November 22, 2012

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Chapter 77]

Originally posted @ on November 22, 2012

 Misaki is surprised to read the various titles that the gossip magazine has given Usui. To their shock, Misaki starts to tear the page. They angrily shout at her and Misaki says that she is just confirming if the magazine is real. Tomu says that they don’t have much idle time to make a fake magazine. Misaki is still in shock over what’s going on since it is too suspicious that Usui is being treated like a celebrity. Tora and others explains something about a festival and publicity for Usui being a member of the Walker family but basically, Gerald’s goal is for Usui to be so popularly known that he can’t go back to being independent high schooler Usui Takumi. The others seems to want to give on this plan regarding Usui but to their surprise, this just fires up Misaki that she wants to beat up Usui for being led by the nose by those people. She starts venting on why the heck he went to England for and he better wait for her [<- like so that she can beat him up] Tora starts laughing over this that Tomu comments he understands the reason why he is happy. Tora comments that her every reaction makes people not want to give up. Then, at the café, they are doing pirate cosplay. Misaki is using her foul mood in her acting. She is surprised to see Aoi dressed up as himself - guy. The others comment that he is now like an adult and his sewing skills are like a professional. Then, Aoi scolds Misaki for wearing a heart pendant necklace that doesn’t suit her costume. Soon, they learn that it is a gift from Usui. They also saw the magazine with Usui’s pictures. Erika asks won’t it make her sad to wear the necklace but Misaki angrily says that it gives her high fighting spirit. So, she asks Aoi to let her wear it. Aoi says that it is okay for it would be bad if she is listless. Misaki timidly says that it isn’t about being listless, it is more on preventing her from the urge of going violent. <- charging into the castle to beat Usui up.

When Subaru asks when Misaki is going to England, Aoi is surprised by this. Misaki says that she will be going on a temporary leave that is why she is going to talk with Satsuki. Then, Misaki’s father is starting freaking out that he didn’t know about this so Misaki quickly leave. Then, she goes in and calls out to Hinata that she wants to ask a favor. While walking home, she asks Hinata to watch over her mother and younger sister since she is going to England temporarily. She wants him to immediately remove her father if he heads to the house and he’s the only one whom he can depend on for her to leave with no worries. Hinata smiles over this and says that he also wanted to say a lot of things to Usui so absolutely bring him back. Then, there is a scene of Usui seeing a bird fly away then he smiles. Somewhere else, a girl calls out to Tora as Tora-san and Tora reminds her not to add the ‘- san’ [since it is the name of the lead in ‘Otoko wa Tsurai yo’ = a kind-hearted vagabond who is always unlucky in love. Source: wiki] It seems that Tora is engaged to this Chiyo [guesswork from 千代] girl, and it is an arranged marriage since she hasn’t seen him before. She finds herself lucky for he turns out to be a gentleman. Tora says that she is too frank for he’s the lucky one. He asks her if she will be angry if he went to a faraway overseas place without any news from him. Chiyo asks why would she be angry? Of course she’ll be very worried and uneasy but it is alright. Tora mentally compares her answer with Misaki’s ‘beat Usui up’. Chiyo adds that she’ll just ask her father to look for Tora. As Tora leaves, Maki asks if he’s going when it has been a long time since they’ve met. Tora asks if he thinks that she[?] will say a lot. Maki says that girls tend to say talk about meaningless current events. Tora asks if there are other things to say than ‘Is that so. You’ve been doing well. That’s really great’.
Then, they are surprised by Tora’s phone call. Maki seems to be saying that it is good that Tora went out early before it rang. Tora comments that it seems that he is now familiar with his ringtone. His father asks if it is true about going to England and he is asking Tora’s reason for taking time to go there and meet with popular Usui/Walker family. Tora just says that didn’t he [father] said about ‘having stubbornness in completing a work’ and he’s accumulating connections. He claims that this is doing what one has determined to do. After hanging up, Maki is asking about Tora’s motives and if he will do it up to this extent if Misaki isn’t involved. Tora just says that he didn’t think of the reason for his stubbornness and action. As he left, Maki mutters that Tora didn’t deny it. Tora arrives to see Misaki sleeping by the table. The others had already left. Tora comments over lowering her guard to sleep there and could it be that she thought that this place is safe. He says that she ought to know that he’s coming. He removes his coat and puts it on Misaki who mutters Usui’s name. Tora gently touches her hair. And after some scenes of the others, Misaki has arrived in England. Scans by 红莲汉化组.