December 2, 2012

Yoshiwara Hana Oboro [Chapter 12-13] -Fin-

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Chapter 12: Going Around in Circles Takitsuki is telling Hana and the kids about a horror story regarding the covered well. She warns them not to go close to it for there’s a night when a crying voice can be heard from it. A scream filled with grudge calls out, ‘let me out’. And if they were to be attracted to the voice and went to remove the lid from the well, a woman’s hand will come out--.. Hana and the kids scream in fright. Hana tells her to please don’t talk about it anymore. Takitsuki happily asks if they were afraid. Hana narrates that they are staying in Mitsubaya for three days since the fire. Even if the fire didn’t spread, Shiromatsuya has been reduced to rubble so they are temporarily taking shelter at Mitsubaya. Toraji exclaims that story is a lie. Takitsuki says that it isn’t a lie for there are people who fell in the well and was never seen again. She darkly says that she has seen it – a hand reaching out from behind and wanting to pull you down the well. Just then, Rennosuke touches Hana’s shoulder that Hana starts screaming in fright. Rennosuke muses that it is that again, her great reaction upon startling her. In tears, Hana tells him not to do that for she is really afraid. Rennosuke laughs and tells her not to be that angry. Holding her hair, he says that if she couldn’t sleep at night, he’ll accompany her to sleep. Flustered Hana shoos him away and exclaims that there’s no need. While Rennosuke happily pats her head, Hana thinks that just like before, Rennosuke is driving her around in circles. Takamichi angrily opens the door and tells them to be quiet for there is someone seeing the doctor. Assisted by Katsuki and Natsu, Akesato tells Takamichi that it is already over. Hana narrates that after the fire, Akesato’s health failed that she is always lying in bed. Hana apologizes to Akesato. Smiling Akesato says that it is okay and she should be the one who should apologize for making everyone worry at this time. As Natsu gives Akesato some medicine, Hana thinks that it seems that the fire has been quite a blow to Akesato but despite of that, she is still doing her best to show that everything is alright and that is because right now is an important crucial time for Shiromatsuya. Hana thinks that she should learn this from her. Katsuki worriedly asks Hana if she is alright because she looked pale after the fire. Hana smiles and tells him that it is alright. Hana thinks that of course, she was shock over that thing with Murasaki, and Shiromatsuya being burned down, but her pendant has been broken into pieces in that fire so that means, she can no longer go back to her original era. She is actually not in the mood to smile for she is feeling uneasy because what would be her life if she has to always stay in Yoshiwara. She hasn’t thought of this.. Rennosuke quietly observes her.

They were interrupted by Souemon who was looking for Hana. He mentions that there is a attendance occasion[?] tomorrow and they lack one yujo [<- probably Akesato] so he wants Hana to substitute for that person especially since a lot are curious about that mysterious shinzo from Shiromatsuya during the parade of the first day of the lunar month. While Hana is surprised over her reputation which Katsuki affirms, Rennosuke tells him that Hana isn’t a youjo. Souemon says that he knows so Hana only has to sit beside Takitsuki. He asks him to accept this request for it is to curry favor [from someone]. Later on, Natsu exclaims if Souemon has lost his mind that he is asking unexpectedly Hana to go to that festival. Takamichi says that actually if this is currying a favor, they won’t be constrained in intruding [/staying] at this place. He comments to Hana that it is a rare opportunity for her to help this time around so it’s not that bad. Hana felt that it is the first time she has been complimented [by him]. To the two’s surprise, Hana asks what the attendance occassion is. Natsu explains that it is set-up for consoling[/comfort] the officers and there are performing artists who were chosen to go on stage. Pinching Hana’s cheek, Natsu angrily exclaims how come Hana is the one chosen. While Natsu angrily leaves, Hana wonders how come she is so angry. Takamichi explains that it is because Natsu and the others worked hard to become a shinzo and seeing Hana, an amateur, defiling the profession of the yujo, of course, Natsu is angry. Takamichi tells her that putting that fake yujo thing aside, since she already found her valuable thing, for how long does she plan to depend on Shiromatsuya. Aghast Hana tells him that she couldn’t find a clue to go back or rather, it is gone. She thinks that she can’t always burden Shiromatsuya but in this era, she doesn’t have any place to go to. While Hana struggles to say something, Takamichi tells her that it is okay for her to always stay there but in front of the other yujo-s, he cannot give her more special treatment and she ought to know what that means. Hana thinks that like Akesato and Natsu, everyone there are working hard[/suffering] in order to live so it is impossible if she’s the only one who doesn’t. She realizes that in order to live in this era, she cannot go on like this. Takamichi advises Hana to prepare herself because later on, she would have to strive hard for herself. After he left, Hana wonders if she can do it. Rennosuke arrives and asks what she is doing, staring off like that. Hana tries to tell him that it’s nothing at all but Rennosuke holds her arm and says that it isn’t nothing at all, because her hands are trembling. Hana wonders if she could consult Rennosuke about it but then, what is she going to consult him about. Even if she wants to stay there but she doesn’t have the courage to become a yujo. She cannot say it without regard for the others.
Rennosuke asks if she was hungry that she ate something strange. After a pause, Hana angrily shouts that she didn’t. This made Rennosuke laugh. Rennosuke pats her head and apologizes for joking because her expression is like she has gone to a dead end. He asks her what’s troubling her. Hana thinks that she’s so naïve for her hands are obviously trembling but with only Rennosuke here, her uneasy feelings decreased a bit. But then, this is something she has to do with resolve. Then, she freaks out upon hearing some moaning behind her. She turns around to see that it is coming from the covered well that Takitsuki told her about. Thinking that it is a ghost, Hana clings on to Rennosuke. She becomes surprised when the ‘ghost’ hit its head and says ouch. To the couple’s surprise, it is Kiyomasa who asks why Rennosuke is there. Just when Rennosuke is asking that should be his line, Kiyomasa grabs on to Hana and exclaims that it is great that he bumped into them. He heard that Takitsuki is going to participate in the attendance occasion and he wants them to stop Takitsuki from participating. Later on, Rennosuke brings them to a secluded place where no one else can see them. He asks Kiyomasa to explain himself. Kiyomasa says that a local official by the name of Kawanuma [guesswork from 川沼] is going to secretly visit. This man has a reputation of being despotic and violent. From the looks of it, this man can painfully kill Takitsuki. Hana exclaims why. He tells her that Kawanuma appears to want to sleep with Takitsuki and with this opportunity, even if it is by force, he might pull Takitsuki into the bed. Kiyomasa is worried over Takitsuki not easily surrendering to this guy especially since he had already knifed a couple of yujo-s. Kiyomasa says that he knows that it won’t be easy to cancel that attendance occasion for people are anticipating her performance but if something were to happen to her, he’ll--.. Later on, Hana opens the door to Takitsuki’s room. While she seems to be grinding rice, Takitsuki asks her what’s the matter that she seems to be frantic. Hana asks her if she can cancel her participation with the attendance occasion. Takitsuki asks why she would suddenly say that. Showing her the hairpin, Hana tells her that Kiyomasa just came to the backyard. Takitsuki stands up and exclaims that idiot, she’ll immediately make him go back. Hana tells her to wait, she understands her misgiving for saying that given Kiyomasa’s position.. Takitsuki says that it isn’t that, she didn’t become estranged with him for this reason. Pained Takitsuki says that it hurts, continuing making that person seeing her like this. Hana thought that she obviously have to tell her what Kiyomasa said but what Takitsuki said pains her [Hana] that she doesn’t know what to say to make it better. She has been thinking if she is in the same position as Takitsuki, but..
Rennosuke tells Hana that he tried to tell Souemon about what Kiyomasa said but the attendance occasion couldn’t be cancelled. Hana exclaims how can that be but Rennosuke tells her to calm down for Souemon said that he’ll make preparations. And, if something happens during that time, Kiyomasa also plans to rush in and stop it. While Hana is thinking of something, Rennosuke asks her what it is. She tries to deny it but Rennosuke holds her face to him and says that today she kept on saying ‘everything is alright’ and she isn’t interesting if she kept on avoiding the subject. “Is it something that you can’t tell me?” Flustered Hana pushes his chin up and exclaims that she said that there’s nothing going on, then, there’s nothing going on at all. She bids him good night and heads to her room. She thinks that she can’t see clearly through Rennosuke because beyond expectation, it pains her thinking of his feelings for Takitsuki but then, this is the proof that she [Hana] likes him. On the day of the attendance occasion, the officials are praising the abilities of the Yoshiwara performers who can remove their daily weariness. Takitsuki prepares some tea in a tea ceremony style, she plays the koto, and dances with a fan. Hana begins to wonder if it is really okay for her to just sit there. She hears a couple of guys if that it is the rumored shinzo who is wearing a strange outfit. They mutter about how come she isn’t moving and she can’t even play shogi [Japanese chess]. Feeling sorry for herself, Hana feels that she had went to the wrong place. As the men leave because they find her boring, Hana perks up and tells herself that now isn’t the time to be depressed. She looks around for she hasn’t seen Takitsuki and if it is really okay to just leave it to Souemon to do the preparations [against Kawanuma]. She is surprised to see a man asking if she is Hana. The man suddenly pulls her hair and says that even if she is like that, she’s not bad. Takitsuki arrives and shouts at Kawanuma not to lay a hand on an amateur girl. Standing in between them, Takitsuki shouts to Hana that Kawanuma’s aim isn’t her, but rather, it is Hana. Kawanuma says that at first he had been negotiating with Souemon to give Takitsuki to him but Souemon would always argue about that given the situation, one can’t have a yujo. But then, for him, it is fine even if it isn’t a yujo. Even if he doesn’t know whether or not Souemon is saving the position of his top-notch performers but unexpectedly would pull out a completely ignorant girl [to give to him] and no wonder that Souemon is such a bastard. Carrying Hana, Kawanuma pushes Takitsuki away and tells her go to scram. Hana calls out to Takitsuki. Takitsuki stands up and calls Kawanuma a hoodlum. Kawanuma unsheathes his katana. Preparing to swing his katana at Takitsuki, Kawanuma tells her that she’s too noisy so why doesn’t she shut up. To Takitsuki’s surprise, Kiyomasa jumps in front of her to protect her. Just when Hana is reaching out to the two, she is surprised that her outreached hand has become transparent as if she is going to disappear.
To their surprise, angry Rennosuke punches Kawanuma and tells him not to touch Hana with his dirty hand. Rennosuke quickly asks if Hana is alright. Hana says yes. She looks at her hand and becomes puzzled for it is fine now so what just happened. Kawanuma is angry that he is being belittled. He lost consciousness when Kiyomasa hits the back of his neck with the tip of the scabbard and tells him to go to sleep. Kiyomasa sighs in relief that they can be at ease for a while. Just when he turns to ask if they are alright, Takitsuki slaps him. The others are all surprised by it. Crying Takitsuki scolds him for being reckless and she thought that her heart is going to stop beating. Kiyomasa hugs her to comfort her. Hana thinks that at this time, she realizes why she has an blood-relation with Takitsuki and Kiyomasa. She is quite shock when she is becoming transparent and definitely, if the two dies, is the reason that she’s disappearing. Even if she is happy, happy for the two of them, but she has a strange feeling which is making her feel uneasy. And after some seasons had passed, Souemon tells Rennosuke, who is with Hana, that Rennosuke must have more or less got tired of that temporarily lodging but because Rennosuke and others had obviously caused a ruckus during the attendance occasion so it is impossible for him to go back to Yoshiwara. The condition is to sell Hana into the brothel. Rennosuke asks if he is joking around. To his surprise, Hana says okay, if that is the way to save Shiromatsuya. Chapter 13: Sharing One’s Lot with Another It is on this day that she accepted reality and decided to live on in Yoshiwara. It has been a year since the attendance occasion and this year, Shiromatsuya’s finances has been steadily declining. While walking, Rennosuke tells her to wait, and is she serious. Hana says that she is. Holding her arm, he shouts if she knows what it means being sold to Mitsubaya, that means she’ll be a yujo. Hana says that she knows, but if she didn’t accept this condition, everyone will be walking around the streets[/no place to stay]. It turns out that after the attendance occasion, Rennosuke and Souemon had become antagonistic toward each other. Incurring anger towards Shiromatsuya, they were immediately driven out and right now, are still temporarily lodging outside of Yoshiwara. Because of all sorts of rules in the Yoshiwara, it has always been like this and if they can’t return to Yoshiwara, Shiromatsuya will be banished[/sent away] by the authorities. That will be the end of their business.
Hana claims that about becoming a yujo, she had started thinking about it for a long time before. Even if it has been delayed because they are temporarily lodging and she has been doing miscellaneous work but no matter how she thinks of it, she is a burden to Shiromatsuya. After Natsu, who is as old as her, had already taken her first night [/lost her virginity], Hana felt extremely ashamed so if she goes to Mitsubaya then everyone can return to Yoshiwara..and they only have to accept this condition. Rennosuke pulls her to him that Hana exclaims that hurts. Angry Rennosuke asks her if she really feels that this is okay. Hana is somewhat surprised to see him angry. They were interrupted upon hearing the cries of a baby. Holding a baby, Takitsuki asks them what they are doing at this place. During this time, after all sorts of trouble, a happy thing happened, and that is because Takitsuki gave birth to a baby. While Takitsuki pacifies the baby, Hana thinks that even if it is disastrous for a yujo to give birth to a baby, and it will delay her fixed term of work, Takitsuki still decided to give birth because this child is Kiyomasa’s. Since Kiyomasa has to go up the capital to take his new post, he temporarily cannot go to Yoshiwara. It seems that he has become an administrator[/in charge of a department?] in Kyoto. And despite that, the current Takitsuki looks quite happy. Then, Hana remembers his crying mother saying sorry. Hana thinks that it is that again and lately, she has been recalling that thing about her mother. And, she thinks that it is because she and Takitsuki are distant relatives. But then, conveniently, her breathing has become labored. She doesn’t know why and it seems as if she is afraid of something. Rennosuke apologizes and says that he’ll be going ahead. The two look surprised at Rennosuke. In her room, Takitsuki exclaims in disbelief about Hana becoming a yujo in Mitsubaya. Takitsuki angrily shouts at Hana as to why she agreed, and she should have refused. She is furious that Souemon would do this while she is still recuperating. Hana timidly smiles and says that she can’t because they cannot risk Souemon having a bigger grudge at them. To Hana’s surprise, serious Takitsuki asks that didn’t she like Rennosuke. “Is it really okay? It’s very hard, right?” Hana says that she pretty much knows but she has already decided that no matter how hard it is, she will live on there and she thinks that way because of Takitsuki. She says that if she is like Takitsuki, who can properly treasure those feelings, then one day, this love will start to bloom and bear fruit. “So, it is alright. No matter what it is, I’ll bear with it.” Takitsuki is surprised by what she said. Hana thinks that of course, she is afraid and uneasy but since she made herself aware of it, she only has to accept it and continue on moving forward.
That night in a room, Rennosuke throws away the tray of sake. Takamichi goes in the room and tells him that he is viciously making a ruckus. In a foul mood, Rennosuke asks what it is. Takamichi asks him if he really doesn’t like for that girl to become a yujo. He is a bit surprised that Rennosuke would unexpectedly fallen in love with Hana. Rennosuke says that he’s the one who is most surprised for he didn’t thought he had this kind of feelings. Takamichi tells him that he really doesn’t know how to learn a lesson from a setback. For things to end up like this, it is easier to simply give it up. Rennosuke says that he doesn’t want to be told that by him for because of Akesato, he [Takamichi] had left the store at Kyoto and came to this place. Takamichi says no, he has given up and please don’t confuse one with the other. “Akesato won’t live long. There isn’t much that I can do for her. I’m only accompanying her until the end that is why I’m here. But Rennosuke.. you’re not the same. You can still do something for that girl, don’t you?” At the kitchen, Katsuki says that the store had become very quiet. While eating, Natsu agrees and says that it is because that noisy girl is gone. Katsuki wonders out loud if Hana is okay, and is she really going to become Mitsubaya’s yujo. Natsu tsks, and says how it is possible for her to be okay. Even if Hana’s inner being is good but she doesn’t have any family background so she can only be a low class yujo and can only be sold cheaply. Hence, in the end, she only heads towards death’s door. While stabbing her food with chopsticks, Natsu says that she said too much, and whatever it is, that foolish girl will keep on doing it. Akesato laughs and says that Natsu hasn’t changed for she still has that difficult bad temper of hers. The two are surprised that they worriedly ask if she can get out of bed. Akesato says that it seems everyone is worried about Hana. She asks the two if they want to try doing everything they can to help Hana out. One night, at a prepared room, Hana thinks that she had already made herself aware of becoming a yujo but she didn’t expect. Hana angrily asks how come he is in Yoshiwara. It is Kawanuma. He says that he is the type who absolutely won’t easily let go of something he didn’t get. He tells her that it is an easy thing to have a fake identity and as a customer looking for her, no one ought to complain about it. While Hana is thinking that this is really bad, Kawanuma grabs her necktie and tells her not to be afraid for he still roughly likes her and honestly speaking, this isn’t a bit about making her pay dearly. As Kawanuma goes for her neck, Hana is quite disgusted. Then, she remembers Rennosuke. While Kawanuma touches her bare leg, Hana wonders what she is thinking for she obviously decided this on her own and she shouldn’t regret it. In tears, she remembers Rennosuke asking her if this is really okay. Hana finally has had enough that she pushes Kawanuma off her and shouts, “No!”
Someone holds her wrists and tells her not to cause trouble. Trying to resist, Hana curses and tells him to not to touch her. She thinks that for things to reach up to this point, she obviously has no way of escaping. To her surprise, someone chuckles and says that if the first night is like this, there’s no way for her to become a yujo. Hana looks up to see the person holding her. She is surprised that it is Rennosuke. Just when she is about to ask why he is there, Rennosuke tells her to be quiet. While Katsuki is tying up Kawanuma whose head is also covered, Rennosuke tells Katsuki to stuff that guy in the cabinet. Hana is surprised to see Katsuki. Katsuki says that it isn’t just him. His sister has already arranged a boat [Akesato is sweet talking some guy] while Takamichi and Natsu are guarding the gate [Takamichi claims to be waiting for something while Natsu brought some refreshments for the guards]. Katsuki tells Hana that everything is going according to plan. Hana asks what the plan is. Rennosuke tells her that the plan is for her and him to run away together. Hana goes into shock over this and asks why. Rennosuke asks her if she doesn’t want to. Blushing Hana says that it isn’t about not wanting to but, why. She thinks that for only the two of them to run seems like.. Rennosuke smiles and says, “..Why? *leaning to her* Do you want to know the reason.. *holds her head to him* After we successfully run away, when the two of us are all alone, I’ll once again tell you slowly.” This made blushing Hana speechless. Katsuki tells Rennosuke that they should run away now. Rennosuke tells Katsuki to go first. Katsuki heads down from the balcony using a rope. Hana is still a bit confused if this is for real, that she and Rennosuke.. Just when Rennosuke tells her that they should go, there is a strong earthquake. Hana loses her balance and to her surprise, the flooring gave way and she falls down. And everything becomes dark. Hana felt her body hurts and her breath is labored. Then, she hears her mother saying ‘Sorry, sorry’ that she thinks it is that again. Holding her head, she complains that it hurts and what’s up for her to suddenly hear her mother’s voice. She becomes wide-awake and quickly sits up. She sees some rubble and fire in front of her. She wonders for how long she had passed out for the fire is already surrounding the place. Walking around and coughing from the smoke, she realizes that she is at the courtyard but then, where are Rennosuke and Katsuki. She is surprised to hear someone saying, ‘Sorry, sorry’. She turns around and thinks that it is her mother’s is.. She sees Takitsuki carrying her baby and heading towards the well. She pushes away the lid off the well and puts her baby inside. That made Hana remember what had happened before. Flashback: Her mother had said that the fire won’t reach inside the well so she hopes that no matter what, she [baby] can live on. Then, some fire debris fall down on her mother and she died. End flashback.
Hana realizes that the baby is her and it is because her mother saved her, she went to the future while inside the well. While the baby is crying, Takitsuki apologizes for not being able to protect her but.. To Takitsuki’s surprise, Hana tells her no.. Hana pulls puzzled Takitsuki away and tells her to quickly leave from there. Takitsuki protests that there is nowhere else to go [because of the fire], and it is fine just to save this child by putting her inside the well. Hana tearfully exclaims, “No. If I go right now, mama will die!!” Takitsuki is surprised. Then, Rennosuke finds them. Just when Hana goes to him to say that it’s good that he is alright, Hana pass through him [like a ghost]. Rennosuke and Takitsuki are surprised by this. Hana wonders how come her body is becoming transparent. Then, she realizes that if Takitsuki leaves the baby in the well, she [baby] will go into the future using some baffling power but if that baby wasn’t left there, the current her doesn’t exist. Rennosuke calls out to Hana. Hana turns around and shouts, “Rennosuke.. Mama..” Then, she disappears. Narration: “This thing of saving mama, I don’t regret it a bit. But, there’s only one thing.. that makes me feel regretful.. I want to.. spend more time with Rennosuke--.. It is only that..” Then, Hana wakes up and becomes puzzled as to where she is. Takitsuki calls out her name and asks if she is alright. At first, puzzled Hana calls her mama before correcting herself to call her, Takitsuki. Takitsuki says that Hana has been unconscious for three days. Hana is surprised by that. She wonders what had happened because if the baby isn’t put in the well, she [baby] wouldn’t have gone to the future so at that time, she [Hana] should have disappeared. Just when Hana is asking about it, Takitsuki sadly smiles and says that the child should be in a far away place, together with that nice grandpa. Surprised Hana exclaims if she left the baby in the well. “Why!? That child is your important..” Takitsuki says yes, that’s true but that child lived quite happily. “And the Hana I’m seeing in front of me is proof of that. I only want my daughter’s happiness, and that is enough [for me].” Hana starts crying over that while Takitsuki comforts her. Suddenly someone pulls her collar from behind. It is Rennosuke who hugs her tightly. He tells her that it’s great that she can still be here. She turns around to call his name, and sees the others looking on. Narration: “A lot of things had happened.. my brain has not yet sorted everything out but there is only one thing I know.. And that is, it is right for me to be here.” At the courtyard by the porch, while Akesato and others are busy talking, Katsuki asks what are they going to do now. Yoshiwara is in a ruined state and it will take time before it can recover. Takamichi says that it seems that Mitsuyabaya has closed down [/stopped business] and about trying to establish Shiromatsuya, this situation is even more troublesome. Rennosuke sheepishly says that simply, how about everyone here just start a new business. With a sparkle in his eye, Takamichi says that is a good suggestion. He starts rambling on that they would need land but that can be easily attained..they will just start a branch of Rennosuke’s family business and then, this and that.. Rennosuke says that’s very good, he’ll leave it to him. Rennosuke tells smiling Hana, “Since that has been decided, it’s also time for us to go.” Hana happily exclaims, “Yes!” The End.
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