December 18, 2012

Akai Ito [Chapter 4]

Originally posted @ on December 14, 2012

In her shoe locker, Chihiro finds a note, ‘Invitation for you to become [our] manager. Waiting for your reply♡ 2nd year K.Y.’ Speechless Chihiro looks aghast over the note. Rino asks her if it is a love letter. Chihiro lamely says that she doesn’t think that it is. She wonders out loud what manager refers to. Rino says that since it is a second year student who wrote it, maybe it is about urging her to join. She asks if Chihiro knows what club is it. Chihiro says that the crucial point wasn’t mentioned. Rino says that applications for clubs have already started so is she prepared to go to that club. Wearing her shoes, Chihiro says that right now, there is no particular club that she wants to join. She asks Rino if she wants to apply together to a same club and what club would she want to join. Rino says there is one. She asks Chihiro’s opinion on what does she think of becoming a manager for the kendo club. She tells Chihiro that she thinks that isn’t not bad because during junior high, they’ve already done it so they ought to be used to it. Chihiro lamely says kendo. This prompts Rino to ask if she isn’t interested. Chihiro says not really, but how should she say it.. Rino sheepishly apologizes for if she isn’t interested then forget about it. She tells Chihiro that she is only thinking of it for a bit that is why she casually said it. Chihiro quickly tells her that it isn’t like that, for she fundamentally likes kendo so how is it possible that she isn’t interested but rather than no interest.. Thinking that during junior high, her biggest reason to become the kendo club’s manager is because Nanjou is there but now.. Chihiro gloomily asks if that guy is there. Rino is puzzled. Chihiro starts rambling that it is impossible for that guy not to be there for Murasakinoue Academy is famous for kendo and since he took the entrance exam with Kirigaya, that means that guy would definitely join the kendo club. Rino asks if that person is.. Chihiro exclaims, yes, it’s Hinase. Rino let out a surprise that Chihiro freezes for Hinase is standing right behind him. Hinase glances at the letter and mutters that it’s great that she’s popular. Flustered Chihiro glances at Hinase as he leaves. Kirigaya greets Rino then Chihiro before leaving. Surprised Chihiro greets him back. Rino becomes gloomy for Kirigaya called only Chihiro by her first name. [<- maybe there is a typo for Kirigaya greeted Chihiro by her surname in the Chinese scans. ^^;] While the teacher is teaching, Chihiro is sitting beside Hinase. She thinks that the mood has always been awkward since that exchange seat thing. “Actually.. actually, it also doesn’t matter at all.. There’s nothing to be distressed about. Fundamentally wanted to exchange seats..” There is a scene of the teacher telling them that they cannot change seats on their own. Then, Chihiro and Hinase coincidentally look at each other. Chihiro looks away which irritates Hinase. Then, Hinase pouts.

After class, the teacher apologizes to Kirigaya and Chihiro for delaying their way home but there are a lot of materials[/papers] to be distributed tomorrow so he would ask their help as class officers to divide it according to the number of people ahead of time. Chihiro is fine with it but Kirigaya tells him that it is the first day of the kendo club so if it is possible, he doesn’t want to be late for it. The teacher says is that so, and it is really no good to be late when it just started so, he can go. Kirigaya apologizes when he obviously signed up to be class president. Chihiro tells him that it is okay for she can do it by herself. Rino volunteers to help for anyway, she is free while waiting for Chihiro. The teacher says is that so, then he’ll leave it to her. Kirigaya asks Rino if that is okay. Rino says yes, and gambatte[/good luck] to his club activity. Kirigaya thanks her for the help and as thanks, he’ll treat her to eat something. Embarrassed Kirigaya says that there’s no need since this is just small thing. He asks her if she isn’t joining the club for wasn’t she a manager of a kendo club during junior high so he thought that she will also continue to assume that post.. Rino tells him that at that time, she only joined kendo club to accompany Chihiro and she hasn’t decided yet which club to join in high school. Kirigaya says really. He glances at Chihiro and says is that so. Chihiro looks surprised by that. Chihiro wonders what was that just now, and could it be that Kirigaya is.. Smiling Kirigaya asks if Rino felt that it is a waste and it is good if she continues on being a manager. Rino says is that so. They were interrupted by Hinase who tells Kirigaya that if he doesn’t leave soon, he’ll be late. Kirigaya apologizes and says that he’ll be going ahead. Rino tells him to take care. Chihiro quietly glances at smiling Rino who is waving goodbye. She is surprised when Hinase tells Kirigaya that he’ll walk him halfway. Kirigaya says okay. Chihiro thinks that for him to say half-way, didn’t Hinase join the club. “What.. I thought that he will definitely join the kendo club. Ah.. Could it be because of his injury during the junior high competition? Is it quite serious that he already couldn’t practice anymore? But, he can run so perhaps merely because he doesn’t want to continue.. *pouts* There’s..there’s really nothing bad about it. Anyway, things about Hinase has nothing to do with me.”
Soon, the two girls finish compiling the papers together. After counting 36 of the the ones they’ve done, Rino says that it is finished and all are stapled. Chihiro thanks her and says that they can now give it to the teacher and go home afterwards. Rino looks at the clock and it is around 4:13pm. Rino asks Chihiro if they can conveniently pass by the kendo club to check on it. Chihiro realizes something. She somewhat smiles and says okay. Embarrassed Rino asks what it is, it isn’t like she has any other meaning to it, and she is only a bit curious. While saying ‘okay, okay’, Chihiro laughs and pushes Rino. Chihiro thinks that it is okay because after all, Hinase isn’t there so it is impossible to bump into each other. While Chihiro and Rino are walking at the hallway, a guy tells his friend, ‘that girl is..’ At the kendo club’s dojo, Chihiro says that it is huge. Rino agrees. She says that this is the high school’s kendo dojo and it seems the junior high’s kendo dojo is a bit further ahead. Chihiro says that is amazing and Yuuto shouldn’t be here. Then, they notice a lot of girls looking inside that they wonder what’s up. Inside, Kirigaya is busy practicing with the others. The girls are fangirling about Kirigaya being handsome and they are also cheering for him. Chihiro says that is amazing. Rino comments that Kirigaya already has fans. Chihiro asks if Rino wants to get a closer look. Rino just smiles and says that there’s no need, this is enough. Chihiro asks if it is okay. Rino just says that it is enough that she could see. While Chihiro doesn’t seem convinced, Rino says that it seems that that is Yuu-chan. Yuuto is walking by. After practice, Kirigaya looks out the window and sees the girls talking with Yuuto. Yuuto asks the girls what’s up and it seems that the two of them are quite idle so if they don’t have any business, then they should quickly go home. Rino asks if he is on a break. Chihiro asks if he is goofing off. Yuuto angrily retorts that he isn’t goofing around. Kirigaya is a bit speechless surprised over it. Rino asks if she can go and watch him practice. Embarrassed Yuuto exclaims for her not to go. Then, Chihiro notices Hinase standing at the side. She thinks that he still didn’t go home. “Is he watching the kendo dojo?” Then, Chihiro looks surprised.
The scene changes to the class again wherein the teacher caps the lesson for the day. He informs his students that there are lawless elements happening lately so be careful on the way home so don’t stroll around anywhere. The students say yes. Hinase suddenly stands up and says that it is finally over. He asks Kirigaya that today he doesn’t have club activity. Chihiro glances at Hinase. Rino approaches Chihiro and asks her what’s up, doesn’t she want to go yet. Chihiro stands up and says ah yes. To Rino’s surprise, Kirigaya asks Rino about going home together today. The others are surprised. Rino asks, “Me?” Kirigaya smiles and says, “Yes.” Rino glances at Chihiro and says, “Ah.. but.. if that is so.. what if everyone goes home all together? *The other three look surprised and Rino happily clings on to Chihiro* Anyway, everyone is going to ride on the same train station. How about it?” Flustered Chihiro can only call out Rino’s name. Chihiro becomes nervous and thinks that this isn’t good for [Dark] Kirigaya looks quite scary. Hinase scratches his head and says that he had made an appointment with someone so he is going ahead. “See you tomorrow!” As Hinase goes out of the classroom, flustered Chihiro wonders if it is because she is there. Chihiro says that today, she also has a place where she wants to go. While smiling, she apologizes for she is going ahead. After Chihiro left, Rino apologizes to Kirigaya and asks isn’t it better if Chihiro is here so she’ll call her right away.. Kirigaya holds her arm and says, “Why? I want to go home with you, Sakuragi.” Walking towards the school gate, Chihiro sighs and wonders she is bothered about Hinase and doesn’t this seem like.. She becomes flustered. Chihiro thinks that it isn’t good that she just come out right now and if she walks with her normal walk, she would be able to catch up with Hinase. She decides to walk slower. Then, she is surprised to see a guy by the gate, glancing inside the school. She passes by and feels that the guy is looking at her. She wonders what’s up for it seems that guy is always staring at her. “Even if he’s wearing the same uniform, it isn’t someone whom I know.” She glances back and the guy creepily smiles back at her. Chihiro looks aghast for that is really scary. She starts running and hopes that guy didn’t chase after her. To her surprise, she sees Hinase walking up ahead. “No way.. I’ve catch up with Hinase..” Blurb: “Next, what will happen as the two are on their way home together!?”
Scans by 深雪汉化组