December 24, 2012

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 2-3]

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[Free talk:  Boy 1 is Keita [圭太] and Boy 2 is Ryou, guesswork from 涼. If you know the correct names, just email, thanks~]

Himari is giggling in her sleep over Ryou saying that he is very happy that they are in the same section. She thinks that she saw him again yesterday and afterwards, she’ll see him everyday. Keita is calling her but she isn’t responding. So, he leans to her and shouts for her to wake up, idiot. This made Himari scream out loud. At the kitchen where everyone is eating breakfast, Himari’s mother is lecturing her over screaming loudly in the morning that they’ve disturbed the neighbors. Embarrassed Himari apologizes for it. Keita’s father says that this is very good for it shows that Himari is quite energetic. Himari gets irritated when Keita smiles at her for her mother praised Keita for being dependable. Himari is infuriated over Keita acting humble by saying that there’s no need to over praise him since he is as dependable as Himari. She wanted to expose Keita’s true nature but seeing her mother happy with Keita’s father, she decided not to complain about Keita. She got angry when Keita whispers, “Stu-pid.” Preparing to go out, Himari tells Keita that when they go out, they are to pretend that they don’t know each other as if they are strangers and do not go near her within 1 meter radius. After she left, Keita angrily mutters what’s up with her when she is obviously stupid Himari. Running off, Himari thinks that she said it and it is really bad that he turns out to be the son of the guy whom her mother remarried. And, her hatred for him turned out to be more serious than before. It is already terrifying before, what more afterwards. At the train station, Himari couldn’t believe that there are so many people. She is okay before since she rides a bicycle to junior high but she can’t ride a packed train. She decides to wait for the next one. Keita notices her and wonders why she isn’t riding on the train. Soon, the second train passes but it is still quite packed with people. Looking at her cellphone, she thinks that she must bear with it or else, she will be late. She decides to go to school early starting tomorrow. Keita approaches her and asks her why she isn’t riding the train, is she planning to skip school. Himari just say that there is some reason so don’t bug her and don’t go near her. She exclaims that it is because of him that she became like this. It is because he and his friends would always bully her that she has a phobia with guys. Himari couldn’t believe that she told him. To her surprise, Keita pulls her in the train and tells her that they are going or else, she’ll cause problem to her mother. Himari tearfully thinks that this is a new way of bullying.

In the train, Keita shields her from the crowd by standing in front of her while she is standing by the wall. He tells her that this way, any vulgar uncles[/ojisan] won’t go near her. Himari cries and thinks that compared to some vulgar uncles, there is someone scarier in front of her. She thinks that this is actually good than be crowded to death. She starts to think that he is concerned about her. She thanks him but instead, he berated her for taking things to heart regarding what happened when they were young. She took back what she thought of him and thinks that he is really an awful guy. In school, the other girls are gossiping about who is that girl with Keita who rode the train with him. At the shoe lockers, Himari is puzzled over the girls staring at her. Then, a flirty girl named Yuna [guesswork from 友梨], clings on to Keita’s arm and glares at Himari. Yuna asks if Himari is the girl who rode the train with Keita. While Keita just yawns, Yuna scolds Himari over what she is thinking when Keita already has a girlfriend like her. Himari is shock that guy has a girlfriend. Himari realizes that those glares from the other girls are all because of Keita. In the classroom, a couple of guys exclaiming about Himari riding the train with Keita so are they going steady. Pointing at Keita, Himari furiously denies it that it is a misunderstanding and how could she go steady with this kind of guy so please don’t say such strange things. Keita is irritated over that. The two guys laugh that it turns out to be a misunderstanding for they thought it is some love triangle. Ryou says he thinks that it isn’t true and he would want to ask if both of them don’t have a relationship. Himari exclaims that they don’t have a relationship at all and they just so happen to be riding on the same train. Himari is speechless when Ryou says that it seems their relationship became better than before. Himari glares at Keita and thought that she couldn’t say it that starting yesterday, she has been living together with this guy under one roof. Keita sticks out his tongue at her. Remembering those jealous girls, Himari decides to keep it a secret. When passing the forms, Himari snubs him. When going home, she also snubs him. He calls her and she always snubs him. At the house, Keita puts up his leg at wall to block her way. He asks her what’s up with her attitude today. Is it okay for her to have that kind of attitude in the school and at the house for it makes everyone and her mother think that something happened between them. Himari looks away and says how is it possible for something to happen between them when the one she likes is Ryou. Unlike him, Ryou always helps her. He’s kind, cool and totally unlike him. She looks surprised and realizes that she said too much. Keita smiles and says is that so, then, he’ll help her smoothly go steady with Ryou and that isn’t a bad thing, right? And, there is a scene of Ryou together with a girl going to a fastfood restaurant.
Himari wonders what Keita is talking about and it couldn’t be for real that he’ll sincerely help her. At the bowling center, Ryou exclaims that thanks to Keita, it has been such a long time since a lot of people come to play together and it’s quite nostalgic. Himari couldn’t believe that Keita is really helping her for Ryou is there. Ryou calls out to Himari who cries over how handsome Ryou is in casual clothes. Keita smiles at her that Himari think that she really doesn’t understand all the more what he is thinking. A couple of guys greet Himari. At first she is puzzled then she realizes that these two are the guys with Keita during elementary who bullied her. Himari starts to become nervous. Keita smiles for Himari is going to be bullied. But, to her and Keita’s surprise, the two guys say that Himari has become quite cute but then, she is always cute when they were young that they can’t help but bully her. They apologize for their bullying before and tell her that they don’t have bad intention about it. Accepting their explanation, Himari tells them not to mind about the past. The two are happy about it and say that she is so nice. They tell her to go in. Keita doesn’t look happy over this. Himari thinks that if today’s goal isn’t to see the people who bullied her, could it be that Keita is really only going to help her. Then, the others decide to form groups with one guy and one girl. Himari freaks out that Keita is really planning to bully her. To her surprise, Keita says that Himari will pair up with Ryou. Keita asks if it is okay with Ryou. Ryou says that he doesn’t object to it. Himari couldn’t believe it for she got paired up with Ryou. She turns to Keita who ‘mouths’ for her to remember to thank him. Himari wonders if Keita is really going to help her since he tells Ryou to help teach her to bowl, tells the two of them to buy drinks, and makes her sit with Ryou at the karaoke bar. Ryou tells Himari that he is with her the whole day thanks to Keita. Himari thinks that Keita is obviously pairing her with Ryou. She thought that he is definitely scheming selfishly from behind but no matter how she thinks of it, he doesn’t seem to be doing it and she still couldn’t trust him 100%. But then, for her to be able to be with Ryou like this, it is all thanks to him. Keita thinks what’s up with Himari to have that kind of idiotic expression for Ryou already has a girlfriend. He slams his glass on the table over Ryou[?] fickleness. Keita angrily goes out and passes by the toilet. He overhears the two [former] bullies talking about how big the change that happens within 4 years and Himari became very cute that they have their eye on her. They wonder if she currently has a boyfriend so maybe they’ll ask her email later on. Keita puts his arm on their shoulders and tells them that Himari already has someone she likes. They are flustered that Himari already has someone so they have to look for another target. Keita scowls and wonders what’s up with him.
While walking in the streets, they decide to eat since they are hungry. The girls call out to Himari to ask her what she wants to eat. As Himari goes to the others, Keita asks Ryou how things are going with his one year younger girlfriend. Ryou asks how come he is suddenly asking. Keita tells him not to mind that and just answer him. Ryou looks surprised and says that it can’t keep it from him. To Keita’s surprise, Ryou admits that the progress hasn’t been smooth and he is planning to break up. His girlfriend generally is also thinking the same way. Keita asks if he is serious. Ryou is puzzled by his question about being serious. Ryou just wonders out loud what Himari and others are up to. Keita tries to call him but Ryou already joined Himari and others. Himari tells Ryou that thing in the crane machine is cute but she couldn’t get it. Ryou offers to try getting it for her. Keita nervously wonders why this situation is making him depressed. He curses for this obviously isn’t what he planned. Later on at the street, Himari thinks that the whole day is quite baffling. Everything is good and it is all thanks to Keita. Recalling the things that he has done even if that thing [pushing her to the bed] happened but maybe, it is Keita’s way of treating her as a family member. If that is so, she wants to try and get along with him as a family member. Himari approaches him that Keita starts to whine why it is her and they shouldn’t get close within a meter radius. Thinking that she doesn’t want to lose to that, Himari tells her that right now, she wants him to accompany her. Later on, at a store that sells tableware, Himari tells gloomy Keita which does he think suits her mother and stepfather. Irritated Keita asks her how come she called him to go here for this thing and if it is his father, they can just use their parents’ wedding gifts. Himari looks at him as Keita continues to grumble why he has to be with her. Himari says that no matter what, she and him are those two’s children and no matter how much she hates him, for her mother, he is her ‘child’ so she [Himari] also wants to improve their relationship a bit in order for their parents to be at ease. She tells him that regarding today, she also have started to change her view towards him. She smiles and thanks him for sincerely helping her with Ryou. Holding a cup, Himari admits that it is because it is him, from the start, she thinks that he will surely deceive her and he is planning something from behind but this time around, it doesn’t seem like what she thought it would be. Keita slyly asks her if in return, she would want him to tell her Ryou’s email address. To Keita’s surprise, Himari says that there is no need. Holding up her cellphone, she tells him that Ryou had already told her earlier on, and it is all thanks to him. Himari wonders if she would text Ryou. After looking stunned, Keita looks away and mutters what is that, ah, is that so, then that’s really great.
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