December 24, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 17]

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Cover page: “From deep within the heart, the tightly locked [door to the] truth gradually opens..” Narration: “My earliest memory dates back to the winter when I was three years old.” Outside the apartment, a boy is happily laughing outside with his mother. Inside the house, young Iriya hears the laughs. Narration: “At that time, what I only remember is the feeling of an empty stomach, feeling cold, and the sound of the television.” On the television, it is a show of the rabbit mascot. Wearing an ill-fitting shirt, Iriya stands up and calls out to his long haired mother who is watching the television. “Mama, I’m hungry..” Narration: “[And], a mother who throws an annoyed[/impatient] look towards me.” His mother tells him that there is something at the cabinet and surely he can do that little thing by himself. Iriya takes a stool and pushes it by the cabinet. He stands up on the stool and tries to reach up the cabinet. He finally sees a small [easy to open] tin can. He takes the can and calls out to his mother. His mother takes the can and opens it. Then, she gives it back to happy Iriya who gobbles up the food. Putting on her coat, his mother tells him that she’ll be out for a bit so he be good and stay at home. Iriya mutters that he’ll be good and stay.. Narration: “A young mother. Even if she doesn’t use violence towards me, but she would usually not come home for consecutive days and just occasionally return home to give me some food to eat. What she is doing is like I do not exist.” The scene changes to Iriya watching the television about a zoo wherein one can touch the animals, and right now, the most popular one is Mr. Rabbit. The announcer exclaims, “Ah, he’s very cute~~” After watching him, Iriya’s mother asks if he likes the rabbit. Iriya turns around and says yes for the rabbit is very cute. His mother says ya. She smiles and says, “Did you know? If it is too lonely, the rabbit will die. So, if it turns into human, we don’t know what will happen to it. *looks at Iriya* ..Such a strange kid. What are you smiling for?” Narration: “It doesn’t matter what the details[/content of what she said] is, it has already been such a long time that I haven’t seem my mother smile like this and talked with me. It’s alright. Mama still likes me very much.” Soon, it is around July-August according to the calendar. The house is really dirty and Iriya is lying down on the floor. He is breathing hard and thinks that it is too hot. “Mama still hasn’t come back. *crawls to the door* I’m so hungry. I already couldn’t just depend on water. But.. Mama said that I can’t go out on my own. If I don’t listen to mama, I’ll be hated. I want to become an obedient[/good] child. *crawls to the cabinets* Is there something.. that can be eaten.. *finds a plastic bag with a carrot* Carrot.. *nibbles on the carrot* I’m like a rabbit. Mama, could it be because she hates me that she won’t come back. *drops the carrot and falls on the floor* She said that a rabbit can die from being too lonely. *cries* But whether it is because of loneliness or hunger, I will die in the end.”

Later on, the landlord with policeman Ken calls out to Miss Iriya. While Ken opens the door, the landlord tells him that Miss Iriya has delayed paying the rent for half a year already and he finds this a bit strange. Ken says that they are coming in.. Then, the two are surprised to see a boy lying down on the floor. “There’s a child..!” “Are you okay? Hey!?” “Ah, it seems he has a high fever. Call the ambulance!!” Soon, Ken puts Iriya into the ambulance and Iriya is confined in the hospital. Narration: “Like that, when I still totally don’t understand what the adults are saying, I was brought outside.” An older policeman in plain clothes asks Ken if the parents are still not found. Ken says yes, the [rent] contract is under someone else’s name and they couldn’t contact the guardian[/guarantor]’s address. The older policeman says that upon being discharged from the hospital, they’ll just temporarily put the child in the orphanage[/welfare center]. Another officer says that because of other things, he went there once and it seems that lately, those places are already full. Ken offers to let the boy stay at his house. They ask him if it is alright. Ken says that his mother used to work at the orphanage and it should be okay for him to stay at his place until they found a guardian. There is also his nephew there who is about the boy’s age. Holding a soccer ball, Yusa holds out his hand and shouts, “Call me Issei!! Let’s properly get along!!” While Ken smiles at them, Iriya greets Yusa back and introduces himself. Yusa slyly smiles and thinks that it is like having a younger brother. Narration: “The things that follow in the outside world were a shock to me. It turns out that in other people’s houses, you can eat everyday this kind[/much] food. *While Yusa wolfs down his food, Iriya look surprised over his food which consisted of rice, soup, fish[?], and pickled vegetables* I can take a bath everyday. *While taking a bath, Yusa washes and plays with Iriya’s hair* And wear clean clothes. *cabinet with clothes*” Later on, a couple arrives at the house. The woman shouts, “Shun-kun!!” She hugs Iriya and apologizes for coming late. Iriya wonders who these people are but this woman smells fragrant. The woman says that she is his aunt. She’s the older sister of his mother. While Ken pats Yusa’s head, Yusa tearfully asks if Iriya is leaving. The aunt hugs Iriya again and says, “But, from today on, auntie and uncle are your parents, Shun-kun. So, there’s no need for you to be worried again. Iriya thinks that these people are his..?
They bring him to a huge house and say that it is now his new house. His aunt tells him to go in and here, he can totally do what he wants [/don’t have any misgivings]. Iriya thinks that it is a spacious beautiful house, the food is piping hot, and the quilt is quite soft. Narration: “-It all made me dumbstruck. Then, until now, what is that thing that I’ve considered as love? I cannot make them hate me. I must make them like me. I won’t make them bring me back to that house.” While Iriya’s aunt prepares some coffee to a stern looking glasses woman, the woman asks the aunt if she properly thought of it, suddenly wanting to adopt a child with an unknown background. “If it becomes troublesome, I won’t care even if you run crying to me.” Iriya comes out and greets his grandmother. [/aunt <- the other translation has Iriya saying ‘aunt’ so maybe the woman is a friend] He bows and introduces himself. He also politely says that he’ll be under her care [/yoroshiku] from today on. The grandmother is surprised by that. Narration: “Fortunately, my ability to ‘grasp the situation’[/observe people] is quite good compared to ordinary people. Being too nice makes people worried. *Iriya overhears his mother telling her husband that Iriya doesn’t let her spoil him[/demands anything]* If it’s too perfect, it will make people hate me. *kids are saying that it is a test problem that no one can understand but Iriya got a perfect score* Appropriately, make others see one’s insuffiency[/also make some mistakes that would make others not too disappointed] *teacher scolding Iriya and friends for playing soccer at the hallway which caused the window to break* I’m striving hard in order to become someone who is worthy of being liked by many people. The most important thing is—[/rather than] *at the sports festival, some girls are gossiping that it is that boy whom they heard was pitiful before.. Iriya looks at them and smiles. They blush and say that he’s handsome* drawing the sympathy of people who would secretly gossip behind my back. It’s good that I make them comrades [/stand at my side] for this is more effective. The only thing that I’m thankful of that person is that, she gave me this kind of face.” At the library, a girl asks Iriya if they can go steady. Iriya thinks that going steady means being a lover. Narration: “The first time I’ve been confessed to, my heart feels somewhat incredible for the one I made happy is a cheerful and nice girl. *To the girl’s delight, Iriya says okay.* I’ll definitely properly cherish. I definitely can also be like everyone[/ordinary people] in attaining happiness, but..” The girl tells surprised Iriya that his kindness makes her feel that it is a sham. “I’m sorry, let’s break up.” Narration: “At first, I totally didn’t quite understand it.” Iriya thinks that maybe it is a problem of being headstrong[/fate] and it is also the first time he went steady with someone. Narration: “But, the number of going steady continues to increase--” A girl told him that it doesn’t seem different from being friends. Another girl shouted that she had enough for she already told him that he’s not allowed to be so nice with other girls.
At the playground, dyed blond Yusa asks if he broke up again and didn’t he say to her that they are going on a date today. “Let- me say- you treat girls too nicely. The other party would definitely misunderstand. Using that face and smiling at them- Although it is very pitiful to be dumped, but why don’t you be a bit cold[/indifferent] in order not to give them an opportunity[/idea] to confess.” Iriya retorts back, “How is that possible.. I have no way of treating other people coldly.” Yusa asks why when it is obviously very easy. Iriya says, “Because--” Then, he looks surprised. Narration: “Because treating other people nicely isn’t at all, for them to like me, rather, I’m afraid that they’ll hate me. Ah, that’s it. *recalls that girl saying that his kindness is a sham* I finally understand. I think I don’t know what is ‘because of like[/love], that I want to properly cherish [her feelings]’. I couldn’t erase [/it never disappeared] that fear.” Yusa is surprised when Iriya says he knows..he won’t go steady again with anyone. Yusa somewhat pouts and thinks that isn’t exactly what he meant. Narration: “From the start, I don’t have any right[/qualification] to like others. *fixing his necktie to go to high school* Three years in this place had peacefully passed by. At least, I have to get in the college that my parents expect me to go. Do my very best and bring out one’s good side[/strive hard in pretending to be sincere]--” Makoto tearfully declares that only wanting to become cute, girls would become strong!! Iriya thinks that she seems to be a clumsy[/stupid] girl. After looking surprised, he smiles. Narration: “Perhaps, it is true.. this is a side that is similar to me. Wanting other people’s approval. Doing one’s best to strive hard in wanting to be loved by everyone and be worried about this. –wrong? Wait a minute, this girl even if I ought to say clumsy[/stupid] or she’s only a bit clumsy.. *Makoto always falling down and making mistakes* that it can be an obstruction for her to keep on living [/dangerous to her life] but.. *Scene 1: Uki scolds Makoto and she apologizes. Scene 2: Makoto thanking Nanami for teaching her how to make a cake. Scene 3: Makoto happily laughing with her friends.* ..even if she has no way of being perfect[/doing things right], it is also alright. Isn’t it good to maintain one’s true self, and believe a bit in the people around you. At least, this girl-- *Makoto telling him that she likes him. He looks at her and stretches out his hand* If I stretch out my hand once again, is it allowed[/will I be forgiven]? Even if, as a result, it will hurt me and[/or] the other person.”
Side Story 4: Morinaga Uki Narration: “She’s obviously quite cute when she didn’t say a word. I have already heard people say things like that so many times. Morinaga Uki. 10 years old. Saying the truth is good.” A mother is telling her neighbors that from the start, she had two sons and finally, she gave birth to a girl. She is so happy about it because she obviously anticipated to make her wear cute clothes, and cook together with her, but from start to end, it isn’t as she wished.. Long haired Uki calls out to her mother and says that she’s leaving. In grade 5-2 classroom, one ponytailed girl tells the students that they’ve decide to hold an all-female Snow White play during the academic year’s general assembly. She asks if everyone had already drawn their lots as to what role they’ll play. She asks those who pulled out Snow White and Prince’s roles to raise their hands. Uki says that she got Snow White. The others scream that it suits her. And, who got the Prince..? To their shock, Makoto timidly says that she got that one. The other girls exclaim in disbelief that Makoto starts to apologize for the mood became bad. They start complaining if Makoto can act well, but it isn’t fair to exchange roles, and who’s idea is it for them to draw lots. Just when a girl is already saying that it will be Makoto’s fault if the play fails, Uki goes in front of Makoto and shouts for them not to say that. “We obviously haven’t started practicing yet, so how can you even know, okay! *Makoto tearfully calls her name* Stu-pid, would you please stop crying!” Makoto nervously says yes. The other girls leave and complain that it is cunning that Uki is protecting Makoto and why is she protecting that ordinary girl, is it because she is Rika’s younger sister. The bell rings. The homeroom teacher asks if they had finished the consultation and gambatte. Uki just glances at Makoto. In her house, Uki’s mother is quite happy that Uki is going to play Snow White. She asks if she can go and watch her. Reading her script, Uki says no for that day isn’t a visiting day. While her brother is telling their mother to cook already, their mother asks who is playing the prince. Uki says that since it is an all-female play, so it is a girl named Kisaragi who is playing it. Her mother asks isn’t that girl’s older sister a very beautiful famous person. Uki lamely says ya, ya. Her mother asks what kind of girl is she, is she cute? This made Uki wonder what kind of girl is Makoto..
One pony-tailed girl shouts at Makoto that her voice is too soft. Makoto apologizes. The one ponytailed girl wanted to re-do that scene just now and scolds Makoto that if she doesn’t perform well, everyone will be troubled. Uki looks at Makoto and thinks, “Kisaragi Makoto, I always feel that she is timid no matter she does. And, she also doesn’t attract any attention.” Later on, at their house, Uki’s mother sees Uki wearing her shoes. She asks Uki if she is already going. Uki says that it is because she still has to practice for the general assembly. Her mother tells her to wait a minute, let her properly fix her hair first. Uki tells her to forget about today, since she will be late. Her mother shouts no, that is her only happiness. Uki wonders what that is. She shouts that she’s going and quickly runs away. Her mother can only helplessly call her to stop and don’t run away. Uki arrives early in school because she ran. Just when she is thinking that no one is there yet, she sees Makoto inside the room practicing her lines. Uki calls out to her and tells her that she’ll help her practice by acting the dwarf. Makoto thanks her. Naration: “I don’t hate her, this kind of person, at all.” One ponytailed girl and friend see this and they look displeased. Soon, the practice went well. Uki praises Makoto for doing well. Makoto says is that so. Uki says that is the result of their practice and everyone should also.. With folded arms, one ponytailed girl asks if it is really like that for in the end, Makoto is too short and she’s shaking in fear while acting. She totally doesn’t look like a prince. Uki protests that now, she is saying about being too short.. One ponytailed girl’s friend adds that if Makoto doesn’t look like a prince, she doesn’t look like one. One ponytailed girl says that if this keeps up, the play would fail. “How about this! Kisaragi-chan, how about you cut your hair?” This surprises Makoto that she says that this is a bit.. Holding a pair of scissors, one ponytailed girl shouts that if her hair is short, she’ll definitely look like a prince. “Come, let me cut it!” Makoto exclaims that won’t a wig do? One ponytailed girl says that they are already performing tomorrow and since they are in a rush, there’s no way they can prepare that. She adds that they are only going to perform once for the audience’ enjoyment so this is a very important responsibility. Makoto nervously says no. Uki tells them to quickly stop that but the one ponytailed girl’s friend tells her not to protect Makoto. While one ponytailed girl continues to force Makoto to cut her hair, Uki gets angry that she grabs the scissors from the one ponytailed girl and cuts off her own hair. Everyone is shock. Dropping her cut hair towards one ponytailed girl and friend, Uki says, “I’ll play the prince. Like this, you guys have no more objections, right?” One ponytailed girl screams and shouts hair. Makoto collapses and faints. Narration: “Kisaragi fainted on the spot. In the end, she is absent during the general assembly day. *Makoto had a fever so she slept through the day* By the way, the stage play is a success, and no wonder it’s me[/I’m good].” As a prince, Uki poses and says that ‘he’ heard that there is a sleeping princess here. The female audience is screaming over how cool Uki is. Narration: “Although, mama cried. *Uki’s mother laments over the only thing that is female about Uki and her only happiness is gone.* But, for me, it is totally okay. And later on..” At the shoe lockers, Makoto calls out to Uki. Uki asks if she is feeling well now. Holding a small package, Makoto tells her that this is a hair clip. It is a hair clip that she chose that can worn with short hairstyle. Taking the package, smiling Uki flicks Makoto’s forehead and thanks her. Makoto thinks that she is like a prince. After half a year, Uki would say, “Ah, that hair clip? Even if I put it in my bag but I don’t know where it went. So-rry.” Makoto can only tearfully says Uki-chan but then, no matter what, she still like [her?].. And, that’s it.
PS. I’m using two Chinese scanlations so in parts where it is different, I’ve added how the other translated it in the [/..]. Scans by all★wink汉化组