January 12, 2013

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 133-135]

[Free Talk: Sugar*Soldier summary will be out next week. I won’t be waiting for the other scanlation anymore. =P Then, if the other series in Chinese scanlations are not yet out, I’ll work on the last chapter of Chitose, Etc to put a closure to that series. Since last May, the missing chapters were never updated. ^^; By the way, the Chinese scanlations might be a bit delayed, well, in the case of allwink because some of their staff are said to be having exams. So, if these are all done and nothing is out yet, I’m going to have a little break, too. ^^ Hehe, catching up with some anime and manga, among other things. Well, have a great weekend, everyone ^^]

Narration: “After all the heaps of disappointments and unfair treatment that I have suffered, *young Xiang seems to be beaten up by someone* but my heart had earlier died together with Rishu. So, no matter what else I’ll encounter..it is alright.” Flashback: Young Fei went to bruised Xiang who is lying on the floor. Fei asked him why he would do things up to this extent. Xiang somewhat sat up and just smiled. While looking at flustered Fei, Xiang thought, “We must keep on living in this world. First reason, in order to re-establish the village, we will search for the next generation goddess. I’ll leave it up to you, Fei. If it is you, you’ll definitely be able to accomplish it because you are an existence who has the same holy blood as Rishu.. Afterwards, the other reason is.. to make the one who made this filthy dream pay. I will kill with my own hands the one who slaughtered Rishu!!” End flashback. Xiang shouts to Rihito that this is revenge. Holding his knife to attack Rihito, Xiang shouts that what business is it to Rihito regarding his [Xiang] and someone’s life or death. “The ones who hinders also has the same crime as that person..!!” Rihito looks at Xiang’s crazed eyes that he muses that that is a good expression. Xiang tries to cut him but Rihito easily dodges. Rihito says that passion, determination and madness can be considered to be out of the ordinary. “So that’s how it is, no wonder some devil wanted to get you.” Xiang shouts for him to shut up. Xiang tries to cut Rihito again and before he knew it, Rihito is already behind him. Rihito says that they are jackals of the same tribe [/all just as bad as each other] and while searching for the radiance which is impossible to attain..had become vexed and distracted. Xiang angrily shouts for him not to discuss him [Xiang] and them on equal terms. Rihito swiftly moves behind him and hits Xiang’s back. This made Xiang drop his knife. After Xiang falls down, Rihito grabs his collar and asks why it is different. “Didn’t you already say that you are ‘filthy’? Yes, I’m the same with you. We are both filthy. Don’t belittle us, ‘butlers’. The only difference with ‘shinigami/death gods’ is we haven’t killed someone. Only that, STILL HAVE NOT.. killed someone.”
Meanwhile, Kento and Mei are running through the Arabia airport. Mei asks Kento how long would it take for them to chase after Rihito. Kento tells her that there is no direct flight from Arabia so they would have to transfer planes at Europe. Then, they are surprised to see menacing Irrfan standing in front of them. Mei apologizes to Irrfan for what happened to his butler. Zaki arrives and tells Irrfan that the preparations for his special plane are already complete. Irrfan smiles and tells Mei to use it. “Even if it can’t compare to your special plane but it is the fastest plane in my country. Zaki tells Mei not to worry about Zin because it is just a small injury and he is being looked after by His Majesty everyday so it isn’t worth mentioning. Irrfan is angry that Zaki said that. Irrfan says that Mei has already decided. He clearly knows that if he hinders her who has already taken a step, it would have been easier to stop the earth from rotating. “Don’t stop running. Don’t stop dashing forward. When you lose the path where you are going, just come back again. No matter when, the kingdom of Arabia welcomes your return.” Mei is touched. She hugs Irrfan and exclaims that she really likes him. “If my pocket money isn’t enough, I’ll just come back” Sweatdropping Irrfan exclaims, ‘ha’. Kento tells Irrfan to strengthen up the security in the palace. Irrfan exclaims that it was him during that time. Waving goodbye, Mei bids Irrfan goodbye and tells him to become a good king. Irrfan just quietly watch them leave. Zaki says that they are gone. Irrfan says that he’ll definitely make Hongo family pay for the expenses of the broken glass in the palace. Zaki sweatdrops and says that it won’t be easy to raise up that issue for the good impression will.. In the plane, Kento suggests to Mei that she sleep here since there will be some time before they arrive. Just before Kento leaves, Mei asks him to stay and accompany her for a while. While lying in bed, Mei is saying that about this thing, she only has to use willpower to reverse the fate, and it is like in dealing with Lourdes[?] at Hong Kong so this thing is.. Then, there is a pause. While sitting on the chair beside the bed, Kento says, “..By the way, you.. after this thing has been resolved.. would you still choose some other guy.. Mei..” It turns out that Mei is already asleep. Kento smiles and says, forget it.
While Rihito darkly tells Xiang to run away, frightened Xiang runs off. He runs upstairs to the roof. While breathing hard, beaten up Xiang wonders what’s up with that guy and also that white butler..are so-called butlers, monsters? He is surprised when someone says, “It’s really awful that I have that kind of older brother.” It is Kento. He advices Xiang that it is better to quickly apologize rather than wait for Rihito to stop. Xiang quickly tries to kick Kento but Kento successfully blocks it with his arm. Xiang is frustrated when Kento tells him that he had observed him in detail at Arabia so he can counter his moves. Then, Kento and Xiang jump away when a knife is thrown near them at the floor. Kento shouts at Rihito, who had just arrived at the roof, that is dangerous and what if he hurt someone. Rihito tells him who told him to move around at Xiang’s side. Dark Rihito says, “He is my prey.” Kento tells Xiang that as he said, just quickly apologize. Xiang somewhat smiles and says that Rihito is like a housefly that kept on flying around his butt. Rihito tells him that he isn’t better than the housefly. This made Xiang smile. He says that it is as he said, for he is scum who is beyond redemption. “In the end.. I also can’t be changed.. but.. don’t think that it will end like this..” To the brothers’ surprise, Xiang takes a small cylinder thing [which is like a lipstick container]. Xiang says, “How about all of us turn this building into dust. An killer, who lost once, cannot lose twice. Within this building, I have planted bombs and I only have to push this button..”
Kento angrily shouts that after he had entangled himself over this small thing for such a long time, what will happen if he dies. Xiang sadly smiles and says, “..Kento-kun, you’re truly a good guy, totally unlike your brother. It truly makes me feel that it is a bit cruel to make you be buried together here. Just blame your bad luck and give it up.” Xiang presses the button. Xiang closes his eyes and recalls Rishu. “I’m sorry, Rishu. Except for revenge, there is nothing else I can give you..” He is surprised when Mei suddenly shouts his name. Running towards him, Mei exclaims that it is great that she has finally caught up. Xiang is shock for how come Mei is there. He quickly shouts for Mei to quickly escape. Then, Xiang quickly goes over to her and covers her with his own body to protect her. Mei asks him what it is. Xiang is puzzled for nothing happened. Kento angrily kicks Xiang’s head and shouts up to when he is going to hug Mei. Rihito says, “Didn’t I tell you? You and I are the same type of person. I have already seen through your way of thinking.” It turns out that all of the other butlers + Tami had searched for the bombs with the small mouse robots that Miruku invented. Patting Xiang, Mei exclaims what happened to him that from his head to foot is covered with dust. She assumes that the SP [security personnel] had wildly beaten him up so didn’t she say that it is quite dangerous for him to go alone by himself. While Rihito quietly looks away, Kento tries to tell her that it is Rihito who.. Mei smiles and says, “..but, it’s really great that you are safe and sound..” Xiang looks surprised and remembers smiling Rishu. Looking relieved, Xiang says, “Yes.. this way is truly.. (Mei-ojousama, it is really great that you are safe and sound..) ..it is the first time I want to thank you butlers..” Kento looks somewhat surprised and no reaction from Rihito.
While some people are rushing upstairs, Fei[?] exclaims if Xiang is really up there. Someone replies yes, and Mei ought to be there, too. Rika[?] exclaims why do they have to climb the stairs. Someone says that it is because someone cut the electricity of the elevator. Claris[?] shouts who is the scoundrel who did that. Leon[?] says that it is most probably Rihito, so does she want him to carry her on his back. Claris[?] shouts no need. Fujiko mutters that she hopes everyone is fine. They arrive at the roof and finds Mei comforting crying Xiang. The brothers notice the others. Everyone is surprised by this scene. Tami, Claris and Miruku teasingly shout that Mei made him cry. Mei nervously denies it. Nezu asks Kento that for Xiang to suddenly become like that, what happened. Kento winks and tells him that a lot of things happened. Fei calls out to Xiang who looks at him. Recalling what Fujiko told him about him being Xiang’s reality, Fei tells him that is enough, for he thinks that it is already okay. “Whether it is Rishu or the villagers, they definitely would say to us, ‘[you] can go ahead and attain happiness’.” Xiang looks surprised at smiling Fei. While Fei helps him stand up, Xiang says that since he said that, then, it is definitely right. Mei is surprised over what Fei said. Fujiko looks happy over this. Rika complains up to when are they going to stay there, she is already tired. Izumi says that it is almost time for the prime minsister’s delegation to come back. Someone exclaims that they also go home. To Mei’s surprise, Xiang tells them to wait, he still hasn’t eliminated Rishu’s enemy. Fei exclaims how come Xiang is still thinking of that. Xiang apologizes and tells Fei that it is only this thing that he can’t give in to. After looking thoughtful, Mei says about that, she thought it over, Xiang’s carrying out this revenge is quite lame. Everyone is stunned and the wind blows. With a playful look, Mei asks, “Do you think this way? Casting everything to the wind, and just, kill off first, the prime minster who had ordered to destroy Xiang’s village. Ha~~how rejuvenating But, is it really up only up to that degree? Naïve~~~so naïve!! For one to say that someone is a prime minister, that is to say that he is the country’s central figure that one can’t just meddle with only him alone. There are dark secrets behind his back, and it is quite numerous that it can’t be counted, so even if you get kill off one or two guys, it is fundamentally useless, useless, useless~~~♪” Someone asks if that is what a St. Lucia student learns from society course, isn’t it a bit too extreme. Someone replies that still, Mei got a point.
Xiang asks her then what is the best thing for him to do. Mei tells him that in this kind of situation, he only has to incite a revolution. Fei freaks out over this. Claris and Miruku happily say that they gather four times the number of the opponent. Mei winks and tells them that using military force would definitely cause a lot of suffering so it isn’t fun, so how about sincerely go towards a happier route. With a raised eyebrow, Riks asks how to do that. Mei says, “How to do that.. of course, become friends.” Rika complains that the topic ended again since Mei went totally miles away from the topic. Looking thoughtful, Izumi disagrees with Rika because in the overall survery, using military strength to cause a revolution is completely difficult, but from Mei’s ‘become friends’, one can understand more the other person’s personality and way of thinking that if this kind of relationship becomes closer, there are limitless ways to go on about.. Mei tells Xiang that changing the topic, even if he doesn’t do anything, that big shot who did those such mean things to Xiang and the others, will also die one day. “No matter how many power one has or, no matter how much wealth one has, *recalls her grandfather* no one can change this natural rule. Since that is the case, throw this thing aside. 10 or 20 years..perhaps, it will take that much time to become friends. Make your, Rishu and also the village’s, everyone’s thoughts, and convey it to the [common] people. This will make the people in this country, who would dare say ‘This is wrong’, to increase more and more. Not towards the past, but revenge towards the future!!!” Xiang is surprised by that. Rihito tells Mei that he knows that her idea is amazing but it can also be said to be..a daydream. Kento calls Rihito for saying that but unfazed Mei looks at Rihito. She smiles and says, that if one keeps on gugugu [/persevering?], this problem will be resolved smoothly. “Afterwards, actualizing the ojousama’s dream should be the butler, right? *Rihito looks surprised.* Be sure to come in line with us, even if it is an unending dream.” Rihito smiles and says that it seems that he has no reason to object. Mei happily smiles. Kento looks a bit surprised and somewhat flustered. Daimon calls out to him but Kento looks away and says that it is nothing. Miruku says that since that topic had made progress, next is, what now, Mei? Mei asks what it is. Pointing at her, Miruku exclaims that of course, it is about her choice for her husband that must be decided on her birthday. Mei looks surprised. The brothers just look at Mei. Claris exclaims that she has totally forgotten about it. Someone asks how about Damien. Miruku says that they can ignore her father. And, they all fuss about who Mei will choose. Rihito interrupts them by saying, “Pardon, it might be not be quite good to mention this in the middle of this enjoyable talk.. *looks at watch* Right now, the time in Japan is 12:03 in the morning, and it is three minutes past, Mei-ojousama’s birthday has already ended.” Mei and the others look stunned. Then, they scream in disbelief.
Comment: Hehe, it does seem that Rihito and Shinobu are more or less at the same level that they can easily defeat Xiang. It must be a ‘monster’ level to scare Xiang like that. ^^; It is interesting though how ruthless they can be for the sake of their ojousama. I do wonder what Rihito meant by being the same as Xiang..is it because of that ‘dark episode’ with Shiori or does he mean his dark personality? Hehe, maybe both. =P When Rihito mentioned about some devil wanting Xiang, I wonder if he meant Kintaro. Hehe, I’m still hoping that maybe Xiang and Fei can still be Kento’s permanent butlers. I can’t really blame Xiang for being suicidal and vengeful after everything that has happened and it does seem that Mei’s ‘choice of path’ is wishful thinking. Still, it is indeed a better way of revenge than what Xiang wanted. Mei is pretty much telling him to move on with his life, like what Fei believes Rishu and everyone else would have wanted. Actually, Mei said it better this way with specifics on what to do like ‘make friends’, ‘make others know what happened’ and ‘starting a revolution through peaceful means to change the country’, rather than the generic ‘revenge won’t satisfy you etc, killing is bad, etc’. It does seem that even for such a short time, Mei made an impact on Xiang that he would listen to her and would even instinctively want to protect her in a critical situation. The latter part does show him as ‘Mei’s butler’ until the end..or at least, show that he isn’t that cold-hearted. Hehe, as usual, I’m amused with Mei’s way in resolving complicated issues. I wonder what bothered Kento at the near end..does it mean like Mei only thinks of Rihito as her butler since she is specifically addressing him or because Rihito doubts the possibility of what she wants. As for Irrfan, is nice for him to help out Mei even if Mei kind of depends on him for her ‘pocket money’. He also does seem to know her quite well that nothing can stop her when she has resolved on doing something. As for the climax, hehe, it turns out with all the chase in different countries, Mei’s birthday is already over. I guess choosing her husband-to-be on her birthday is already null and void. Could this be somehow deliberately done by Rihito, given how cunning the guy is? =P Scans by 深雪

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