December 24, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 16]

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Page 16: Boyfriend. Cover page: “Really like you, really want to hug you tightly!” Narration: “Kira-kun *Kira held Nino’s hand and said, ‘The meaning of my existence is you, Nino’* had thrown my own words back to me.” Covered with a blanket, Nino sits on her bed with a blank look. Sensei perches on her bed post and quietly sweatdrops. He flies to Nino’s bed and asks if she couldn’t sleep. Nino says, yes. She blushes and lies back on her bed. She tells him that just thinking of what happened yesterday made her somewhat excited. With a teasing look, Sensei says that is right, after all, she got promoted to ‘girlfriend’. This made Nino blush even more. Nino wonders out loud over what kind of progress will happen between them in the future. “Just thinking of this since the start, I couldn’t stop imagining it.” With folded arms, Sensei says that Kira is a pretty boy so he ought to quickly make a move on her. He tells her not to say other things for won’t he directly kiss her and if he does any strange thing to her, *gesturing a punch* she should definitely hit him. Getting out of the blanket, Nino says that she thinks that ought to be not quite possible and she had also thought about that. Narration: “Today is the first day of starting going steady.” Kira is waiting at the gate. Nino comes out and nervously greets him. Kira just says, morning with a blank look. Surprised Nino exclaims what’s up with him. Kira says that it is nothing and everything is normal with him. “Come, let’s go.” Nino notices that Kira has his hand[/s] is in his pocket. While walking, Kira is telling her about watching a television show that he didn’t notice that it is already the middle of the night, and it is a movie about zombies. It is by seriously watching the deeper contents of the movie that he finds it very interesting. It is quite philosophical that he starts to like zombies. Nino keeps looking at his hand on his pocket then, she looks at her hand. She agrees about what Kira is saying. Sensei seems puzzled. Narration: “Ah- about that, how should I say it. It is a start which is, just like before, with no change.” In the classroom, everyone looks at the door when Kira and Nino come in. A student says that they’ve arrived so who is going to ask. Another student says that after all, they hugged in the classroom. This made Nino blush as she remembers that when they returned yesterday, everyone is already gone. A guy holds Nino’s hand and exclaims, “Hey, Bird Girl, are the two of you going steady!?” Kira chops their hands to separate them. Kira pulls Nino to him and says, “Right now, she is my girlfriend. No one is allowed to touch her.” Everyone blushes and exclaims if this is for real. Nino is surprised by Kira’s declaration. Yabe looks glum while lying his head on the table.

During PE class, Hyakuta says that she is really curious about it that she can’t help but straightforwardly ask her. Ikigoma asks up to what progress they have gone to. Nino looks at them with big eyes. Blushing, she tells them that nothing has happened. She wonders if this is the so-called girl’s talk. To Nino’s surprise, they tell her that she definitely wants to have deeper affection early on and it isn’t bad for her to take the initiative and attack. Ikigoma says that every time her boyfriend kisses her, she always feels like floating. Hyakuta says that she understands, for there are times when she has the urge to bite him [/her boyfriend?]. Nino is quite surprised about this ‘urge’. While the girls are changing their clothes and talking about cosmetics, Nino thinks that she doesn’t quite understand what they’ve told her. Nino goes out of the room and thinks that in the end, everyone is girls and she’ll ask her mommy to teach her to put make-up. She is the first one to go out of the dressing room. She notices a couple of girls with Kira. Kira apologizes and tells the girl that he can’t go steady with her. The girl’s friend says that even if she doesn’t want to say bad things about Nino, but this girl is not only cuter but her character is not bad. “It is also okay for you to try out and date with her, how about it..?” Nino freaks out for Kira is being confessed to and that girl is even saying that she has no charm at all. Kira says, “I’m sorry, all of my time belongs to Nino.” Nino blushes over that. The girl’s friend leads the dejected girl away and says that since he said that, then forget it. Kira scratches his head then notices Nino peeking from the corner. Kira asks her what interest is that, for her to secretly watch from here. Nino exclaims that it is a coincidence. Kira leans toward her and rests his head on her shoulder. Kira tells her that he refused [that girl] so give him a reward. This made Nino blush redder. She starts to stroke his hair and says, “O—okay. Nice guy!!” Kira asks if she is foreigner. Blushing Nino wonders what to do for she is starting to understand what Ikigoma and others are saying. Kira suddenly stands up and says, let’s go. To his surprise, Nino suddenly clings on to him. She says, “I still want to be with you for a while.” Kira looks at blushing Nino. To her surprise, Kira pulls her away from him. He apologizes and says that he suddenly remembered that the old timer [teacher] told him to see him. While walking downstairs, Kira tells stunned Nino that it is about being lectured about what happened yesterday so she can go ahead.
While walking the hallway, she wonders if she can understand that literally or was it deliberate that he pulled her away from him. Then, he notices that Yabe is walking beside her. Yabe says that they’ve already thought properly over what the cat’s name will be so he thought of telling her. Nino says is that so, so what the name is. Yabe says that it is Arashi because his older sister likes that idol group. Nino says that’s cool..then she thinks that wasn’t that cat female. Then, Yabe asks if she is really going steady with Kira. This made Nino blush that she is lost for words but managed to say pretty much. Putting his hand on the wall to block her way, Yabe says she should break up with Kira. This surprises Nino. He walks away and mutters that it infuriates him that she was snatched away. Nino nervously wonders what was that and that startled her. At the staircase inside the building, during lunch break, Kira comments that Sensei seems to be asleep. Nino says that Sensei explore around the school during PE class so he is a bit tired. A note says that they are eating inside because it is cold outside. Kira is puzzled for how come he is exploring when he usually just stays in the classroom. Nino says that it seems that Sensei wants to exercise lately. Kira mutters over assuming before, that Sensei would be his first love rival. Looking somewhat serious, Kira says that he always feels that he only have to do some ordinary sports and it will be strenuous[/tiring]. This surprises Nino. Kira says that it is nothing and possibly, it isn’t that serious yet. If excessively no sports, one won’t be stuck with a name[/logo] of being a sports idiot, right? Nino starts looking worried that Kira notices this. He pinches her face and says that at this point, give him a smile. Deciding to change the mood, Kira says that compared to that, he has something to give to her. Holding a small box, he tells her that it is her birthday gift and sorry if it is late. Surprised Nino exclaims that she forgot. “Thank you. Can I open it?” Kira says yes. She opens the box and it is a beautiful small bottle. Nino exclaims that it is a perfume and there are even some bird wings on it. Kira tells her to try it out. Nino is sparkling. She takes the tip of the bottle with a dropper and puts some of the perfume on her wrist. Nino says that it is a fragrance like the smell of a mature woman with rose as part of the ingredient. “With this, I also can be a girl who can properly interact with guys.” Kira looks surprised. Realizing what she said, Nino quickly tells him that it is nothing, she is just talking to herself. Kira holds her perfumed hand and says, “Ya, it’s very fragrant.” Nino blushes. Kira leans to her. Anticipating a kiss, Nino closes her eyes. She waited and nothing. She opens her eyes to see Kira covering his mouth and looking away. To her surprise, he says that it is almost time to go back to the classroom. While Kira wakes up Sensei, Nino is downcast over it.
While walking downstairs, Nino wonders if it is just her misconception that maybe the cause is due to her excitement but then, when she just hugged him a while ago, Kira had particularly pulled her away. Kira turns around and says that about a while ago.. To his surprise, Nino is no longer behind him. In the classroom, Kira nervously looks at Nino’s empty seat. He thinks that it is bad for she unexpectedly ditched class. He also thinks that she had totally misunderstood and she also won’t answer the texts he sent her so he should have looked for her earlier on. At the roof, Sensei looks at downcast Nino sitting at the floor. Nino had told Sensei that she wanted to be alone for a while. Sensei thinks that even if he doesn’t know what happened between the two but with that dismayed look, most likely, it has something to do with Natural Perm’s attitude. Then, he notices someone arriving. Kira says that he has found her. He asks Nino what she is doing, she’ll catch a cold. She looks flustered. She gloomily says that it is because she is ashamed for she’s the only one who is quite excited over this. Surprised Kira exclaims that it turns out that she has that kind of misunderstanding. Nino continues to say that it is okay and she’ll pay attention to it from today on. Kira shouts, “It isn’t so- *covers blushing face* I only feel that I only have to make a move and I have this feeling that I won’t be able to stop. I’m actually enduring, idiot!! *Nino looks at him in surprise* ..this morning, I’m already giving it my all for me not to be excited. If possible, I really want to make you always stroke my hair every single day. I’ve become strange. I like you too much, up to the extent that I don’t know what to do.” This made Nino blush and wonders if that’s true. Still covering his face, Kira lies down on the ground and says, “Ah, geez.. I originally do not want to say those words.” To Kira’s surprise, Nino clings on his shoulder. He turns to the side and tells her not to come near. Nino lies down on the ground beside him. He rolls sideways from her and she follow him by also rolloing towards him. Kira somewhat sits up and wonders what she is doing. He exclaims that he said, not to come close to him. Clinging on to him, Nino giggles and says, “Kira-kun, you’re so cute.” This made Kira blush. He says that he doesn’t care anymore. He holds her wrists and they are about to kiss. They were interrupted by Sensei shouting for them to stop, that’s enough. Embarrassed Kira shouts that he is unexpectedly peeking. Sensei shouts back that he is always there. “Don’t complain in front of me, you perverted kappa!!” Kira covers his face and says that it is no good, this is also too embarrassing. Sensei shouts that serves him right. Nino smiles and says that he’s cool. Narration: “November 29th – Starting today, I have officially become Kira-kun’s ‘girlfriend’.”
Scans by 離境漢化組.