January 19, 2013

Himitsu no Ai-chan [Chapter 34]

[Free Talk: It is only recently that I’m reading this series = the last few chapters from this one. The rest are just browsing over some Japanese scans and I pretty much know the plot based on the pictures. Actually, I’m not that interested in those siblings trying to break up the couple. In the last few chapters, it is about Reo’s ex-girlfriend wanting him back. This made Aiko insecure but Reo talked with his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend easily gave him up before because she fears that they cannot sustain a long distance relationship and he’ll come to hate her later on. He told her that she should have at least tried. He won’t forget her, since she is the first whom he sincerely likes, but feelings can’t just come back. So with closure, the ex-girlfriend backs off.]

At the train station, Reo looks at his watch. Aiko nervously peeks from the corner and notices all of the girls who were looking at Reo. Looking at her boyish outfit, Aiko nervously thinks that if she goes out now, she will be thought of as Reo’s younger brother. Thinking that is bad, Aiko starts to crawl away in order to go home. She notices a shadow hovering over her. Fuming Reo says that she made him wait for a long time and now, she is going home. Aghast Aiko asks if he was waiting for a long time. Reo admits that it isn’t a ‘very long time’, just 10 seconds and yet, she is acting at her own leisure. Thinking that she is exposed, Aiko gloomily laughs and tells him not to say silly things for she came, didn’t she? Reo tells her to hurry for time is wasting. Aiko says ya. At the station, a girl spots them and tells her friends, “Ah..that..” Her friends ask what but Reo and Aiko are gone. While riding on the train, she thinks that there are a lot of special activities were done during Valentine’s Day and White Day. Yet, Reo is also angry but finally, they have date time though spring break is half over.. Flashback: Reo complained that no matter what, they weren’t able to date. Mai-Aiko apologized. Before leaving, Reo told her that as punishment, she is forbidden from dressing up as Mai. As concession, she is to wait for him at the station and they are going to the aquarium, and she will go as ‘Aiko’. “Absolutely come!” Mai-Aiko is quite shock over this. End flashback. Aiko thinks that it can’t be helped that she came as her original self but as Mai, she is obviously not embarrassed so, how come she is this nervous now that her hands are shaking. Reo wonders why she is nervous. At the aquarium, Reo says that it [some fish] is big but Aiko is looking around and thinking that the girls around are quite feminine. She wonders what the others think of them and maybe, she should have worn a skirt like Hiroko suggested. Reo sighs and wonders what Aiko is thinking. He tries to touch her hand but this made Aiko embarrassed. She quickly points up and exclaims that isn’t that quite small. Reo pouts and says that it is indeed small..but it turns out that she is pointing to a big fish. Aiko reprimands herself over what she is doing because that will make Reo feel strange yet how come she has no confidence as herself. She wonders what she usually does.. Aiko becomes embarrassed when a girl, with her boyfriend, shouts to look there is a super handsome guy [Reo] there and isn’t it quite rare to see two guys together. This made Aiko realize that in the end, she is looked at that way.
To the surprise of the other couple, Reo glances at them then kisses Aiko. The boyfriend teases his girlfriend that it isn’t a guy, it’s a girl. Pushing him away, blushing Aiko exclaims what he is suddenly doing. Reo says that it is because she has an expression that makes one want to kiss her. He tries to kiss her again but she stops him by saying what if someone they know sees them. She stops herself. Wondering what she is saying, she looks away and says that she knows already, so let’s go somewhere else. While walking ahead, Aiko wonders what she is doing when Reo is definitely worried about her. She couldn’t answer nor do something right, in her 17 years, as a girl, she never had regrets. Reo notices a souvenir shop. While eating, Reo tries to make some light conversation but Aiko isn’t concentrating. She is just sheepishly agreeing to whatever he said. Then, Reo asks if she is happy. This surprises Aiko. Reo sadly smiles at her that Aiko mutters that she is happy. Reo says is that so, then that’s good. He stands up and says that he’s going to the toilet. Aiko felt awful for making Reo have that kind of expression. Obviously, compared to others, she is quite confident in saying that she likes Reo and she obviously told him that she’ll fight off those girls who also like Reo, so right now, it is totally no good. Then, she notices a flyer about a lovey-dovey picture taking with the dolphins. After Reo goes out of the souvenir shop, he is surprised when Aiko rushes towards him and tells him that they go have a picture taking with the dolphins. Reo smiles and agrees. During the dolphin show, the host asks which couple wants to have a picture with the dolphins. Aiko excitedly says she wants to. The host chose her so Aiko grabs surprised Reno. Soon, they are posing with the dolphin and the host gets ready to take their pictures. While they are touching the dolphin, Aiko apologizes for today since she is not considering herself as a girlfriend when she is acting as herself and he’s by her side. She doesn’t have confidence, she’s embarrassed and she’s even showing such an awful attitude. Reo says no, it is enough for her to be her own self. Aiko smiles because Reo is quite nice to her. Just when the host is about to take their picture, Aiko kisses Reo’s cheek. This surprises Reo that he slips and both of them falls into the pool. Later on, the couple is apologizing to the host. Outside, Aiko says that it is bad for their hair and clothes are all wet. Taking something from his pocket, Reo says that it is quite rare for them to have this cool look. He takes her hand and puts something on her finger. It is a ring.
Reo says that he’s amazing for it fits her. “This is to commemorate the first date with ‘Aiko’, and until now, it has already been three years, right? I think that compare to now, the time when we’ll meet would become fewer..but..I won’t make you feel uneasy again like before. I have the consciousness of no matter what happens, I won’t let go of you. ..And, I also want to be always be with you so, *holds up hand with a ring on his finger* It is a ring that has this kind of promise. *blushes* ..ah, what am I saying.. even if it’s quite embarrassing..” To his surprise, Aiko hugs him and thanks him. Teary-eyed Aiko kisses him and says that she really likes him. They kiss each other. Aiko tells him that ‘since they are all wet, they can’t go home, so can they find a place where they can dry their clothes?’. Reo blushes for it is the exact words that he told her before. He mutters that she remembers that. Aiko declares that in the end, she likes that kind of expression on Reo. Reo exclaims that no wonder that’s the reason to it, and don’t start liking strange things. Meanwhile, Takumi goes to his room and is startled to see someone. He exclaims that he’s here. His father[?] says that he only came for a change of clothes and he will quickly go out. After dressing up, the father informs him that it seems that he is going to transfer job again. Takumi asks when. After looking at his watch, he says around summer so get ready. Then, he takes his luggage and left. Holding his cellphone, Takumi mutters that [he?] failed and he should have called that time. “..Kasumi.. I want to hear your voice..” While walking by the sidewalk facing the sea, Reo is scolding Aiko that he told her that there is no hotel there and don’t belittle how cold spring nights can be. Aiko protests that the navigation [GPS?] said that it is 10 minutes. Reo scolds her that it is 10 minutes by car and that is why he said to leave this up to him. He looks at his cellphone. Then, he grabs her hand and says that it is this way. He scolds her for being bad with machines which embarrassed Aiko denies. Then, they pass by a couple who says that Reo and Aiko is a cute couple. Aiko overhears this and happily informs Reo about it. Reo says ‘of course’, because no matter how they are seen, they are a ‘couple’. Then, he kisses her. Narration: “-hey, Reo, I, too, no matter what happens, I won’t let you go. *holding hands with the ring on their fingers* –[just] be together with Reo, I don’t care what happens.” Somewhere else, some jealous girls are talking about the picture they have taken – Reo and Aiko together.
Comment: That is a nice cute date. Even if she lacks confidence over her original looks, she managed to overcome it so that they would have fun together. He also reassured her of his love for her. Of course, that is all just a prelude to more problems later on. From this chapter, Takumi might be more aggressive since he is moving away soon. There are also those girls, who are most probably Reo’s fangirls, would cause trouble soon. Scans by daydreamy

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