December 18, 2012

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 103]

Originally posted @ on December 12, 2012

Towako is surprised when Ritsuki asked her to marry him. Blushing Towako pushes Ritsuki away and shouts what he is talking about. While sitting on the floor, Ritsuki sweatdrops. Towako is embarrassed over being suddenly asked to marry, when they didn’t know each other for a long time. “How can you say such a thing so casually.” This surprises Ritsuki. Ritsuki exclaims that he isn’t being casual, he is serious. They were interrupted when Setsuna calls out to Towako. Towako sees Setsuna, together with Tsubaki and Utsugi, trembling in anger. Going to Towako, Setsuna exclaims, “Let’s go! Let’s go back! Don’t stay too long with that brain-dead guy, so that you won’t be infected..” This irks Ritsuki. He shouts back, “What! Saying I’m brain-dead? Oh please, whether it is educational background or IQ of age, I won’t fall behind you, so what right do you have [to say that]?” Setsuna retorts that he isn’t referring to that. Ritsuki continues to say that if it is sports, he is definitely better. Setsuna can only say who knows about that. Watching the two bickering guys, Tsubaki mutters that they are kids. Utsugi nervously laughs in agreement. Setsuna just grabs Towako’s hand and shouts that they are going. Ritsuki just shouts back that he will still come to see her. He mutters her name after Towako left. Then, he felt cold upon feeling Tsubaki’s angry aura behind him. Turning to her, Ritsuki exclaims that she startled him for how come she is still here when he obviously told her not to hinder him. Tsubaki tells him that she didn’t disturb them and there is something that she doesn’t want him to misunderstand. “I still don’t approve of you. Let alone, just now Towako-ojousama also didn’t go home with you. *dark* So, I want you to know that I will always keep [my] guard [up] towards you. *Ritsuki sweatdrops and thinks that isn’t ‘keep guard’ for it seems more like she is ‘nipping it from the bud’* Young master Setsuna and Master & Madame Gokurakuin also uphold this kind of thinking. If you really want to treat ojousama well, I think you should make everyone see that you are sufficiently sincere [/good faith] and you should have awareness[?].” As Tsubaki leaves ala ninja, Ritsuki looks flustered. At home, Towako is calling out to Setsuna but he kept on walking away. Towako is flustered for he is acting like that since they came home. Setsuna then calls out to Towako. Gripping his fist, Setsuna tells her that he won’t say it again about not seeing that person, because he doesn’t have the right to say it..but, if it is about marriage.. Towako becomes flustered for he overheard that. Patting his back, Towako tells him to listen, Ritsuki is just joking and she isn’t going to marry him.

Holding Towako’s hands, Setsuna says that he said before that he is going back to the Kanmitsuki family, then, he can marry her. Towako becomes flustered over what Setsuna is saying. Setsuna says, “I want to be with you, sister. I don’t want to be apart. I want to stay at your side forever.” Towako suddenly remembers a certain guy [Yuuga]. She mutters that ‘forever’-something is impossible. Surprised Setsuna asks, huh. Towako snaps out of it and apologizes. She just insists that regarding marriage, she isn’t thinking of it right now. “And, Setsuna, you also shouldn’t be like this. *smiles* But, thank you for worrying about me.” Setsuna lets out a heavy sigh for trying to convey it to her is still not enough for her to understand. Towako calls out to him but Setsuna says that’s it for today. She just tells him to rest early. After Setsuna bids her goodbye and left, Towako sits on the floor and wonders what’s up with today for suddenly being asked about marriage. She thinks that without consciously knowing, Setsuna has become an adult, and even if Ritsuki is like a child, his eyes look steadfastly serious. “Could it be between them, marriage--? *surprised* Strange, obviously I haven’t thought of this issue but.. there is this indescribable feeling of familiarity.. as if.. I had already seriously thought over this ‘marriage’ thing..” Her thoughts were interrupted when her cellphone rings. It is a text message from Ritsuki. Ritsuki writes that it is good that she went home because it rained afterwards. Towako writes back that perhaps, today, she’s also happy. “Ah, I also want to thank you for today! And, I’m very happy to receive your message” After 20 minutes, her cellphone rings again. Ritsuki sent a message asking if she is free this Sunday. Towako blushes and mentally apologizes to Setsuna for even if she doesn’t plan on marrying, but, in the end, she still wants to know Ritsuki more. On Sunday, Ritsuki meets up with Towako and he is very happy to see her. Ritsuki says that it is great for he thought that she won’t be coming today since he is worried that her family would oppose to her going out. Towako nervously thinks that her parents’ expression is quite complicated although Setsuna also won’t say anything but actually, Tsubaki is also uneasy about it that she came with her. Towako asks him that he didn’t go to her house today. Ritsuki laughs and says that even if it is romantic to sneak in and see her but that would only make her family oppose him more. “And, wouldn’t that also indirectly cause trouble for you? By the way, if it wasn’t you yourself who wanted and agreed to see me, then even if we mutually meet each other, it will also lose the meaning of seeing each other. *happily points to self* So, I’m saying that for us to be here right now, it is because you want to see me so you came here (^-^)”
Towako giggles that Ritsuki asks what it is. Towako says that it is because she thinks that even if he wants to be mature a bit but actually, he is like a child for having such a simplistic way of thinking. “In the end, I still think that you are not a bad person...” Ritsuki looks serious. He tells her, “..but, I have caused harm to you and your family. This is a fact that will not change. Even if I also have my reasons, but I cannot deny that that I still have done bad things. So, if it is okay, I would want to work hard since I still want to change my and your family’s relationship. Afterwards..I’ll propose again.” This made Towako blush and says, ‘No way’. Ritsuki tells her that he is serious and he won’t say it only once.. Ritsuki stops when he suddenly notices something at the side. Towako asks what it is. She turns around to see surprised Yuuga looking at them. Scans by