January 26, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 4-5]

Himari is happily smiling. Keita is grumpily pouting. Their puzzled parents look at each other. Shigeru, the father, says that they’ll leave it up to them to take care of the house while they are away for a few days. Himari happily tells them okay. She tells her mother, Keiko, to happily have fun during their honeymoon and don’t worry about the house. Keita still looks gloomy. Keiko grabs Himari’s sleeve and reminds her to properly get along with Keita. Himari exclaims geez, their relationship is quite good. While noticing Keita angrily pouting, Keiko can only say is that so, then she’ll be at ease. Their parents say that they are going and they’ll leave things up to them these three days. Himari happily says okay, take care on your way. Outside, the parents wonder if something happened between those two for they are always at loggerheads with each other but then, Keita always gives one that kind of feeling. Soon, at the bathroom, Himari is happily fixing her hair for today, she is unexpectedly going on a date with Ryou so for now, she won’t care about having to live alone with Keita for 3 days. She thinks that during the bowling before, they have exchange contact numbers and Ryou asked her about watching the movie together. Flashback: Ryou asked Himari, which movie she hasn’t watched yet, and want to go watch the movie since he doesn’t have club activity. Himari happily thinks that it is the first date of her life and who would have thought Ryou took the initiative. Keita puts his feet up on the door and asks her if she is going to watch the movie with that guy and what she will do if he won’t let her go. This frightens Himari for he is going to do that kind of mean thing. Trying to push his leg away, Himari tells him that it is her decision whether to go or not, and Ryou is waiting for her. This irritates Keita who finally put down his leg. He tells her that he forgot to say that Ryou doesn’t like her meatball [hair up in a bun] hairstyle like now. This made Himari quickly go to fix it. Keita sticks out his tongue and mutters that he is obviously deceiving her. While letting her hair down, Himari whines over going back to her original hairstyle when she wanted a change of appearance. She wonders if this is Keita’s way of helping her. At the living room, she happily turns around and says that like he suggested, she changed her hairstyle. This made Keita more irritated. He starts coughing that Himari asks if he has a cold. Keita says that she’s annoying and it is none of her business. He urges her to quickly go to Ryou and she’s a hindrance. This irritates her since she is simply worried about him as a family member. She quickly goes out, glances at him and thinks that she shouldn’t have worried about him. After she left, Keita turns off the television. He complains over having a headache. He takes out his cellphone and plans to call his girlfriend, Yuri. Lying on the bed, he decides not to call Yuri since it would be noisier if she comes, and it will be fine if he just goes to sleep since it has always been like that.
Soon, it is 16:23. At the restaurant, Ryou asks Himari if she is worried about something since she looks that way from the start. Thinking that she is a bit worried about Keita who seems to have a cold, Himari tells Ryou that actually, a family member seems to have a serious cold this morning, and her mother isn’t around so she is a bit worried.. She stands up and apologizes for going ahead because she is really worried. She apologizes again and thanks him for inviting her to watch the movie. To her surprise, Ryou smiles at her. Himari hurriedly returns home and exclaims if Keita is okay. She finds him by sitting by the floor near the sofa. He looks quite ill. He is surprised when she calls out to him. Himari exclaims that it turns out to be a bad cold so why didn’t he tell her about it. Hitting her hand away, Keita declares that it is useless even if he tells her and anyway, she has a date with Ryou so it is fine for him to be alone. He calls her annoying for not sincerely worrying about him. This made Himari shout at him that of course, she is sincerely worried about him for they are already family so don’t say that it is fine for him to be alone when he can also depend on his family members. Himari thinks that their parents aren’t around so she has to take care of him. She tells him that it seems that he has a fever so can he go lie down at his bedroom. Keita says that he can’t stand up so lend him her shoulder. Soon, Himari is tired after helping Keita go to his bedroom but then, this is really like what an older sister would do. Seeing him cough, Himari thinks that it seems to be quite serious and Keita probably couldn’t depend on his father before in times like this, so from today on, she’ll have to take care of him as his sister. She asks him if he needs anything. Keita starts to ask her for all sorts of things like convenient store’s popsicle stick, get the newly released manga, and changing the cold pack on his head since it isn’t cold anymore. While seeing her busy, Keita smiles [kind of teasing way]. Soon, tired Himari asks if there is anything else. He didn’t reply so she tells him that she’ll be in the other room so if something’s up, call her.. She is surprised when he suddenly holds her hand and asks her to temporarily stay there and anyway, she isn’t going to do anything else. Himari says that it is inevitable.. She thinks that since she is the older sister, during this time, she has to silently do what he wants. Soon, it is 8:16 in the morning. Keita wakes up. Removing the cold pack from his forehead, he sits up and says that it is already morning. He feels quite better now. He is surprised that he is holding hands with Himari who is fast asleep by his bed. He blushes and quickly pulls away his hand. He exclaims why this girl is in his bedroom and even holding his hand. Then, he nervously recalls that he was the one who wanted to hold her hand. He looks at Himari then slowly holds her hand again. He asks sleeping Himari that for her to always hold his hand, is she an idiot, he didn’t ask her to always stay by his side.
At school, the results of the English exams are being distributed. Himari trembles over her 35 grade. She couldn’t believe it when she properly studied. She becomes nervous if Keita sees it...she will be treated like an idiot. Then, Keita looks at her and asks her what her grade is. Himari just smiles and says that it is average. Keita is suspicious. He calls out that Ryou is calling her. Looking away, she asks where. To her surprise, Keita grabs her test paper. He starts laughing over how awesome her grade is and it can’t be called average. Himari angrily thinks that he shouldn’t have made it into a laughing matter. She notices that she is getting along with Keita more smoothly lately and could it be that they are gradually becoming like family. A couple of girls who are holding gifts approach Keita and greet him a happy birthday. They say that these are gifts for him and after consulting with everyone, they are going to have a birthday party for him after school today so can he come. Keita says that he’ll go. He looks at Himari and says that he has a birthday party today so does she wants to come too? Just when he is saying that it is rare for someone like him to invite her-, Himari flatly refuses because she can’t go. She stands up and tells him that she has something urgent thing to do today after school. As Himari left, the girls ask what’s up with Himari’s attitude and it is best that she didn’t come. After recovering from his shock, Keita gets angry over Himari’s reaction when it was rare for him to invite her, and she would dare reject it. Soon, it is night. While walking home, Keita can’t stop grumbling over Himari rejecting his invitation so he gets home, he’ll-- He is surprised to see the house all dark and quiet. He grumpily looks at the side and thinks that Himari hasn’t come home yet. He recalls the time when he was young, his mother who always ignore him and he is all by himself with a birthday gift. He looks a bit tense. He enters the house and thinks that after his father re-married, it is still the same. “By the way, where could have that idiot gone to..” Himari is surprised to hear some footsteps. When Keita opens the door to the dining room, Himari pops a party popper and greets him a happy birthday. Keita is shock that she is there.
He asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she is preparing his birthday party. She happily asks if he was surprised and just now, it is a confirmation that he is surprised. She turns around to say that she made the house all dark since she didn’t know when he is coming back so it is enough for her to wait for his return. Keita says that isn’t what he is saying.. Himari happily tells him that she prepared all of this- cake and food. Surprised Keita says, so, today she.. Himari tells him that didn’t she tell him before that it is because she and her mother has always been living alone so she is very good in cooking. Keita is quite speechless. Himari asks if he doubts her that is why he is silent, well, it is quite delicious. Looking away Keita says is that so, but it can’t be helped since she made it for him to eat. Himari pouts and says that she can’t stand it, for him to say those things. As he watches her walk away, Keita somewhat blushes. Then, their parents arrive and apologize for coming home late. Himari goes to greet them. They say that they bumped into each other midway. Keita smiles over this. While Shigeru praises Himari, Himari is shock that Keita is already eating the icing of the cake. While eating, Keita asks what’s up with his father to keep on smiling like that. His father comments that he has grown up again. This made Keita blush a bit. Himari thinks that it is quite happy for everyone to be all gathered together and it will be great if this kind of scenario would always continue. While happily walking at the second floor hallway, Himari thinks that it is great that the family can celebrate the birthday together, and it looks like Keita is quite happy...no, super happy. Suddenly, someone grabs her and pulls her inside the room. Covering her mouth, Keita says that today, she worked hard to deceive him. Turning around, she tells him that it is inevitable since she is planning to keep today’s birthday party a secret. He is displeased over stupid Himari deceiving him and driving him around in circles. Himari couldn’t believe that he is angry because of her. Himari asks why, he was happy wasn’t he. To her delight, Keita thanks her for today. She is puzzled when Keita says that to add the unhappiness, as a return favor, he will always supervise her studies until the midterm exams. Himari tells him that there’s no need for that but Keita asks back if she is objecting over his decision. Himari couldn’t answer back.
Soon, while Himari is writing on a notebook, Keita orders her to write everything and concentrate. Himari thinks that it wasn’t easy for their sibling relationship to take a good turn, so isn’t this like how it was before, and is this really returning a favor for the birthday party. Then, she glances at Keita. She looks down and wonders what this situation is, for she suddenly feels nervous. She decides to concentrate. Then, Keita asks what happened to this side [of what she is writing]. She says that she didn’t know. So, he ends up scolding her again. And, back at school, Himari smiles over her midterm grades which is really average now. Keita grabs her report card and asks until when she is going to look at it. He tells her that after teaching her himself, this is her grades but then, thanks to him, she didn’t fail. Himari whispers to him not to always say ‘thanks to me’ in school for what if someone overhears it- Then, from the window, Keita sees a girl waiting by the gate. It is already school dismissal. Keita realizes that it is Ryou’s girlfriend. He is surprised when Himari exclaims that she found Ryou. Himari is looking out the window and wonders if there is club activity today. To her surprise, Keita immediately pulls the curtains to the side. Keita also looks surprised. Himari exclaims what he is doing when it isn’t easy for her to see Ryou and don’t startled her like that. Keita glances out the window again. The girl is no longer at the gate. Keita says that if it is Ryou, he is no longer there. Standing up, Himari says, geez and it is almost time for her to go home, too. Then, Keita wonders why he hid that a while ago and wouldn’t it be better to let it be seen by Himari.
Comment: In a way, it is a bit realistic that both guys currently have a girlfriend. After all, they are good looking and popular. It is still unknown though if Ryou had already broke up with his girlfriend. If not, I hope he does it soon or else, he is currently two-timing. Since he claims that his relationship is already on the rocks, I guess that would be easier to deal with rather than Keita’s possessive girlfriend. Well, unless, Ryou’s girlfriend wants to work things out. In the long run, it might be better for him not to break up with her if he still likes her because from the looks of it, Himari might start falling for Keita and vice-versa. Keita’s pride must have taken a slight beating over how Himari managed to pull off his surprise birthday party. Given his personality, he is tormenting-helping her in her studies so that’s a win-win thing for him. =P I guess with those stuff and taking care of him while he’s sick, that will make those two closer. Of course, it is not yet to the point of thinking each other in a romantic way. I do wonder if Keita acts like a spoiled brat to get attention is partly because of his past of being alone and ignored. Anyway, I’m curious what will Keita do next – let Himari know the truth or hide it from her? From the last part, it seems that he instinctively tried to hide the truth, so that she won’t be hurt[?]. If that is so, it shows that he is really starting to care for her. Scans by allwink

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