the girls in a high mood had asked him to do it [and the guys of F section feel that they didn’t exist]. Holding a couple of tickets, Yusa says that he is giving Iriya front row tickets. Iriya refuses them for Yusa’s singing is awful. Taking the two tickets, Uki says that since Iriya doesn’t want them, she’ll just sell them on the day. She comments that since there are two tickets, it can at least buy some yakisoba [stir-fried noodles]. Nanami muses that it is a good business opportunity. Yusa shouts for them to return it to him, and Iriya is just being shy.
While Yusa insists on making Iriya take the tickets, Uki tells Nanami that if she is free, there is something she wants to ask of her. Uki asks her to make costumes for the music group since none of them can do it. To Uki’s delight, Nanami agrees to help. While Nanami and Uki talk about the costumes, Makoto thinks that it feels that everyone is actively preparing. She has always just been following what the others do because always until now, when she is given a responsibility and she would seriously do it, she will have a stomachache over the great pressure. Her stomach starts to hurt that Bunny is giving her some pills. She looks at Iriya and thinks that looking at him, he is quite capable. She clenches her fist and thinks that she’ll also do her best because they’ve promised [each other] that she will definitely do her best. That night, Makoto is glancing over what her classmates’ suggested. She thinks that they are quite easy-going for she couldn’t use their suggestions since most of it is related to Rika and even a fashion show. She obviously told them that they shouldn’t suggest something about Rika. She wonders what to do for the other classes ought to have already decided on what they will do. Then, she notices Iriya’s suggestion telling her not to just limit it into the classroom, but also utilize the school so how about doing some sort of treasure hunt and it will definitely be fun. He also wishes her ‘gambatte’ with a bunny drawing. Makoto is very happy over Iriya’s note. She starts thinking of ‘cosplay’ and ‘treasure hunt’. She recalls that she seems to have played that kind of game before at an amusement park wherein her sister is wearing a crown and she is wearing squirrel ears. Her sister is asking the squirrel mascot to stamp their card. Suddenly, Makoto has an idea. She put things together in her brain and starts writing notes. Then, her sister enters her room and tells her that she got lots of cosmetics from her chief editor so how about sharing them with her friends. The chief editor is also giving some to Makoto. Seeing her writing something, Rika asks Makoto if she is doing homework. Rika is surprised when Makoto exclaims that she wants to ask a favor from her. Rika is a bit happy that Makoto is asking her for help. She happily listens to Makoto’s explanation. The next day at school, Makoto writes on the blackboard the elements of everyone’s suggestions: cosplay, treasure hunt, hide-and-seek, draw lots, etc. One of the guys laughs and asks if ‘etc’ refers to Rika. While Iriya tells the guy to be quiet, someone asks what’s with the hide-and-seek. Makoto nervously says that she consolidate all of everyone’s ideas so section B is going to do a Cosplay Collect Stamp Game so what does everyone think of it.
The class is noisy again over what that is. Makoto explains that the members would dress up in costumes and will scatter all over the school for the customers to find them. When the customer has found them, they are going to put a stamp/seal on the customers’ stamp card. And, the one who gets the most stamps will be the winner. “It is that kind of game!” Her classmates find it very interesting for they can cosplay, it includes treasure hunt + hide-and-seek and yet, it is different from the other classes. Someone asks what the prize would be. Holding a note, Makoto says that the winner will get ‘Experience for yourself in modeling together with Kisaragi Rika at Heaventeen’ and afterwards, they can go karaoke. Her classmates are stunned and scream in disbelief. The note is the agreement to this modeling thing by Rika and the chief editor. Makoto tells them that for second prize and so forth, there are cosmetic products, snacks, and lots of other prizes. Everyone is saying that it is amazing. Then, the guys are freaking out that the class members cannot join and they don’t want the people from other classes to be in that model shoot. The girls are excited for the prize will make their activity quite popular. The others are also excited over the cosplay. Iriya tells the others that they also have to do their best in order not to lose to the luxurious winning prize that Makoto prepared. The guy beside him agrees. They all hold up their clench fist and shouts that they’ll do their best. During PE class, Uki praises Makoto for doing well. Makoto is happy that everyone liked it. She starts muttering that it is good that there is Uki who prioritizes clubs, she’ll ask if everyone would give time and effort in making the forms, and even if the costumes are not the same, there should be a theme. Uki says that it seems being a committee member is tiring so she must ask if she needs help. Makoto happily smiles and thanks her offer but doing it is quite fun so it is alright. Uki and Nanami smile back at her. Nanami says that she is also anticipating this in many ways– cosplay. Then some girls ask if they are talking about the costumes and offer to help out in making them. Makoto tells them that Nanami is an expert in that. At the guys’ side, they also think that this activity is quite good and the girls are in full swing with excitement. They think that it will fun and Makoto isn’t bad at all. Then, a guy named Kishino [guesswork from 岸野] comments that Makoto is quite cute. Midway drinking, Iriya overhears that. A guy teasingly asks what Kishino is saying. Another says that is quite an explosive statement. Kishino says that it is true for even if compared to Rika, she is a bit.. ordinary type of cute, but then, he doesn’t hate that delicate type. Another guy says that he understands that a bit and for a better word, a meek type. Kishino says that’s right, the type that one can’t help but protect and he has his eye on her..
They were surprised when angry Iriya suddenly squeezes his bottled drink and spilling its contents. Kishino exclaims what’s up with him. Iriya apologizes. While the others help him dry up with some towels, Iriya thinks that his body unconsciously.. Later on, the school bell is ringing. At the printing room, Makoto is busy photocopying. She is muttering about the schedule, questionnaire, planning book, and.. She wonders if she forgot something. She felt hungry already because she is taking advantage of lunch break in doing the class budget forms. She is surprised when Iriya enters the room and calls out to her. He says that he heard the others say that she hasn’t eaten and just ran off to photocopy at the printing room. Makoto sheepishly tells him that after school dismissal, the second year and other classes will be using it so she’ll definitely wait a long time if she.. Iriya says it that so, then here’s a consolation gift. He gives her a juice pack. Makoto accepts it and happily thanks him. While sipping his orange juice, Iriya says, you’re welcome. Then, he glances at Makoto who is happy over her strawberry flavor drink. While standing by the window, Iriya says, “said that you’re very cute.” Makoto turns to look at him. Iriya repeats that Kishino and others said that she’s very cute. Makoto goes into shock over this and wonders if it is true. Iriya adds, “What are they saying. Geez.” Makoto looks surprised and somewhat laughs that is right, maybe he heard wrong. Facing out the window, Iriya says, “About being cute-whatever, I knew that earlier on.” Makoto looks surprised at Iriya. Her heart beats loudly and thinks that this is bad for she wants to hug him tightly from behind. Makoto goes to him and Iriya looks surprised. Makoto is leaning her head on his back. He turns to look at her and sees her blushing. After a pause, Iriya says, “You..” Makoto blurts out that recharging is finished. “Thank you very much--!!” With that Makoto quickly makes a run for it before Iriya can call her back. Iriya smiles towards the direction where she left. While running, Makoto thinks that she couldn’t help it and wanted to hug him. While catching her breath, Makoto wonders what to do for he might think of her as a shameless girl or she just wiped the oil from her forehead on his back. She takes out her mirror to check her forehead. After calming herself down, she looks at the juice pack that Iriya gave her. She kisses[?] the drink and thinks, “There are times when I feel that I don’t want anything, and there are times when I feel that I want everything. My feelings are also quite chaotic, Iriya-kun.” And, on the blackboard, there is a note saying ‘14 days to go’.
Comment: That is really such a good idea on Makoto’s part regarding what they will do for the cultural festival. Usually, it is just voting and everything but here, she actually came up with something wherein she put together what everyone wanted and of course, the model with Rika thing ended up being a prize. In a way, it is quite unique from the usual café stuff. Her sister and the editor-in-chief are quite nice to agree to it. I wonder if section F are filled with bored people that they just put Yusa on the spot as their activity, and it is the easiest thing to do. Of course, it is good that Yusa is willing to make a fool of himself. =P And, Iriya finally showed his jealous side. Fufu..interestingly he even told that to Makoto and tried to ‘show off’ to her that he finds her cute earlier on. ^^ Makoto seems to be still shy over what Iriya would think if she shows affection to him. Well, at least, he is moving a bit upon realizing that the other guys are starting to get attracted to Makoto. And, she is getting a bit bold in expressing herself. Being a committee member is also helping boost her self-confidence. With the blurb at the cover page, I wonder if that means, this series will end at this cultural festival arc, just like Stardust Wink. Scans by allwink

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