January 15, 2013

Chitose, Etc [Last Chapter]

[Free Talk: After months had passed and the missing Chinese chapters were never uploaded so I’m skipping to the final chapter to give this series closure. From chapter 42, there are around 6-7[?] chapters afterwards. From the spoilers that I’ve read from jennyjule, what happened after chapter 42 was that Shun has realized that he likes Chitose. Chitose thinks that Shun’s actions are because of some lovers’ quarrel with Saaya. Later, Shun informs this realization to Saaya who decided to break up with him. Then, there is a scene of Saaya shopping with Chitose’s brother, Tadashi. I do not know if Shun actively chased after Chitose afterwards. There is only a scene of Chitose blushing upon seeing Shun half-naked. Hehe, jennyjule had most probably skipped the chapters that had Yuki in it because she likes Shun and she mentioned about losing interest in the series. ^^;]

At the clubroom, Yuki is worried about Chitose because it has been three days since he got in touch with Chitose through phone or texts. She isn’t going to school either when today is obviously the last activity for the school term. He was hoping that Chitose would immediately call him with her high pitch voice and he can no longer endure it. Shun asks Yuki if Chitose is alright. Yuki asks why. Shun says that it is because Chitose hasn’t been coming to school and she’s not replying to his texts, so is she sick. Yuki looks surprised that Shun happily asks if they had a quarrel since he [Yuki] didn’t know. =P Yuki denies it and says that it is only a little thing that has happened. Yuki asks Saaya if she heard from Tadashi. Saaya says no, and she hasn’t been in touch the past few days. Midoriko decides to call Chitose but the phone isn’t answered. Saaya offers her phone to Yuki so that he can call Tadashi to ask about Chitose since they are all worried. To his surprise, Tadashi tells him that Chitose is currently in Okinawa. At Okinawa, Chitose just visted her grandma. Then, she asks if she can borrow a cellphone. Her grandma refuses because as punishment for lying, she can’t have it during summer vacation. While walking home, Chitose wonders what Yuki is doing and did her brother properly contact him. Flashback: Tadashi told Chitose that it is no good for the whole thing is exposed to their family. Chitose is shock. He told her that as standard procedure, the school called their house and in the end, the entering showbiz lie is exposed. Their parents are very angry and their grandma is furious since she has been anticipating Chitose to become an actress and be in the television. Chitose wondered what to do. Tadashi suggested that they quickly go home to apologize. He’ll also accompany her. Chitose agreed with this idea. So, they bought tickets to Okinawa that night. They enthusiastically apologized and managed to be forgiven, thanks to Tadashi who covered up for Chitose. Because of some urgent work, Tadashi returned to Tokyo on the second day. She had asked Tadashi to inform Yuki because her cellphone has been confiscated. Tadashi said okay. Then, her mother made her stay in Okinawa since it is summer vacation anyway, and she has to be obedient to her grandma. Thinking that grandma has the highest authority, Chitose timidly agreed. End flashback.
Nevertheless, Chitose is quite happy to be back home. She thinks that it is in her Okinawa DNA that she searches for this feeling – comfortably walking at an unhurried pace. But then, Yuki isn’t there so can she endure not seeing him until September. She would want to hear his voice or at least, send a message. She thinks that in the end, she still wants to see him and stay at his side. Upon arriving home, she is surprised that everyone is there. She exclaims why. Yuki says that they heard from Tadashi. He explains that actually, he is prepared to go there alone but since it is summer vacation, the whole club decided to go. Midoriko exclaims that Subaru and Amika’s schedule are also free. Yuki laughs and asks if Chitose is surprised. Chitose blushes and hugs him. Everyone looks surprised. Then, Chitose apologizes to Shun for even if she needs to show that she’s strong but if it is for Yuki, it is fine with her. “If it isn’t Yuki-kun, it’s no good..!” Shun just says that he understands. After Midoriko and Kanata sweatdrop, Midoriko exclaims that it is finally out, Shun’s manly way of quitting. Shun didn’t reply. Subaru says that he has been struggling for such a long time. To diffuse the mood, Kanata suggests that they go sight-seeing. Amika happily says that they go to the aquarium to see the whale shark and manta rays. Midoriko and Kanata sweatdrop over her extreme reaction and she must really like aquariums. Later on, Amika and Subaruu are walking at the beach. Subaru says that the aquarium is really beautiful. Amika tells him that she always wanted to go there once. Then, she says that there is a hermit crab crawling on the sand. While they bend down to look at it, Amika says that it is cute and it turns out to make that kind of marks [on the sand]. Subaru looks at her and calls her name. She turns around and he kisses her on the lips. Amika blushes over that and asks what that is. Subaru says that in the end, it is like that. Embarrassed Amika kept on denying that she likes him but Subaru doesn’t look convinced. By the promenade, Saaya asks Shun if Chitose told him that it felt quite natural if she is with him. Shun says, yes. Saaya tells him that Chitose is obviously treating him as a friend. Shun says that he knows. He only wants to look into that a bit and there is a bit of result. Saaya says is that so and when Chitose is with him and the other club members, she had a lot of expressions but she is at her cutest when she is with Yuki. Shun admits that is true. He asks her how are things with Tadashi. Saaya tells him that they aren’t going steady and they are only friends. Shun asks if that is so. Saaya says yes, because until now, she likes him [Shun].
Shun looks surprised. He tells her that he is weak right now so he is moved by that. He asks her if she wants to go steady again. Saaya calls him stupid and she refuses. She tells him that right now, she refuses but until he had thoroughly forgotten Chitose, it isn’t bad for her to wait for him. Shun smiles and thanks her. Then, Shun sweatdrops when Saaya tells him not to make her wait too long for she won’t wait again. Sitting by the baywalk, Chitose learns that it was Yuki who called her brother. She pouts for she obviously told her brother to contact Yuki. Yuki says that Tadashi had been busy that he forgot, and he did apologize. Yuki comments that he is quite shock that she went to Tokyo because she wanted to be in showbiz. Blushing Chitose says that it is because she will not be permitted if she tells her family that she is going to chase after a guy but in the end, it is all exposed. Chitose says that a while ago, after her mother met him, she [mother] praises her for being amazing and even asked if he really wanted Chitose to be his girlfriend. Yuki laughs over this. Chitose happily says that she’ll introduce him to her grandma and she’ll absolutely be won over by him. Yuki smiles and says that it would be good if it is so. Chitose admits that she is a bit scared to chase after him before but her brother urged her on. Chitose asks him if he is saying the truth about not being frightened that he wants to cower away. To her dismay, Yuki says a bit. Upon seeing her expression, Yuki laughs and says that he is only teasing her, he won’t cower away. Yuki says that even if he is quite shock and he did do something bad but he is very happy. [<- probably referring to the stolen kiss] Chitose stares at him and says that he obviously said that he has forgotten. Yuki timidly apologizes. He seriously asks how he could forget, for those were probably because of the workings of his instinct to protect, telling himself that he cannot like her and at that time, he still has Saaya. “But, it’s really great that you were able to go over and chase [after me]. Thank you.” He happily kisses smiling Chitose’s head and they watch the sunset[?] together. Chitose thinks that it is fate that she met him at the Kokusai Dori/International Street. And, it seems that while in Tokyo, Tadashi is also about to encounter fate.. Tadashi had just passed his manuscript to his new female editor. He comments that she’s so cute so what’s her name. The black haired woman says, “Akaishi.” [<- Shun’s sister] After looking surprised, Tadashi asks if she has a younger brother. After a pause, the woman says that she does. Narration: “And, that is a separate story.” The end.
Comment: This ending is a bit corny and forced that the author deliberately made all of the characters end up with someone. Well, at least, we can say that everyone is happy, no one is left out except for Midoriko and Kanata. From what they are saying, it does seem that Shun has a tiny bit of hope but that is just resolved because Chitose misses Yuki the most. I don’t quite agree with Saaya’s observation that Chitose is at her cutest with Yuki because I think it is with Shun and they do have chemistry together. =P Yuki is indeed a ‘perfect’ boyfriend but as a character, he is a bit boring and seems to be a bit of a pushover. ^^; But still, it is good that it ended at Okinawa and this time, Yuki chasing after her so it comes in full circle. So, if Tadashi’s romance pushes through, Chitose and Shun would be in-laws. ^^; Overall, the series is good though the situations are a bit cliché. Chitose is quite likeable and cute as a lead character. It somewhat gone down the drain over the unbelievable ease for the couple to switch back to the ones they like after the hot spring trip. Somehow, I think that the author blundered when she made Shun more interesting than Yuki especially Shun’s back story. Shun’s interactions with Chitose are more fun to read, too. ^^; So, I’m imagining that the author tried to switch back to Yuki and I think it is too late since from what I read around, Shun fans seem to outnumber Yuki fans. The Subaru arc isn’t too interesting and the last arc is just giving a false hope to Chitose x Shun fans. ^^;; Or, according to jennyjule, maybe trying to pull up the ratings. =P Anyway, thanks for reading the summaries especially those who started reading this from the start. ^^ Scans by allwink

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