January 7, 2013

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 49] -Fin-

Cover page: “Tears flowed, and also got angry, there are times when [we] still quarrel but in the end, it’s always SMILE & PEACE Thank you everyone for always supporting” Sou had just told Anna that no matter what, he wants Anna, and since she said that he can only think of himself, then, he won’t give in again.. Anna is surprised when Sou leans toward her to kiss her. She thinks, “Eh, what is going on? What is Sou saying? In the end, all of the things that Ayane-chan said are true? Ah, right now, Sou still likes me? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. And, what I said about ‘only thinking more of yourself’ didn’t imply this kind of meaning at all. Huh? This meaning? But, ah, if I don’t obstruct it at all and make my body react is also a way to resolve this.. Wrong, wrong, how can that be--.. *remembers Hinata*” To her surprise, Sou pinches her cheek and says, “Do not really freeze-up like that, idiot. During this time, you should shout out loud ‘How Gro-ss’ and then use your foot to kick me away. *walks away and sighs* Ah, that subtle prepare to fight stance is an expression of resistance, right? *stunned Anna is holding up her closed fists* It’s also quite difficult to understand. Like this, even if it is a forced kiss, it is also hard and unbearable for you to say, ‘I’ve already resisted!’ to dispute it. Geez.” Anna nervously asks, “Ah.. Question please.. I’m still thinking whether or not, it is like that.. just now is..” Sou lamely says that it is acting. “Hey you, if you think that a guy who has already been rejected once will continue on liking the same girl, then that is a grave mistake, okay? Do not treat what I said as real. How humiliating.” Anna goes into shock. Angrily pointing at him, Anna shouts that he’s a detestable guy. “What is that acting! When did you start acting!!” Sou just says that it is up to her to imagine it. Anna shouts for him not to joke around up to that extent for she is truly distressed. “That being the case, do not act by going around in circles and shouldn’t it be okay for you to just straightforwardly tell me from the start!!” Sou calls her stupid for there are things that have to be acted out for one to understand. “‘Anna can’t kiss me’ that is such a simple answer. *picks up the tea drink she dropped* Even if you were confused by Ayane and say that you like me, but in the end, what up’s with that. *hands her the drink* Here, you’ve dropped this.” Anna remembers Hinata who gave her that drink. She says, “..but..” Sou asks if she still has something to say. Starting to cry, Anna asks what is then, that feeling she has for him, because she isn’t being confused [by Anna] and that kind of feeling truly existed. Sou tells her that is ‘childhood friend complex’.
Since Anna didn’t know what that is, Sou explains that it is like a ‘brother complex’ and it is a new word that he invented. It isn’t quite the same as ‘brother complex’ because it isn’t about true brothers or perhaps parents, it is only ambiguously that it isn’t quite understood. Anna asks is that so. Sou shouts that is right, and don’t make him waver again. Anna is surprised by this. Turning around, Sou bids her goodbye and says that if she understands, then quickly go to Hinata and clearly state her feelings. After thinking, Anna turns around and tries to call Sou. “Thank you.” Still walking away, Sou just waves his hand in acknowledgement. Anna felt like crying. She thinks, “I’m sorry. Thank you.” That night, while in the bath, Anna thinks, “I’m really terrible. In the end, I’ve tormented[/toss around] Sou again. *slaps self* I have to pull myself together. Next, I’m going to tell Hinata my feelings!! I’ll definitely do it at tomorrow’s cultural festival!! I cannot continue on making Hinata wait--.. *remembers Sou telling her that it is a grave mistake to think that after being rejected, a guy would continue on liking the same girl* Huh? That means.. Eh? It feels that those words also describe Hinata.. If I sincerely think about it, it’s the same.. It is a fact that we broke up. And Hinata also didn’t say ‘I’ll wait for you’ type of words.. *gloomy* Ah, am I stupid? Why do I only considering my own feelings as if Hinata would definitely accept it when obviously, there is no guarantee at all--..” And, it is finally the day of the cultural festival. The fangirls want to take a picture of Snow White Sou and Queen Stepmother Hinata for they are beautiful and cute, skirt suits them, and they want pictures of them together and solo ones. Sou mutters what they plan to do with the pictures afterwards. Looking at Hinata, Anna frowns and thinks that she has already forgotten that Hinata is very popular with girls so even if he broke up with her, there are many girls who would want to go steady with him. “Even if there is no guarantee, but there is no time to worry about this. I have to quickly tell Hinata my feelings!!” Anna shouts, “Hinata, can you come here for a moment!” Standing in front of her, Hinata asks what it is. Anna is dazzled that Hinata is more beautiful when he’s near that she asks if he is Hinata. Holding up his hand, Hinata tells her that he is Hinata. Hinata says that the power of fake eyelashes and contact lens are quite great for his face didn’t look the same at all and the one in charge of the make-up helped him out. Looking around, she thinks that it isn’t quite reassuring because even if she is going to take this opportunity to talk with him but it isn’t quite suitable to talk about it while in the classroom. Just when she is going to say that she has something to tell him, Hinatainterrupts by calling out to Anna and says regarding the last scene, is it okay to add in the Snow White and Prince kissing scene. Anna goes into !?</p>
Hinata says that after the stage rehearsal, he is always thinking that looking at the play as a whole, it felt a bit weak for without the kissing scene, it always feel that it isn’t climactic enough. “I have heard from Nanoka that Nagase-kun and Ayane had already broken up. Then, there’s no need to have any apprehensions about it.” Anna nervously laughs and says that isn’t this proposal too sudden and everyone would be mixed-up if they change it at this time. She thinks, “And also, there is my and Hinata’s situation. At such a delicate time, you would unexpectedly talk about my and Sou’s kissing scene. I beg you to spare me!!” Thinking, Hinata< says that in the end, there is a problem but without the kissing scene, the audience would feel that it is hanging[/left suspended] so if only doing the kissing scene here cannot done.. Hinata says that there ought to be no problem because except for the last scene, all the other scenes won’t be changed and it won’t make everyone get mixed-up over it. “Since you, who are in-charge-of the script, thinks that way, then shouldn’t it be better to do it in accordance to what you propose?” While Anna looks surprised, Hinata shouts if that is true, then it can be added. Hinata tells him that it is okay if he confirms this with Sou.. Hinata quickly runs and calls out to Sou. Looking at Hinata, Hinata says that Hinata turns into someone else during this kind of time, and for him to worry about the audience’s satisfaction that he won’t compromise anything, he’s quite professional. Anna lamely laughs and says that is right, Hinata is a professional author and how is it possible for the author’s proposal to be wrong. Noticing something is wrong, he calls out to her but she prepares to leave by saying that she is going to change into her costume and they’ll talk again later. He grabs her wrist and upon seeing her looking troubled [/on the verge of tears] puzzled Hinata asks what’s up. Anna says that it is nothing. Sou and Hinata is already looking at them. Anna pulls her hand from Hinata and tells him that everything is fine so don’t look at her. Hinata looks stunned. Soon, it is announced that the third performance, Snow White from section 1-5 is about to start. Backstage, everyone is busy for they only have 3 minutes before it starts. The dwarf actors are asking where their position is and someone is asking about the lighting. Anna is looking glum and thinking that she’s such an idiot. “While we are going steady, Hinata didn’t oppose the kissing scene. And today, I’m unexpectedly quite shock. On my own, feeling Hinata’s words is quite far away.. On my own, hurting other people.. How humiliating.. Hinata would also think that it’s hard to understand.. *notices Sou calling Hinata* Ah, Hinata and Sou had made up. That’s great.. *sees Sou whispering something to Hinata who looks surprised* Huh? What’s up just now..”
Hinata calls out to Anna and tells her regarding the kissing scene he mentioned, even if they are doing this, it would be easily exposed if it isn’t a direct kiss and that will damper the audience’s reaction so remember to get close as possible as if almost taking advantage of touching.. He freaks out when Anna is already giving him a vicious look. While the audience is clapping as the curtain opens, Anna thinks that she doesn’t care what the audience feels or thinks, it’s fine whatever it is. During the play, Snow White Sou nervously smiles when the dwarf says that ‘she’s quite strong. Aya is watching among the audience. Anna thinks that because she had a dispute with Sou yesterday, it made her quite sensitive right now about whether to kiss or not. “I really want to go home--” Soon, Prince Anna is asking the dwarves what happened and why is Snow White sleeping in the coffin. They tell ‘him’ that Snow White was tricked into eating a poisoned apple and in order to wake ‘her’ up, she must have a kiss from someone who truly loves ‘her’. “Prince, please save Princess Snow White!” Anna lamely saying how pitiful Snow White is and please wake up for ‘he’ is going to offer ‘his’ love-- Then, Anna’s eyes widen in surprise for it is Hinata lying on the coffin as Snow White. The audience wonders if Anna forgot her lines because she stopped midway. The dwarves are also surprised as to why it is Hinata but then, he is still wearing the queen stepmother’s wig. One of the dwarves tells Anna to continue her lines. Anna is hesitating but Hinata winks at her and gestures for her to ‘keep it a secret’ = pointing finger on lips. Anna looks surprised. She continues her lines, “Princess Snow White, can you forgive me for being late? Please wake up with my loving kiss--..” With that, Anna kisses Hinata on the lips. The audience is moved by this. Nanoka is shock while watching the kiss. Hinata is shock to see Sou, wearing his uniform, still at the backstage. After looking onstage, Sou smiles. Later on, Sou is by the window, eating a corndog [hotdog coated in batter on a stick]. Some girls are saying that the Snow White play is quite interesting but who is playing Snow Whie, he is definitely a good looking guy. The other girl says that it is Sou, doesn’t she know? And, he is handsome to death. But then, in the end, it is someone else and they truly kissed. It’s a strong and long kiss. Sou smiles over this. Aya passes by and tells Sou good job on the play. She says that in the end, that Snow White is Hinata and the one who incited it is Sou. After looking surprised, Sou denies it by saying who knows. Aya says that always until the end, he is taking care of them [Anna & Hinata] and it is okay for him not to mind them, doing this strenuous ‘currying favor’ things. While Sou just quietly smiles and waves his corndog, Aya smiles and says that it is because of this that Anna got snatched away. “But, I really like that side about you. How about going steady with me again?” Sou replies, “Hahaha. No.” Aya whines, what- 
Anna and Hinata are quietly sitting by the staircase, which seems to be near the roof. The two are currently feeling embarrassed. Anna starts by saying, “About that.. I’m really sorry that because of my indecision, I’ve made you feel uneasy..” Hinata looks at her and gloomily says, “It’s very hard to forgive you.. *Anna goes into shock and starts to panic* Actually, it isn’t like I have no fault in it and it is only because I’m not honest[/blunt] because from the start, I really hated your and Sou’s kissing scene. *Anna looks surprised and looks relieved.* What are you smiling about? I still haven’t forgiven you.” Anna is in shock again. With her head down, Anna gloomily asks, “Can I ask what should I do for you to forgive me..” Hinata says, “.. About that.. If you kiss me once again, I’ll forgive you.” After looking stunned, blushing Anna exclaims in surprise and says about that.. Looking away, Hinata says, if she hates it then forget about it. Fretting Anna stands up and says that she’ll do it, let her have a go at it, ah, but how.. Hinata is somewhat laughing for he is only teasing her. Anna says, “Then.. then, please close your eyes.” Blushing Hinata looks at her, and thinks, “Ah, she’s really going to kiss me.” Hinata closes his eyes and says, “Okay.” Anna looks at him. She bends down and kisses him on the lips. Hinata looks at her as she slightly backs away from embarrassment. Hinata kisses her forehead. She touches her forehead and looks at smiling Hinata. Then, Hinata kisses her. Narration: “I never thought that the first thing I meet upon birth is the person/s who is[/are] always with me. We went to a place together. We passed the same path together.” It is morning and Anna exclaims that she’s going. Her mother tells her to take care. As Anna walks at the hallway, yawning Sou is downstairs by the building door. Sou tells Hinata that he is tired and for today, what the first subject is. Hinata says isn’t it biology. Sou says ya, how depressing. Hinata says but he prepared for the lesson. Just when Sou says that he did, Anna arrives and greets the two a good morning. Hinata greets her back a good morning. Sou says that she’s too slow and they might not able to catch the train. Anna happily smiles and exclaims how about they run to the station. The two boys simultaneously reply, “Don’t want to.” Narration: “And also, [towards] our future.” The end.
Comment: And, thankfully, the ending is Anna x Hinata or else, what the heck all those chapters before this last arc is for. I guess it is pretty much what Masshiro had hinted on but the author still led us in circles..teasing Anna x Sou’s fans, making Hinata fans falter..and like what Anna told Sou, enough of going around in circles and get straight to the point..the author ended the series. ^^; I’m still not quite convinced over Anna resolving her indecision just because Sou and the others said so but I guess, it is resolved because in the end, it isn’t about Anna being okay that she is kissed by someone..it is more on being able to kiss the one she likes. Of course, it proves to be Hinata. Still, I feel it is a bit rushed in a way but somehow the last chapter is not bad at all. At least we got two Anna kissing Hinata scenes so I guess it is somewhat enough for me to say, okay, she does love him after all. Somehow about Hinata saying that a kissing scene is needed, I think that is partly the author saying that a kissing scene in the last chapter is needed to make the readers satisfied. =P Well those Anna x Hinata scenes are cute and sweet. As for Sou’s so-called acting, I think part of it is true since he slipped that Anna is making him waver. I guess she can’t really kick him or anything because he is still her friend, unlike her first boyfriend. Obviously, Anna’s thought process is quite slow. ^^; She is still thinking over things and she is already going to be kissed. ^^;; Anyway, Sou is cool and nice to help fix things with those two and of course, fufu, rejecting Aya. Somehow, it does seem that Sou and Hinata switch roles because before, Hinata is the one trying to get Sou and Anna together but it didn’t work out because Anna is actually in love with him/Hinata. So, I guess being best friends and all, Sou is kind of returning the favor and it works because Anna actually likes Hinata. In the end, everything ends the same way it started, they are off to school together. 

So, overall, I think this series has potential and it could have been better but apparently, the author isn’t going for it like what I’ve wanted to. The ending does seem abrupt and Anna’s confusion and indecisiveness about the two guys at this last arc is not really good for her as a character. She stupidly hurt a lot of people, easily get tricked by others and even in the end, it seems that she is still the same as in the start. I would have hoped that she would mature a bit. The two guys are at their best when helping Anna or each other except when they are with the ‘other hindrance girl’. It’s great indeed that they are still good friends whoever Anna ends up with..but in a way, this ending seems like Anna is still a lucky girl to have both guys at her side. =P After the Mari arc and Hinata went to their school, I hoped that the two HINATAs interacted more, Sou find some better girl or at least Beni vs Ayane, Anna lovey-dovey with Hinata, etc but obviously that didn’t happen. Someone in baidu mentioned, the selling point of this manga is the love triangle so it will be resolved at the end..true enough, that happened. Unless of course, as the other readers pointed out, this author has a ‘bad habit’ of ending her series this way – ends when the lead girl decides which guy she really likes. I would have wanted more ‘growing up’ stuff. So, I would recommend this series to those who loves love triangles and isn’t quite annoyed with indecisive somewhat stupid yet spunky lead girl. =P Hehe, well, I’m not too annoyed because I have read female leads who are more stupid and indecisive than Anna. =P But, I did enjoy the series and is surprised that the author made Anna end up with the guy whom I thought would unlikely to get the girl. Hehe, she did made me think that last minute switch is possible ^^; I wonder if she has been already planned to end this series at the cultural festival arc or it is just sudden since Anna being indecisive is no good. I do have some hunch that the series might not be doing well in Japan because there had been no colored pages lately, unlike before. Their Ribon free computer wallpapers has no Stardust Wink in the past year either. Well, the author seems to have a 2-part short story coming up soon. Anyway, thank you for reading this series especially those who read it ever since I’ve summarized it from chapter 1 at pitas. Scans by allwink汉化组

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