January 22, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 3]

Cover page: “Karin’s married life START!! I’ve obviously anticipated happiness everyday.” Narration: “I only have to be with the person I mutually love, no matter what kind of challenges, we can step over them. This is what I sworn to God. *scene of Nao kissing her in the church* So, even if we are going to live in this rotten, a joke, type of apartment, we also can live happily together..” Inside the run-down apartment, Karin is shock over how small, and seedy the place is. She is surprised when Nao says, ‘ah’. Recalling Nao saying that if the two of them are together they will be happy no matter where, Karin thinks that is what Nao just said, and even if he said that, in the end, this place cannot be inhabited. Karin tells him to go to her father and ask for a switch to a newer house. To her shock, Nao is happily saying that it is amazing for it is fully furnished with the things they need for daily living and no wonder it is Karin’s father. He says that even the toilet and bathroom are separated. There are also two rooms. Karin wonders if Nao is serious for the whole place is not even as big as her room. Nao happily gestures for puzzled Karin to come. Nao shows her the room and says that there are even two futons. Karin blushes for the futons are placed side by side. Nao holds her shoulder and says that after the wedding ceremony today, she is definitely tired but before they rest, there is still one thing that he wants to do. Blushing Karin asks what that one thing is. She imagines it as their first night of living as a couple. Karin says that she still hasn’t mentally prepared for it. Nao tells her to leave everything to him and don’t worry for he is her husband. Karin wonders how can this be but then, just now, they had a moist kiss [at the church]. Nao calls her name, “Karin..” This made Karin nervous. He holds her shoulders and says, “..Yes, then, let’s start, okay? *turning her around* First, Oriyama, your hindering the way. Can you go here for a while?” Soon, Nao is tiding things up by moving some things to one side and other things to the other side. Karin gloomily wonders what is this, he had changed, is she a hindrance, and just now, instead of ‘Karin’, he called her, ‘Oriyama’. [Calling someone by the surname = more formal in Japan so calling by one’s personal name = close relationship with each other.]
Soon, Nao says that it’s done, everything is tidied up. “This side is your room, and this [other] side is my room. Is this set-up okay, Oriyama?” Karin gloomily mutters, ‘senpai’. Pulling the sliding door within the room, Nao says that the door here can be used to mark of the separation of the two sides. Karin shouts, “Tsuruki-senpai! Why did.. you call Karin as Oriyama..?” She felt that unexpectedly, it seems like the distance from Nao is quite far. Nao replies, “--.. Oriyama, you are a byword for rebellion and disaster. In order to obey my parents’ expectation and plan, upon reaching sixteen years old, I had been forced to accept what can be said as a loveless marriage [of convenience].” [<-ah, Karin is suppose to be the one getting married at sixteen so maybe Nao learned of it when he was sixteen.] While things like ‘disaster’, ‘order of parents’, ‘political marriage’, and ‘loveless’ echoes in her brain, Karin nervously asks him what’s going on. Nao asks if she didn’t know about these things. Karin says that it is because her father told her that ‘Nao-kun will definitely be happy for I heard that he eagerly anticipates marrying you, Karin’. Nao says is that so and he indeed anticipated this wedding ceremony. He smiles and tells her that it is because if he married her, he can leave those people and live all by himself. Karin asks what he means by ‘those people’. Nao tells her that his parents are useless parents who kept on quarreling ever since he was young until he grew up. Karin doesn’t believe him for his parents look like a good-looking couple who really suits each other and didn’t they look like they are getting along. Nao explains to her that is just a façade in front of the Oriyama family so of course, they are acting harmoniously. Because, in exchange for him becoming the son-in-law [seems to be marrying him into the her family], Karin’s father will handle his father’s debt funds and afterwards, their living expenses will also be supported. “Not only because I always wanted to move away from that house, college expenses, living expenses and rental are all ensured. And your father is a special lecturer in business administration so I can straightforwardly ask him to teach me some skills. So, no matter what I think, this marriage is a success. I’m quite thankful that you agreed to marry me.” Karin thinks that she doesn’t understand, no, she totally doesn’t want to comprehend it. Regarding all those things he said about ‘always thinking of her’, ‘he is the world’s happiest man for she accepted the marriage’, and ‘they will be happy together wherever they are’, he was fundamentally not thinking of her [when he said those]. Karin is startled when Nao implies that she doesn’t seem to be loved by her parents for even if her father seems to dote on her but according to reason, her father won’t make her accept a loveless marriage. “In this marriage, you’re the only one who’s truly quite pitiful--..”
Karin stomps her foot and shouts for him not to treat her like a fool for she won’t decide to get married just because of her parents’ persuasion. “If the other party isn’t you, Tsuruki-senpai, I absolutely wouldn’t have accepted it! So, Karin isn’t pitiful nor not loved!!” Surprised Nao asks if could it be that towards him, she.. Karin blushes for she had just confessed. Looking away, she shouts for him not to mind that too much for aside from him, there is no one else whom she wanted to go steady with so.. Nao asks if she is saying ‘going steady’ as in outward appearance. [<- I think he meant that he wants to go steady with him just because he is good looking.] Karin says yes, that’s the major premise and he’s also good in sports, and also intelligent..those kind of rumors.. Nao smiles and says, “Rumors.. because of that, you’ve fallen for me.. Ha.. that’s great. It’s totally unnecessary to sympathize with you. *Karin is shock* I fundamentally thought that totally regardless of your feelings, you were you were forced to marry me. *sighs and removes jacket* And I also felt guilty over using you.. *throws jacket on the futon* Oriyama, you are the type who can marry an unfamiliar guy just because the outward appearance is not bad.. *removes necktie and looks serious* I hate the most that kind of superficial, ignorant girl.” Karin goes into shock over ‘hate the most’. Unbuttoning his sleeves, Nao says that even if he said that, it is a fact that they are married so it is inevitable that they live together. He smiles and says, “In short, let us first properly lay down the rules. We are TO TREAT EACH OTHER AS AIR. We’ll live together like that. *a ‘act as if the other doesn’t exist’ rock hits Karin’s head* Rule 1: ‘Do your own thing’. Laundry, cooking, these things don’t have to be mentioned. About dirty places, tidy it by oneself. It isn’t necessary for you make my share of the food because we are newly married. You also don’t need to help me in sweeping the room type of stuff. *another ‘don’t mind newly wed stuff* rock hits Karin’s head* Ah, that’s right. Rule 2: ‘Do not conveniently just go in the other person’s room’. Even if this door doesn’t have a lock, but please don’t just casually pull open the door. Rule 3: ‘Regarding this marriage, only the two of us would know this secret’.”
The rocks flew away from Karin’s head. Karin asks if this is to protect her from those peculiar glances of bystanders. Nao says no, because he just finds it annoying that he has to clearly explain things to each and everyone about it. Karin gets crushed by an ‘it’s because it’s very troublesome’ rock. She is surprised when he adds, “And.. in any case, we’ll divorce [anyway]. I worked on it earlier. When I’m independent, I’ll quickly prepare the divorce. Relax, relax, in this current era, it isn’t that rare to have ‘instant marriage instant divorce’. *smiles* Rule 4: ‘Regarding love whatever, it is also OK for one to freely do things in accordance to one’s wishes.’ All right, that’s all. Good night.” Then, he closes the door of his bedroom. Outside the door, Karin is trembling. Her legs lose strength that she kneels down on the floor in shock. She tries to comprehend what just happened and all the things that Nao just told her. Flustered and slightly teary-eyed, she thinks that compared to that, he said that he hates her the most. Karin is surprised when Nao opens the door and says that he forgot something. He bends down to her and says, “Oriyama.. *holds a cloth to her* This..” Karin mutters, “Senpai..” She thinks that he wants to comfort her and would tell her that the things he said just now are all just a joke. To her dismay, Nao throws the cloth which turns out to be a rag on her head. He tells her to wipe clean the places where she walked in with her shoes. “Rule 5: ‘Don’t wear shoes in the house’. Don’t make me teach you each and everything.” Then, he goes in his room again. Later on, Karin tries to call her parents on her cellphone but they are totally not answering. She throws away her phone in frustration. While hitting the futon, she exclaims how can she sleep in such an old and stinky futon, and how can she in such a disgusting place.. Recalling him telling her ‘hate the most’, Karin mutters, “Even saying good night.. When obviously there’s no love.. *sitting with her head on her bended knees* Basically, it’s impossible to sleep.”
Comment: So, Nao has finally shown his true side..but is it really his true side? I find everything he said to be a bit too convenient. Is it possible that he’s just pretending to be mean? What I have in mind is something like ‘Taming of the Shrewd’ = making Karin suffer and everything in order for her to change her ways. If that is so, this is still way too mean even if as Nao said that she is indeed quite superficial and ignorant. A part of me wants Karin to find someone else or something..haha, but like in most shoujo and obviously from the covers, he’s the one whom she’ll end up with. Also, it is already stated that there is no other guy in school whom she likes. But, I’m really hoping that Karin won’t be a martyr type. She can lose the ‘spoiled brat and ‘the world revolves around me’ attitude but I hope she won’t lose her strong will. Hm..can’t she just divorce him first so that he can’t ‘use’ her for his own goals? Unless she has pride and there are other stuff hindering her later on..or she might want to get even with him. After all, she can just break those rules that he is imposing and they can pretty make life hell for each other and in the end, the one who ‘doesn’t give up’ wins. =P I do find it suspicious that her parents aren’t answering her calls, made their precious daughter live in such a place, and not researching properly about Nao and Nao’s parents. Even if he is a doting father and everything, Karin’s father worked hard to become rich and I think he has to be intelligent enough not to be fooled easily. Hehe, unless, he is the type who isn’t good in dealing with pretentious people like his daughter. It is interesting that Nao is drawn with a ‘nice smiling’ face. In either case if that is his true personality or he is just acting, I won’t really know which it is really. ^^; Since he hates superficial girls, I guess that is the reason why he didn’t treat any of his fangirls in a special way. For now, I’m assuming he has a dual personality. Assuming what he said about his parents is true, it is kind of ironic since he hinted on not liking his parents because of their ‘dual personality’ and ‘sacrifice others for one’s own benefit’ yet, he is doing the same thing. Anyway, I wonder how Karin will survive this since she used to have maids and everything. Since Nao seems to be okay with all that and is a bit picky about cleanliness, I guess he isn’t spoiled like Karin..but then, he did mention that his father is in financial trouble. Well, at least, Karin will realize how hard it is to work and how badly she treated those chefs who made her birthday cake. =P Hm..I’m actually curious what Karin will do afterwards for there are a lot of possibilities if one finds oneself in that kind of predicament especially given her personality. Scans by allwink

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