January 23, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 17]

Page 17: SPICE. Cover page: “Finally found you. Let me feel the warmest place”. Narration: “I want to understand more of Kira-kun’s new side.” At the train station, it is almost 430pm. Kira tells Nino that Christmas is coming soon and do they have plans on going somewhere. He is surprised to see Nino pouting and somewhat flustered. He asks her what’s up with that expression. Nino tells him that she has something important to tell him. “Today, I always felt like someone is watching us! I also have that innate REACTION even though it is vague.” Kira is surprised. He tells her that he thinks it isn’t that but rather, it is his fault. Taking out a folded paper, Kira admits to her that while she was around, a couple of girls confessed to him midway during the lunch time’s clean up. He had always observed that they are waiting for a good timing and even if he refused them, he accepted their feelings. Embarrassed Nino says is that so, then she must be imaging things. Sensei is angry over [Kira?’s] complacency. He tells her that starting tomorrow, he is free. Nino is downcast for Kira has been confessed to again and generally until now, they are probably acting that way because they are thinking ‘if he can go steady with Bird Girl, then..’ Noticing her expression, Kira pinches her face with both palms and says that just now, she is thinking of some negative stuff. Nino denies it. He tells her, “Liar, it doesn’t matter who the other party is, *pecks[?] Nino on the lips* I like you, Nino.” Sensei freaks out while Nino covers her mouth in surprise. Blushing Nino asks him where his cute side went. Kira tells her to get used to his original self or one might say, he is being lenient. Narration: “December 2nd. The season is totally winter season but my heart felt quite warm.”
Then, Nino is startled for she felt that someone is looking at her. She looks at the side to see a long dark haired girl looking at them. She thinks that the one looking is that girl who is eating a bean filled bun. To Nino’s surprise, Kira also looks at the girl and calls out that it is Rei [guesswork from ]. He tells Nino to wait for a while. Nino is surprised that they know each other. Kira approaches Rei and asks if she gave up riding the bicycle to school because it is too cold. He says that their classes are quite far from each other so they haven’t met at school. He comments that she can still eat a lot and she is doing quite well. He asks if she doesn’t have to go to the hospital for her next visit to the doctor. Rei nods. By the post, Nino wonders what’s their relationship and hospital is mentioned. “And, she’s a super beautiful girl.” Rei kept on staring at Nino who freaks out over this. Kira tells Rei that Okamura Nino is his girlfriend. Soon, there is an announcement that the train is coming so, Kira bids Rei goodbye and says that he’ll properly introduce them next time. As Kira and Nino go into the train, Nino glances back to see Rei still starting at her. This made Nino nervous. In the train, Kira tells Nino that girl is Uchida [guesswork from 內田] Rei and she is from the sciences* so haven’t she seen her before. [*ah, I think their high school is divided into students who are into sciences or humanities.] Nino says that she hasn’t seen her before and did they know each other at the hospital. Kira says yes, during junior high, they are in the same hospital ward. “Even if right now she is already cured but when Rei is young, she had a lot of hardships. When I got hospitalized, she helped me a lot. Even if our illness isn’t the same but it’s like having a war buddy.” Kira is surprised when Nino asks if it is a very deep connection. Looking away, Kira says that their junior high school isn’t the same and right now, they only occasionally bump into each other during doctor visits. While Nino is puzzled, Sensei is wondering about what’s with the gap just now. Kira tells her that compared to that, he has something to tell her. “I’m afraid that you would worry so I always didn’t tell you but actually, while you are still sleeping in the morning, I had been going to the hospital every other Saturdays. I’m been getting check-ups and revisions [of medication?].” Nino looks nervous for she totally didn’t notice it. Kira puts his hand on hers and asks her what’s with that [expression] and what he is saying that he hopes that she can come with him to the doctor’s visit tomorrow. “And, later on, I want you to know more about me.” Nino’s face softens and she says that of course, it is okay. Kira smiles and says that’s great. Narration: “I want to become his strength.” Then, Kira tells her that his doctor is a super scary old woman. Nino sweatdrops and says is that so.
At Danki [guesswork from 談議] University Hospital, Yabe is nervously holding a bag. He says, “Sis, here’s your bag! It’s really great that it is only a cold!!” Sitting among the benches [where patients wait before they pay the bill], a sophisticated looking woman says that she still hasn’t paid the bill yet and she’s already hungry so he go settle it. After exclaiming in surprise, Yabe tells her wait, he is also hungr.. Sis interrupts by saying, “Ha? *partly lowers her sunglasses and glares at Yabe* What did you say, SERVANT.” Nervously saluting, Yabe exclaims, “Nothing, sis-sama. Please leave it up to me to settle it!! Kazuhiro will do it!!” As his sister says okay and leaves, Yabe is mentally stomping on his sister’s bag and saying ‘go die’. =P Yabe tearfully wonders why he couldn’t rebel against her. Then, he notices the happy couple, Kira and Nino, going into the elevator. At the examination room, Kira is already removing his shirt for the check-up. He tells Nino to wait outside for a while. The doctor tells Nino that it’s great that she was able to meet her. Nino nods and says that she’ll go out for a while. Outside, Nino sighs and starts to sit down on the bench. She thinks that for Kira to make her see his check-up and seeing it right in front of her eyes, it gives her a feeling of reality. “‘Wanting to become his strength’, what would be the best thing I should do?” Sensei is sitting inside her bag. Then, Nino notices someone is standing in front of her. It is Rei who is holding an ice cream cone. She bites on her ice cream and stares at Nino. Nino nervously says that it is a coincidence and does she have any business here. After a pause, Rei says, “About that.. Nino.. *Nino surprised that she call her first name* About that, *smiles* you’re not suitable for Yuiji.” Nino and Sensei are surprised. Rei quietly walks away. Nino wonders what Rei meant and in the end, she is quite inferior compared to the other girls or maybe, it is something else. Wearing his coat, Kira comes out and says that she has been waiting. Since she didn’t answer, he asks what it is. She looks at him and says that it is nothing. Narration: “Compared to that, I must find the things that I can do right now.” In Nino’s house, it is 3am in the morning. Sleepy Sensei asks if she has now decided to make Kira a bento. Nino enthusiastically says yes, and it is because Kira hasn’t been eating much. Sensei protests that Nino hasn’t cooked before and her mother isn’t at home tonight so how about asking her mother’s opinion in the morning. Tying up her hair, Nino says that it is alright for this is something that she can’t depend on someone else. Seeing her determined, Sensei offers his support by holding up the cookbook for her. Nino folds up up her sleeves and says that she’ll wash her hands first. “Will Kira-kun be happy about it?”
At school by the staircase, during lunch time, Kira holds the bento box and asks if she made it. Nino says yes. Sensei proudly says that Nino made it quite impressive. Kira says that he is very happy, thanks. Holding a bottled drink, Nino giggles. Kira notices the bandages and little cuts on Nino’s fingers. Blushing a bit, Kira says, “If you make such a cute thing again, I’m going to attack you.” Nino blushes and exclaims, “What!?” Angry Sensei exclaims that it isn’t allowed. Then, they notice that someone is going upstairs. It is Rei who is holding a drink and a plastic bag. Kira exclaims in surprise and asks what’s up with her and how did she know this place. Rei didn’t reply and just sat between Nino and Kira. This surprises the two. Kira asks what is it, does she want to eat together with them. Rei nods. Kira asks Nino if it is okay. Nino can’t help but say that it is okay. Looking at Rei, Nino wonders if Rei likes Kira. Opening the bento box, Kira says that he wants to quickly see what’s inside. He looks surprised over the food – rice with shrimp and lotus root, salmon[?], and assorted vegetables. Kira and Rei look surprised over it. Nino says that she made Japanese cuisine and she didn’t know if it suits his taste or not. Kira says that it looks quite delicious so he’ll eat now. To their surprise, Rei suddenly grabs his hand. Kira glances at Rei. Kira pulls his hand away from Rei and asks what is she doing, it’s fine. Nino wonders what’s up with that. While walking downstairs, Nino says that she’ll go to the toilet so they can go on ahead. Kira says okay. Going inside, Nino thinks that even if Kira said that it is very delicious but what’s up with that thing a while ago. She notices something so she turns around to see Rei standing behind her. A bit startled Nino backs to the wall and asks what it is. Rei corners her to the wall and asks, “You want to kill Yuiji, right? *Nino is puzzled* Just now, you put in food that he cannot eat. *Nino is surprised* Isn’t that because you’re complacent for Yuiji has to abstain from certain foods.” This stunned Nino and thinks, ‘No way’.
In 1-5 section, Kira calls out to Nino that she’s slow when their next lesson is in the other classroom and everyone has already left. He is surprised to see Nino quite downcast. He asks her what it is. Flustered Nino starts to apologize to him about the bento. Looking surprised, Kira asks if it was Rei. He tells her that he was the one at fault for not properly explaining it. Nino tries to protest but Kira holds up her face to him and says, “It is alright. It’s okay, I’ll quickly tell you about these things.” Nino blushes. At the hallway, Yabe is holding his music book. He angrily thinks that he couldn’t believe that he forgot his pencil case and it is because he kept on thinking about Kira and Nino. “But, what are they doing at the hospital..” He notices the door slightly open and is surprised that Kira and Nino are talking inside. He wonders if they are goofing off and flirting. Inside, Kira tells Nino that he has to control his fluid intake. [<- while googling it, a weak heart cannot drink a lot of fluid because it makes the heart pump harder. The forbidden foods could be the lotus root or some vegetables which probably contain a lot of moisture content.] He says that even if he said that, he only has to pay attention to it and he won’t die. Yabe wonders what is this ‘die’ that Kira is talking about. Yabe’s eyes widen when Kira says, “By the way, aren’t I’m also going to die after 10 months? In passing, aside from you, the ones who know of my illness are the principal, Tadayoshi [guesswork from 格美. I think he is the homeroom teacher], Mio, PE teacher Konno [guesswork from今野] and also Rei.” Yabe is quite stunned over what he heard that he thinks, “Ha?” At the library, some girls, who are cleaning, are randomly saying that after staying for so long in the library, they would want to go to the toilet. Also cleaning the floor, Nino sadly thinks that Kira had kindly told her a lot of things and yet, in the end, she wasn’t able to be of help. Then, stalker Rei calls out to Nino. Nino turns to see that Rei is holding a drink. While wondering why, Nino apologizes to her for suddenly leaving without saying anything when it was rare for Rei to say things to her. Rei says that she still has something to tell her. “About that, I also like Yuiji.” After a pause, Nino says that in the end, it is like that. “But, I also really likes him..” Rei interrupts her by saying, “I have a request. *takes out her cellphone then looks for something in it before showing it to Nino* I already slept once with Yuiji.” Nino looks surprised over the picture on the cellphone of young Kira naked inside a blanket and holding the hand of a girl.
Comment: Another love rival appears and this time, she’s around the same age as the couple..instead of an adult like Mio. Rei does seem to be a bit ‘different’ since she rarely talks..actually, when she’s with Kira, she doesn’t talk. It is only with Nino. Rei seems like a ‘dark version’ of Nino..if not for their looks. ^^; I wonder if she is the type who would become Nino’s friend later on. She somewhat gives me the vibes that she is testing Nino’s love by intimidating her. After all, Kira obviously doesn’t love Rei and Rei knew of how limited Kira’s time is so why cause trouble now. Unless, she is the type of person who selfishly thinks, ‘if I can’t have him, no one will’. Showing off that ‘I slept with him once’, reminds me of Suki-tte Ii na yo. I’m not sure if it is enough to scare off Nino because, I think she already knows that Kira did those kind of stuff before with Mio and even saw them from her window..but that wasn’t exactly ‘sleeping with him’..but it is implied, right? But of course, it might be enough to make Nino depressed. Unfortunately for Nino, she doesn’t have the luxury of time to make a fuss about these things since time is ticking for Kira. Ya, the author just have to remind us again that Kira is dying. She is even starting to give details about it like how often Kira had his check-up, foods that he can’t eat, and even Kira mentioned his deadline. ^^; The funny part here is Yabe, a bully who turns out to be bullied by his older sister. How amusing. Well, he had overheard it and now knows Kira’s secret. I wonder if he will be a ‘helper’ or an ‘obstacle’. Since he is the only other guy other than Sensei in front of the ‘introduction page’, I think Yabe has an important role, aside from providing the comedy to lighten things up. The good thing here is that something special might happen on Christmas. I’m not sure up to what extent the author will do it..but since ‘sleeping with Kira’ is mentioned, I wonder if that will happen with Nino. ^^ Nino’s current theme is ‘to become his strength’, I wonder how she will go about that. Scans by 離境漢化組.

Quote of the day:
Being mean is a sign weakness, being kind shows you have strength and being there for someone shows them you can be. ~ Author Unknown.