January 14, 2013

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 18]

[Free Talk: According to ANN, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun will end on the 12th volume so that will be around four more chapters to wrap things up. And yes, finally, pending summaries are cleared ^^v]

Narration: “The steady night wind felt cruel. Iriya-kun used his normal, calm tone in telling me his life story. Then, I’ve always noticed the shadow extending from my feet. Forgetting how to reply, only just intently listening as if my life depended on it. I mustn’t be mistaken in saying any phrase.” Cover page: “Sweet and pain, warmth conveyed from one’s back.” Somewhat smiling, Iriya says, “..so, as mentioned, this is ‘everyone’s popular Iriya-kun’s true appearance. *sitting beside Yusa, he looks at Makoto* Sorry, did I disappoint you? But, I don’t want to do something like deceiving you kind of stuff again..” Makoto tightly clenches the hem of her shirt. She thinks that she obviously knows that it is no good not to say something but she still hasn’t sort out the words that she should say. “At this time, if it is someone else, they would definitely have a very good answer. If it is Uki-chan, she would happily say ‘Ah- cheer up!’. If it is Shiroyuki-chan, it would seem that she comprehends everything. She would quietly nod and say, ‘Is that so’. If it is sis, she will definitely use her fully infectious confident smile. She’ll smile and tell him, ‘Are you alright’. ..what about me? I..” To the boys’ surprise, Makoto says, “..if..I can meet..it would be alright..the young Iriya-kun.. *covers mouth* So..sorry! I’m not joking around. It isn’t that.. (this is a story that I can’t visualize, yet it truly happened. And, even if I truly met him, I also still can’t visualize the me at that time. Even if I can say some considerate words, I also cannot help lessen the pain. Aside from staying at his side, I can only be like this right now, and I can’t do anything else. If it is like that) ..if.. I can see him.. Because there is Iriya-kun.. *crying* your existence can also save and redeem so many people. I want to tell that to the young Iriya-kun..”
Iriya calls her name. He is about to pat her head but he stops himself. He tells her, “..I like you, Kisaragi-chan. But.. no matter how.. *tears up* no matter how, it is still no good. Always when I break up with a girlfriend.. even if I always pretend that everything is fine but actually, every time it happens, I have this feeling of being abandoned. It isn’t at all because I don’t believe in you but after bearing one’s true heart and then the other party leaves me, until now, I still felt quite afraid..” Tears start to form on Makoto’s eyes again. She shakes her head and says that there’s no need. “..there’s no need to.. go steady something.. I don’t need that kind of commitment. I don’t need anything, so always until one day I’m hated by you, please let me continue on liking you..” Iriya smiles. He says, “I think that you already know.. I’m quite troublesome person, right? Is it okay?” Makoto exclaims, “How can that be!! If you’re talking about the degree of being troublesome, I also won’t lose to you!! You also clearly know that!! It’s the same right now. I’m obviously listening to you regarding such an important thing but in the corner of my mind, I had unexpectedly thought how come I’m wearing such a strange shirt *holding her snail design shirt* and ran off here..!! *teary-eyed* The recollection will become a snail..!” Iriya is speechless. Upon seeing his expression, Makoto starts to freak out that she shouldn’t have said that. Makoto tries to explain but she and Yusa are shock when Iriya burst into laughter. He pats Makoto’s head and says that no wonder it is her. Makoto gloomily wonders if Iriya laughing means it is alright. Then, Iriya’s phone is ringing. After reading the message, Iriya apologizes and says that today is his father’s birthday so he has come home early. Makoto and Yusa urge Iriya to quickly go home. Iriya apologizes for not being able to walk her home. Makoto tells him that it is alright. Iriya touches her face and says, “Today, I’m really thankful to you. I’m very happy. *smiles* See you in the next school term.” With that, Iriya left. After a pause, Makoto says, “..Yusa-kun.. I wish to become strong. Want to become strong..” To her surprise, Yusa holds her head and says, “It isn’t ‘want to’, it’s ‘will’, right? Using your own strength.” As Yusa starts to walk away, teary-eyed Makoto says, “Ya.” Narration: “I have never thought that I can become someone else’s strength. Finally, I won’t gradually look away from the thing in front of me. I won’t listen to the voice and let it just be stuck in my ear. I will become strong.”
At school, Makoto arrives in the class to see Iriya happily chatting with some people. She thinks that it is the normal Iriya. Iriya spots her and happily greets her a good morning. Makoto happily greets him back. She starts to dreamily think of how handsome Makoto is while wearing his uniform. Bunny comments that Makoto hasn’t change that nature of hers. Iriya tells her that he is quite happy to be noisy and everything, with the others, like this. Then, he shouts that is his true words. Flashing an okay sign, Makoto says, yes, she knows. Makoto smiles and thinks that Iriya only has to say that he’s happy, she will also simultaneously become happy. Then, they greet Uki and Nanami who had just arrived. Later on, the teacher says that before dismissing the class, they are going to decide the committee member for October’s Cultural Festival. Makoto wonders what their class will be doing. She happily drools over the various food stalls that they would operate and she hopes that she won’t give trouble to others. Bunny asks how come it is all about food. Then, the teacher asks if Iriya wants to do it. Everyone start to urge Iriya to go for it. Iriya asks if it is him again when he was the one in charge of the excursion and he is already class committee. Makoto looks at Iriya and notices that he looks troubled. She timidly thinks that it is like this every time, no matter how high one’s popularity is, the capability of doing things is also high. “He’s also very handsome and every kind. [<- bunny says that has no relevance] Every time, it is quite tiring..!?” Just when Iriya is saying that since it can’t be helped, Makoto raise her hand and shouts, “Me! I’ll be in charge!!” Everyone including Uki is surprised by that. Makoto starts to become nervous for she had unconsciously.. The teacher says then, that is decided, gambatte Kisaragi! He reminds her that the first meeting will be held after school so don’t forget it. Later on, Makoto gloomily goes out of the classroom and wonders where the meeting room is. Iriya follows her out and asks if it is okay for her to be the committee member or is it better that he do it. Makoto looks at him and smiles. With hands on her waist, she tells him, “..Gee-ez. Don’t indulge everyone like this, Iriya-kun! I’ll definitely properly do my best and show you!” After looking surprised, Iriya lightly knocks her head and says that if there is anything she needs help with, just tell him. Makoto sheepishly asks where the meeting room is. After a pause, Iriya tells her it is at the end of the west building’s third floor. Makoto smiles and happily runs off. Narration: “Our relationship is slightly different from before. And, currently, it is the new school term. There are still a lot of fun activities. Going to do my best--!!”
Comment: That is a nice chapter and I like the theme of this series. Makoto is really a ‘different’ girl from the ones Iriya met and from the looks of things, she can help him overcome his fear of commitment and resolve his abandonment issues. Hehe, she even admitted to him that she isn’t perfect either. In contrast to the other three girls who are strong on their own due to their own strong personality, the couple seems to be the type who’ll ‘become strong because of someone’.  No matter how it is done, the end result is changing one’s self for the better ^^ It does seem that Yusa now approves of her. I wonder if they’ll do a food stall like Makoto wanted..but then, she is awful at cooking. Scans by allwink</p>

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