December 7, 2012

The One [Chapter 96]

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Lele and Glenn look at crying Feidna. Charging towards Lele, Feidna shouts that it is all Lele’s fault. Feidna slaps Lele and shouts that she is going to ruthlessly teach her a lesson. Just before Feidna is about to hit Lele again, Glenn quickly holds Feidna’s hand and tells her that is enough. He shouts that he knows about her misdeeds like being drunk these past few days, hurting a small-time model, and the news about losing an important spokesperson[for the brand]. He exclaims for her to quit being an embarrassment and this isn’t the Feidna he knows. Even if she is his ‘trusted officer’, he also won’t allow her to act recklessly. Feidna asks if he also thinks that she has changed. She tearfully says that person [Eros] also said that when obviously, the ones who’ve changed are them. Ever since Lele appeared, their attention were taken by Lele. Glenn’s most creative work is given to Lele and also, Eros..the one who said that he’ll forever take care of her, he unexpectedly will thoroughly server his relationship with her because of Lele. She grabs Lele and starts crying over what right Lele has to take her place. To Feidna’s surprise, Lele grabs her hand off her. Lele grabs Feidna’s hair and starts dragging her off to the side. Lele pushes her on the wall and shouts that no one took her place away. “Wake up you immature, childish brat!” Lele shouts that Eros already treated her with his X and that’s great, but she is fickle who leaves when she wants to leave, and comes when she wants to come, changing guys who had earlier dumped her. Because Eros’ pardons[/leniency with] her like a family member, so she got him again. It is her willfulness that has driven him away and it has nothing to do at all with her [Lele] appearing. “Even if I’m not around, he would also, sooner or later, cannot take your selfishness anymore and leave you!” Lele scolds her not to keep binding Eros just because they have the same past. His heart pains for her but that doesn’t mean that he ought to treat her well unconditionally. Lele tells her that she had always treated her as a respectable senpai but the her today really disappoints her [Lele]. Gesturing a thumbs down, Lele shouts that the Fire Goddess in her heart has become like this <- thumbs down. Before leaving, Lele shouts to Feidna if she wants to take back what she used to have, then learn to seriously work hard for it. “Don’t let the people who already treated you well to look down on you!!” Feidna remembers Eros telling her that no matter how headstrong[willfulness] she was before, but he always believe that she should keep her original sincerity. He has never been so disappointed in her for she had teamed up with Mandy to trick Lele and that took away his last trust on her. This made Feidna sob bitterly.

Three days after, at the airport, there is an announcement of the plane to Spain is currently boarding. Ulysses tells Angus that they’re going. He asks Angus what is the matter for he looks gloomy lately. Angus denies it and blames it on the weather. Ulysses says that he will cheer up once they arrive in Spain for it is sunny there. Angus overhears someone shouting to let go and she hates him. He looks back to see a guy kissing a girl and her ‘female’ companion looking shock. It turns out to be Eros kissing Lele. After breaking it off, Eros says, “Go if you want to go, but no matter where you fly off to, I will chase after you [to come back to me]!” Andre and the others blush over this. Lele is totally embarrassed. Eros tells Andre to take care of Lele for him but if he tries to take advantage, he won’t let him off. “Understand?” Angus looks totally aghast. Ulysses asks what’s up on that side for they are quite noisy. Lele shouts for Eros not to mind them for they are leaving since it is time to board. While smiling Eros waves goodbye, Lele shouts that even if he is smiling like that, she didn’t say that she’ll forgive him. On the plane, Andre teases Lele about what if Eros chases after her, what she would do. Embarrassed Lele asks how would she know for who knew that he can be so thick faced. Angus realizes that it turns out to be Lele. Angus recalls Eros asking if he will be happy for him if one day he finds the girl whom he wants to be with throughout his life. Angus thinks, “Happy for you..? Then how about me..? What would happen to me? From the start, we are in one body, and fundamentally, we should belong to each other..isn’t it so?” At Barcelona, Spain, Lele and Andre are in a country-style pictorial for France’s Vogue. With Spain’s romantic mood, they easily got in the pictorial’s scene. After they finished the shooting for the day, the photographer tells one of the staff to look for a strong young man since they lack a helper in doing menial work. Andre is giddy over the photographer telling them that they are a match so could it be that he looks manly. While Lele is busy stuffing her mouth with food, Andre is wondering if Lele thought of him as manly and maybe during these two weeks of shooting, there will be fireworks given the romantic theme. Lele notices that her bra’s clip has unfastened. She asks Andre to help her fastened it back. With bleeding nose, Andre couldn’t believe his luck. While helping her out, Andre tries to tell her about having separate rooms being boy and girl even if he did have fun doing things for her while they were temporarily ‘living together’. Lele slaps his arm and exclaims what he is saying, he is her younger sister. Lele declares that even if he were to strip and take a bath with Leo and her, she won’t feel awkward about it. This shocks Andre. Andre asks if she never doubts the possibility that he could like a girl. Lele thinks that it is impossible. Andre pushes her down and asks if she doesn’t feel afraid if he did that to her. Lele instead pushes him down and says that that there is a difference with their weight so if they were to have a fight, Andre can’t win against her. Then, Lele happily ‘plays’ with Andre..though he looks like he’s being strangled. ^^;
The next day, the door bell rings. Lele answers it and asks who is it so early in the morning when work is supposed to start in the afternoon. It turns out to be Leo and Taylor who surprise her and give her a bouquet of flowers. A restaurant, Lele asks them if they were sent there by Eros. The two sweatdrops and thinks that Lele is sharp. Just when Leo is about to say something, Andre arrives to ask who the two are. Leo grabs his hand and exclaims if he is Andre and start exclaiming how beautiful he is. Leo starts to cry over Andre’s slim body and being envious of him. Taylor loudly coughs and asks Leo if he forgot their mission. Leo remembers that they were tasked to help Eros by infiltrating the enemy territory and yet, he unexpectedly made friends with the enemy. Leo tearfully lets go of Andre and clings on to Lele. Lele asks Leo what’s up. Andre says that he turns out to be Leo and Lele said that they can be friends, and in the end, he [Leo] turns out to be cute. Leo nosebleeds. At the photo shoot, Lele angrily asks if they are there to spy on her. Taylor laments that they have no choice. Leo tells her that Taylor is worried that if he didn’t take care of her [or give consideration to Eros], and afterwards no one would want his son. Lele angrily shouts for get Eros to come here himself and sending soliders is not heroic or manly. Leo shouts back if he comes, would she listen to his explanation. Lele shouts no. Leo says, so.. Meanwhile, the staff member tells the photographer that he found someone to do the menial work. The guy says that he is ‘Yin’ so does he need his help. The photographer says that he needs firewood. ‘Yin’/Eros smiles and says no problem. And, Eros cuts some firewood that got the women squealing over how sexy he is. Andre asks what’s going on over there. A staff member tells him that it is a newly arrived worker and he heard that it is a good looking guy. The photographer calls out to Lele and Andre to come over. While the two sit near the bonfire, the photographer wants the fire to rage a bit. Yin says okay. The photographer wants Lele and Andre to be closer to each other as they warm each other. Andre happily holds Lele tightly. Suddenly, a torch goes near Andre who freaks out. Yin apologizes and asks if he didn’t burn his beautiful hair. The photographer shouts to Yin to be careful. Leo and Taylor look at each other and sweatdrops. Lele looks aghast. Yin threatens Andre to be cool or else, it won’t just the hair that will burn. Lele freaks out when Yin winks at her to wish her good luck on her shooting[/do your best and do a good shoot]. As whistling Yin leaves, Lele is totally freaking out over Yin winking and wonders what he could be thinking. Next chapter will be out on January 5th in Taiwan. Blurb for the next chapter: In order to chase after Lele [and get her back], Eros is giving it all he got. On the other side, Andre is also resolving to confess to Lele. And, Angus who is also in Spain is attentively watching all of this.
Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu