December 7, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 48]

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Cover page: “What’s the future of the three’s relationship!? To be just like ordinary day’s scenery but right now, it appears there’s a difference.” Sou starts to walk away after telling Anna that he has no way of being with them crazy people. Anna snaps out of it when Hinata is calling on her cellphone. After she answers, Hinata asks if she caught up with Sou. Anna says, about that.. Hinata tells her that it can’t be helped if she wasn’t able to catch up with Sou anyway, it isn’t only today that they can do a stage practice. “Sorry for making you run after him in vain. Everyone has already gathered in the gym. Anna, you also quickly come.” Anna looks at Sou approaching the gate then she exclaims no, she’ll definitely bring him back so wait a moment. Anna runs and calls out to Sou. She exclaims that she understands that he doesn’t want to be with her, she doesn’t have any objection on that. “But, about these two things, don’t confuse one with another!! How can you be absent for the cultural festival practice, just because of your own problem!! *Sou is speechless while the other students are looking at them* As the lead character, who isn’t there, how can we practice! Since you’ve already agreed to be the lead character then seriously do it until the end!! That’s how it is to be a man!! If you understand that, then quickly go to the gym. *grabs Sou’s hand and starts pulling him* Quick!!” Sou angrily shouts to let him go for didn’t he say that he’s going home. Soon, at the gym, Anna manages to bring gloomy Sou to the gym and she happily tells everyone that the lead character has arrived. Nanoka angrily shouts at poop Sou that he’s too slow and does he think of himself as some celebrity to make them wait just because he is the lead character. Sou darkly says, ‘ha?’ Hinata says that they should quickly hurry and practice from start to bottom. He tells everyone that like what he said earlier, the performers go on stage at either of the two sides. Hinata tells Sou that lead Snow White is at the right side. Sou looks away and says, ya.

Anna looks surprised over Sou’s reaction. Nanoka is calling Anna that as the prince, she goes to the left side. Anna wonders what’s up with that for how come Sou’s attitude towards Hinata is also like that. “I know the reason why Sou is angry with me. It is because I couldn’t decide. I’m also well-aware of that.” Recalling what Sou said earlier about Anna liking Hinata and Sou both at the same time, and then Hinata agreed to break up, and Sou not wanting to be with them crazy ones, Anna realizes that Sou isn’t only referring to her but also Hinata. [I think the Japanese pronoun for ‘you’ can be singular and plural, so perhaps, Anna at first thought it is only her as ‘you’, but it is actually ‘you guys’.] The next day, the female students are gossiping about Hinata coming to school alone without Sou. They also notice that lately, in the classroom, they [girls] haven’t seen those two guys together. “It’s really rare-- Could it be that they got into a quarrel?” Both Sou and Hinata are hanging out with different guys. Anna looks worried. And the cultural festival will be held tomorrow. Nanoka tells Anna that the classroom exhibit classes [/whose activities are being held in the classroom] are busy with last minute preparations. It is easier for them who are doing a performance but they will be busy on the official performance. Then, Anna notices Hinata walking alone the hallway. Anna apologizes to Nanoka and runs to Hinata. Anna calls out to Hinata but she couldn’t apologize to him that it is because of her, his and Sou’s relationship had become awkward. She felt like she is the female lead who got overly conscious and forgot her lines. While Anna struggles to tell him something, Hinata tells her that it is okay, there’s no need to worry for beside Sou, he has other friends. Anna is speechless as she thinks that she already knows that. Hinata continues to say, “So, there’s no need to be concerned about me.” While Hinata buys a drink from the vending machine, Anna looks sad. She thinks to be told not to be concerned, how can she possibly do that. “For Hinata, Sou is a very important existence. So important that it cannot just be described as ‘friend’ and there is one thing that I know clearly. It is definitely not something as ‘it is nothing at all’.” Hinata tells Anna that compared to being concerned about him, he thinks that Anna should properly talk with Sou. “There’s something you want to ask him, right? Like, how come he quickly broke up with Aso-chan.” Hinata looks surprised over Anna’s expression when she remembered Aya telling her that Sou went steady with her in order to make it real that he gave up on Anna and for Anna and Hinata not to have any misgivings. Hinata tells her that it isn’t necessary that she hurry. Hinata gives her a tea drink, and starts walking away to drink his own drink. Anna sees the word ‘at ease[/relax]’ on the drink and she smiles.
While walking behind Hinata, Anna notices Tokiwa calling out to Sou if he is going home. Sou says that even if they say prepare but today, there’s nothing necessary that needs to be done. Sou notices Hinata and Anna. Sou looks serious. Hinata looks dark-sad[?]. Suddenly, to Hinata’s surprise, Anna grabs Sou’s arm and starts pulling him away. She shouts for him to come with her and she won’t let go. Going out of the school building, Sou asks what’s going on, and where does she want to go. Behind the building, Anna shouts that he’s asking ‘what’s going on’. “For you to be angry at me, forget about that, then, why are you angry at Hinata? Didn’t I tell you that Hinata didn’t do anything wrong? I’m the one who’s wrong so don’t involve Hinata into this!! ..Also, even if you are angry at me, don’t snub me. Straightforwardly talk to me..” Sou sadly says that it is nothing, how can he be angry at Anna or even Hinata. “Ah, Am I angry? Ah, more or less, a little but that can’t be helped. *holds head* I already don’t know what I should do. Seeing Hinata and you liking each other, I thought to give up like this. Even if there are times when I feel very sad, but I really feel that it is good upon seeing you two’s progress going smoothly. I want to wish you two, happiness. I only do not want to be a hindrance to you two so I went steady with Ayane. But for no reason or cause, she would go out of control so we also break up. And, afterwards, you said that it is possible that you also like me. *covers face* What is the point for all the things that I’ve done before. I already do not know what is right[/correct].” Anna hugs him and says, “..Sou, you’re thinking too much of the things around you. Even if it is wrong, it is also alright. It’s fine for you to only think more of your own happiness.” Anna thinks that Sou has always been enduring it alone by himself. “Prioritizing the thing between me and Hinata. Leaving his own issue for last. Making others not notice it. I fundamentally thought that I see it clearly but actually, I didn’t know anything at all.” Sou takes her hands off him and tells her that always until not so long ago, he is only thinking of himself. “A long time before, I’m more or less aware of Hinata’s feelings [for you]. But compared to Hinata’s feelings, no matter what, I want you.” Flashback of Junior high Anna looking distressed and said that she likes Sou but she doesn’t clearly know if this is the same kind of ‘like’ as that kind of ‘like’[/love]. Sou asked her if she wants to try it out because according to her, if they can kiss, then, it is really ‘like’[/love]. End flashback. Anna looks surprised when Sou gently touches her face. Sou says that since she said that he only has to think about himself, then, he won’t give in again. Sou leans towards to kiss Anna who has dropped the tea drink that Hinata gave her.
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