December 24, 2012

Watashi wa Mada Sore o Shiranai [Chapter 0]

Originally posted @ on December 23, 2012

[Free Talk: This is Chika Shiina’s new series serialized in Cheese! Magazine. This series has sexual content and possible mature themes. ]

Narration: “From the moment that you were born in this world, the other party who you will attract you has already been decided.” There is a picture of a girl and an older man. “Let me say, ojisan [/uncle; older man not related], I beg you to stimulate my instinct more intensely.” At a guy’s room, a naked guy lies on his bed and says, “Hey, Anna [杏柰], you said that during the time your father has gone overseas, you’re going to stay at the house of your father’s friend. So isn’t that like saying that you’re moving?” While sitting naked on the guy’s bed, Anna says that it can be considered that way. “..but, even if I say that it is moving away but it is only a station away from this place. So, there is also no need to transfer school-..” The guy asks what it is [that she paused]. Anna replies, “Basically, when I heard that my old man said that the person I’ll be living together with is ‘his friend’. I thought that it is a woman but it turns out to be a man. A 40 year old ojisan! *stands up* I really don’t understand what Pops is thinking. Does this make him feel more at ease than for me to be all alone by myself? Ah~~ I want to drink some water.” The guy tells her not to go walking around naked. Anna goes to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator. She takes a bottled water. Just when she is about to drink, she notices a note with some money bills on the table. The note says, ‘For Takumi [guesswork from 拓海], I’m going to work. Here’s some money and go eat.’ Anna thinks that the parents here are also.. Anna returns to the room. Takumi tells her that he also wants some water. Anna shoves the bottle water to him. Takumi says that’s cold. Anna says, “Ah- Adults are really unreasonable. Mouth is saying that they are ‘worried’ about us but they would just leave us aside without a care. Leaving behind a note ‘Go play with the neighbor’s kid’ then, they only care about being busy at work. If they knew that I and Takumi are not going steady but having H[/sex], that is definitely enough to scare them. It is obviously caused by them who abandoned me!!”

Takumi replies, “Then how about this, Anna- *pointing to self* For the time being, try going steady with me?” Anna looks aghast in surprise at him. Takumi nervously asks what kind of expression is that. Anna angrily shouts that is what she should be asking him. “What do you mean by that!? What ‘for the time being’! When you are saying those kind of words, your attitude should be a bit serious!!” Takumi asks if that is true. Anna shouts in frustration and says that’s enough. Later on, with her school bag and some boxes of her belongings, Anna sweetly says, “Nice to meet you, Tatsuo-san. [guesswork from 龍生] I’m Kurihara [guesswork from 栗原] Anna♡” Tatsuo casually greets her back and says that he’ll show her, her room so quickly come in with him. While Anna has a bewildered speechless look, Tatsuo tells her to take off her shoes and arrange it properly. Anna wonders what that is, she obviously have a full smile when she came to greet him so what’s the meaning of that scowl. She smiles and thinks of pulling a little prank on him. She suddenly grabs hold of Tatsuo’s arm and says, “Tatsuo-san♡ From today on, I’ll be under your care[/yoroshiku]..” She looks surprised when Tatsuo looks at her and tensely tells her to quickly let go. After recovering from that, Anna apologizes for doing such a rude thing. “By the way! *flirting mode* As a payment for letting me stay here, what do you wish for me to do for you?” Tatsuo just looks at her. Narration: “The moment that I held on to this person, I had a good sniff of a scent. This scent stimulated the side of my being a woman, an instinct’s scent.”
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