December 7, 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 126-132]

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At the kingdom of Arabia, Irrfan is listening to Zaki’s report on water still being an expensive natural resource compared to petroleum. A couple of men are talking about how Irrfan had changed completely into a different person upon arriving back from the desert. Before he was a ‘what the’ type of person, but right now, he would discuss everyday with his butlers about all sorts of things. Yesterday, they were talking about the commoner’s living conditions and today, it is about the problem regarding water. They say that if Irrfan inherits the throne, their lives might gradually improve. The king has heard them. And, that night, the king was thinking over things. Later on, he called for Irrfan to his throne room to inform him that it is time to pass the throne to him. Irrfan’s butlers are delighted over this news. Irrfan says that he is not good enough to inherit the throne yet because there are still a lot of things that he has to study. From his point of view, he still doesn’t have the right to become king. The king says that he is hoping that Irrfan won’t lose this enthusiasm upon ascending to the throne. Irrfan is still hesitant. The king tells him that someone who possesses the right and yet, he didn’t take the initiative to get it. That isn’t ‘modesty’, but rather, it is cowardice. After hearing that, Irrfan says that since he put it that way, he cannot pretend that he didn’t hear that. On the day of the coronation, Irrfan is shock that Rika isn’t coming. Zin says that they have already contacted her many times and it seems that she is preparing for something else that is more important. Irrfan angrily shouts what could be more important than his coronation day. The butlers think that it is cultural festival but then, they couldn’t tell Irrfan about it. Irrfan forgets it and excitedly asks what about Mei coming. They say that she isn’t because they couldn’t contact Mei’s butler. They also contacted the Hongo family but they were only told that everything about Mei has been left in the hands of the professional butler. They try to tell Irrfan to calm down but Irrfan has already started cursing Rihito for trying to break him and Mei up. The butlers wonder what break up, when it is just a one-sided thing. While Irrfan is shouting threats and wanting to go to Japan, the butlers tell them it is almost time for the coronation and he can do that after the ceremony. While Irrfan continues to shout and the two saying ya, ya, the two drags him away. ^^;

At the coronation ceremony, the king is about to pass the holy camel as proof Irrfan will now be the new king. Glum Irrfan thinks that it is meaningless since Mei and Rika didn’t come. Just when Irrfan is about to take the harness of the camel, Zin calls out that Irrfan has an emergency phone call. Zaki exclaims for him not to be rude for they are in the middle of the ceremony. Holding Irrfan’s cellphone, Zin exclaims that it is Mei. With hearts flying around, Irrfan happily answers the phone. At a public phone, Mei greets him that it has been a long time but then, actually, their last meeting has just been 10 days. She informs him that she is currently at the airport of Arabia. Quickly riding on the camel, Irrfan exclaims that he is going to the airport. The king tells the audience to take a nap first, and they oblige him. ^^; At the airport, Irrfan calls out to Mei. And Mei calls out to the camel for she kept her promise that they’ll meet again. Irrfan angrily shouts over this. He looks around and comments that he doesn’t see that darn butler. Just when Mei is about to explain, Irrfan sees female Xiang and asks if this beautiful girl is Mei’s waiting lady. Just when Mei is about to explain again, Irrfan happily says that Mei has finally noticed his charm and this time around, she is sincere about him that she brought a waiting lady with her. Without listening to Mei, Irrfan exclaims that they should hurriedly go back to the palace and watch him on stage. And so, the coronation ceremony resumes. Irrfan takes the holy camel as proof that he is the new king. Riding on the camel, Irrfan is greeted by his jubilant subjects who were congratulating and wishing him ‘long live the new king’. Mei smiles and thinks that Irrfan has become king. The first time she met him, she thought that he was a HUGE IDIOT but right now, he seems more like it.Irrfan says that he will now take this opportunity to inform everyone about something. He climbs down the camel and approaches puzzled Mei. Holding Mei to him, Irrfan introduces them to Hongo Mei who will be his first queen consort. Mei exclaims what he is thinking. Irrfan tells her that for her to remotely and urgently participate in his coronation ceremony, she is a bride who is thinking of him, and tonight he’ll properly dote on her..
Xiang immediately twist Irrfan’s arm. As Mei thanks Xiang, Irrfan’s butlers shout how can ‘she’ be rude to Irrfan. They shout that even if ‘she’ is a beautiful waiting lady, they won’t allow ‘her’ to disrespect.. Removing his wig, Xiang says that he isn’t a waiting lady, he is Mei’s butler. Irrfan shouts, “You are..!” Gesturing to Xiang, Mei tells Irrfan that she is prepared to marry this person. Irrfan is shock..pause..and exclaims in disbelief. Irrfan asks Mei if she is serious. Mei smiles and says, yes. Irrfan exclaims why, what is the reason? Mei tells him that a lot has happened. Irrfan exclaims what is those ‘a lot has happened’. Mei tells him that Xiang will die if she didn’t marry him. Irrfan exclaims in disbelief that because of death, Mei is forced to marry him. Mei says that it is because the dead cannot come back to life. Irrfan shouts to let Xiang die, and since he started it, he should carry it on until the end, and he [Irrfan] will straightforwardly carry out his [Xiang] wish. Mei calls Irrfan an idiot and she won’t let him do that. Irrfan shouts, “And, who do you think is the idiot!!!” Mei shouts back, “Of course, it is you!!!” Soon, the butlers watch as the two [idiots] are catching their breath from shouting. Pointing at Mei, Irrfan shouts, “Hongo Mei, I challenge you to a duel!!” With crossed arms, confident Mei replies, “Bring it on, it is just what I wanted.” The butlers sweatdrop. Irrfan exclaims that he challenges Mei to a duel, and if he wins, she’ll marry him. Mei says that’s fine and if she wins, he’ll hand this country to her. Everyone is shock. Mei apologizes to Xiang for she didn’t know how things ended up this way. “Do you hate it..?” Xiang smiles and says that he’ll give what Irrfan wants. To his butler and everyone’s shock, Irrfan agrees with the condition. Irrfan asks why they [butlers] are nervous for, it is impossible for them to lose to a brat who has no background. The two butlers are moved. Mei comments that the two butlers are serving Irrfan again. The two timidly say yes, and it is all thanks to her. Mei smiles over this. Irrfan says that this time around, he isn’t deliberately picking a fight with her. “If you SINCERELY like this guy, even if I’m frustrated.. I also won’t say anything about it.. But this time around, it isn’t like that. You are only deceiving yourself!! *towards Xiang* Hey, stinky brat, even if I don’t know what your plans are, but I absolutely will not give Mei to marry a despicable guy like you, who’ll use one’s own life to force her to marry..!! *towards his butlers* Let’s go, the parade is over!!” Before Irrfan leaves, Mei calls out to him and thanks him for worrying about her. Irrfan blushes a bit and leaves. At Arabia’s royal palace, Zaki asks Irrfan if this is really okay. Lying on his bed, Irrfan asks what he is referring to. Zaki says that Mei is his [Irrfan] and their savior so for the two of them to duel.. Irrfan says it is quite unexpectedly that they are afraid. The butlers deny it.
Irrfan says it is inevitable because Mei is so nice that she really intents to marry that Chinese butler so he wants to save her. Zin mutters that isn’t that Mei’s good point. Irrfan glares at Zin that they keep quiet. A bit flustered, Irrfan says that he knows and even if he knows, he absolutely won’t allow it. Then, he complains that he is already ‘His Majesty’ so call him that way instead of ‘Your Highness’ or be punished. They say that if they call him that way, he would seem old. [<- their logic is ‘His Majesty’ = old guy] On the other side, Mei is happily eating with the former king. Mei laughs and says that she can’t eat another mouthful. The former king asks if she really can’t eat anymore. He says that it is rare for her to come by and yet, Irrfan.. Mei tells him not to say that because Irrfan is only doing that because he is worried about her. The former king says that actually, it isn’t a bad deal if Irrfan wins and she becomes his daughter-in-law. Mei asks that isn’t he a fan of Rika. The former king replies that those are two different things. Mei says that even if she isn’t his daughter-in-law, she will still always come to visit. The former king laughs and says that is good. Mei reminds him that if she wins, this kingdom will be given to her. The former king laughs and says, ‘give to you, give to you’. Xiang quietly watches at the side. He recalls Irrfan calling him despicable for forcing Mei to marry him. Xiang thinks that is right, he is a despicable person for he knew that Mei absolutely cannot refuse if she used his life to force her to agree. If everything went smoothly, it won’t be long before he gets Mei-ojousama or rather, their goddess. The goddess, Hongo’s wealth and influence, and also their tempered- FIGHTING SKILLS..everything is ready except for the one tiny crucial thing, but why.. Xiang sees Mei happily waving at him. Xiang remembers being called a despicable guy. In a huge bedroom, Mei jumps into the bed and exclaims that her stomach is so full. Xiang takes a note from the table. When Mei asks what it is, he says that it contains the details for the duel tomorrow. It will be held at the central plaza at 6am, and it will be an unarmed duel. Mei is glad that there will be no weapons used. She mentally thanks Irrfan for this. Mei sweatdrops and says that it seems quite painful so maybe they should forget about this. Xiang tells her that it is no hindrance for he is used to pain. Xiang is puzzled when Mei approaches him. She tells him that he must not get injured. Xiang suddenly remembers Rishu smiling at him. Then, he felt a sharp pain for being called a despicable person. While Xiang supports himself on the table, Mei asks him if he is alright because he looks pale. Xiang calls her name and suddenly hugs her. Xiang apologizes and asks if he can hug her like this for a while. Mei wonders why Xiang’s body feels so cold. Then, someone from the stained glass above calls out, “Get away from Mei..!!” Mei looks up and thinks that this voice. “Could it be.. Shibata..!?”
Xiang goes in front of Mei. Using his arm, Kento breaks the stained glass and gives Xiang a kick on the face. Mei shouts for Kento to stop but Kento grabs Xiang’s collar and start punching him on the face. “Don’t go near Mei!! Don’t look and stare at Mei!! Don’t use your filthy hands to touch Mei..!!” Since Kento won’t listen to her, Mei angrily shouts for him to stop and breaks a vase with roses in it. Breathing hard from shouting, Mei tells Kento that is enough for Xiang is totally not hitting back. Kento got angry and starts to scold Mei that it is her fault, and why did she ran away at that time. Mei changes the topic by asking how come he knows where they are. Kento says that of course, it is because he clearly knows what she is thinking in that head of hers. Thinking that she can’t hide things from Kento, Mei laughs and says is that so. Kento says that it isn’t funny at all for he heard from his grandfather that she is going to marry that guy, so is it true. To Kento’s surprise, Mei admits that it is true. A bit flustered, Kento asks if she likes Xiang. Mei looks sad and starts to explain that if she didn’t get married to Xiang, he’ll die. Mei says that she thinks that Xiang has a very important reason in doing this even if he hasn’t told her about it yet. She adds that if she marries Xiang, there’s no need for him to die. Kento asks if THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT. Kento shouts for her to quit joking around because for her, this might just be a small issue but they were risking their lives for her. “ seems that you still don’t understand, Mei.. We.. Just by thinking that you might possibly become some other guy’s.. It is already unbearable..”
Mei looks somewhat surprised by this. Kento tells her that Xiang isn’t the type of person she thinks he is, for until now, Xiang is a killing demon[/murderer] who had already killed numerous people. Mei looks surprised by this. Calling out to Xiang, Kento says that before, he [Xiang] would call them beasts so what’s up with this taking advantage of Mei’s kindness. “You’re the most awful and despicable person.” Downcast Xiang didn’t refute it. Mei says that even if that is so, she will be sad if Xiang dies. Going in front of Xiang, Mei apologizes to Kento and exclaims that she is still going to stay here. Kento is surprised by that. Then, they hear some people outside saying that the noise came from Mei’s room. Mei smiles at Kento and tells him that she only wants to know the truth of the issue. “Tell this also to Rihito-san. And also..thank you for coming here for me, Shibata..!!” Kento shouts for her to do what she wants. With that, he quickly runs off. At the hallway, Irrfan asks the guards what’s going on. He is surprised when he is told that there was a ruckus in Mei’s room. He sweatdrops when they tell him that it seems that Mei has been playing touch ball in her room that caused a vase and the roses to spill all over the place. Irrfan is surprised when someone whispers that the guards in the palace are too relaxed. He turns around and asks his butlers if someone said something. They were clueless. Back in Mei’s room, Xiang admits to Mei that what Kento said is true for until now, he has been committing numerous crimes. “I never doubted nor even have regrets towards this path that I have chosen. Perhaps, I should say.. I no longer have the heart of a human. But.. I don’t know why, as a despicable small person staying at your side.. I gradually felt so much pain..” A tear falls down from Xiang’s eye. Mei smiles and thinks that he finally let her see his a side of his most important truth. She approaches him and wipes his tear. She tells him that regarding his past, they’ll talk about it again next time but what’s more important is tomorrow. “You’ll use your proud and graceful self to beat Irrfan and the others!!” Xiang mutters her name. Mei thinks that when that time comes, he can truly be reborn from a despicable person to a butler.
At the central plaza, the duel between Irrfan and Mei starts. Irrfan says that the competition’s time limit is an hour. The other side will lose if he’s on the ground for 10 seconds, admits defeat or leaves the fighting area. “I’m reminding you again, Mei, get away from that guy..!!” Mei refuses. Thinking that he had personally chosen Mei’s skirt, Irrfan says that Mei is quite stubborn. He tells Zin to do things in accordance to his ability. Zin says okay. Mei tells Xiang that he isn’t a despicable person and this is something she can guarantee. Somewhat smiling, Xiang thinks that Mei’s words, which he engraves in his memory and heart, is his pride as her butler. The competition starts. Zin immediately kicks Xiang’s face but Xiang blocks it with his arms. The people exclaim in pride that it is a beautiful kick and no wonder Zin is their country’s boxing champion. They assume that winning is now at Zin’s grasp. Zin recalls eavesdropping while Zaki asked Irrfan if this is okay, for how can he just bet the country’s destiny on one person in this duel. Flashback: Zaki said that it would be better to have some countermeasure. Irrfan asked him if he wanted him to cheat. Zaki told him that he only said COUNTERMEASURE. Irrfan laughed and replied that it is interesting giving the fate of the country to a trivial butler. “We believe in that guy’s strength.. and isn’t that the best COUNTERMEASURE?” End flashback. While fighting, Zin thinks that Irrfan is leaving everything up to him. “I cannot waste His Majesty’s intention. I will honor Arabia by offering His Majesty Irrfan this victory..!!” Somewhat smiling, Xiang thinks that it has been a long time since he felt such a clear morning. “Someone is willing to believe in me, who was utterly filthy. Mei-ojousama.. I won’t become a despicable person again who’ll betray you. *jumping* My body felt so light. It seems like I have grown wings. Currently, I’m ‘Mei-ojousama’s butler’. The butler of ‘World’s number 1 Ojousama’, whom I had strenuously searched for. Everything is for Mei-ojousama. I will offer the glory of victory to our goddess. For this reason.. *Zin looks surprised for Xiang’s eyes look serious and dark* I’m going to make you.. Yes, you.. Come.. [and] break.”
Xiang reaches out to Zin. Everyone is shock and puzzled by that strange ‘crunch’ sound they heard. They notice that Zin’s shoulder is drooping down. Irrfan quickly shouts at Zin to dodge. Everyone is surprised to see Xiang pinning Zin’s neck with his legs, and heard another ‘crack’ sound. While strangling Zin with one hand and pinning Zin’s free hand with his other hand, Xiang repeatedly bangs Zin’s head on the ground. Zaki worriedly tells Irrfan that if this keeps up, Zin will.. Irrfan shouts to Zin that is enough, just admit defeat. Zin tells him not to say nonsense when the fate of the country is in his hand. Irrfan angrily calls Zin an idiot for his life is more important than the country. He orders the soldiers to grab hold of Xiang. Noticing the soldiers rushing towards him, Xiang quickly stands up and kicks them away. Mei shouts to Xiang that is enough, stop. With a crazed look, Xiang didn’t hear her as he continues to ruthlessly kick away the soldiers. The audience starts to become scared of Xiang that they wonder out loud if he is a monster. Mei shouts, “Xiang, can’t you hear me?! I beg of you, please quickly stop.. Stop, Xiang..!!” While breathing hard, Zin looks up to see Xiang getting ready to finish him off. Xiang is thinking that he has to pulverize all of the insects in front of him. While Mei shouts for him to stop, Xiang starts to strangle Zin. Suddenly, someone jumps into the ring. It is Kento who stops Xiang by putting him in a hold. He tells Xiang, “Hey, that’s enough. For you not to hear the voice of the ojousama calling stop.. in the end, you’re not a butler, but only a murderer.” Xiang snaps out of it and looks at flustered Mei. Mei calls out to Kento. Kento asks her if she now understands this person’s true attitude. “Up to this degree, this is already not about a competition to become a groom. If you continue to cover up for him, you’ll also be walking towards a criminal path.” Xiang looks sad as he looks at his hands. And, later that night.. Xiang disappeared from their sight. Mei and Kento enter the room to find a note by the vase, along with Xiang’s C-rank butler pin.
Mei reads the note. Xiang apologizes for leaving without saying goodbye. He thinks that Kento has already told her about his past and it is true, he is THAT KIND of person. “No..from that day on, when my homeland has been snatched away.. perhaps, I’m no longer human.. Since then, I have stained my hands with unspeakable blood.. during the time while searching for the ‘new goddess’. We have met numerous goddess candidates. They are all beautiful, intelligent and emit radiance. But.. we felt that it isn’t enough to move our inner hearts. One time, we met a woman [Shiori].. She made us think that she is the ideal ojousama that we were looking for. But, we were just deceived for she is a complete counterfeit. At that time- we met an unknown devil who exchanged a piece of news for the price of my right eye. *Shinobu told them about at the far east, a famous peerless butler lives together with this interesting ojousama.* We paid a visit and found a tanuki. *Kintarou commented that Xiang had such an impatient expression* With complete enthusiasm, Kintarou-sama listened to our ‘search for the goddess’ journey.” Flashback: Kintarou asked what is the ‘goddess’ qualification. Xiang said that she is to continue seeing that beautiful dream about a happy world. Kintarou said is that so but he thinks that isn’t the totality of what they are searching for. Puzzled, Xiang asked what other thing is there. Kintarou told them that they must find it out by themselves. End flashback. Mei continues to read that to make the story short, Mei is the goddess that they are searching for. “About the reason..please don’t even ask about it- Everyday as Mei-ojousama’s butler, I felt an unprecedented happiness but those days is on the verge of ending. While fighting for time and committing crimes, the price of numerous lives, I have made myself quite filthy that if I continue on staying at your side, Mei-ojousama will also be polluted.. That would be like sending off to a funeral our hardships in searching for the goddess. The one who’ll revive the village.. is Fei who is only persevering. Mei-ojousama, I would want to entrust this dream to you. Please tell Fei.. convey my thanks to him [for his help] until now. I’m going to actualize a dream that I had almost forgotten--”
After she reads the letter, she starts to cry and call out to Kento. Kento becomes anxious. She goes to him that in the end, she wasn’t able to help Xiang at all. She had made him, Rihito, and others worried that she troubled them, and yet, she wasn’t able to help Xiang. She thinks that fundamentally she doesn’t know Xiang’s darkness and that darkness is quite deep. “Can my light possibly touch his darkness--..” While Mei cries, Kento is loss for words. Then his cellphone is ringing. It is Fujiko. Kento tells her that he is in Arabia and Mei as at his side. He tells Mei that it is a phone call for her. Mei answers the phone. Fujiko exclaims that it is great that she is okay and what the heck is going on. She has heard it from Kanzaki and is she really going to get married to Xiang. Fujiko is surprised when Mei tells her that Xiang is gone. Fei grabs the phone from Fujiko and asks Mei what’s going on. Mei tearfully tells him that Xiang thinks he is quite filthy that he cannot stay there and he mentioned about actualizing a dream that he almost forgot. Seeing Fei’s disbelief expression, Fujiko asks if he has any clue. Fei says that maybe Xiang is going to assassinate the country’s head of state who destroyed their village. Fujiko exclaims that for him to go alone, it is too reckless and that has no difference with going to his death. Fujiko exclaims to Nezu that they should hurry. Nezu tells her that from the start, it isn’t a territory that they can meddle in and it is almost time for her to go to school. While Fujiko is surprised by that, Fei asks Mei to please save Xiang. Fei admits that he actually doesn’t believe a new goddess can re-establish their village because no matter what they do, the village won’t be like how it originally was. “It is only Xiang.. Because that is Xiang’s wish so I’ve just accompanied him.. That is the only thing that I can do.. But Mei-ojousama, if it is you.. no.. no matter who it is.. it doesn’t matter who it is.. please.. don’t just turn a blind eye to Xiang [and let him be in danger]..”
Then, Fei is surprised for he got the busy tone. Fei says that Mei hanged up. Nezu says that it is definitely the work of Kento because as a butler, he must thoroughly remove anything that might possibly put the ojousama into danger. And, Mei also knows that if she alone makes the move, will make Hongo family, St. Lucia Academy..not only that, but also Mei’s dream of ‘world’s number 1 ojousama’ will also be tarnished. Putting his cellphone back in his pocket, Kento is looking at Mei who looks back at him. Fujiko smiles and says that even if that it seems like Nezu knows everything but there is one thing he doesn’t understand thoroughly. Nezu asks what that is. Fujiko looks at him and says the ojousama’s frightening side. Back to Mei’s side, Kento says that for things to reach up to this point, Mei’s love for meddling in other people’s business and Mei’s nature of being thoroughly nice should stop while she’s ahead. “If you pass through the limit.. and continue on protecting Xiang, you’ll also become a criminal.. And you cannot accomplish your dream to become ‘the world’s number 1 ojousama’.” Mei smiles and tells him that even so, she is greedy for once it is in her grasp, she won’t let go of it. Kento shouts her name but Mei just apologizes and says that she knows what he is telling her but even if that is so, she cannot just sit and do nothing about Xiang. Kento asks if even she is going to give up her family, school and ‘ojousama’ status. With determination, Mei says yes. This surprises Kento. Mei asks if he is going to stop her again. Kento says no, he only thinks that she is the same as before. Kento throws his cellphone to Mei and tells her to properly use her ‘killer rapier’. The phone rings and Rihito answers it. Mei sweatdrops when he says that it is quite nostalgic to hear her voice. Mei timidly apologizes. Rei says huh so Mei shouts her apology for leaving him hanging to dry upon seeing him and ran away. She also apologizes for making him worried. In short, she is sorry for all sorts of things. Rihito didn’t answer that Mei says that in the end, he is very angry and maybe this isn’t something that can easily be bygones just by apologizing. Rihito says that just hearing her lively voice is enough for him.
She timidly says that he might feel that this is rude but she has a request. Rihito tells her to say it. Mei says that she hopes that he could provide some help for Xiang. Mei tells him that in order to kill the one who destroyed his village, Xiang went on a journey alone. She says that it is quite reckless and if he did that, he will definitely.. Rihito says that she’s scared that Xiang will be killed and a so-called government isn’t that naïve. “Do you want to make an enemy of THAT, Mei-ojousama?” Mei says that she knows that if she protects Xiang too much this will cause trouble to her grandfather and the school, and..her promise with him to become the ‘world’s number 1 ojousama’ will all become nothing. “..I’m very sorry.. even if that is so, I.. Please, Rihito-san. About this thing, you’re the only one whom I can ask..” Rihito tells her to say it again. Rihito says that this might be a bit impolite but can she say it again, her ‘request’ using the highest tone of her voice that she can. Mei and Kento pause over this. Taking a deep breath, Mei shouts, “Please, Rihito-san!!” Rihito smiles and says that he’s satisfied. “It is really satisfying, Mei-ojousama..!! Even if the world becomes the enemy, at the last moment, it is still the REQUEST of the ojousama to the dependable butler. This is the moment that I’m dreaming of, this is the BUTLER’s HAPPINESS.” Kento takes the phone from Mei and shouts, “You’re not the only one she asked a favor to!! You pevert!!” Snubbing Rihito takes away the phone from his ear as Kento continues to shout things at him. Grabbing the phone back, Mei is saying, “Then.. about that.. Rihito-san..!!” Rihito says that it is such truly a coincidence for right now, he is in this country. And, there is a scene of Rihito, with a suitcase, standing by the cliff overlooking a city.
Among the crowd, long haired Xiang thinks that he finally remembered. He watches the huge LCD television about news regarding Asia’s biggest Industry, Commodity and Trading 2012 International Fair that is finally starting tomorrow. Luo Shou Zha [羅首柤], has been scheduled to attend at the opening ceremony and he will be arriving at the location tonight. Xiang thinks that it is more than he can bear that person had destroyed his homeland. “No, I should say, for being the person who had ordered to kill my beloved Rishu.. I’ll definitely sent that person to the western paradise [<- other world after death in Buddhism]. Let’s start the last dance.” At a huge building, a couple of guards stop Xiang from going through a door. They tell him that ordinary guests cannot go through there. Xiang immediately kicks him. The other guard tries to get his gun but Xiang immediately kicks him too. Xiang quickly runs through the corridor and hides by the corner. He thinks that something is not right for it is too quiet. He goes to a double door. He is about to open the door but he stops. After a pause, he decides to open it. A man is sitting on the chair that is overlooking a huge window. The man says that as a butler, at least, knock the door first. Xiang smiles and apologizes because he is actually in a hurry. The man also tells him to please discard his disguise. Flipping his hair, Xiang asks if it doesn’t suit him. The man says no. The man stands up and it turns out to be Rihito. Rihito says that it is only that compared to long hair, he likes short hair more. Xiang says is that so, and no wonder he cut Fei’s hair. Taking off his wig, Xiang says that after he is fired as Mei’s butler, is he now bowing down to some scoundrel in another country. Rihito says that he already heard it from Kintarou that his dismissal is a complete nonsense but he doesn’t know if that scoundrel is lying. Xiang didn’t reply. Rihito says that is right, Shou Zha was unexpectedly invited to a tea party so he left earlier. At some place, Rika complains as to why she has to come to this place. While having tea, Fujiko is talking with Shou Zha and Claris is eating. Rika says that it is enough just to have Fujiko there and this suits her so how come they have to.. Izumi tells her that if the ‘world’s most beautiful woman’ is absent, the value of this tea party will be reduced to half. This pleases Rika that she says that is right. Izumi mutters that this is the most that they can do, and the rest will be up to Rihito.
Back to Rihito, he tells Xiang that is how it is, so the prime minister isn’t here. Xiang comments that it is such a meticulously planned obstruction. Rihito tells him that it isn’t an obstruction but rather saving his life because if he pushes through his plan to assassinate, he will also be erased. Turning around, Xiang tells him that from the start, he doesn’t have any yearning for his life. “Then, I’ll just change the date of visit.” Xiang stops when Rihito says that Mei is waiting for him so he should return to Japan. Xiang turns to him and asks, “..What if I don’t want to?” Rihito says that no matter the method, to fulfill the ojousama’s wish is the butler’s meaning of existence. Xiang says that Mei’s dream is actually quite beautiful so he cannot return to her side. “I don’t want her to see this ugly side[/attitude].. As a butler, you can understand me.” After a pause, Rihito says that even if he is successful in his revenge, it won’t bring back the dead to life. Xiang comments that his accent[/tone] didn’t change. Rihito smiles and says, “Actually, I really understand your feelings. If my most important person is taken away.. for example, Mei-ojousama. First of all, by the world’s most corrupt[/dirty] people on the world, I will erase his existence from society. After I turn his family and friends into trash residue and throw them away, I will use the most painful and humiliating way to torment him to death.” Xiang says that he’s really bad but he likes Rihito’s expression more when he is speaking the truth. Rihito says, then, he has another truth that he wants to say. “Honestly speaking, I’m not interested in your life experience and circumstances. Even if it is only for a short, short moment, you had taken Mei-ojousama away from my side... even claiming yourself to be Mei-ojousama’s ‘groom’. Regarding this kind of person, I really want to properly teach [him] a lesson.” Xiang smiles and takes out his knives. Xiang says, “Regardless of how you put it, the fact remains that you’re jealous of me. It’s fine, quickly come at me, uncle.” Rihito smiles and fixes his glove. He replies back, “I don’t really detest teaching a lesson this opinionated kind of.. kid.”
Scans by 深雪汉化.