January 8, 2013

Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 4]

An elderly priest looks aghast and exclaims, “Your Eminence--!!? Ca Ca Cardinal Haseney. Where has His Eminence went to.. Wha..what am I to do..!?” Helping him sit down, A younger priest tells Bishop Kohler to calm down. Kohler protests that tomorrow is the ceremony that is being held once every four years. The younger priest tells him not to worry for fundamentally His Eminence’s nature is quite troublesome. “Just like this, it isn’t the first time for him to stealthily disappear. He should come back today. I’ll also look for His Eminence so bishop, concentrate on the preparations for tomorrow’s ceremony.” Kohler timidly agrees and hurries off. The priest sighs for His Eminence is troubling a kind-hearted person. Then, he notices someone is by the window. The man says, “Gabriel, you’re also worried the whole day.” Gabriel looks surprised and exclaims, “You are--!” It is Albrecht who is sitting by the window. Narration: “It has already been half a month since we departed from that village. This ‘no fixed residence’ kind of life is already a common occurrence. At the same time, I’ve been taken care by a silver haired purple eyed devil. And because of that devil, I’m been thrown to the side of this town and I don’t know where he went.” Looking around, Nora thinks that there are too many people around so could there be something special going on in this town. Then, she is surrounded by three men. A priest is passing by and notices the three men pestering Nora. Nora shouts at the men that she is with her friend and she doesn’t have time to bother herself with them. The three tells her that they’ll just be with her until her friend arrives and they can have fun together. Nora angrily tells them that if they don’t leave.. The priest tells the three men to stop for it isn’t good at all to force a girl to do something that she doesn’t want to. The three guys are shock for it is a good looking man and who is he. Nora is speechless. Later on, the priest smiles and says, “-then, let me introduce myself. I’m Winfried. Call me Win. How about you?” Nora tensely says her name. She becomes gloomy over why did things turn out this way. It turns out that Win is happily sitting beside her on a bench. She wonders what’s up with this guy for she can’t explain it on how she ended up going along with him. Flashback: Win put his arm around Nora and told her that they are going. They walked away leaving the three stupefied men. End flashback. Nora thinks that this guy ought to have helped her and she didn’t felt any malice but is this guy a priest. Win says that is right, he has a bonbon[/candy]. Twisting the wrapper open, Win tells her that it looks delicious. Nora wonders why he would unexpectedly bring out a bonbon. To her surprise, Win holds up the candy and says, “Here--” Nora exclaims that she won’t eat it. Win asks if she doesn’t like bonbon. Nora says that the problem isn’t about liking it or not. Win smiles and says that since it isn’t about not liking it so come quickly eat it. Nora looks aghast. She starts to wonder what’s up with this situation with this man. Win insists that she quickly eats but Nora still hesitates. To their surprise, someone grabs Win’s hand and says, “Sorry- [but] feeding her should be avoided.” The two exclaims, “Albrecht!!” then, they look at each other in surprise.
Albrecht tells Win that even if he didn’t expect that the two of them would be together, but for him to run away until now, he also hasn’t changed, and Gabriel is having a huge headache. Win looks surprised and asks if he has already been found out. “..is he angry..?” Albrecht says ya, and he will be lectured after he goes back. Win groans. Nora tells them wait, do they know each other. Just when Albrecht is saying who Win is, Win calls for him to stop. Pulling him to the side, Win asks Albrecht to temporarily keep the things about him a secret. Albrecht says that he really can’t help but relent since it is him. Win chuckles and says that he really likes Albrecht’s flexible nature. Raising an eyebrow, Nora wonders what they are whispering about and surely, they know each other. Smiling Win tells Nora that he and Albrecht are old friends. “Isn’t that so, Albrecht?” Albrecht says more or less. Nora thinks that since they are ‘old friends’, he also knows about Albrecht being a devil, and she feels that a lot of people knows about it. Win asks Nora about her and Albrecht’s relationship. Just when Nora is about to tell him, Albrecht suddenly hugs Nora to him and asks, “—from how this looks, what do you think is our relationship?” Blushing Nora shouts for him to let her go and what is he doing. Win looks dark. To Nora’s surprise, Win shouts, “How unfair!! I’m usually being forcibly required to be poor[/poverty] and chaste[/chastity] but Albrecht can go lovey-dovey with such a cute girl. How can this be..!! Isn’t that quite unfair!” Nora gloomily mutters, forced..is he a priest. Win looks at the two and exclaims, “—Okay. Let’s date. If it’s like this, the THREE OF US will go.” Nora is shock for how it became like that. Soon, at a store, some girls are blushing over the good-looking priests. Win asks Albrecht if Gabriel asked him to bring him back. Albrecht says no, Gabriel only asked him to protect him [Win] and keep him safe. Albrecht tells him that he is also told to pass the message of ‘Come back before it gets dark’. Win groans and says that after he returns, he feels that it will be quite terrifying. Win comments that Nora isn’t only cute but unless one gets near her, one won’t notice that girl’s aura isn’t the same [with others]. “Is it because of those beautiful emerald eyes..?” Albrecht smiles at him. They were interrupted by a girl who asks if she can mend Albrecht’s ripped coat. Albrecht obliges. The girl tells him that Nora will be out soon. In a pretty dress with her hair made up, Nora comes out and tells Win that she changed her clothes like he requested and is this okay. While Albrecht looks surprised, Win looks quite delighted that he holds Nora’s hand and exclaims that it is really good and it is very cute. He says that in the end, during a date, she must wear beautiful clothes. Nora just casually thanks him for his praise. Win laughs and says that he really wants for the two of them to be all alone at some place. Nora gloomily asks if he is really a priest. While the salespeople thank them for their patronage, Win is already pulling Nora’s hand and happily saying that they are going on a date. While they are walking outside, Albrecht seems to have notice something about the crowd. Win calls out to him so Albrecht follows the two.
While they are walking, Nora asks how come there are so many people around. Win asks if she didn’t know. He says that it is because tomorrow is the ‘Purifying Ceremony’. Albrecht says that it is a ceremony to drive away the filth. Pointing to a huge building, he tells her that ‘South’ cathedral is where the ceremony is going to be held tomorrow. Win explains that all together, there are five cathedrals. The main cathedral is situated at the ‘Central’. The other four are situated around the center in all four directions: East, South, West, and North. Each ‘Purifying Ceremony’ is held once at each of the four cathedrals. Last year, it is the ‘East’, so today is the ‘South’, and next year, it is the ‘West’. So, for the commoners [around a certain cathedral] it is a once every four years festive activity. During that time, there will be a lot of stores opened and thus, there are many people. Albrecht tells Nora that for the people, the biggest goal is the ‘Pope’. Glancing at Win, Albrecht says that aside from this kind of occasion, there is no way to see the Pope. Win agrees and says because the Pope is the ‘Church’s highest authority. Thinking that since the pope is the Church’s highest authority, Nora glances at Albrecht and thinks, “..so that means, he is Albrecht’s..” Win tells them that the chatting is over for now, let’s continue on with the date. Suddenly Albrecht and Win glance at the sides. Nora wonders what’s with that strange aura. She is puzzled when Win calls Albrecht’s name and Albrecht says that he knows. Win grabs Nora’s hand and tells her to come with him. Nora is surprised and she tries to call out to Albrecht who is going away. Albrecht tells her to be good. This infuriates Nora that she shouts that she isn’t a kid. While Win pulls Nora along, she asks him where they are going. He tells her that as much as possible, they have to go to a place where there are no people around. Nora asks why. Win laments that obviously, it should be a happy date so if they are coming, why couldn’t they wait after that [date].. While Nora is confused over what’s going on, Win abruptly stops and says that this place is okay. Glancing at the side, Win says, “Come out. You guys are looking for me, right?” Nora wonders what he meant by come out and is someone there. Soon, some men are slowing walking towards them and they are surrounded. Back in the town, Albrecht has dealt with some of the men. He muses that the amount of enemies are still the same as before. “It’s pretty much troublesome, Win.” Back to Nora, she asks who these people are. Win laughs and says that it is his enemies. Nora exclaims in disbelief that all of these people, and how many people hates him. Win sheepishly says that he doesn’t know. Nora is puzzled over how the men walk in a wavering manner [like zombies] that she says that it is a bit strange. Win says that they are being controlled by someone. While Nora wonders what he meant by that, Win holds up his hand and says how pitiful. “Right now, I’m going to make you guys become relaxed.” Just when the men are charging at them, they suddenly drop down like flies
Nora is surprised that she thinks that this guy is quite frivolous in his words and actions that she can’t believe that he is a priest but this kind of power- Win asks her if she is going to re-evaluate him. Nora wonders if Win isn’t an ordinary priest. Win smiles and tells her not to be so astonished. He mutters that she ought to also have this kind of power. Nora is puzzled. He tells her that this is his specialty and given his status, it is expected of him to be able to do things up to this degree but then, he is abnormally weak against physical attacks. Then, Nora sees an archer on top of the roof. He is getting ready to shoot at Win from behind. Nora quickly tackles Win down to protect him. Win says that scared him and it is the first time he has been pushed down by a girl. This embarrassed Nora that she shouts what he is saying. She tells him to be quick or else, he’ll be killed so don’t act leisurely. Just as the archer gets ready to aim again, Nora shouts for Win to quickly stand up or else, he’ll get shoot at. Win tells her that it is okay for on their side is..there is a reliable devil. Albrecht arrives and catches the arrow with his bare hand. He flips it around and throws it back at the archer who got hit on the shoulder. Albrecht turns to Win and says that it is always quite noisy at his [Win] side. Win smiles and says that it is truly perplexing. Nora is puzzled over this..and soon, she is quite shock for it turns out that Win is the ‘Pope’. In the cathedral, Win is already wearing his papal clothes. Win laughs and asks Nora if she was shock and sorry for not telling her. Nora couldn’t believe that this kind of guy is the Church’s highest authority figure. Win laughs and tells her not to look at him like that for he is properly working. Gabriel arrives and thanks Albrecht for making Win come back safe and sound. Albrecht says that it is alright and it ought to be more tiring on his side. Gabriel agrees for this time it is a surprise attack against His Eminence and he’s afraid that once again even if they investigated it, they cannot find the ‘root cause’. Both agree that it is just like before, as always. Gabriel then asks who [/what kind of person] is Nora, and if he isn’t mistaken, she is-- Albrecht glances at him. He chuckles and says that Gabriel and Win are quite sharp. “But SHE is still incomplete. A certain time is still needed for her to completely blossom.” Gabriel looks surprised then he smiles. He says is that so, that means before then, do not formally introduce[/recommend] her. Starting to leave, Gabriel says that he would eagerly anticipate for that day to arrive. Gabriel calls Win and tells him that it is almost time. Standing up, Win thanks Nora for he had fun. He kisses her head at the side, and says that she can come and play at any time for he really welcomes a cute girl coming to look for him. He whispers that during that time, how about they go on a date again. This made Nora blush. She angrily shouts if he is an idiot.
While walking towards Gabriel, Win laughs and says that her outfit really suits her. Nora is wearing a nun outfit. Upon passing by Albrecht, Win says that he is quite envious of him for he unexpectedly can travel together with a cute girl. Albrecht says that even if he wants her, he won’t give her to him because she is his beloved pet so give it up. Win looks shock. He starts to emote over how envious of him that Albrecht made such a cute girl into a pet whereas he is surrounded by wrinkled and sloppy older [middle aged] guys and occasionally arrive at a beautiful tranquil place at his side but then, it is still a guy (like Gabriel). Albrecht laughs and says that guy’s heart is forever a romantic and as always, he agonizes over have those kinds of things. Gabriel sternly calls out to Win. While dragging Win away, Gabriel tells him not to keep on thinking over such nonsense things and quickly come for the ceremony is starting. He also tells Win that he kept on saying girls, girls when he is a priest. Nora nervously wonders out loud if it is really alright to have that kind of pope for isn’t he too worldly. Albrecht comments that real and how the people envision the ‘Pope’ is quite far apart. Nora asks him why she has to wear these nun clothes. Albrecht explains that it is inevitable because only priests and nuns can get inside the cathedral. Nora says is that so. Then, she feels weak that she has to lean on Albrecht to steady herself. He asks her what it is. To her surprise, Albrecht carries her [ala princess carry] and says that it is feeding time. Embarrassed Nora shouts what he is doing and quickly put her down. Albrecht tells her not to recklessly move for isn’t she unstable while standing. He bites his lip and starts to lean towards Nora. Nora quickly puts her hands on his mouth. She says that she always tell him that there’s no need for him to always  give her blood through the mouth. He tells her that right now, his hands aren’t free [since he is carrying her]. She says then, do it after he put her down. Albrecht smiles and tells her that he likes it better to give [her blood] this way. Nora thinks that even if she is frustrated, in the end, she still being fed by the devil like this- And, Albrecht feeds her through ‘kissing’. Soon, Nora is exhausted and can only mentally call Albrecht an idiot. Albrecht tells her to listen well, aside from him, she isn’t allowed to be FED by someone else because this is the privilege of the pet owner. This made Nora blush that she angrily shouts who would let someone be fed, you pervert. Nora thinks that somewhere in her brain, she clearly knows that this devil is without a doubt, her pet owner. And, after the ceremony ends, dark Gabriel tells scared Win that finally, it is time for him to happily lecture him.
Comment: It does seem that Nora is someone important that Win and Gabriel recognize her and seem to hint on something. Albrecht is still keeping her identity a secret until she is ‘complete’. Hm..is she some sort of ultimate ward against devils? Well, whoever she is, she would need to ‘live on’ Albrecht’s blood so she is pretty much bounded on him. But from what he said at the end, is it possible for other devils to keep Nora living by feeding or he is just referring to Win’s attempt to give her a bonbon candy? So far, it seems that the author is still introducing the people in their world. Win is a fun guy and truly not one would think of what a pope ought to be. He and Gabriel seem to be the typical ‘easy going master + slave driver type assistant’. I’m curious though how Win managed to get Albrecht to help him out. It does seem to be they are quite close..did they know each other when Win is still young? Also, are those enemies of Win’s, humans or devils, or both? Is it just because he is a pope or something else? It almost makes me wonder if he has some sort of relation with Nora since he hinted on having a similar power with hers. Hehe, I wonder if we will always have that teasing/feeding kiss at the end of every chapter. =P Scans by ClassBianca.

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