January 11, 2013

Watashi wa Mada Sore o Shiranai [Chapter 2]

Cover page: “40 years old. Father’s old friend. Even if he emits a nice scent but this man rejected my advances.. So, will continue on living together with him progress smoothly!?” Flashback of Tatsuo telling Anna that it is a woman’s instinct to be seduced by the man whose scent she likes thus she would want to make love with him. Narration: “It is said that among the human’s five senses, it is the sense of smell that is most primeval. Smell directly controls feelings and instinct.” The doorbell is continuously ringing. Takumi calls out that he’s coming. He wonders who it is since it’s already late at night. He opens the door and is surprised to see pouting Anna. He asks what happened for didn’t she went to eat out with Tatsuo. She didn’t answer his question. Starting to remove her shoes, she tells him that she’ll be intruding and where’s auntie[/no blood relation]. Takumi tells her that his mother is going on a straight night shift today. To Takumi’s surprise, she tells him that it is good timing so let her stay there for a while. Then, her cellphone is ringing. She angrily looks at it and complains that it is annoying for he kept on calling. “It can’t be helped-” She pushes the answer button and hold the cellphone away from her. Tatsuo shouts, “You blockhead!! *people around him are glancing at him* Where did you run off to while I was paying the bill!!” Anna tells him that she is at a childhood friend’s house. He exclaims, ha. Anna says that tonight, she is going to stay there so he can go home ahead. Tatsuo asks, “Childhood friend.. You’re not lying are you?” Anna tells him that it is the child of the next door neighbor of the apartment where she used to live and of course, her father also knows that person. Tatsuo says forget it, it is okay that she’s fine..okay. After hanging up, Anna happily says that was easily settled. Takumi asks her what’s going on, did they quarrel. Pouting, Anna glances at him and exclaims that it is nothing. She angrily remembers asking Tatsuo to make love with him and he rejected her by saying that he doesn’t want to make love with someone he doesn’t like. “..what the heck was that! *recalls Tatsuo saying that it is the instinct being seduced that one wants to make love* You were obviously the one who brought up that topic. *recalls Tatsuo saying that it is impossible* You blushed even if it is obviously no big deal.. and unexpectedly, you would.. How come that person won’t follow along like I’ve wanted..!? *soaking in the bathtub* I basically thought that men, these toys, isn’t too complicated.. That man really drives me mad..” Takumi who is also in the bathtub says that in the end, something happened between her and Tatsuo so what is it. Anna exclaims that she said that nothing happened. Takumi approaches her and holds up her legs. While Anna is feeling what Takumi is doing to her, she thinks, “Those words ‘I don’t want to do it with someone I don’t like’.. the nerve of that 40 year old ojisan to say that will all seriousness. *groans* How stupid. This is obviously just a small matter that I shouldn’t have minded at all. *recalls Tatsuo* It’s nothing--..” She suddenly gently pushes Takumi away and apologizes. She tells him to stop for now, because it seems that her stomach hurts a bit so today is no good. Takumi exclaims if she is alright.
The next day, Anna looks at Tatsuo’s house and thinks that in the end, because she is thinking of that person, it made her unable to do it with Takumi. There is a scene of Takumi asking if she is alright. While lying on the bed, she told him that she is. End flashback. She opens the door and calls out that she’s home. She recalls again about Tatsuo telling her that the woman’s instinct of wanting to make love with the guy whose scent she likes. Blushing, she thinks, “..this whole house is filled with Tatsuo-san’s scent. *walking upstairs while pinching her nose* After hearing those words, it is no good for me to go ahead and not care about this scent! Nose, quickly get use to it- Quickly get use to it- *hears some tapping sound coming from a room* Isn’t that the sound of typing on the keyboard..?” She peeks in the slightly ajar door. She looks surprised to see Tatsuo drinking some coffee while working. She accidentally made a sound on the door knob that Tatsuo turns around to see her. She is startled when surprised Tatsuo calls out her name. Anna dreads over Tatsuo scolding her again like ‘what’s up with yesterday, you blockhead!!’ and it will be quite troublesome afterwards. To her surprise, he tells her that she came just in time. Holding a coffee cup to her, he says that he can’t move from there now so can she help make some coffee for him. Later on, Anna brought some biscuits along with the coffee. Continuing to type, Tatsuo thanks her for the biscuits and says that she’s quite a capable kid. Looking sideways at him, Anna says you’re welcome. She is puzzled for what’s going on, isn’t he going to lecture her about yesterday. “Compared to sleeping out without permission, perhaps about what happened at the restaurant..  He isn’t scolding and he’s also not blushing like before? *Tatsuo continues to eat the biscuit while typing on the computer* Hey- Let me say- Hey- Ugh, I don’t have the nerve to say it first-” Tatsuo says, “By the way, Anna, about yesterday--” Anna happily says, “Yes? You want to ask me something?” To her surprise, Tatsuo, who continues to type, says, “It turns out that you have a childhood friend. Anyway, Anna, you can treat this house as your own home so there’s no problem if you bring that kid over and have fun[/hang around] here. About this thing, you don’t have to hesitate[/polite] about it.” Anna thinks that it isn’t the same with what she wanted to hear. She tells him that she took a bath together with her childhood friend yesterday. Tatsuo says that girls are quite easygoing. Anna thinks that Tatsuo had thought that Takumi is a girl so that is why he would straightforwardly agree to let her stay over. Then, she realizes that she is standing too near to Tatsuo. Looking at his nape [considered to be ‘sexy’ for Japanese people], she had unconsciously remembered that scene at the bathtub. Recalling what happened, Anna starts to bend lower to him. Tatsuo glances at the back and asks her what she is doing for that is quite ticklish. Narration: “Really. It is also your scent at that time, dominating my actions-” Tatsuo is surprised when Anna hugs him from behind. He nervously glances at her and calls her name. Anna tells him if he still remembered what she told him yesterday, that topic he had specially brought up to talk about. Tatsuo answers, “Of course, I still remember. –So *grabs her hands* get your hands off.”
Anna tells him that in the end, she still wants to do it. Blushing a bit, Tatsuo sighs. He stands up and says, “..from the start.. I thought that I’m only helping a friend in looking after his kid.. why did such a simple thing became this difficult.. ..about that, what I think of you is.. a monster[/youkai]. *Anna is totally shock* For me, women are incomprehensible creatures. There is also an age gap of 24 years. There are also a lot of differences whether it is values or way of thinking. For you to even simply say those kinds of words, I don’t understand what you are thinking!! *Anna trembling in anger for being called a monster* Even if I really use my brain to think..” Anna suddenly pushes him down on the table. He angrily shouts that the heck is she doing. Anna says, “..me too.. It is also my first time to experience this so I also don’t know!! My body would naturally do this!! I can’t help it!! It’s as if this is intolerable!? For me, Tatsuo-san is also a monster!!” Tatsuo calls out to Anna but Anna starts to leave. Before going out the room, she sticks out her tongue to him and shouts, “Don’t humiliate a girl that much!!” After she left, Tatsuo sighs. Anna goes to her room and lies down on her bed. Narration: “I thought that a man and a woman are very simple creatures. I never thought.. that it can be this troublesome.” At his office, Tatsuo takes a bite of a biscuit. “I basically thought that she quite a considerable kid.. It really makes one quite perplexed..” Later on, Anna wakes up and looks at the sky from the window. It is already sunset. She had fallen asleep. While walking downstairs, she thinks that it is already dusk and she’s already hungry. She thinks that it will be quite awkward if she bumps into Tatsuo. She notices a paper by the dining table. She reads, “To Anna, I suddenly have to go to Tokyo for work. Remember to lock the doors and the windows. If you want to cook food, be careful in using the gas stove. Today, there won’t be anyone paying a visit, so if someone comes, you should absolutely not open the door. As for dinner, I already left it at the refrigerator. It is the yellow and white plastic containers at the upper second layer. If you want to eat something else, there’s frozen beef in the freezer. If you put onion with it, it is quite delicious.” Anna is shock for the note is quite long. Three pieces of paper taped together. She frowns over being treated like a kid. She glances at a part of his message, “Regarding what time I’ll come back, I’ll call you when I’m going home. So, I’ll leave the rest to you.” She thinks that it is nothing and anyway, it is more relaxing if she is all by herself. Soon, she is having a bubble bath. She says out loud, “Ah- free at last I don’t have to listen to ojisan’s complaints. How invigorating- Bubble bath” She looks at the right and the left then, at her cellphone. Remembering that he’ll call her when he’s going home, Anna takes her cellphone and looks at the time. It is already 19:01. She thinks that it is 7pm. “Ojisan.. hasn’t come back yet.. How come he isn’t back yet--.. *recalls her younger self looking out the window* I have thought of something detestable. *recalls the empty house* I don’t quite like waiting for someone..”
She blushes when her cellphone is ringing..it is Tatsuo. She answers the phone. Tatsuo asks if she has seen his note for her. Anna says that she did and she has never since such a long note before, that it can be considered a letter. To her irritation, he tells her that it is because she is reckless so he is a bit worried. She asks him if his work is finished and what time is he coming home. He tells her that work is finished though he just bumped into his friend so right now, he is getting ready to go out and eat. “I think that I should be home around midnight.” This surprises Anna. She looks at her phone and it is 19:10. He calls out her name. Anna timidly says okay, she knows, then she’ll go to sleep first. Just as she is still holding her phone, she sadly thinks that she’ll be alone by herself until midnight. She is surprised to hear someone’s voice at the other line asking if Tatsuo has finished calling. Tatsuo says yes. The person tells him to hurry since she’s hungry. Tatsuo says is that so, then what to eat.. Then, it is the busy signal. Anna angrily thinks, “Friend.. refers to a woman..!!” Back at the living room, Anna angrily crumples Tatsuo’s note. “While I’m feeling uneasy.. he would unexpectedly eat leisurely with some woman.. Forget it.. It is impossible for Tatsuo-san to know my situation.. Besides, it’s quite humiliating for me to tell him about this thing... But.. *notices a white sweater and pants on the sofa* It is rare for him to just wantonly leave his clothes- *picks up the sweater* Is it because he is in quite a hurry? *looks at the crumpled note* ..he obviously even had time to write such a long note.. *recalls him saying that he’s worried that she’ll be reckless* How cunning. *hugs the sweater and curls up on the sofa* When I’ve said ‘please make love with me’, *scene of Tatsuo exclaiming not to tease an adult* That kind of answer would give me an illusion. ‘Treating me like a kid’, I think that would have been much better. –but, *scene of Tatsuo saying that he doesn’t want to make love with someone he doesn’t like* that kind of answer is like rejecting me as a ‘woman’. I’m been rejected with ‘I don’t like you’. That is.. *teary-eyed and tightly holds on the sweater* much more cruel--..” Someone sits beside her and says, “I’m back, Anna.” Anna opens her eyes. It is Tatsuo. While flustered Anna sits up, Tatsuo tells her that he only ate and then he quickly come back. “Who made you sound so lonely during the telephone conversation?” Still teary-eyed and flustered, Anna tries to deny it. Tatsuo laughs and says, “What’s with that kind of expression. Little liar.” To his surprise, Anna suddenly hugs him. He loses his balance that she falls on top of him. Anna recalls Tatsuo saying that it is the woman’s instinct to be seduced by the man’s scent that she likes thus wanting to make love. Narration: “If it is like that, these feelings of mine is brought about due to the hereditary factor. –or maybe” Tatsuo is shock when Anna kisses him on the lips. After breaking it off, flustered Anna tells surprised and blushing Tatsuo, “..Tatsuo-san.. ..I.. ..don’t know.. What.. are these feelings.. Please tells me..” Narration: “..this is my true [heart’s] feelings.” Blurb: “First love..!!”
Comment: Another side of Anna is being shown here and that is about feeling lonely and most probably, from always waiting for her father/parents to come home. Aside from the possible HLA cause and love, maybe, it is also partly in need of a father figure. It seems that unlike her father, Tatsuo immediately notice that she is lonely that he hurriedly come home for her. She seems touched that initiated the kiss. That is another thing for Anna to distinguish aside from if it is love or just her instinct. Anna does seem to be a girl who tends to keep things with herself that she cannot easily tell others what is bothering her. She seems to not want to appear weak and needy. I think that she hasn’t shown this ‘weak and lonely’ side to Takumi. It does seem that one of her pride is being able to seduce guys. That is totally stepped on by Tatsuo since she failed to get what she wanted with him, and he even thinks that she is an incomprehensible monster. Apparently, it is indeed Anna’s first time to fall in love so she doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. And, since she seems to be a passionate type, she would tend to act it out rather than think of the consequences of her actions afterwards. Well, since she already refused Takumi this time around, I wonder if she’ll keep that up and what would Takumi’s reaction to that. Hopefully, he won’t suddenly become a ‘dark’ character later on, though he does seem to be a pushover. As for Tatsuo, I wonder if he hasn’t married yet because he claims that he can’t understand women..especially someone as young and aggressive as Anna. Hehe, he tends to be shock over her advances. =P Another thing is maybe he is a workaholic or something since he can afford such a huge house even if he lives alone. Well, he could have inherited it. Because of how he reacts, I doubt he was married or divorced. But how Anna also brought him biscuits along with the coffee he asked, it did made me think that she’ll be a good housewife just with that =P I wonder what his job though..writer or something along that kind of career? Well, for her father to make her stay with Tatsuo, maybe he also knows that even if Anna claims to be fine alone, she really isn’t. Scans by 深雪

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