January 28, 2013

Himitsu no Ai-chan [Chapter 35]

After the date, Aiko notices some English words engraved at the back of the ring. It is ‘Stay Together Forever, Leo’. Using an English-Japanese dictionary to know what it means, she recalls Leo saying that it is a lovers promise ring. She realizes that it means ‘hope we’ll be together forever’. Wearing the ring, Aiko happily thinks that she wants kiss Leo again and [hope that] this feeling won’t stop. And, it is spring as sakura trees are fully blooming. Hiroko happily tells Aiko that they are now third year students and she’s so excited. They look at the students list to know which class they are in. Aiko is happy that she’s in the same 3-D class with Leo. Hiroko happily says that they [she and Aiko] are classmates again. Aiko says yes, and even Le.. Hiroko immediately covers her mouth and sshh-es her. She whispers if spring has gone over Aiko’s head and won’t things become serious if she say that out loud. Aiko apologizes and says that it is because she is very happy. Hiroko asks if she isn’t happy about being together, with her. Aiko says that she is happy. Hiroko asks if that is true, then what is that sparkling ring on her finger? Aiko blushes really red. She quickly hides her hand and says that she is truly very happy. Hiroko teases her by saying that it is really nice, love is more important than friendship. Aiko says that it isn’t so. Leo interrupts by standing beside them and asks if that is for real, he’s with Aiko. He comments that it will be quite difficult to be together with such a noisy-to-death girl for a year. Hiroko greets Leo a good morning. Blushing Aiko exclaims to Leo that is her line. She notices that Leo is also wearing his ring and that might not be good. She quickly removes her ring and puts it in her pocket. Pointing at Leo, Aiko shouts for him not to disturb her studies. Leo answers back that is his line, idiot. Then, Leo thinks that Aiko isn’t wearing her ring and is it because she won’t wear it at school. Hiroko wonders what the motive of that conversation is and why don’t they just properly go steady with each other? Hiroko whispers to Leo if he specially took liberal arts in order to be classmates with Aiko. Leo says that is impossible and it is only by chance. He claims that he took ‘math-sciences’ during the first and second year so this is just to balance things. While some fangirls are saying that Leo is good looking, Leo goes in the school building. Hiroko smiles and thinks that Leo is obviously very happy and it is already exposed that he is lying. She thinks that he is deeply in love. Then, she is surprised to see someone on the student list that she wonders if there will be lovey-dovey. In 3-D, Aiko sits on her desk. Holding in on her palm, Aiko looks at her ring and thinks that even if they decided to at least wear it, but in the end, she’s still very shy, and since they have the same design, it might be found out.. Holding it tight in her hand, she happily thinks that Leo is wearing his so it feels like their hearts are connected together. She is surprised when someone asks what’s up with that silly smile, as if she’s a fool?
Aiko is surprised to see Takumi looking at her from her desk. Startled, Aiko puts her foot on top of her chair and exclaims why he is there. Takumi comments that he just saw her panties but then he’s quite happy. He tells her that she’s quite mean for not noticing it when obviously their names are in the same class. Looking dark, Aiko keeps her ring in her pocket and grumbles that this is awful. Takumi angrily says that’s quite rude, and by the way, how about calling him on the phone. Aiko says that is impossible and she isn’t an idiot. Takumi says that he is always waiting and did that ex-girlfriend thing ended since she [Aiko] had that mindless idiotic expression. After looking surprised, Aiko holds her blushing face and tells him she is excessively happy so don’t say things out loud. Takumi says that she’s really not cute. He tells her that when she is weak and acting spoiled[/tantrum] towards him, she is really cute so how about be a bit cute and show it to him. Blushing Aiko exclaims when she did that. They were surprised when Leo arrives and says that he is also a classmate and that is really terrible. Leo looks furious that Aiko is freaking out for he overheard that. Leo asks Takumi what is this spoiled thing. Takumi says who knows. Leo is glaring at Aiko who is very nervous that Leo totally overheard that. Then, three girls go in their classroom and call out to both Leo and Aiko. They want to confirm something from them and that is, were they on a date during spring break. While the others are shock over the two dating, the couple is shock that they were seen. Leo denies it by saying why would he date this girl with no looks and weren’t they Takumi’s fans. They say that this and that are not the same question. While Takumi is quietly watching, Aiko nervously asks that maybe they were just mistaken. To her shock, they show her the picture of her and Leo together. Aiko tries to deny it by asking if it is really her. The girl says that there ought to be no other girl with pink hair like her. Aiko realizes that is true. Just arriving in the classroom, Hiroko is nervous over this ruckus and wonders how she can help Aiko. Thinking that things can’t be covered up anymore, Leo is about to say that they are.. But Takumi interrupts by laughing out loud and tells the couple not to be embarrassed and just bluntly say that they are on a date. The couple is shock. The others shout that didn’t Leo already have a girlfriend and could he be two-timing. Takumi adds that it is a punishment date game. Leo looks dark. Takumi says that they made a gamble over who will win the NBA game so they made a bet with him [Takumi] and Hiroko. Those two lost so for a very interesting punishment, Leo and Aiko will go on a date as lovers for a day. Still suspicious, the three girls say that those two were alone. Takumi says that they are watching from afar or else, it won’t be a punishment game, right?
He asks Hiroko that weren’t they always watching. Hiroko backs him up by saying that is true and it was hilarious. Someone says that it turns out to be a boring punishment game so what the ruckus is about. The other girls say that even so it can be quite shocking. Aiko nervously say that it is out, her black history. Leo tells her not to say foolish things for even if it is punishment game, she’s lucky to have a date with him. Aiko shouts that is her line. So, the three girls decide to leave. Aiko is mentally apologizing to Leo for in the end, she is such a coward. Just when Leo is putting his bag by the table, he notices Takumi smiling at him. This made Leo look dark. The teacher calls out that the opening ceremony is about to start so go to the gym. Hiroko whispers to Aiko that it is great that Takumi immediately helped because the situation is quite tense, so at least thank him. Aiko just says ya. She sighs and thinks that Takumi did help her. She also thinks that Leo would definitely hate this and this is really bad. She wonders when she can go apologize to Leo. At the dressing room, Aiko-Mai calls out to Takumi who is dressing up. Takumi exclaims that she startled him and what’s up, he’s changing clothes. Aiko-Mai says that she knows for she asked Kou [guesswork from ] and there is something she wanted to tell him that she doesn’t want others to hear. She thanks him for helping her by lying. He asks if it is a small help or a big help but then, should she thank him for Leo obviously wants to expose it. After looking surprised, Aiko-Mai says about that, Leo said that he will wait for her to agree. Takumi says that is why she is acting spoiled and doing a cruel thing. Puzzled Aiko-Mai looks at him. He asks if it is true like[/love]. Flustered Aiko-Mai shouts that it is like[/love] and why would he say that. Approaching her, Takumi says that compare to Leo’s feelings, her own feelings is the utmost priority and in her heart until now, Leo is still not number 1. Aiko-Mai shouts that of course, he’s number 1 and don’t say strange things, idiot. Turning to leave, he tells her if she doesn’t hurry and change clothes, Ritsuki will get angry. Aiko-Mai shouts that he’s an idiot. Outside the door, Takumi thinks that he did a foolish thing. Inside, Aiko-Mai wonders what’s up with that guy, of course, Leo is number one and it is inevitable..but if they were seen by others, she.. She wonders what to do for it seems she is doing a cruel thing to Leo. At the dining hall, she delivers a cup of coffee to Leo and says, “Master, thanks for waiting” Seeing her wearing the ring, he comments that she is finally wearing it. Aiko-Mai explains that it isn’t ‘finally’ for she was wearing it at school today and because he is also wearing it..she suddenly felt shy..
She apologizes to him. Leo says that it is okay for it is enough that she is wearing it now. Aiko-Mai says not only about that, but also what happened at school. She tells him that in the end, she’s a coward for she went along Takumi’s lie and did a horrid thing so she’s really sorry. Leo says that he has no words to say for he ought to apologize for expecting the thing that Aiko really doesn’t want to do, and he wasn’t thinking of her position. He holds her hand and asks that didn’t they know each other’s feelings. Aiko-Mai says yes. Leo says that he is also not perfect so he wants the two of them to become closer a bit to the ideal. Teary-eyed Aiko-Mai asks if it is true, he isn’t forcing himself, and she isn’t making him sad right? Leo laughs and asks how can that be and she has that kind of awareness. Embarrassed Aiko-Mai says no, but even if it is not.. Leo says right, and he also doesn’t. “I told you about having an awareness of ‘forever not letting go’, right? I also have that degree of awareness.” Aiko-Mai happily smiles. Then, Leo complains about the lewd new maid uniform. She asks if it is provocative. Leo says that it makes him angry. Afterwards, at the dressing room, Takumi says that he’s going ahead outside. Aiko shouts for him to wait. Takumi goes out at the back and sees Leo. Somewhat smiling, Leo asks him that about that thing at school today, what does that meant. Takumi asks if he wants help. Leo asks who he is helping. To Leo’s surprise, Takumi asks how come at that time, he looks like he is going to say it out loud and seeing Aiko’s expression, she doesn’t seem quite aware[/ready for it]. Thinking that in the end this guy.., Leo asks him what he is thinking of doing that he would help in that way. Takumi taunts him by saying that nothing at all and Aiko even thanked him. This made Leo angry. He angrily asks if Takumi says some things to Aiko again. Takumi says who knows. He continues to say that at her side, it seems that he [Leo?] was infected by the love to worry. Leo[?] asks why. Takumi says that within his [Takumi] heart, he has a stake [in a gamble]. Leo asks, stake? Takumi says, ya, the last stake.
Comment: So, it turns out that Aiko fears being known as ‘Leo’s girlfriend’ and apparently, it isn’t exactly fear of the fangirls but more on lack of self-confidence. It is amusing that Aiko is already so obvious in her expressions and yet, everyone is totally clueless that they are a couple. ^^; I guess it might be partly because they really don’t suit each other and tend to quarrel..well, now, it is pretend to quarrel. =P It is an interesting point that Takumi raised. Is it true love if one is ‘being selfish’ and not doing everything the other wants? Or the other party has to be the one who understands the other’s feelings? For now, it seems the couple both agree to keep it a secret since Aiko isn’t ready and Leo isn’t going to force her and do something she doesn’t want/not ready for. How nice of him but obviously he isn’t happy that it was Takumi who got them out of that trouble. I guess after the trouble with the ex-girlfriend, it is the two guys ‘fighting’ for Aiko this time around. It is most probably Takumi’s last ‘hurrah’ and obviously, the guy doesn’t know the word, ‘give up’. Hm..is it really because he likes her or because he doesn’t want to lose to Leo, especially since he seems to be moving away soon? From what he is saying about ‘stake’, he might use Aiko’s ‘not yet ready to be known as Leo’s girlfriend’ as his trump card. Well, most antagonists do exploit the weakness of a couple. Maybe this is like his last fun/test for Leo? By the way, the engraving on the ring is really a nice touch. ^-^ Hm..I wonder if there is also an engraving on Leo’s ring. Scans by DayDreamy.

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