January 18, 2013

Koi dano Ai dano [Chapter 18]

[Free Talk: While we wait for the Chinese scanlators to finish their exams, I’ll be doing a couple of summaries. I don’t really read these series..just browse through them so I more or less know the plot. =P For the details and stuff, just wait for the English scanlations. Ah, this is fan service so currently, I’m not committing to regularly summarizing them. The other summary will be chapter 34 of Himitsu no Ai-chan.]

Summer vacation is over. What awaits them all is the election for school council. Everyone is looking at the posters of wannabe school president. There are some who try to make an impression by using ridiculous pictures like a horse head or Buddha head to get the voters’ attention. Kanoko thinks that this is not important – making a lasting impression - because with so many candidates, the voters can’t remember. What’s fundamental in the election is the battle of information-gathering. There are those who will ruin the candidates based on their past deeds like a guy treating girls badly so don’t vote, or vote for that guy who had helped someone before. But no matter what help they get, Kanoko believes that the one who will win the presidency is Sayuri because she got beauty, brains and a straightforward attitude towards everyone. Kanoko thinks that Sayuri is indeed the most suitable to be president but if she is the only one strong, that isn’t a war [= boring election]. Then, she hears some squeals and picture taking at the side. Tsubaki has arrived and he is quite irked by the attention he is getting from his fangirls. Kanoko thinks that it is like a media coverage. To her surprise, Tsubaki quickly walks toward her and gives her a hug. He kisses her head and greets her a good morning. Fangirls freak out. Pushing him away, Kanoko tells Tsubaki to quit using her to avoid those girls and it is quite hot to hug during summer. Tsubaki angrily shouts that those people kept on taking pictures and it is so annoying. In class, Tsubaki gloomily wonders why those fangirls increased. Kanoko says that it can’t be help for today is the first day of school [after vacation] and most probably during summer, they meet up with their junior high friends and start comparing the handsome guys in their school so for proof, they take pictures of the handsome guy and in their school’s case, it is Tsubaki. She happily explains that at age 8, girls are expert in proxy war [/‘fighting on someone’s behalf’] like comparing who is the cuter actor. She says that for their school’s reputation, he should treat this picture taking as if it is nothing. Tsubaki angrily asks why. To his surprise, Kanoko says that in the end, he is truly more handsome than any actors. He asks her if she really thinks that way. She asks if there is no one who didn’t think that way. He says that it is the first time he heard it from her. She says that she didn’t think that this issue needs to be particularly mentioned. In Tsubaki vision, Kanoko happily says that from the first time they’ve met, she felt that he is quite handsome and doesn’t everyone think that way. Tsubaki immediately stands up and says that he is going to buy some juice. Kanoko asks her seatmate if she said something rude. Her seatmate tells her that maybe Tsubaki fears that she would fall for him.
By the bench, outside the school building, Tsubaki is drinking his juice and thinking that Kanoko has that kind of impression about him. Sayuri arrives and asks how come he is idly sitting there. Tsubaki says that given the situation, it is quite terrifying if he couldn’t control himself = hug Kanoko and happily say that she’s so cute. Sayuri says that compared to that, didn’t he notice that there are girls secretly taking his picture. Tsubaki says that he’ll let them be this time. He asks her what she is doing. Thinking that there is something about today’s Tsubaki, Sayuri says that she is busy with the elections. While the fangirls are wondering what those two are talking about and they look like a good pair, Sayuri asks if something happened during summer vacation like some progress with Kanoko, did he confess. Tsubaki says no, nothing at all, and Kanoko is also quite clueless. Lately, he starts to think that it isn’t bad either to keep this up since their relationship is quite good. Then, he thinks that even if he said that, he was really displeased when she kept on avoiding him during summer vacation that it really hurt him. Tsubaki asks her about any progress with Hijiri. Sayuri says that they are still friends. Sayuri thinks that Tsubaki isn’t the same as the usual..he looks quite confident. Tsubaki is actually happy that Kanoko always thought that he is handsome from the start. This irks Sayuri. In 2-A, Hijiri wonders what’s holding Sayuri up. He decides to look for her but instead, overhears Tsubaki’s fangirls saying that Tsubaki looks quite happy today and it could be because he is talking with Sayuri. He goes back to class and finds Sayuri already there. Sayuri says that she went to get the support of the third year students. She is quite confident that she can easily win this that they don’t have to do anything but Hijiri disagree for he wants an overwhelming victory. He asks her what she is talking about with Tsubaki since he overheard it from some girls. They were supposed to have given up on persuading Tsubaki to join the student council so there’s no need to scout him out. Sayuri says that they are not talking about the election. He asks what they are talking about. Recalling what happened, Sayuri is shock that they are talking about each other’s love life. She is quite embarrassed over it since she never talked about that with someone. Sayuri just tells Hijiri that it isn’t important. When class start, Hijiri thinks that if it isn’t important, why Sayuri won’t tell him? In the newspaper club room, Hitoyoshi tells the members that they are going to do a special edition of the election candidates. He tells them to read through the schedule of work he has prepared. Reading the instruction booklet, Kanoko thinks that it is written too detailed as if it is for an elementary student. She assumes that this is preparation for Okyou to become next year’s club president. Hitoyoshi says that the candidates aren’t confirmed yet so they’ll work when everything is confirmed. In the meantime, club meeting is dismissed.
While walking at the hallway, Kanoko asks if Tsubaki is free. She says that since club meeting ended early, does he want to go and have a cold drink since she got free coupon. Because Tsubaki is surprised, Kanoko apologizes for he might not want to go. Tsubaki says no, for is she really going home right now, doesn’t she have some sort of plan regarding the election. He is anticipating her to ask if he is free, can he help her out. He says that it is because during the summer vacation, she told him that the election preparation is complete. Kanoko sighs and says that she is anticipating that Yabuki will join the election. Tsubaki asks why when the third years couldn’t join in the election. Kanoko says that it is a former rule and it isn’t absolute and it isn’t like third year students couldn’t join club activity afterwards [so why not the student council, too?]. Kanoko is anticipating a battle between Sayuri and Yabuki because without a competition, there is no meaning to the war[/election]. Tsubaki thinks that isn’t that quite advantageous to him. Since Hijiri is busy with helping out Sayuri to win, he won’t be bothering them. Because Kanoko is lately bothered that she had always avoided him during summer vacation, she invited him to go out. And, the most important thing of all, Momoka isn’t around because during summer vacation, Kanoko ignores him and kept on having fun with Momoka. After a dark smile, Tsubaki is very happy that he shouts that they go have cold drink, and even dinner since he got free coupons, too. Kanoko wonders what’s up with Tsubaki’s evil grin. On the second day, Kanoko notices a ruckus among the posters that she happily looks. To her shock, Otabe is also joining the presidency race. Kanoko starts to recall Otabe’s harassment. She didn’t think of this possibility so what could he be planning. She freaks out when Otabe calls out to her. She quickly runs then at a corner, she wonders if she ought to go upstairs or the hallway. Just when she decides to go upstairs, someone grabs her wrist and pulls her to the side. It is Yabuki who is ‘hugging’ her. While she blushes, he tells her to be quiet for they will be found out if she makes a sound. After Otabe goes upstairs, Yabuki lets her go. He tells her that Otabe will chase after her whichever she went [so it is better to hide]. She nervously thanks him. He tells her that she did something unnecessary because she is the one who caused the third year students to keep on joining school activities. Kanoko tries to deny it but Yabuki says that it is already written all over her face, ‘yes [she is the one]’. He tells her that the boundary between school council and club activity isn’t clear and if Otabe becomes president, he will use the position for personal gain and abuse of power. Kanoko imagines Otabe wanting to merge the news club with the school council and make her his secretary. Yabuki felt responsible that this had happened because of his neglect so he is also going to join the election. Before leaving, Yabuki tells Kanoko that she is also responsible and hinted for her to keep this quiet about things that shouldn’t be talked about.
Kanoko is startled when Tsubaki calls her from behind. While she screams about not frightening her like that, he lamely asks what was that just now – blushing while she was hugged? Kanoko shouts since when was he standing there and at least make a sound. He shouts that he was shock that he couldn’t move and what was that just now. How come she doesn’t have that reaction when he hugs her. To his shock, she says that it is because it is Yabuki, and it is about height. Since Yabuki isn’t as tall as Tsubaki, when he talked, his breath is on her ear. Tsubaki also wants to do that to Kanoko that she shouts that’s disgusting and is he an idiot. Then, Tsubaki notices Sayuri at the side. She made a mocking ‘you’re awful’ look. This infuriates Tsubaki. Kanoko wonders why Sayuri walks away quite happy. Meanwhile, in section 2-A, flyaway hair underling [I don’t know his name] is panicking for Otabe joined the election so how can Sayuri win. Hijiri says that it will be hard since Otabe has funds. Sayuri arrives and reprimands flyaway hair underling. Sayuri and Hijiri greet each other good morning. Hijiri comments that Sayuri seems to be in a good mood, did something good happen. Sayuri says he knows, well, she saw something interesting at the hallway. Hijiri asks if it is Tsubaki. Sayuri says that he answered right. Flyaway hair underling asks her if Tsubaki is more important than the election. Sayuri sighs and says that it is true for not only Otabe, Yabuki is also joining. Hijiri asks where she got that information. Sayuri says that she overheard it and those two [Otabe & Yabuki] made her a bit uneasy. Smiling Sayuri whispers to Hijiri that they will now start anew in getting votes. Hijiri smiles back and, says yes, no matter what method use, he’ll make her become president. At 1-G, Tsubaki rejects Kanoko’s suggestion. Kanoko shouts that they have to stop Otabe from becoming president. Tsubaki shouts back that he knows that but why would they have an alliance with Yabuki and not Sayuri. Tsubaki says that Sayuri’s camp has Yabuki who would use all method to win so things won’t change if she goes there. They are also second year students so they cannot let them on their plan. Also, after half a year, Yabuki’s group will be gone. Tsubaki still refuses. Kanoko says that it isn’t like she is asking for his help. Tsubaki shouts that no matter what she does, he wants to help her so what is she unsatisfied about. Kanoko blushes and says that she felt a bit happy about that. “No matter what, in the end, you’ll support me and this really puts me at ease.” Blushing a bit, Tsubaki shouts for her to relax, he will always stand at her side. With that, Tsubaki fell into the trap for Kanoko says that she will now go to the third year classroom and thank you. Leaving aghast Tsubaki, Kanoko leaves the room. At 3-A, Kanoko tells Yabuki that she will be supporting him. While filling up the form, Yabuki refuses for he doesn’t need it. Kanoko insists that she is responsible and she will help him in this election, she won’t just be silent. Yabuki finally agrees. Kanoko is getting excited over this three way war. In the end, she is a girl who also likes proxy wars. And in this proxy war, she is going to fight for Yabuki and use her own power to make him become president.
Comment: Kanoko is going to get her wish for a fun 3-way election and of course, she is out to win. It will be a narrow win with votes being split into three. Guys would most probably vote for Sayuri. Those who want to the ‘usual’ would vote for Yabuki. Since Otabe is said to have funds, maybe he’ll use bribe. Poor Tsubaki..it seems that he is going to be in the same situation as before since Kanoko threw her hat in the election. That means, there are no more quality date time with her. =P Well, at least, he’ll probably sneak in whatever lovey-dovey moments whatever he can get. Kanoko really got him there to always be at her side..even if he objects. =P Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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Elections determine who is in power, but they do not determine how power is used. ~ Paul Collier, The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done about It