December 7, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 43]

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Title: 2 people in a dream. [This is before Yamaken came to the school->] In the classroom, Yano[/Shitayanagi] gave Haru a notebook which contains the notes that he missed while he was absent. Haru is touched by that for Yano is unexpectedly nice to him. Taking the notebook, Haru thanks him and says that he’ll treasure it forever. “Oh ya, I also brought a souvenir back.” Yano asks if it is a NASA autograph. Haru says that it is nori [/laver or seaweed sheets used for sushi or can be eaten by itself]. Yano is quite speechless while holding a pack of nori. At the door, Asako tells Haru that this nori is delicious. Haru notices that Shizuku passes by and uses the notebook to cover her face so that Haru won’t see her. Haru goes to the door to look at her and she quickly walks away. It turns out that Shizuku is eating nori, too. =P At the art room, Asako is making an outrageous pose as Shizuku tries to draw her. Asako asks her if she doesn’t want to reconcile with Haru, and is she ‘doing nothing but smile’. Somewhat irritated Shizuku says that she knows, she knows but knowing is one thing but she just seeing Haru’s face, her legs would start to tremble. Asako exclaims that it is alright for if she is really hated, and even if it is possible that until graduation, he also won’t look at her but she, no matter when, will make this her own issue, and she is already prepared to grumble. [<- I think that she means if Haru snubs Shizuku, Asako will bug Haru yet still be with Shizuku] This made Shizuku aghast and depressed. While copying a ridiculous pose by a male classmate, Sasayan tells Shizuku that it is alright for he thinks that Haru definitely also wants to reconcile with her. Shizuku blushes a bit over this and Asako pouts [<- probably because Sasayan is more comforting than her]. While walking at the hallway, feeling light Shizuku thinks that since Sasayan said that, it is most probably true. She decides to quickly find Haru. By the window, a couple of girls are telling Haru to move to the right a bit and quickly save it. Haru is on the branch of a tree trying to reach out to the cat. Haru tells them that if he moves forward, he will fall down. While the cat is meow-ing, Haru notices Shizuku quickly running away at the hallway.

This made Haru become aghast for it seems that Shizuku is really angry for she really doesn’t want to even look at him. “Ya, this is something inevitable. *flashback of Haru saying that they all go to hell* In the end, I have said that kind of mean words. *jumps down the tree after saving the cat* I’m already prepared to be scolded. And be healed. *lies down on the ground while touching the cat’s paw. Nagoya the chicken looks displeased* Even if I’m used to people avoiding me but I totally can’t just ignore it. If this keeps up, it will be hard to break up this current situation.” Some students including Sasayan pass by and wonder what Haru is doing. Still lying on the ground, Haru tells the chicken and the cat to stop fighting over him. =P Haru sits up and thinks, okay, be healed [by her]. Delinquent looking Haru goes to her classroom and says, “Shizuku, come here for a while. *looks at the side* ..I’ve got something to tell you.” Everyone looks surprised. After recovering from her surprise, Shizuku slams her book on the table and thinks that it is good that Haru came first. In a serious pose, Shizuku says okay. The other students are whispering if it is a fight and this is quite strange. Forming a fist, Shizuku looks at Asako and thinks that she’ll do her best. Teary-eyed Asako forms a fist back at her. Sasayan and others continue to eat Nori [from Haru]. Later on, Haru and Shizuku are sitting behind the school building. They are all quiet and Shizuku wonders where to start [saying].. “Even if I’m very happy that Haru came first to see me. Right now, what is he thinking..” Shizuku looks at Haru who hide his head in the hood with the strings pulled. ^^;; Puzzled Shizuku looks away and becomes aghast. Haru then pulls down his hood. He thinks that if she hates seeing his face, then it would be better to hide it but then, doing that is difficult. “..besides, it has already been such a long time I haven’t seen her. Is it my imagination? She’s so cute.” Shizuku is thinking that it seems for a second there, she saw him wearing something. While she is thinking of wanting to go back[/he is back to normal], Haru wonders what’s up with his brain for he feels like wanting to touch her and it must be the power of Shizuku’s style. The two shake their head and think no, now isn’t the time to do that. Haru says, “About that, I’m sorry, Shizuku.” Shizuku looks at him and blushes. She says, “..ya, I also want to apologize to you.” Haru looks at her. Then, the two [cutely] turns around to face each other ^^ Haru smiles and says that it is really great that she isn’t angry. Shizuku says ya, and she thought that he hated her. They look at each other then, moves back to their original places.
Haru asks her what the reason for her anger is. “I’m sorry that I didn’t properly listen to what you’re saying at that time.” Shizuku says about that, it is nothing and it isn’t important. “I’m sorry. Actually, you didn’t do anything wrong. It is my own problem.” Haru looks at her and says, “Let me tell you, for me, your problem is also my problem. I think that way because I’m quite afraid that this same thing will happen again. No matter what reason is, it is okay. I hope that you’ll tell me. I want to know your feelings.” As the wind blows the leaves, Shizuku looks surprised and speechless. The school bell rings. Haru calls out her name and Shizuku looks nervous. Just when she is about to say something, Shizuku quickly stands up and exclaims that the school bell has already rang. She apologizes to him for she has to go to class. As Shizuku leaves, nervous Haru mutters if she is going to class now. He looks up the sky and lies down on the ground. He wonders if the way he asked is wrong. In class, while trying to read, Shizuku thinks, “ feelings. Why why. Can I say it like this ‘Haru and I aren’t the same, I’m jealous of you’? Is it really okay for me to say that again? Won’t he hate me? This thing called feelings, how should it be conveyed?” And, it is the school dismissal. The students are looking at Yamaken who is waiting by the gate. Iyo comes out and asks her brother if he came to look for her. Yamaken tells her to quickly go home. “Listen well. Go straight home today. Just quickly go without looking back.” Iyo complains what’s up with that for he always ignores her. As the other students are muttering about Yamaken, Yamaken gets irritated that they are all looking at him and it isn’t like, he likes standing there. A girl asks him why he is at their school. Yamaken just smiles and says that he is waiting for someone. Then, Shizuku passes by and greets him. She asks him what he is doing there and it is too eye-catching for him to be there while wearing his school uniform. She tells him to stand farther away if he wants to surprise someone. Yamaken tells her that he specially came to see her. “If I didn’t do this, I won’t be able to see you.” After climbing over the fence, Haru is shock for Shizuku unexpectedly nicely went away with Yamaken. Just when he is about to charge at them, Haru stops and thinks, “If I chased after them, what can I do?” He looks at the side to see shock Asako and Sasayan & friends looking at his direction.
At the coffee shop, Asako is muttering what Yamaken and Shizuku are talking about. They are hiding behind the bushes while the two [S&Y] are buying their drinks inside. She scolds Haru for dilly-dallying that the two had already gone in the store. Thinking that he wants to go home, Haru timidly apologizes. Sasayan laughs and exclaims that it is like playing a spy game. Haru asks Sasayan why he is also there. Sasayan says that [club] is on a exam break and he is very worried over all sorts of things. Haru exclaims that Sasayan is fooling him for he [Sasayan] faintly knows since he [Sasayan] is emitting the same aura as Yuuzan. Sasayan denies it and claims that half of it is goodwill. Asako exclaims that they are coming out. Yamaken and Shizuku sit at a table outside the coffee store [al fresco style]. While Shizuku is happy [but not showing it] over Starrucks coffee, she is ranting something about a guide book published is the same as the one during 05, is because it is the same editor. Yamaken thinks that even if he got her to go out but she is talking of such a limited topic, and she gradually is talking of things that interest her. “Besides that, from just now, I saw something hiding at that side. [<- Asako and Haru’s hair can be seen above the bushes.] It is already enough. *drinks coffee* For didn’t I already do this, and it is already at this step.” Shizuku spits out her drink when Yamaken asks her what happened afterwards between her and Haru. Shizuku nervously looks at him and tells him that she thinks that they generally should have already reconciled. Yamaken looks a bit sad. He says, “About that, you also definitely think that I’m more compatible for you. Always repeating this unknown significant[/insignificant] thing, for you guys to be like this, this isn’t called love. *Shizuku looks surprised* I came to tell you to please try going steady with me once.” By the bushes, Asako whines about totally not hearing what those two are saying. Asako scolds Haru for being always silent from the start. “Is it really okay that you didn’t go and stop them!?” While Sasayan is drinking his juice, Haru didn’t reply and just look up. Yamaken looks tense and Shizuku seems to be thinking. Blurbs: It seems that there will be a popularity poll being held here [] for favorite character/animal, favorite scene and your thoughts on the series until Jan 31st. I don’t know if people not residing in Japan can join. ^^; but there also seems be a raffle to win special prizes from the author. 3 first prizes = an autograph of the character you voted ^^, 10 second prizes = fan book with autograph and 30 third prize = postcard of character voted + autograph. Also, it seems that the next chapter will have more pages.
Sasayan’s side story: Sasayan has a lot of friends. He likes going to school but hates exams. The things that he think about..very common things. During first year, from the school building, Sasayan and others look at Asako as she heads to school. Yano says that Asako is so cute and he’s lucky to have her as his classmate. Sasayan admits that she is indeed cute. Their friends say that Asako had dumped a lot of guys, too many to count, and it appears that she hates guys. Sasayan thinks that he likes the open-minded[/easygoing] type more. Then, they say that it is Haru..and who’s the person always with him..ah yes, Mizutani. In class, Asako drops her eraser on the floor. Sasayan picks it up and tells her, ‘here, your eraser’. Asako snubs him. Sasayan nervously wonders why he was snubbed and what he should say in times like this. He angrily thinks that this is terrible. And not at all because of karma, he unexpectedly become ‘friends’ with this kind of girl. [During school festival?], Sasayan calls Asako on the phone to help him out a bit in buying things for the others are not dependable. Later on, Sasayan and Asako were walking together. Sasayan is pulling his bicycle along with the lumber on it. They walk silently. Sasayan thinks that he isn’t an expert in dealing with this kind of person. Aside from Haru and Shizuku, Asako won’t smile towards anyone else. He also thinks that if he can become good friends with her, he will thank heavens for it and he totally doesn’t know what she is thinking. Asako tells him that for her to be friends with Haru and Shizuku, her everyday has become astonishing satisfying. Because it’s quite rare, to have very good relationship with those two that she also wants to be friendly in associating with others. Sasayan looks surprised. He says then, how about they also become friends. Asako asks if it is okay. Thinking that she is normal, Sasayan says ya. Asako happily says that’s great for actually, she specially worried over what if he likes her. Sasayan’s smile freezes. Holding up her arms, Asako exclaims that there is a possibility of there being a guy who will first start out as a friend and then, would ‘attack’ later on. “Ah, I also asking you, Sasayan-kun to give up on that kind of thinking.” Sasayan says, “Ah, I think I possibly won’t [do that].” Narration: “At one side, I have said some things, and possibly at that time, I couldn’t help but like her. (generally) About the rest of the story, I’ll tell you about it again next time.”
Scans by 離境漢化組.