January 25, 2013

Stardust★Wink Side Story: Starting tomorrow, The Way to Become an Adult

Cover page: “Please don’t treat me like a kid! Because these feelings really exists!!” Narration: “Ichihara Beni (12 years old) currently in grade six. I look quite mature only because of the clothes I wear. It is because the person I like is older than me♥♥” While Sou is sweatdropping, Beni happily exclaims, “Sou, listen to what I have to say- Today, Beni is mistaken for a high school student that I was being hit on-!” Sou asks if she is lying low [/ambush] and waiting for him there [by the gate/elevator] again. Beni tells him that if she didn’t do this, she won’t be able to see him. Sou says that they can see each other since they live in the same apartment building. Narration: “Nagase Sou (15 years old) currently in third year junior high. This person is older than Beni and he is [my] secret love.” By the elevator, Beni asks Sou if he heard her, she was just being hit on, so isn’t he like jealous or something. Sou says compared to that, it is very dangerous to chitchat with some unknown person. Beni happily thinks that Sou is worried about her. Her smile freezes when Sou adds that even if her appearance is like a high schooler, but to sum it up, she is a brat. Narration: “But it is always like this, days wherein he would only think of me as a kid and not as a girl.” Later in the house, Beni’s mother scolds Beni for leaving the carrots and green peppers again. She told Beni to eat it all up. Beni groans. Her mother tells Beni not to be picky with food. “Starting next year, you’ll be a junior high student, right? You’re no longer a child so eat it all up!” Beni whines over people looking in the inside rather than the appearance, so is that making Sou treat her like a kid. “If Sou likes me, whether it is carrots or green peppers, I will eat it all up~~” Mashiro smirks. Beni says that he smiled just now. Reading the newspaper, Mashiro says that is quite rude and it is because it is quite foolish. Beni screams at her mother over why her brother is home again. Her mother asks if it is bad to come home during the year end. Beni exclaims no, he is always coming home, are college students this free [/got nothing to do]. Mashiro tells Beni that he’ll teach her a way on how to make her heart [inner being] become like an adult. Curious Beni asks what that is and is there a way. Mashiro says that of course, there is. Beni asks him to teach her. Dark Mashiro tells her that she has to accept the fact that no matter how much she tries, she also cannot attain that love, and [she ought to] give up. “If you are able to do this, then you will become an adult.” Beni is shock. She starts to cry and calls out to her mother that brother, he.. Their mother scolds Mashiro and asks if he is really an adult.
At school, Beni is still angry over her stupid moron brother whom she hates the most. A couple of her friends ask Beni if she wants to go out together to buy Christmas gifts tomorrow since it is Saturday. Beni wants to go, too. She asks if it is gifts for exchange gift. The light haired girl says that aside from that, she wants to give the person she likes, a gift this year. Beni brightens up and exclaims that’s great. She thinks that she will absolutely not give up and she’ll also give a gift to Sou. As Beni is paying the bus fare, her friends are already going down the bus. They are saying that they’ll stroll around LOFT. After Beni dropped 200 yen coins, the bus driver calls out to her that she didn’t pay enough because only elementary students can buy student tickets. He thinks Beni is a third year junior high student, and not an elementary student. Her friends couldn’t believe that it is only Beni whom the driver had a mistake with. To her friends’ surprise, Beni played along by apologizing that the money isn’t enough, so she’ll be careful. At the store, Beni is really happy to be mistaken as a third year junior high student since she’ll be the same with Sou. Her friends tell her not to waste money and buy the student ticket on the way back home. Beni wonders what will she give Sou this Christmas for she gave him a phone strap on his birthday. Then, she wonders what Sou’s plans for Christmas and could it be, celebrating it with Anna and others. There is a scene of Sou celebrating his 15th birthday with Anna and Hinata. Trembling Beni angrily thinks that she couldn’t forgive Anna for getting carried away just because Sou had a favorable impression on her. Then, her friends tell Beni that this one is cute. It is cats with different colors depending on what kind of ‘luck’ it bestows and it is kind of like a charm. To her friends’ surprise, Beni exclaims that she wants to buy that for Sou’s Christmas gift. She decides to buy a cat which is ‘graduation good luck’ since Sou is preparing for exams [for high school entrance]. She thinks that the one she chose during his birthday is what she likes, so would Sou be happy with this one. Her friends wonder if it is okay to give a guy such a cute keychain. At the bus, her friends got off first. Then, it is her stop. After she pays, the bus driver says that it isn’t enough. To her surprise, it is the same driver earlier. Deciding to buy the adult ticket again, she just apologizes to the driver that she had unconsciously.. She thinks that it can’t be helped but to her surprise, she doesn’t have enough money. The driver urges her to hurry up since she’s obstructing the people at the back. This made Beni confess that she is actually an elementary student and she lied about being an adult so let her buy the child ticket. The driver didn’t believe her so Beni insists that it is true. He asks her which junior high is she in and at the end of the bus stop, he’ll contact her guardian. Freaking out, Beni wonders what to do. To her surprise, Sou drops more money for two adults. Sou apologizes for his younger sister in giving trouble to others. He’ll pay for the fare so please drop today’s incident. Beni is quite happy for it is Sou.
While walking home, Sou says that it’s quite noisy. Beni thanks him. She says that she didn’t think that he was riding on the same bus so it is a blessing in disguise but she isn’t his younger sister because if she is, they can’t get married. Aghast Sou just says is that so. She asks him if he is going to celebrate Christmas together with Anna and others, and can she go with them. She is surprised when Sou says that there are no plans. Beni thinks that this is quite unexpected for the three are always together ,and it seems that lately, she hasn’t been seeing the three doing things together. In front of her apartment, Beni’s mother is scolding Beni over what she is doing, she is reaping what she sows and she even involved others. Beni’s mother apologizes to Sou and says that she’ll pay him back the money. Sou thanks her. Sou bids Beni goodbye and tells her to take care. Beni tells him to wait for it isn’t easy for them to meet. Beni’s mother tells her that she should be the one to stop for she isn’t finished lecturing her. Beni says that she knows already, it isn’t a big deal, she won’t lie again and not pay.. Her mother shouts for her to stop while she’s ahead because the money she used isn’t hers, it is the money that her father worked hard for and she is wasting it over such a willful reason. “Even if you look like an adult, you are actually a child. This won’t change even if you spend money to buy the adult ticket.” Beni tearfully shouts back that she [mother] just said that she ‘has grown up’ so why is she changing her mind over it. Beni’s mother angrily shouts if she is nitpicking. To Beni’s surprise, her mother punishes her by stop giving her pocket money, she cannot go out aside from school activities and she can’t have this. Her mother takes the package from her hand. Beni shouts that she can’t. Her mother asks why not, and quickly go to her room and reflect over what she did. She starts crying that her mother is a scoundrel. Soon, it is Christmas. By the parking lot, Beni is making a small snow man. She tearfully thinks that it is obviously Christmas and yet, she wasn’t able to get the gift back, didn’t give Sou anything, wasn’t able to exchange gifts with her friends and she can’t go anywhere. She is surprised when Sou, together with Hinata, asks what she is doing there, playing snow, all by herself. She asks where he is going. Sou tells her that he’ll go bowling with Hinata to relax a bit before studying for the exams. Beni exclaims that she wants to go, too. Sou asks what she is talking about for isn’t she currently grounded that she can’t go out. Shocked Beni asks how he knew. Hinata says that he also heard that her pocket money has been frozen. Sou tells Beni that the information network within the apartment building is quite scary. Beni says that her mother is quite mean for not returning the Christmas gift that she is going to give to him. Sou says that he doesn’t want it for surely, it is another cute little thing so why don’t she use it instead. Beni exclaims no, for this time, it is.. Sou interrupts by saying that kids should just sincerely take gifts.
As the two guys walk away, Beni felt like crying but she doesn’t want to cry now or else, she will be treated like a kid. While she tries to stop herself from crying, Sou notices that she is already on the verge of tears. They are surprised when Beni starts to run off. Beni thinks that it is already enough, for being like this is truly childish. “Anyway, I’m a kid and I also know it up to this extent. But Sou is always walking ahead. Like this, I cannot just slowly go on.” By the playground, she recalls Sou finding her and showing her that the cellphone strap she gave him on his birthday is already on his cellphone. Beni starts bawling out loud. She thinks that she doesn’t look like an elementary student but she isn’t a kid anymore, and yet she is still a kid, she already doesn’t understand what she ought to do and anyway, no matter what, she and Sou.. She stops crying when Sou says that it is like a child crying in a drawing, even if it suits her more than [when she’s] enduring. Beni screams that anyway, she’s a kid. To her surprise, Sou says that he won’t be play bowling today, instead, he’ll play with snow so does she want to play, too? So, what does she want to play: make a snow man, make an igloo or a snow fight? Beni says that he is treating her like a kid again when he is just 3 years older than her. Sou asks if she is saying that she doesn’t want to play, well, too bad, goodbye. This made Beni honestly shout that she wants to play. Sou smiles back at her. Sou says that they go back home. Beni grabs his hand. While holding hands as they walk back, Beni asks if Anna is also going to play with them. Sou says that if it is Anna, she won’t come. She asks what’s up lately, did they quarrel, and if they did, it is better to reconcile quick. Sou says that is right and it is better to tell that to Hinata and Anna for it has nothing to do with him. Beni asks if that is true. Sou says that both Anna and Hinata are unexpectedly frank towards strange things when they obviously mutually like each other. Beni looks surprised at Sou. She thinks that even if she said that there is only three years of difference, but it felt like that three years is a huge difference. “Because Sou seems quite mature. ..Does Sou know the way to become an adult.” She recalls what her brother told her about accepting the fact that no matter how much one tries, one cannot attain that love and gives up. Later on, Beni is hiding by the apartment’s post and notices that Sou is coming. Narration: “If one must definitely give up in order to become an adult, it is still quite far off for Beni to become an adult.” There is a scene of her mother giving the package back and told Beni to give it to Sou since it is for him. And, on the handle of Sou’s bag is a small cat keychain. Beni happily smiles. She calls out to him and says that is a super cute bag. Sou says that she has come out, the elementary student stalker. Narration: “But one day, I’ll properly grow up but right now, I’m still a kid, the Beni who still likes Sou’s everything, the most♥”
Comment: This is a nice side story. It seems that Stardust Wink’s side stories tend be about unrequited love but for Beni’s case, she isn’t giving up just yet. We’ll never know if she did later on because after the trio became high schoolers, she didn’t seem to appear anymore. I guess the author is leaving that up to our imagination. Or at least, it is more or less hinted because this is already the second Beni x Sou side story, though the other one is very short. I really think that it would have been fun if Beni is still in the story and make things fun if she goes against Aya. She would have given Aya a girl fight which Anna couldn’t. Well, as proven, Sou is such a nice guy even to the point of using the cutie things that Beni gave him and going after her since she’s crying. It seems that he also have a soft spot for her. ^^ Seeing Mashiro here made me realize how I missed his character. I like the interactions even Beni’s strict mother. Sigh..I can only shake my head over what happened in the last arc of this series..oh well. Scans by allwink

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