December 24, 2012

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 1]

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Cover page: “Oriyama Karin, 15 years old. She will do any possible method to get the things that she likes. But, in this world, there is some kind of thing, that one can’t absolutely attain. I knew this when I became 16 years old.” Narration: “Ah, even if I dreamt of it, I also wouldn’t have thought of it. June 6th. On my 16th birthday, I finally graduate from childhood.” There is a beautiful three layered white birthday cake decorated with berries and flowers on the dining table. A note says ‘Happy Birthday Karin’. And, with a plate, Karin pushes down the cake and wrecks it. She exclaims, “Karin said that this year’s birthday cake will be chocolate flavor, right!?” While her parents stop eating midway, the three chefs timidly say that it is because it is already night when she came home from school when she ordered that.. Holding the plate she used to destroy the cake, Karin exclaims that isn’t an excuse and how many times has she told them not to put raw food [<- probably referring to the fruits] on the cake because right now, she totally lost her appetite. The three chefs tearfully plead to Karin’s father. Her father says okay. He stands and tries to tell Karin not to be too spoiled. With teary-eyes, Karin says, “Papa~~~ It is obviously not easy to pass through one’s birthday. Karin is very hurt..” This obviously worked for soon enough, Karin is happily eating her three layered chocolate cake with flowers and princess crown on top. The three chefs are dead tired as they lie down on the floor. The maid scolds the father that Karin is already 16 years old and is it okay for him to let Karin be spoiled like this. Karin’s father blushes and says that he actually has no reason to rebuke her and she is his cute angelic daughter. “And--.. this year will be the last time for her to celebrate it like this. *gesturing to a maid who pushes a tray cart that has a huge ribbon box on it* Karin! This is papa and mama’s gift for you.” Karin takes out a beautiful dress from the box. Putting the dress in front of her, Karin exclaims that it is so cute and it is like a wedding gown. “I really want to quickly wear it--” Her father tells him that she will have a chance to wear it this weekend. Karin asks if that is true and what’s the occasion. He tells her that it is a wedding. She sweetly asks if that is okay because if she wears that white gown, won’t she be like the main star. She adds that just wearing a plain dress is already quite flashy. Her father says that it is alright for she is the main star of the wedding. Karin is puzzled. He tells her that he has good news for during the wedding ceremony, it is only the bride who wears a pure white gown. Karin says that she knows that. Her father continues to say, “This thing has been decided a long time ago. When you are 16 years old, you will marry the person whom I decided on.”

After looking surprised, Karin breaks out a smile and says what kind of joke is that, it isn’t even a bit funny. Upon seeing her father’s somewhat sad smile, Karin realizes that her father isn’t joking. “What to do, what to do, it’s for real, right?” Just when her father is opening a folder [in miai/arranged marriage, it usually contains the picture of the other party] to tell her whom she is going to marry, Karin slams the wedding dress on the chocolate cake. While the chefs are freaking out over the newly baked cake that Karin is currently wrecking, Karin shouts what kind of joke is this for it is impossible for her to marry someone whom she didn’t choose. Taking the table knife, Karin points it to her neck and says that she already has someone she had chosen. She thinks that ever since then, there was never one wish of hers that didn’t come true and no matter kind of love it is, it will only be her and the one whom she has chosen. There is a flashback of Karin falling over on to Nao [previous wrote his ‘尚’name as Shun but from the Japanese writing it is more like Nao or Haru. If you know the right one, just tag me, thanks~] who asked if she is alright and it’s great [that she is okay]. Karin shouts, “I won’t get married! If you force me, I’m going to kill myself in front of you. Papa, do you also think that is okay?” Her father nervously says okay, it is his fault for deciding on his own so don’t get excited. “I’ll quickly call Tsuruki-san to decline this thing so quickly put down the knife. Okay?” Karin mutters, “Tsu-ruki?” Her flustered father says yes, the other party is Tsuruki Nao, a third year student from the same school where she attends. “He is really an excellent youngster so it ought to be good even if you don’t meet before marrying..” To his surprise, Karin quickly throws away the knife and looks at the folder that her father is carrying. After staring at the picture, Karin says, “..since it is what papa said, then it can’t be helped.. *flips hair* For Karin and this guy to get married is also okay!” Her father nervously asks if it is really okay. Looking away, Karin says ya, ya. She freezes when he says that a while ago, she was crying over having someone she likes in school. While trying to explain, Karin just shouts that she already agreed so don’t bother about small issues like that so why don’t he quickly call the other party before she changes her mind. Her father says is that so, then, he’ll call them up. While happily dialing, her father says that Nao-kun will definitely be happy that since he’s going to marry Karin. This made Karin blush. Carrying the folder with the picture, Karin prepares to leave the room. She exclaims of course, since he is getting married to Karin. The parents just smile while the servants start to clean the mess. While walking, Karin looks at the folder again. “I simply couldn’t dare believe it but it’s true, I’m getting married with Tsuzuki-senpai. It’s the first love partner that Karin has chosen. *happy upon recalling how she literally fell on him and he asked if she is alright* See? If it is only I, Karin wished for, there has never been a situation that it won’t come true.”
At school, in the soccer field, Nao manages to break through the defense with the ball and scores a goal. Fangirls scream. “Tsuruki-senpai, so cool-!!” They start to shout praises about him. A girl shouts that he’s so handsome that she’ll fall for him. Another girl screams that his brain is also quite good for he is always in the top 3. He is fluent in English that he won in the debate convention. If prince is being mention, it definitely refers to Tsuruki-senpai. And, one of the girls said that she went to this school with the goal of being with Nao [in the same school]. Sitting on a beautiful intricate rose metal bench with a huge umbrella for shade, Karin is watching Nao with her binoculars. She thinks that in the end, the one who suits her in this school is Tsuruki-senpai. She is surprised to see a couple of girls wanting to lend towels to Nao, who is about to drink some water. Karin gets irritated when a girl complaining over those girls for going forward at Nao. Her friend tries to calm her and tells her to just watch. Nao sheepishly tells the girls giving him the towel that no matter who gives him something, he never accepts it. The friend tells the girl see, Nao won’t accept anything so relax, and it is already happiness to watch him. Karin thinks, “ a group of pitiful insects.. Tsuruki-senpai is already Karin’s thing.” She puts her binoculars on the seat and starts walking. The coach is shouting that break time is over. To his surprise, Karin walks pass him and into the field. Everyone is surprised when Karin shouts, “Tsuruki Nao! *surprised Nao turns to her* To..tonight.. about that.. is..” The coach exclaims that it is her again and how many times does he has to call her attention before she’ll pay attention, it is prohibited to enter the field during practice. He grabs her wrist and says that even if she is the ojousama of the Oriyama family but for her to do this, he is also troubled. Wincing in pain, Karin shouts for him not to bother her when she is only going to see Tsuruki-senpai, her wedding partner. Pulling Karin to him, Nao apologizes to the coach and asks him to let him handle this. While walking Kari out of the field, Nao asks her not to go into the practice field next time. While the other girls are infuriated over Karin with Nao, surprised Karin says what and don’t think that just because she’s going to get married to him, he’s pleased with himself. Blushing a bit Nao says that it is because if his important bride would get hurt, it will be really bad. “After club activity ends, I’ll quickly go to the Oriyama residence. Wait for me.” This made Karin blush and she says okay. Everyone watches as Karin leaves. A dark haired teammate says that no wonder it is Nao for only his fans would obediently listen to him. Short teammate says especially that first year student for she is his super fan because she is here since the new school year started. The dark haired guy asks if short guy likes Karin since he noticed that she is there everyday. Short guy exclaims no, for her to even prepare a special chair to sit on and aside from the trouble she causes, it makes one feel agitated to be always be watched using those binoculars. He laments that it is a waste for Karin is quite cute. Dark haired guy says that girl just said that she is getting married to Nao. Nao is surprised and says that for her to say that, maybe she is delusional. They believe what he said.
That night, at the Oriyama residence, everyone is frantic for they can’t find Karin just when the Tsuruki-s are about to arrive. Someone wonders out loud if Karin ran away. Her father tearfully shouts that he’ll listen to whatever she wants to say so please come out. It turns out that Karin is waiting by the post at the front porch. She is waiting impatiently. Then, using a mirror, she fixes her hair. Then, she hears a car stopping in front. She quickly hides and thinks that he really came. From the post, Nao holds out his hand to her and smiles. “Karin! Thank you for agreeing to marry me..! I’m simply the happiest man in Japan.” Taking his hand, Karin blushes and asks what he is saying for shouldn’t it be ‘I’m THE WORLD’S HAPPIEST MAN’!? Then, the door opens and her father screams that it turns out that she is there. Hugging her, her father shouts that he kept on looking for her in the house but can’t find her so he thought that she ran away because she doesn’t want to get married. “But, I didn’t think that it turns out that you want to be the one to welcome Nao-kun ahead of the others..!” Blushing Karin denies it and tries to tell Nao that she just happen to pass by there. Her father tells her not to be too opinionated. Then, Nao’s mother, accompanied by her husband, tells Nao that isn’t that great for Nao is always anticipating the marriage and early this morning, he is quite excited. Embarrassed Nao tells his mother not to say anymore. He glances at Karin and says that after seeing her in school, he is actually always thinking of her. This made Karin blush. She thinks that while she is watching him [play soccer], he is also watching her and this is quite a coincidence for it is simply destined love. Soon, after the talk between the two families, the young couple signs the marriage contract. At the church, a maid opens the door and says that the bride has finished preparing. Nao looks surprised over how beautiful Karin looks in her wedding gown. Nao smiles and says, “’re the world’s most beautiful, Karin.” Narration: “Right now, I still didn’t know. The so-called destined love is not at all such a sweet[/happy] thing.”
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