December 9, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 14]

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Koharu blushes when Natsuki tells her that he can’t help mind as to who is the one she likes. Koharu wonders if Natsuki is jealous, jealous over the one she likes. To Natsuki’s surprise, Koharu starts laughing as she thinks that the one she likes is obviously him. Natsuki’s heart beat upon seeing her smile. Koharu looks at him and turns away saying that it is a secret. She tells Conan that they are going. While Koharu walks away with the dog, Natsuki exclaims that isn’t fair for he told her [about the one he likes]. Koharu turns to him and makes a face [stick out tongue] at him. Natsuki shouts for her to wait but Koharu playfully tells Conan that they should run and escape. As Natsuki catches up to Koharu, Koharu thinks that even if her love is one-sided, a love that cannot be returned, but it is a love that can make her feel happy. As tired Conan rests in his dog house, Natsuki calls out to Koharu. About to enter the house, Koharu tells him that she said that it is a secret. Natsuki says that it isn’t that, they are going to buy a cellphone together tomorrow. “It is to protect your safety. This is a childhood friend’s order.” Koharu blushes. She tells him that he is overly protective and speaking of that, he should be saying that to Aki. Natsuki tells her to shut up and don’t worry about that, quickly go home. Koharu smiles and thanks him. Koharu thinks that to be given this kind of importance, in the end, it’s good to be childhood friends. At a cellphone store, the childhood friends are awed over the dazzling line up of cellphones. Koharu says that there are so many phones, so which one is good. Natsuki suggests that they do it based on feeling. Natsuki suddenly picks up a cellphone and exclaims that he wants this one. Surprised Koharu exclaims that he decided on it quite fast. While Koharu is choosing, a girl is telling her friend about wanting to have lovers’ cellphone for using the same cellphone feels like conjugal love. The other girl says that she wants a smartphone so that it will be a pair together with her boyfriend. Koharu’s ear enlarges while eavesdropping on them.

At the park, the childhood friends are looking at their cellphones. Natsuki comments that Koharu chose a cellphone like his. Koharu says yes, for it looks cool. Natsuki agrees with her. Koharu wonders if this is okay even if it is a one-sided love. And, they are also childhood friends, and even as friends, to use the same kind is.. She is startled when her phone starts ringing. She answers it and it turns out to be Natsuki who says, “Hello? *Koharu blushes.* Ah-.. can I ask, is this Koharu-chan?” Koharu says, ye, yes. Koharu thinks that this feels strange for obviously they have the usual distance from each other but his voice sounds so near. “I feel as if my heart beat is also going to be heard over the phone.” To Natsuki’s surprise, Koharu hangs up. Natsuki grumbles as to why she hanged up. Koharu says that it is too wasteful, the phone expenses. Flustered Koharu tells them to look, compared to her, he should report to Aki that he bought a cellphone. Scratching his head, Natsuki says ah, ya. Koharu is a bit surprised by his reaction. Koharu exclaims that of course and geez, she feels sorry that she is the first one whom he communicated with on the cellphone. Natsuki tells her not to say it in such a lewd way. Embarrassed Koharu exclaims that it isn’t even a bit lewd. Koharu thinks that the implication of Natsuki having a cellphone is he and Aki will talk more on the phone and their relationship will be more intimate. While Natsuki is going to enter Aki’s phone on his cellphone, Koharu thinks that she should also put in Koharu and the others’ number in. Natsuki looks at her and asks if she is going to put in the number of the person she likes. This surprises Koharu. Thinking that he’s the one she likes, Koharu exclaims, ah,..yeah. Natsuki looks away and looks irritated.
That night, the twins are happy to see a cellphone which Koharu showed to them. They are glad to be able to immediately contact Koharu. Koharu’s father asks how come Koharu didn’t have it until now. Koharu’s mother says that it is because during elementary, Koharu destroyed it within a month for three times already. The twins say that they want to use the ‘special move’. Koharu is puzzled about it. They tell her that it is taking a good looking picture using the camera. Uchuu [who turns out to be a girl ^^;;] poses that Koharu exclaims that is a good picture and her younger sister is so cute. The twins also want to have their picture taken but their mother tells them that it is almost time to sleep. Preparing to sleep, Koharu thinks that today is such a fun day. Just when she is sleeping, she is surprised by a ring from her cellphone. She sits up and reads a message from Natsuki who says ‘good night’. Koharu blushes over this and thinks that texting is really great. Koharu greets him good night too and informs him that tomorrow’s bento is fried chicken. Natsuki texts back is that true, and that’s great. Koharu thinks that being with the person she likes, it seems like the day is a bit longer. Koharu[?] texts for him to sleep early for there is PE class tomorrow. Koharu happily thinks that it is like always until she sleeps, Natsuki is always accompanying her at her side. During lunch the next day at school, Koharu’s friends look at Koharu who is busy texting on her cellphone. Sumire comments that Koharu is quite fast in exchanging texts[/got into using a cellphone]. Konoha asks what messages is Koharu texting to Natsuki. The messages were: good morning; I’m hungry; PE class is tiring. Konoha says that it is completely unsubstantial stuff. “But, I understand. I’m also very happy when exchanging messages with my boyfriend.” Konoha feeds Koharu her chocolate covered biscuit stick. She also says that for a girl in love, a cellphone is an important tool. While eating lunch with his friends, Natsuki’s cellphone rings. Kotarou tells him that Koharu is texting back again. Natsuki reads the message that she is finished eating and she’s so full. Natsuki replies, ‘Me, too’, Then, he puts down the cellphone to eat again. And, his cellphone rings again. He sends a message back again and his cellphone rings again. Natsuki exclaims that the pace is too fast. Souji laughs and says that after all, Koharu is a girl. Kotarou says that is really nice for she also wants to receive messages from Sumire. Natsuki says geez, when obviously it is nothing much. Souji tells him that even if he says that, but he still replies back to Koharu. Natsuki tells him to shut up.
After drinking his juice, Kotarou asks Natsuki if he also exchange messages with Aki. Natsuki says that he doesn’t know what message he should send. Kotarou says that it is such a waste for this is a rare opportunity. Natsuki says rare, huh. At the hallway, Koharu’s friends say that they will be going to the office so Koharu tells them that she’ll wait at the courtyard for them. Her cellphone rings so she quickly looks at it for it is from Natsuki. Natsuki wrote that the bento is delicious and as always, thanks. Koharu smiles and thinks that she’ll savor this since she is so happy as if her treasure had increased. She looks up the window and wonders if Natsuki is eating outside. She sees Natsuki by a balcony. Just when she is about to call out to him, she notices his serious expression while looking at his cellphone. Koharu realizes that he is sending an email to Aki. She thinks that is right, as a childhood friend, she cannot do this kind of thing. She walks away thinking that in a so-called romance, there are lots and lots of happiness and pain. At the lockers, Natsuki is surprised to see that he has 0 text messages. He complains what’s up with Koharu that she would suddenly stop sending messages. He wonders out loud that it is enough with him so is she now starting to bombard texts to some other person. Natsuki remembers Koharu telling him that she will write texts with the person she likes. This irks Natsuki that he slams his locker shut. Souji asks him what he is feeling fretful. Natsuki denies it. While walking at the outer hallway, Natsuki looks at his cellphone again and it is still 0 text messages. Souji teases Natsuki if he is being disagreeable because Aki didn’t reply back to his text. Natsuki says no. Kotarou says that he knows that if the message isn’t being replied back, Natsuki would become uneasy and jittery. Natsuki says is that so. To his surprise, Kotarou says, “It’s love. Becoming jittery and uneasy, and your heart is only thinking about that girl, but, you only have to see that person’s smiling face and that jittery feeling will fly and go away.” Natsuki’s eyes widen when Konoha calls out, “Koharu.” Konoha is calling out to Koharu that it is cold. [<- water that Konoha is splashing on her] While recalling being told, ‘only seeing that girl’s smiling face’, Natsuki turns around to see Koharu happily smiling. While Koharu lets her hair down, Natsuki stares at her and his heart is beating loudly. He remembers Kotaru telling him that “it is love--..” Koharu notices him and Natsuki blushes. To his surprise, Koharu runs toward him and calls out to him. Blushing Natsuki calls her idiot, and don’t come [to him]. While Natsuki bends down to cover his face, Koharu calls his name. Troubled and blushing Natsuki’s heart is still beating loudly. He wonders, “Is this for real?”
Scans by 夜莺工作室

PS. Asahi’s Halftone Circle will be continuing this series, chapter 15 is already out.