December 2, 2012

From Five to Nine [Chapter 29 - Family Business 2]

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Holding Junko’s chin towards him, Takane says that it is her fault for unexpectedly refusing him and going to some other guy. Junko tells him that she doesn’t understand as to why it is okay for him to give her to his younger brother but not, Satoshi. Takane says that he doesn’t want to hear that name from her mouth and he is only leaving her in the care of someone he trusts as a safeguard (temporarily).

 Junko asks so what does he mean by safeguard and even if they are so close, they can’t kiss. Starting to leave, Junko says that she isn’t being safeguarded [by his younger brother] yet. Takane hugs her tightly and says that she’s really.. Junko says that no, she didn’t say that he can kiss her right now, and what she means is if it is okay, she would have taken the initiative to kiss him earlier and didn’t he already decided to go to a miai with someone else. 

Takane is puzzled. Junko says that she doesn’t want to kiss with that kind of person. They were surprised when someone is knocking on the door. Amane asks if Takane is inside, and it is almost time for him to go because the people[/donors] had almost arrived in their places. Takane tells her that his grandmother had told him about it but...

Junko looks away and says that he couldn’t refuse and he did mention this before when he is with her. She tells him that it seems that her grandmother and his younger brother knows about his [Takane] miai. Amane opens the door and comments that Junko came. Junko looks surprised at him and says that he looks like a monk.

Wearing some ‘helmet type of monk hair[?]’, Amane thanks her for the compliment. He tells her that he forgot to mention about it to his obviously resisting [with difficulty] and CLUELESS older brother, and he is surprised that she really flew to come here today. This embarrassed Junko. Junko says that he deliberately lied to her about the memorial service today. 

Amane denies it by saying that he just carelessly said it wrong. Fretful[/jealous] Takane calls out Amane that they are going to the lobby. He tells Junko to stay hiding there until the service is over. Junko says that she only came to get her luggage. Takane sternly tells her to stay there. As they leave, Junko sticks her tongue out and Amane is in disbelief over the behavior of the two.

While walking, Takane tells Amane to control himself from becoming too intimate. Amane smiles and says, ‘Roger’. Then, some monks are calling Takane to hurry for everyone is in position. As Takane goes to them, Amane thinks that no matter how long it has been, this place is still quite boring to death.

Then, he notices that Junko is going out of the room. Amane shouts, “Sakuraba! Where are you secretly going to!?” Then, Amane laughs and says that isn’t it very the same with his brother’s voice, after all, they can alternate for each other. Junko angrily tells him to please not to startle her since she is in a hurry. Amane asks what’s up.

She informs him that she went there with a student and she can’t find him. She tells him that he has seen that kid, the one who looks like a very cute girl from the outside. Amane says that if it is that kid, then, it ought to be eye-catching. Junko tells him that it appears that the service is already starting so isn’t he going. 

Amane says that it is okay for he isn’t good in dealing with that situation. Junko becomes puzzled that she wonders if Amane is brazenly goofing off and is that okay. Amane tells her that it’s fine for him to go when it is time to burn the incense. “Just stay there and I’ll help you look.” 

Junko refuses for she wants to search for Yuki with him because she thinks that he is planning to deceive her again like about Takane being in a miai. Amane says no and please don’t call it deceiving for it doesn’t sound nice. He is just not revealing out the facts in front of his brother and that was an almost miai. Amane starts pushing her to go to a certain direction and turn to a corner.

Junko sees the registration table wherein some women are receiving the guests. Amane asks her that doesn’t that line of receptionists look too gorgeous. Those people are the daughters of the donors and they are helping out as an alibi to meet up with Takane. “All of them are bride candidates for bro.”

Junko says that isn’t that good for everyone are gorgeous and no matter what is said, they are all young and won’t it be ‘ti-ring’ for Takane to choose one among them. Amane tells her that it isn’t about choosing or not choosing. It is fine to classify them between wives and lovers. On the basis of their family being the largest temple.

A so-called temple can be said to be like the existence of a wealthy landowner with assets. Whether the senpai[/elders donors] or the girls themselves, they are like a tiger watching its prey and that prey is his brother who’ll be the heir. After the service ends, their grandmother plans to refer those girls to his brother.

For her to have this nature of belittling this position, ‘locking the door, refusing to see him’, and also, to mention briefly, ‘kicking the benefactor in the teeth’[/ingratitude], doesn’t exist here. Junko asks him if he is saying that because she is quite rare that Takane had an interest in her. Amane says, “No, it totally isn’t like that. It is because bro unexpectedly cried because of your extramarital affair.”
Junko is in disbelief that Amane says that he made a slip so never tell his brother that he told her that. Junko says that he is lying for Takane detest her so much that he won’t even look at her at that time. He even told her not to go to the temple and (wanting her to marry to Amane..) Junko still couldn’t believe that Takane cried for she can’t imagine it. Amane tells her that he isn’t lying.

Flustered Junko says that is quite cunning. She thinks that forces her to apologize first though she is a bit frustrated over being told to have an extramarital affair but for things to reach up to this point, she doesn’t think that an apology is of use. Amane tells her to increase her effort again and starting it right now isn’t too late.

They were interrupted by the grandmother who calls Amane to hurry up for it is time to burn the incense. She tells him that she didn’t say anything when he doesn’t want to help but she won’t let him obstruct Takane. Amane says, ‘ya, ya’. She scolds him that it is enough to say that once. Junko is starting to freak out for this person is.. Junko asks Amane if she is the rumored... 

Amane just warns her that compared to the people looking for [/bothering] her, she has to be patience when dealing in front of this thorny other party. The grandmother calls out to Junko that if she came to help, then please, quickly to go the reception table and receive the guests. Junko tells her that she didn’t come to help.

Grandmother says no, that won’t do, because of her inferior outfit, how can she make her stay at the reception table. The grandmother starts telling Junko to wear clothes like the girls at the reception table so that their Takane would look at her and she should at least put all of her effort like those girls.

While Junko tries to tell her that isn’t what she meant, the grandmother tells her to quickly move and put up the spirit tablets in that room. To Junko’s shock, Amane tells his grandmother that for things to reach up to this point, Junko doesn’t need to indulge his brother. “Because she is bro’s most fancied bride candidate. –ah yes, I forgot to add the word, ‘FORMER’. Ah, how troublesome.”

While Amane smiles at nervous Junko, the grandmother asks if she is the one from the Sakuraba family. Junko recalls Takane telling her not to be noticed by his grandmother for she is the one who objects to her [Junko] the most.

Thinking that she has to at least give a good impression, Junko greets the grandmother and formally introduces herself. The grandmother says that she is happy to see her. “This time, I’m really quite thankful. *bows to Junko* Thank you for choosing to break up with our family’s Takane-san.” This surprises Junko.
At the assembly hall, Yuki is frantically looking around for Junko. He couldn’t believe that he ended up there after they got separated among the crowd. There are so many people sitting there that he couldn’t go out even if he wanted to. He finds Buddhist scriptures scary and what if his identity is exposed.

He thinks that it seems that people are going in front one-by-one and doing something in front of the altar [<- burning incense], and it will be bad if it is his turn. But then, since that monk [Takane] is chanting Buddhist scriptures, that would mean that Junko is alright. Somewhere else, the grandmother brings Junko to a room and tells her that it is all here so quickly move it all out.

 Junko is surprised to see some packed boxes. The grandmother says that she got them tidied up by some workers while Takane isn’t around and don’t worry, the workers are all female. Junko nervously mutters that she really does things in accordance to what she thinks[/without permission]. Smiling grandmother asks her what is it, if there is anything missing, she will take responsibility and pay for it so go ahead and ask.

Thinking that isn’t the problem, Junko says that she might not be able to move it all at one time so she’ll have to call a courier to get all of it. The grandmother tells her to hurry and settle things here for Takane will be quite busy after the service. Junko thinks that even if this woman looks as if she is kindly smiling but she is quite scary. Junko asks if Takane is going to be in a miai with those girls at the reception table.

The grandmother asks if she heard it from Amane. Junko says that it seems that Takane is clueless about it. The grandmother tells her THIS TIME, she absolutely won’t let Takane choose the wrong person. She says that what’s most important in choosing a girl is a girl whose behavior and temperament conforms to what they wanted[/requested].

Choosing that kind of good daughter-in-law who’ll mutually help the temple, giving all-out effort and being responsible for the temple. “For the peace and auspicious of the temple, I think that Takane will also no longer say such foolish things again.” Junko puts a few money bills on the floor and exclaims that this is the money for the courier so she’ll leave that up to them. But, regarding the specifics, she’ll arrange that herself.
She excuses herself to go ahead and told grandmother to greet Takane for her. The grandmother says that it is okay, no problem, and there’s no need for her to spend money. Junko says that if she didn’t do that, she would feel bothered.

“Then, goodbye. Ah, one more thing, if you think that all women, upon seeing that this place is a rich, influential, and huge temple, would want to marry into it, then that is your biggest mistake. With that, goodbye!” Grandmother is still smiling. Then, after Junko leaves, grandmother mutters that Junko is really arrogant and conceited.

While Junko stands at the hallway, the people start to come out and leave the place. Junko thinks that it is temple this and temple that. “What is that opinionated old woman thinking? Obviously the one who wants to marry is Hoshikawa-san. How can she be like this, without giving qualms over Hoshikawa-san’s feelings!?”

Junko becomes flustered upon remembering Amane telling her that his brother cried. She is surprised when Yuki touches her back. Yuki exclaims that he finally found her. Yuki hugs her tightly and exclaims that he felt that he won’t see her again for this temple is quite huge. Even if it is quite astonishing but it’s quite troublesome and there are too many people.

Junko tells him that they are leaving, quickly depart from this place. Yuki asks her about her luggage which she specially came to pick up. Junko says that this household already wants her to quickly leave that they helped her tidy up the place. She had already asked them to help her bring the stuff back home. “I want to quickly leave this place.”

Then, she turns to the side to see surprised Takane. Takane scowls and his expression says = he obviously told her to hide, yet, she is standing at an exposed place, and what’s up with her to be with that cross-dressing Satonaka-kun. Junko looks at him but scowls when the people are calling Takane, young abbot. She looks down and tells Yuki that they are going.  
Junko quickly passes by Takane. Takane tries to call her but he stops upon seeing his grandmother talking with some other women who are leaving. Takane reminds himself to attend to the things here first. He starts greeting back the people who are preparing to leave. To his surprise, Junko suddenly holds his hand.

Flustered Takane asks her what is it, there are many people here and for her to take the initiative here is.. Junko tells him, “Come with me, please.” This made Takane blush and be on a daze because Junko suddenly ‘spoils’ him. “Please-- How amazing. She said, ‘please’. How can she be so cute..”

As Junko takes Takane out, Amane sees them and thinks that like he said before, a girl who takes the initiative to bring the guy out is quite beautiful. Takane snaps out of it when he realizes that they are already at the gate. Calming himself down, Takane asks if she wants him to come along but it is no good right now because he must go back. “If you have something to say, please be quick..” 

Junko tells him, “Don’t go back. Don’t go back to the temple again.” Yuki is waiting by the taxi. He frowns upon seeing Takane and wonders why he is there. Junko continues to say, “ said before that you already do not need me...

...And even said, you want to leave me to your younger brother for safeguarding-something. Probably, right now, you’ll also won’t listen to any of my requests but.. *still holding his hand* if you agree to leave the temple, then I’ll also make up my mind to stay at your side.” Blurb: “In front of Junko’s first confession!! What will.. Takane do!?”

Scans by 深雪汉化组